Great excitement here, ten minutes to the first Celtic Thunder Show in Australia.

Weather was (despite forecasts to the contrary) beautiful here today, few sunburnt bodies around the place.

I'll blog later or tomorrow



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First Show night in Australia - Gold Coast - February 10, 2012

People enjoy the first night for ten minutes to the Celtic Thunder Show.This is the great excitement for people.

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First Show night in Australia - Gold Coast - February 10, 2012

In March 2009, Celtic Thunder opened the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in New York City before jetting to Washington to perform a special concert at The White House for President Obama. Since then, Celtic Thunder has performed at illustrious venues including Nokia-LA Live in Los Angeles, Radio City Music Hall and the Beacon Theater in New York, and has performed for the US Troops, Irish Premier Brian Cowen, UN Commisioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, at the Governor’s Breakfast at NYC’s presitgious Waldorf Astoria.

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M&G pictures?

Hi sharon!!!
Firstly id just love to say...THE CONCERT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! you should be sooo proud of yourself, the boys and everyone involved! it was sooo much fun! it was so surreal after sooo long waiting that i was actually there! feels like a dream now, it went so quick but i cant wait til i get to see it again in Sydney! Laughing out loud
Just wondering when the pictures from the Meet & Greets will be up??

Kindest regards
A very very very happy aussie!

thanks again for bringing Celtic Thunder to our shores! please make it a habit x

They put the Gold Coast pics

They put the Gold Coast pics up a little while ago, even though the title says 2011 Tour - the Australia pics are there. Smile


Tour and DVD

Sharon.... thanks for keeping all of us here in the US up to date on the tour downunder and to Emmet for posting the rehersal video on facebook. I would love to see a DVD of the tour down there. It would be good to see what they got to enjoy since it was probably different from your Heritage tour here. I must tell you I defended the group and especially Keith to someone who posted a comment on the facebook post. She said that her memory would be "tarnished" by the way Keith "mucked up" on Ireland Calls. I explained that the guys frequently cut up especially with the flipping of kilts, smiling and being themselves that I would be astonished if Keith would have "seamingly forgotten the words" as she put it. I told her to just remember what a wonder group CT is and not to let her memory be tarnished by what I was sure was not someone mucking up Ireland Calls.

A faithful Thunderhead since the first CT concert.

Coats and Kilts

I too love the black trench coats but I really, really, really love the kilts!!!! I wish they would wear them for more than one song. Who can get enough of seeing such good looking men wearing kilts? I mean really, who?? Maybe the black trench coats for half the show, a couple of songs in regular dress, and then the rest of the show in the kilts. After all they are Celtic singers so lets see some more Celtic knees. While I'm at it I'd like to put in a request for more George solos. George in a kilt on stage a lot!!

Agree with you. Can never

Agree with you. Can never see enough of those great Irish knees....I like George's but am partial to Ryan's. Well, really they all are great. Smile

To anyone & ALL CT

FIRST---WANT TO WISH YOU ALL A GREAT & FUN-FILLED TOUR DOWN UNDER!! Can tell from blogs & tweets that this tour is a conbination of the old & new tours.SOOOOO PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEZZZZZmake a new DVD & CD of this tour. I am SURE the OZ fans would LOVE a special tape of THEIR TOUR & fans around the world would love to have one also!I know I would. If you do make a DVD PLEASE INCLUDE ANY & ALL the extra stuff you can. Things like tv appearances,messages & videos from the guys along the way, anything during off stage time, goofing around, any radio sessions, down-time excursions, practices, oh just everything!!ETC ETC Well here is a BIG THANK YOU just in case you do OZ DVD&CD!! THANKS FOR ALL THE PICS & VIDEOS YOU ALL POST!! FAN FOREVER linda PS agree with other post just read about long trench coats,tuxes, & ESPECIALLY THE 3-PIECE KILT SUITES, DON'T EVER GET RID OF THEM!!


Yep, I think a DVD - CD from the concert in Australia would be a fine idea! I'd buy it!
Oh Yea, I agree with the idea of bringing back the black tux, very elegant and classy look!!

Song list for Australia

Sharon will you be releasing the Song List for this Australia tour?.
Would love to know what hey will be singing.
WE obviously know "Heartland" will be first from that lovely photo from Emmett of the lads in their Black Raincoats. Looking forward to the Melbourne concert SO SO much.

This was sent to me from

This was sent to me from someone downunder

Act 1. Heartland, Mountains of Mourne, The Voyage, RideOn, Noreen, Kindred Spirits, Raggle Taggle Gypsy, the Island, Working Man, Danny Boy, My Boy, Past The Point of Rescue, Remember Me, Take Me Home.

Act 2. Heartbreaker, When You Wish Upon A Star, Desperado, Lauren & I, The Old Man, Steal Away, 500 Miles, I Wanna Know What Love Is, That's A Woman, This Is The Moment, Caledonia, Appalachian Round Up, Ireland's Call.

