It is with a very heavy heart that I pass on the most tragic news in Celtic Thunder.

George Donaldson, our beloved "gentle giant", husband, father, son, brother, colleague and very good friend suffered a massive heart attack last night and passed away long before his time, on Wednesday, 12th March 2014.

I can't tell you how devastated George's family and all of us in the Celtic Thunder family are.

Everyone is in deep shock, reeling from this sudden and tragic loss.

I beg of our fans and friends to respect our mourning and grieving during this difficult time, we would also ask you to hold off contacting the family, cast or crew directly during this period. We are all trying to come to terms with it, everyone is struggling to absorb the shock and deal with their feelings of loss.

We are setting up a memorial page for George on the CT site. The announcement is there, along with the opportunity for everyone to post their sympathies on the page. Here is the link http://www.celticthunder.ie/content/george-donaldson-0
For anyone wishing to make a gesture to George's family, you can make a contribution for the ongoing, and future education, of his daughter Sarah on this page also.

For anyone wanting to send sympathy cards, please send them
℅ Celtic Thunder Limited
Priory House
19 Priory Hall
Co Dublin

We will see that they are sent on to the family.

In place of flowers or other tributes, we would be grateful if people could make a donation, in George's name to our Charities here - http://www.celticthunder.ie/celticthundercharities

I know that all of you loved George too, are going to be as devastated as we are with this awful news of George's untimely death. We know you all share our huge sense of loss and want to extend your own sympathies to his wife Carolyn, daughter Sarah and George & Carolyn's families.

In deep shock and sadness.

Quotes from each of us for George on this tragic day.

"When starting Celtic Thunder, I wanted to cast a mature, dependable Man as one of the characters. Over the 7 years since, I learned that George Donaldson was the embodiment of such a Man.
A kind, loving, gentle giant, George was as affectionate as he was professional. A pleasure to work with, an amazing family man to his wife Carolyn and his daughter Sarah, an important and loved friend to myself and everyone in Celtic Thunder.
I am devastated at his sudden and untimely death. Rest in Peace with your parents George, I will really miss your great hugs. You will be sorely missed. Sharon x"
– Sharon Browne

"Today I lost a colleague, a Celtic Thunder original brother, but, more importantly, I lost a very good friend. From the first day I met him at the audition for Celtic Thunder in 2007, we became "thick as thieves" and shared so many great times together - on and off the stage. I know he's looking down now on the two most important people in his life - Carolyn and Sarah - and on the rest of us holding them up for him, with his guitar strapped around his neck and a pint in his hand with that big smile of his. As he always sang Phil's words, in his own inimitable way: "though he may be gone, memories linger on, and I'll miss him... My Old "Bro"... Rest in peace Big Man. Those of us in what you deemed "Celtic Thunderland" will miss you more than you'll ever know... Ryan xx"
– Ryan Kelly

"Always looking to laugh, joke and see the best in things, no matter how dark or dreary the situation. A big kid at heart, the fatherly figure that never stopped breathing, eating and sleeping Sarah and Carolyn. George was a good man, a hard worker and one of the best people to have on the road, both on and off the stage. I'm sure you’re playing music with the angels now George, I am going to miss you man. This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to write. RIP George Donaldson. Keith x"
– Keith Harkin

"To a dear friend, my days spent with you have been some of the happiest days of my life. Always remembering the countless inspiring stage performances we shared and, more importantly, the confidences and laughs. Holding you close to my heart for the rest of my days,
My friend George x"
– Neil Byrne

"I really don't know what I can say to either sum up how I feel, or how to pay tribute to one of my best friends. George wasn't just an incredible friend from my first second in Celtic Thunder, but a role model. He constantly looked out for me. The two things I know more than anything in the world are firstly how much he loved Celtic Thunder; he really had his dream job and his love for everyone in the company was contagious. Secondly, more importantly, is how much he loved Carolyn and Sarah. They were the 7th and 8th members of our group because of how he included them. He loved them both more than anything else and was so proud of both of them. I’ll miss you so much G, always. RIP Big Man. Colm"
– Colm Keegan

"George was a man who brought light to peoples Lives. An incredible talent. Working with him from a young age, he was always the man to make all the Celtic Thunder gang laugh. He had such joy for life. I am deeply saddened by his loss, and my heartfelt condolences go to his family at this time. RIP George. Love, Damo. x"
– Damian McGinty

"George you were a wonderful friend to me. I can only look back on my memories with you and laugh to my hearts content. You were a true gentleman. A gentle giant. You have left a great legacy behind you and most of all, you were a wonderful spirit. I will miss you so much bro. Rest in peace Big G. Emmet x"
– Emmet Cahill

"George was the first member of the group I met at the auditions, and from day 1 he made me laugh. He had a great sense of humour and made working away from home a hell of a lot easier. I have many great memories with the big man. He will be sorely missed but I know his musical legacy will live on in many hearts and minds. Till we meet again George, May you rest in peace. Paul"
– Paul Byrom

"A wise man once said, when a friend dies it's like a library burning down. Today my life is poorer for the loss of the man who never failed to call me 'brother' and I never failed to feel like he meant it. Goodbye brother and I'm happy to say there are no regrets. I was proud of you every single time I had the pleasure of hearing you tell your stories. David"
– David Munro

George, you will always be with us. Your wonderful smile and charismatic character will forever be imprinted in our hearts.. Rest in Peace.




