Almost everyone back home again now, suffering from jetlag judging by the number of cast and crew that were wide awake and online in the middle of the night in Ireland! Ryan, Neil & George are still in the US doing their solo gigs so it won't hit them until they get back.

We'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to everybody who came out to the fantastic set at Sullivan Hall on December 3, 2012, proceeds of which will go to neighborhoods still in need of support after Hurricane Sandy.

Everyone who purchased downloads should have their email with the link to download the "Sandy" Benefit gig by now. If you have any problems please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page for instructions.

If you have not received your Download Link, please check your 'Bulk' Folder (Spam) to make sure the Download Link is not found there, or send an email to support@gumroad.com.



Couldn't make it to NY? You still have an opportunity to see this unique event. We are offering "Armchair Passes" (video download) to our fans for a base price of $20. The show was filmed and you can purchase a download of the gig on video (now available to download immediately after purchase). If you would like to donate more than the minimum payment to help with Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts, please enter a number higher than $20 in the payment field upon check out.

All of the proceeds from this concert will go to the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City and the Coalition of Hope which supports Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. For more information on this fund please click here: www.nyc.gov



Finally Saw The Benefit Concert!

OK, I confess...was a bit nervous about the whole downloading process of the Armchair Pass. Finally tackled it tonight. It wasn't that bad, really. Took about 25 minutes to download (Firefox browser). Windows Media Player didn't work, so downloaded/installed Quick Time (with assistance from 21-year-old tech-savvy niece). Quick Time worked! Loved the quality of the video! Only glitch for me is that occasionally the video gets "stuck" but when I move the time cursor at the bottom of the screen, I can get the video/music unstuck and moving again. Group numbers are fun, esp. the Clancy Brothers medley and "Ireland's Call." Individual standouts at first watch of the video were Neil performing "Brown-Eyed Girl," Ryan singing "Streets of New York" and a beautiful rendition of "Remember Me" by Emmet. George's "Cat's In The Cradle" is always good! Keith and Colm seemed to have more energy than the rest of the guys (I know they were all tired!) and they were especially fun to watch. ALL the guys were great! So for anyone out there wondering/worrying about downloading the Armchair Pass, it's really not that hard. You can do it! Thanks to everyone at CT for helping folks affected by Hurricane Sandy! DK

Incredible all around

I like CT not just because they're incredible entertainers, but also because they're incredible PEOPLE. This video provides ample proof of both. We're so blessed to have them.
I like this video more and more each time I watch it. When they did this show they had to be tired, had no elaborate staging, no band/orchestra, no choreography, no fancy clothes, just themselves and their talent and the result is fantastic. I love the simplicity and purity of this performance. Steal Away had to be worth the price of admission alone.
At one point George says, "this might be the only time this ever happens". I hope not. I'd sure like to see more of these "interim" video releases under non-tragic circumstances.
I'd like to echo every good thing previous posters have already expressed about the generosity and thoughfulness of CT.
CT is the BEST! I hope they never have to pay for Starbucks for the rest of their days.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of CT and all their great fans.

tour recap

checking the news link and want to see the tour recap. everything is on the page, but that. it's blank although a few times it's been there and when I click on the arrow to start it disappears. clear the browser and that doesn't help. does anyone else have the problem?
were some songs edited out of the benefit show?
thanks for everything you put on the website.

I'm not sure, I just went to

I'm not sure, I just went to it and it played fine for me. Have you tried playing it in Google Chrome or, I think it's Safari? Those seem to be the two browsers that work the best.


Moderator Q&A, Damian McGinty, Sharon Browne

Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?

Money Raised

At this point, the live show and downloads between them have raised over $34,000 plus the $10,000 from Celtic Thunder Cruise and another $6.5k I paid for wool blankets/ gloves to give out in the Rockaways - That's totalling just over $50,000 - WOW, gotta love the generous hearts of the CT fan base......


Woot, woot!

Woot, woot!

