New Show for 2013 - December 14, 2012


I know I've been driving everyone nuts, lots of requests for information about our great new show for next year, and we've been keeping very quiet about it.

So, just the barest information for you to start off your weekend. The new show is.............

Celtic Thunder MYTHOLOGY

MYTHOLOGY is two hours long. It is ALL new material. Some original compositions written specifically for the show, "Voices" composed by David Munro with the lyrics written by Brendan Graham (who wrote You Raise Me Up), and "Hunter's Moon". It has some gorgeous arrangements of classic Irish songs and tunes, great contemporary Irish songs, along with a few International songs that just suit our guys and this show - those lists of songs you've to wait for...

There will be
A Standard CD release - 15 songs
A Standard DVD release - 20 songs

We're very excited that these will be both available in Walmart on this release, we haven't had that before on DVD (told you this one is going to be good!)

Target are also going to stock MYTHOLOGY in a slightly different CD/DVD combo in one CD case

Costco again will have a different one with the CD packed in a CD case along with a bonus DVD of "My Land" an hour long documentary of the Guys at home and around Ireland

PBS will have the DELUXE double CD and DELUXE double DVD packages of MYTHOLOGY for pledging when they air MYTHOLOGY in the March Pledge. Be sure to let your local station know you want to see it!

These great Deluxe packages have it all.
30 whole songs on the Deluxe 2 CD set.
31 videos from the MYTHOLOGY Show on 1 disc and the "My Land" Documentary and another hour long "The making of MYTHOLOGY" documentary on Disc 2 in the Deluxe DVD set.

Hopefully I have gotten it right and there will be a version of the product, a place you like to buy it and a price point to suit every possible Celtic Thunder Fan.

Our very own CT online store will also have the 2 Deluxe versions of the double CD and two DVD sets, and Declan will set these up in January for pre-order in the store on this site. (Don't hound him yet, it will be January when they go up and we will let you know when they do!)

Now you have it, news on this great new show we've all been so excited about. Everyone who worked in, or on it, loves it and I sincerely hope you all do too.

Have a great weekend!



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Mythology Deluxe set

Hi Sharon! Crazy excited for all the new stuff coming out just like everyone else. I'm trying to figure out if we'll be able to buy the Deluxe set with the My Land documentary from the website or is it only available through PBS stations? Sure hope we can purchase it rather than pledging the stations for it! Thanks so much!

new show

Thank you Sharon for the update of The new Celtic Thunder show.
Look forward to ordering copies .
Australia is looking forward to your tour in January/February. 2013.

Have a wonderful Christmas and we wish you and the team a prosperous 2013. God Bless!
June and Bob Sinclair

Sharon's Blog

Thanks so much for the good news. I can't wait to see and hear the new show. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Hugs

2013 fall tour

Sharon, just wondering, will the lads be playing at RCMH or The Beacon again?Here is a name of maybe a venue for the 2013 tour-WESTCHESTER COUNTY CENTER,WHITE PLAINS,NEW YORK it can seat from 200-3,000 people,plenty of parking,major highway,train station a few blocks away from the venue,10blocks is the nearest hospital,many shops,3malls,many restaurants and STARBUCKS for the lads. Will you also be doing a stint in Atlantic City this summer??? I do hope so.Also hope the soundchecks will part of the norm during the tour.thanks josie m. 12/17/12 7:15pm NY

Press release

Hi Sharon and the rest of CT -
I just read the press release about the upcoming show and that CT is now connected with David Foster and Verve studio. WOW - Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Also that CT is among the top five of the PBS programming. Not that should be a surprise as almost everyone I know is a fan. I'm looking forward to Mythology - delux edition.
Love you all - Barbara

Great news.

Another happy Aussie here.
We Aussie fans are going to be spoilt. The preorder in January, the tour in January and Feruary, then the DVD and CD release not long after.
Thank you so much Sharon for keeping us informed.
Can't wait for the Australian tour followed by the new DVD and CD.
I really hope that Emmet's version of Remember Me will be on them, it's my favorite version of the song.

Merry Christmas to all.

I just had to edit, reading your post again, it says all new. I hope Emmet's version of Remember Me will be released on CD and DVD at some point.

new show/dvd

Hi Sharon, just wondering what are the prices of the choices of the different dvd/cd's from the ct web site/amazon,costco,target? Yet again this tour was AMAZING all of you never dissappoint us fans. from Atlantic City,all the way to the Sandy Benefit. The lads should be proud. I have a potential venue for maybe 2013 tour or in the future=the venue is called WESTCHESTER COUNTY CENTER, located in WHITE PLAINS,NY it can seat from 200-3,000 people there are 2 hotels,parking in front, the major highway to the left of the venue, many many STARBUCKS for the lads=lol thank you again, happy holidays to you and your family... thank you, josie macri 12/16/12 at 7:15pm EST.

The prices are set by the

The prices are set by the individual retailers, not us, so I don't actually know what they will decide to sell them at.