--Staci --
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TO Staci

Thanks for the list. I was wondering too. WOW... What a great combination of old and recent. I still love to hear the songs that they sang on the first tour. Would love to have a DVD and a CD with the new versions of That's a WOman, Remember Me and the other songs from the beginning. Always love seeing Ryan in That's a Woman but who does he take the woman to now? Smile I must admit, I would walk away with any one of them,

Songs in Oz Concert

So glad the folks "downunder" get to see the lads perform some of the old songs as well as the new. I, too, wish you would film one of the concerts down there for all of the fans to see. YOU KNOW THE CT FANS, THEY ARE EAGER FOR ANY CD/DVD AVAILABLE AND WILL GLADLY PAY FOR THE PRIVILEDGE.


I second

all your requests!

I "third"

All the above requests!

Hi cantgetenufct - hope you received my messages.

Surely did!

And will PM you soon. You can probably tell I'm quite excited about the Oz tour and all going on down there. And next month US & Canada will be hearing our tour dates! Exciting happenings!

Song List

Thanks for giving us a peak at what "Down Under" is gettng to enjoy on this tour. I was envious at how many songs they were being able to listen to and see LIVE but when I got out my DVD of "The Show" there were 27 songs performed at that time as well-some different songs being sung tho'. I do hope, that somewhere along their tour their performance will be taped from Australia. I'd love to be able to listen to and/or see the performances of the newer Lads singing along with the Veterans, some of the songs that started with CT. Right now OZ is being able to have the best of both worlds-The Old ("The Show" filmed and on CD/DVD 2007) with the New ("The Show" performing LIVE 2012) LOL Wish I was there!! Eydie

Noticed on another Forum that the venue for Australia is now called "Heartland" LOL didn't want them to outshine the original. Still hope we get to own the CD/DVD. I feel we will!!!

oz Tour Song list

Thanks Hobbyt

In the trenches

*sigh* I really missed the trench coats on this last tour:( Keith's flasher pose was a hoot in the pic. Laughing out loud I'm sure that the crowed went wild during the Opening cords of Heartland Smile personally I think that song should open ever new tour. >^,,^<


I agree!!!! The Black Suits and especially the BLACK TRENCH COATS really add a lot of CLASS and DRAMA to the show and, Of COURSE, THE KILTS!!!!!


Hope the concert goes great but I KNOW it'll be amazing! I can't wait to read the responses!! I too loved the pic of the lads in the trench coats. Whew! I'm still fanning myself! Hope you have great craic in the land of OZ! Thanks for the update.

Trudy Miner
#1 Florida fan

Emmet's Pixs & Trench Coats

Hi, Sharon. Know this first show will be AMAZING. All of your shows are!!! Loved Emmet's pix of the group with trench coaats. REALLY MISS SEEING THE LADS IN THEIR BLACK TRENCH COATS!!! CERTAINLY HOPE YOU ALL WILL CONSIDER WEARING THEM AGAIN!!! SO CLASSY & SEXY!!! ADDS QUITE A LOT OF DRAMA!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

Trench Coats

I missed something somewhere! Where can I find and view the pictures of the lads in their trench coats. I'm in here everyday (several times a day, actually) and never saw the pictures Emmet took. Eydie



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Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?

Even though I'm not there,

I'm still so excited!!! Saw Emmet's pic of all five in their black coats and almost stopped breathing.
I know I saw the Voyage show in October and saw Heritage last year, but, oh, the idea of seeing CT in their black coats singing some of those first songs on The Show and Take Me Home!! I can't say what I feel, sorry. I didn't discover them soon enuf to go to their earlier shows. Where was I, and what in the world was I doing? Not in the right place at the right time. OK, I'm taking a deep breath, getting control now. So everyone enjoy something truly special and please report back to us! Thanks!

Black trench coats and kilts!!

Love our guys in those coats...that's a terrific photo! I also love men in kilts...they look so cool, and sexy, even tho they don't wear the tassels and plaids...still love them. Have a wonderful tour...the guys look so happy. It's great!


You said it all!! I posted nearly the same thing but a couple of minutes after you. The BLACK TRENCH COATS bring chills down my spine. Thankfully I was able to see them in their trench coats on stage and it was AMAZING. VERY DRAMATIC and EXCITING!


No CT 4 me :( in West OZ

Sharon, I hope the first concert was wonderful, I have left my chance to book too late, as I would have had to travel from Perth, Western Australia, to see the show. How Come CT were not able to cover the West Coast as well? I was willing to travel across the country, but let my run too late. I would have gone wherever I could have gotten in, my first wish was VIP, but in the end there were none to be had....I have all but the latest CD & DVD, and I hope when you decide to come down under next time, you include West Australia, and I hope at that time I have funds to get VIP tickets, but I won't make the same mistake again.

Fun, Fun, till the sun goes down

Thanks Sharon for keeping us updated on this tour. Also the lads have been great with the tweets and pictures. We love it, they seem to be having so much fun, the video of the interview was fantistic, they looked wonderful and sounded the same. Again have a good time and stay safe, and don't let Keith surf alone.

*SLIP SLOP SLAP!!!* : o )

*SLIP SLOP SLAP!!!* : o )

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made;
Nine bean rows will I have there, a hive for the honeybee,
And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

Much luck

Sharon and everyone who has worked so hard to get to Australia, wishing you much success. God Bless. Marlie


Dear Sharon
thanks for keeping us in the loop enjoy yourselves