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Suggestions? Ideas? Please do not hesitate to send me a PM or email message. I welcome all thoughts, positive or negative. Constructive critique is highly encouraged.

Moderator, Ryan Kelly, The Band, and


Sharon, thank you so much for what all of you did to help the victims of that terrible storm. The show is fabulous, the download is terrific, and the spirit of unselfish giving is amazing. I love the acoustic, unplugged idea...it would be fun to incorporate that into each show. There is something so warm and homey and real about it. You have a great bunch of folks, and I'm so proud of all of you! Merry Christmas, and may God bless all of you!

New Jersey thanks you!

A someone who was personally affected by the storm at the Jersey shore in a dramatic way, I just wanted to say I was at the show in the city and it was so good that immediately when I got home I ordered the armchair pass, not only so that I could see it again but because of the immense generosity of Celtic Thunder. I have to say that the Irish sure have a command of the English language, their words describing their day volunteering were so touching. Thanks again for putting this together. Your Jersey fan..Karen Caprio Flynn.

The "Armchair" video

I watched the video Saturday night and loved every minute of it. The quality was first class. Couldn't believe how clear it was. It was like I was there in person...with really good seats!!!....LOL

Thank you again.

Cookie Flanagan Jones

Armchair pass

I registered and contributed to the Benefit. No matter what I do I cannot bring in the taped performance. I'm not sorry I contributed, I would do it again, just wanted you to know that not everything worked out for a lot of us. I've been reading the comments and it sounds like it was a great show. Any possibilities 0f a tape or something being available to buy? And the last question is "Will Keith be on the DVD of the upcoming show (in March)on PBS?"

Please follow the steps in

Please follow the steps in the FAQ Page carefully. We will make sure everyone gets their video.

"Thank you very much!" - Site Team


Now I don't feel bad, I can't get it to load either. I am clueless when it comes to stuff like that. My cousin is coming over later to help me, hopefully we can get it to work. I don't regret contributing either and would buy a dvd if you made one. Once again, thanks to all for doing this for the people affected by Sandy.

Please follow the steps in

Please follow the steps in the FAQ Page carefully. We will make sure you get the video, unless your cousin gets you it first!

Thank you very much! - Site Team


Thanks for the quick answer and the suggestion. My cousin fixed me up! Smile

Sandy Benefit

I downloaded the show and absolutely love it. The lads are such natural performers, and what a great relaxed format. The production is fabulous and very touching. For those of you that haven't downloaded it yet, I suggest reading the Q&A section first. They recommend Foxfire or Google Chrome. I used IE 8 first but couldn't save it to my computer. Then I switched to Google Chrome and it downloaded automatically. Thanks again to everyone associated with the show.

Benefti Gig

I know I've commented already on the video, but I enjoyed it so much I just felt the need to comment further. I had no trouble with the download, took about 20 minutes, and the quality was super. It was so up close and personal. In the DVD's (which I love) I feel like a fan watching and listening to my favorite group, in this it was so informal and the guys seemed so relaxed, I felt like I was there and they were singing to me, almost like I could reach out and touch them. It seemed so personal. Sharon, you continue to amaze me, I don't know how you do it, you know what we the fans want. Thank You, Thank you. Now have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and I will see Celtic Thunder in 2013. I'm so excited to see what you have in store for us next.

I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you lilliet !

It was a pleasure to watch, the guys are so talented !

Thank you Sharon for giving us the chance to donate while enjoying a great show from our home !

Kim ;o) xxx

A Heartfelt Thank You!!!

I originally purchased a ticket to see the show LIVE in NYC but then my new job and the intense workload there made it impossible for me to actually get the time off so having the ability/opportunity to purchase and download the actual concert and also provide additional support to the relief effort was an added plus!! I love that you included clips of the lads helping the volunteers in the tents, touring the devastated areas and also the candid video of the affected parts of the storm raged areas was such a meaningful thing to me as well!!