Thank you for the info on the upcoming CD/DVD.. Are they going to be available from Amazon? You mentioned all the others but not Amazon.

Amazon will have and will

Amazon will have and will likely be taking pre-orders in January for the Standard CD & DVD release



BEING A SHOW BY YOU, SHARON, IT HAS TO BE AMAZING!!! As asked from another fan before, there will be kilt twirls, right??? Hopefully there will be black trench coats, too.

Will the CD "My Land" offered at Costco be available also from Declan??? We all enjoy seeing the lads in their own environment. A little glimpse into their life and what Ireland is really like. HOPE THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE, TOO!!



Thanks again for all that you and your crew do!!!

Susan in FLA

New Show - Mythology

Thanks Sharon for the info on the new show. It sounds absolutely great. Will be tuned in to PBS every time it's aired. Happy Holidays to you and all the guys and the entire staff. I have really enjoyed getting to know a bit of my Irish (and Scottish) heritage thru the wonderful Irish music Celtic Thunder has done. Totally love the group.

New Show

Sharon, thanks so much for giving us an idea of what the new show is going to be. Looking very much forward for the release, especially in Walmart.

Thanks again!!!

Here's wishing you, your family & the whole CT family a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, all the best to you in 2013!!!

Looking forward also for the tour to start on the West Coast of Canada Smile :) Smile

Take care

Victoria BC

New Releases

Thanks Sharron for the info......looking forward to it ..sounds awesome
Merry Christmas to you, All the guys and the band and crew and families

Have a great, relaxing Holiday,


I am so exicted to hear this news! What a great way to start off the new year be having Declan offering the MYTHOLOGY for a pre-order in January. Only thing is we have to wait a bit longer until we can actually hold it in our hands....but as the saying goes...ALL GOOD THINGS COME IN TIME! Thanks CT. Wishing each & everyone in the CT family a wonderful & blessed Christmas season, looking foward to seeing you next US tour. Thanks for your gift of music Smile


hi sharon. can't wait till next year again to see my men. please come to mesa arizona. been a faithful fan since the first day i saw celtic thunder in everett washington. i flew to seattle to see them. thank you so much for celtic thunder. you are amazing. can't wait till march for the new cd and dvd. you take care and have a mery christmas and a great new year. sincerely phyllis


Sounds fantastic - can't wait to get my hands on the cd & dvd and then see the show next fall! Please come back to the venues in southern Ontario! Thanks Sharon!

awesome can't wait!!!!

awesome can't wait!!!!

--Staci --
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there is one question everyone wants to know

The new show will there be a "kilt twirl?"

Well Done Sharon, THANK YOU!!!

Well Done Sharon, THANK YOU!!!
Absolutely lookin forward to getting this!!! CANNOT WAIT to see it!!
Huge thanks to all of you CT folks, Merry Christmas!!
xo Kim Piper

Sounds Great!

Sharon-thanks for the great information-something to look forward to after the really sad time we are having here in Connecticut. Loved seeing George at Connolly's Monday, CT's generousity is outstanding! So glad they can do individual gigs. Waiting for Ryan and Neil's ABC gigs in 2013. Hope you will be home in Ireland for Christmas-ENJOY-xj
PS You look great in that coat! Saw you at Sullivan Hall too-someday I'll be brave enought to say HI

what a tease!

Sharon, you all are soooooo bad, in a good way that is! Now you know that we all are going to wait on baited breath for Mythology to come out. Bread crumbs, that's what it is, bread crumbs! I can hardly wait to see this new show you all have been talking about! And I'll probably end up buying the Deluxe edition too, someway; I just have to have it all! sigh...........

Thanks for taking the time to explain this to us. I really do appreciate all your efforts to keep us in the loop. Celtic Thunder has been my lifeline this last year, literally. Nollaig Shona to everyone!

Trudy Miner
#1 Florida fan


Will be looking forward to it! The show just keeps getting better and better!


Thank you for updating us. I have to say first that no matter how much or how many artists I listen to these guys are tops.Will be watching to see when you have deluxe in shop. I could never buy just half.You know the saying curiosity killed the cat.Need the whole deal.Declan at the shop is always so courteous. Seems like a very nice man to deal with.Will also be looking forward to see where your fall tour takes you.Hopefully near Kitchener.
MYTHOLOGY sounds entriguing, mystical, all part of the thrill of keeping us longing to hear this.
You have yourself a very Merry Christmas. From my family to yours. Thanks for all you do.

Deluxe version has it all

can't wait until it becomes available on presale - you really do know how to spoil us

New Show 2013

Thanks Sharon - Yahoooooooo there's my birthday present sorted! Looking forward to seeing the guys in Feb. and then the new show DVD! Smile One happy lil' Aussie thunderhead.