I've always know that these lads are unique and special and the fact that these 6 talented young men flew from one coast to the other in order to perform this benefit concert and in their own giving and gracious way they along with their fans have given back tenfold to a community in need! Each song was poignant and appropriate to the nature of the cause and their heartfelt performances showed how deeply they were affected by the devastation they had witnessed earlier in the day.

If folks haven't purchased and downloaded this video yet, they should do it . . . it's OUR turn to show our support for the people and communities affected by such a horrific storm! Thank you to each of the lads and to Dave Munro for his eloquent piano playing!! I've never been prouder of Celtic Thunder than I am right now!

Win Win Situation

What a great way to raise awareness and funds for those affected by Sandy. So many times after the initial impact of an event, people forget. So, this was a win situation to those in need and a definite win for us to have the chance to see the lads in such an intimate, informal atmosphere. I was getting a little nervous, though, having some computer issues.... afraid maybe I would not see it at all, but it all worked out. Enjoyed it immensely, if you have not had a chance to buy the Armchair pass, and you are able, it is worth it. Thanks and all the best to CT and everyone in CT Land:)

Missing song theory

I would have dearly loved to attend this concert, but it wasn't to be; I thoroughly enjoyed the armchair version. I wonder if "Seven Drunken Nights" might have been sung with all verses intact because the concert was held at a club where everyone had to be over 21 to attend. This song's final 2 verses might not be considered family friendly enough to be included on the download -- look up the lyrics or the version sung by the Dubliners. One might not want to explain all that to the children.

Hurricane Relief Concert

Unreal! Up close and personal! Just finished watching it. Please be sure to announce how much money was raised! Great job, CT crew!!
May God richly bless you! Thank you for helping those people!
Great way to end with :Ireland's Call" I just swell with Irish pride when I gear that!

Armchair Pass

As soon as I opened my email and agreed to load images the video started to play-TG as I'm not too computer savey and was worried I'd do something wrong and loose it altogether. Gonna need help in saving it in my Library tho'(-isn't that what sons are for or even grandchildren LOL).

Sharon you've yet again proven what a genius you are! I'd like to thank you, David Munroe, Neil, Ryan, Emmet, Colm, Keith and George. All FABULOUS men that you have chosen to entertain us one more time. There were a few audio hiccups throughout their performances but I LOVED every minute if it. I hope that those fans who have not yet purchased the "Armchair Pass" do so now. It's more that worth the $20 to down load the video-they are sitting up close and OOH so personal, right in your own livingroom. You'll see a very relaxed, sweet and comical yet very serious group of young men performing for what they know is a very worthwhile cause-aid to the victims of "Sandy". The extra video clips of the devastation "SHE" left behind her wake is unbelievable. I'm so thankful that nothing like this has happened here. God Bless everyone for displaying such a humanitarian side of yourselves. Safe travels to those still on the road and may everyone have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Eydie from Sechelt, BC


Loved the concert, especially the guys joining in each others songs. Thank-you to everyone involved.


The benefit show was great! We just downloaded and watched it! It would be neat to have it produced as a DVD at some point. Its so neat that the time was taken to help those in need! A merry christmas to the the guys, and gal of CT!

We are so looking forward to seeing you somewhere in New Jersey in 2013.


Hurricane Sandy benefit

Just watched the show... LOVED it!

I know this wasn't your normal great big productions, but it is so very good anyway. If you ever put it on a DVD for release, I'll certainly buy a copy!

Thanks, guys for a great show, and thanks for your great big hearts!

Thank You CT

You guys of CT are just so generous of your time & efforts to help the people here in the Northeast who have been affectd by this terrible storm. I live in a town that had been hit hard here on the south shore of Long Island. It doesn't really hit you until you are able to see it for yourself first hand. So much devistation to so many & still so many w/o their homes. So, thanks for giving of your time/talents & your kindness in "paying it foward" to raise so much funds for this benefit. There's a special place in heaven for people like you, always giving back, thanks!

The Show

Thanks again Sharon for doing this.

It is a great show. Don't know if anyone else has this problem but mine will not save to my computer & it will not show up when I do a search of my computer or check my download file. When I have watched it after clicking the download link Windows Media Player opens up & it does show up there but when I click on it to watch it again. I get an error message.

I'm guessing that it's a watch only. At least for me anyway. Don't know if I'm doing anything wrong or not. But if anyone has a way to fix it. Please let me know.

Again, Thanks much Sharon.

Me too. Info from Gumroad.

I was able to view the show in Internet Explorer, but it would not download the file to my pc.
I installed Google Chrome, logged in to my email, clicked on the download link in the email, and it immediately began the download.
I now have the file on my pc to view anytime.
Hope this helps.

From Gumroad support:
It's quite a large file, so there may a couple things you could try out that should fix the problem you are experiencing. Please try using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox and once the download has completed (should appear in the Downloads tab), please try opening it in Quicktime, as it is a MOV file — which is best suited for it. If you don't have Quicktime, please download it here — http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/.

Thank you!

And thank you to everyone who offered technical suggestions.
I was able to download Foxfire, which then made it possible to download the video to my PC.
I still couldn't open it, so I downloaded quicktime via the link KK provided.
Now I could open the video, but all I got was a big black screen that filled my entire computer monitor, with no controls on it. After a couple hours I finally thought of trying to drag the black screen to the side. Doing that made visible a little symbol that you click on to reduce a window. I clicked on that, and then I saw the controls at the bottom of the window, where I could click the arrow that starts the video. So after supper I will be able to watch the video.

Really appreciative of Celtic Thunder for giving us this video. But downloading is not necessarily easy for those of us who struggle with computers. For me it was frustrating and very time-consuming. Not a slam against Celtic Thunder, just against the 21st century Wink , which I am just not ready for.

Now I've seen the video, I'm glad I took the time to download it

I've just finished watching the video, and I enjoyed it very much -- it was worth the trouble it took to download.

I hope my complaints about the downloading process haven't discouraged other fans who are thinking of making a donation. Most people don't have any of the problems I reported, and thanks to the technical tips on this page, I think people who do encounter problems will have an easier time than I did.

Thanks for the download

The download went well and the concert was fabulous as usual. I loved seeing the lads up close like that, as well as, scenes of what they saw since I live too far away and the media didn't show "the real thing" as far as I'm concerned. I so appreciate what CT did by raising money this way and, I know, that residents of Lower Rockaway did too. You all are such a class act! The views that rolled with the credits are indescribable. Thanks again for what CT did! Happy Christmas to all!

Trudy Miner
#1 Florida fan



Did I lose 7 Drunkin' Nights in the download or is it not there? Seem to have a blank spot in the video and thought maybe I lost it. Know I heard it that night.

Barbara Hartnett

7 drunken night

I thought it was a shame this was edited out. I really enjoyed it at the show Monday. The show was fantastic & well worth the hours it took to get there & standing in line to get in. Now I must try to wait patiently for the March promo tour & the new CD & DVD

That answers the question

If you don't have it either, I guess it's not there. I agree with everything you said. Eagerly awaiting the new show. Still curious why the song was cut.

Sharon, are you able to let

Sharon, are you able to let us know how much money was raised through this concert?

Sharon, are you able to let

Sharon, are you able to let us know how much money was raised through this concert?

Armchair video

Hi Sharon and all CT -
This morning I checked to see if the video arrived in my mailbox. And then I checked to see if I could really down load and view it - so an hour and half later I just have to tell you that the video is wonderful and to say, "Thank you!" Thanks for helping out in Rockaway and thanks for the concert and recording. I loved all the ensemble numbers, old favorites from George and Keith, newer numbers from Neil, Emmet, and Colm, and I'm especially happy that Ryan's City of New York was included.
Bless you all!