Thank you so much Sharon for informing us on this new Product (dvd & cd).
Also thank you so much for including the Australian Fans in doing soundchecks.
I have already got our 4 tickets & are very excited to going to this event.
Regards Lynne


Sharon, Thank you so very much for the new info, it will be hard waiting until March but I guess I'll have to. I am a fairly new fan and have enjoyed all of the DVDs and CD's that I have seen and heard( all of them) plus the CD's of Ryan, Paul, Neil, George, Damian and several of Phil Coulter's . Thank you and all of CT for making the world a better place to live in.


So, if I choose the deluxe dvd set will I get everything or will I have to mix and match from the various vendors?

the deluxe package has it all

available only thru PBS and the CT store

These great Deluxe packages have it all.
30 whole songs on the Deluxe 2 CD set.
31 videos from the MYTHOLOGY Show on 1 disc and the "My Land" Documentary and another hour long "The making of MYTHOLOGY" documentary on Disc 2 in the Deluxe DVD set.

MYTHOLOGY and the cruise

This sounds like it will be great! Will the entire Mythology show be performed on the cruise or will that show be something different?


OMGosh Sharon, You have done it!! Your blog hit every nerve & emotion of anticipation and excitment!! After reading it I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive...boy you certainly know about suspense!! Can't wait!! Well done Sharon. I Just love how you put the bits and pieces out there to simmer. It's like we've seen the menu and can smell it brewing...mouth watering ha ha ...just waiting to be served the feast!! You're amazing and we're so lucky to have you as part of the great Celtic Thunder FUN.!! Merry Christmas to you, your family and great extended family!!! Faithful, Forever Fan

Great things ahead

I guess it's a good thing that I have a March birthday so I can justify pledging for 2013 tour tickets plus those deluxe CD and DVD sets. The original 2-hour show was so amazing, and look how far the performers of Celtic Thunder have come since then. A brand-new long-format show can only be even better than ever. Great gift -- thanks!


If I'm understanding correctly then I can purchase the same Deluxe CD & DVD sets at the Celtic Thunder website that PBS will have available.

Thank you, Sharon, for

Thank you, Sharon, for Mythology Show, Deluxe DVD and CD sets, for tons of "making of" and "behind the scenes" which is treasured by all fans. Thank you, as well, for making the information available to us so we can make plans - early plans! Have a wonderful Christmas with you family and friends.

New Show DVD & CD

Will it be available on QVC, and if so, which version?

Mary Smile

sounds good !

hey sharon I really hope that celtic thnder comes to St.John`s Newfoundland.Celtic Thunder has alot of fans here and I know Celtic Thunder had a good turn out in Sept.5 /12 when they where here. Sooo if it is not to much to ask maybe can you think of coming back to St.John`s again in 2013?



Dear Sharon
you are the best thanks for keeping us in the loop
sounds great no wonder you are so excited
have a great holiday time and thanks for being so generous to us your fans


Thanks for the news on MYTHOLOGY. Such a tease you all are. LOL I already know I will be getting the Deluxe set as soon as it is available. 30 songs,31 videos, plus documentary and making of, it's going to be heaven. Three long months, it's going to be hard to wait.


Greaat teaser alert!! Do the lads dress up in costume again?

Merry Christmas!!

Thanks for the early Christmas present! Smile I know what any Christmas bonus' will be going toward... Happ Christmas, Sharon & THANKS!!


-congers up all kinds of speculation as to what we can expect on the NEW CD/DVD and what will be performed for us LIVE during Celtic Thunder's tour 2013. Excited!! No question as to what I'll be purchasing. The Deluxe packages are the only way to go. Thanks Sharon for the bit of insight as to what we can expect next year (can't wait for the pre-sale). Seasons Greetings to everyone in CT Land. Eydie

Thanks for the teaser!

Oh, this is going to be a good one! Can't wait! The show sounds fantastic and a whole hour with the guys at home??? Wonderful!
Thank you so much for bringing the lads together and being so open to the fans, letting us get to know everyone and share the fun.

New Show

Guess I'd better start saving my money. I also know where my tax refund is going to go next year. Thanks Sharon. Can't wait for March, even though I have to.

I Can Hardly wait Till March!

I Can Hardly wait Till March!


No QVC???

Wow! Sounds amazing and

Wow! Sounds amazing and intriguing! Cant wait to see it!

Early Christmas Gift--Sort Of!

It's a little bit like an early Christmas present, getting some of the details about the new MYTHOLOGY show, except we have to unwrap it in March! I'm glad to hear that Celtic Thunder CDs and DVDs will be available at more outlets (i.e., Walmart). I saw "Voyage" at Target (bought it there!). I'm guessing that Barnes & Noble will have the standard CD and DVD? That is usually where I buy my CT DVDs and CDs. Except this time I may have to make a pledge to my local PBS station to get the deluxe set. Thanks for the info! DK

Oh goody

Will we be able to order though Amazon? Sounds exciting and y'all do not disappoint, it's always fun to have something to look forward to(; >^,,^<