My heart is heavy since I learned about the passing of this special man. My feelings are the same as those expressed by so many others. May God bless his beloved Carolyn and Sarah and all of his special CT family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Such Devastating News

I am so sad to read about George's passing. His family, friends, and we fans have all lost a wonderful, talented, man. Thank you, George's family, for sharing George with us. I will always be greatful that I had the privilege of seeing him in concert, meeting him once, and having the opportunity to listen to him over and over on my CDs and DVDs. George will live forever in my heart and on my DVDs.


George Donaldson

I stumbled across Celtic Thunder by accident one day while flipping through channels.As I brushed passed the PBS channel I noticed Celtic Thunder. I stopped to see. I was immediately enchanted. I listened to the melodious songs and watched the group as I became spellbound. "Why haven't I heard of them before?" I thought. I noticed one who seemed to be around my age, or close enough. He was strong and steadfast. His looks were soft, yet rugged. What a talented and handsome man I thought. His voice was that of my generation and he sang some songs of that era as well. Every now and again I would check my PBS channel to see when Celtic Thunder was going to be on. I would be sure to watch if I was home.

I write stories. Although my first novel is based in an English town with English children, the magical land where they are taken is based in Irish Folklore. So, I immediately felt a connection. And now, I come here to post for the first time in my life. Someone very beautiful who graced the world with his presence and talent is gone. Each person has a gift. His was to share his love, his voice, and gentle compassion with all of us. A void will be left. We will always remember you, George. Your talent and love will live on in the group and in our hearts. You are very much loved, and will never be forgotten.

Celtic Thunder fan,
T.L. Doutrich

a sad day

i started to listen to celtic thunder on our local pbs abouth two years ago and fell in love with them
the moment i heard the group i went out and bought the dvds and we played them all the time
george had the most wonderful voice to listen to along with the other guys
we were going to the concert in seattle wash. but we move to michigan instead so we miss to hear them in person
my prayer go to his family and to the guys in the the group he will be surly miss

Remembering George

My husband and I have been heartsick since we heard the news of George's death last week. Whether singing a solo, backup to Damian or harmony with the boys, his voice was beautiful and he pulled us right into his world. We had the opportunity to meet George on a sidewalk in St. Louis when we attended our first live Celtic Thunder concert. He stopped, talked with us and as we left, we felt like we had known him forever. No one can replace George. He will be remembered and missed always. My husband says Damian, with his now bass voice, is the best choice to take his place on stage. I agree. Those of us who fell in love with Celtic Thunder when Damian was young, would feel George's presence with Damian's presence. Our thoughts and prayers are with George's family as well as the Celtic Thunder family. We love all of you so much, we can't imagine the sadness in the hearts of those who knew George best. Love, Faye and Bob from Florence, AL U.S.A.

God's Choir

George has left his family, friends and fans much too early. God must have needed a bass singing Scotsman to him away so young. Healing prayers to all especially his family and his Celtic Thunder family as they grieve their loss of a husband, father and dear friend.

God needed a voice in His Choir.

I attended Celtic Thunder Concert in Sydney Nova Scotia. I am a decendent of Clan Mac Leod in the Hebridies & I am the typical Hard Nosed Scot but when George stood on the stage of our town and gave his redition of It's a Working Man I am ," I had a lump in my throat for the entire song and must admit that I also had a few tears betray me. My prayers go out to his family and friends because it is quite obvious of the loss they and the world stage have suffered.

May God's Grace & Love pour out over George & His loved ones for eternity. God Blessed us with such a stage presence & I wish to thank those who put him into, Celtic Thunder.

George Donaldson

I will really miss George, He was such nice man. My heartfelt condolences go out the Carolyn, Sarah, his family and the Celtic Thunder Family.


Our hearts are broken having to say good-bye to you, George. You have entertained us for many years and you will be immensely missed. Rest in peace as you join the angels' choir in Heaven!
Bonnie Baughcum
Peggy Eastman
Sisters-in-law in Florida

New meaning

So many songs have taken on new meaning to me since hearing the sad news of George's passing...this morning My Land came on and I was so comforted by the words George sang:

When to your green valleys some day I return,
When you lay your mantle around me:
At rest I will be where the heart will not yearn,
With my land to ever…surround me.

Oh, you are the song ever singing in me,
And you are the heart ever true....

Those last two lines from the chorus seem so fitting now in how I will always think of George.

Forever in our Hearts

My thoughts and prayers to the world on the passing of this most amazing singer, song writer, performer, human being. Heartfelt love and hugs to the CT family, George's family, all his adoring fans and most especially to George's sunshine, the loves of his life Carrie and Sarah. George was very special to me, to all of us. When my world ended on 3/13/11, when my oldest daughter died tragically and suddenly it was George's music and George's light that saved my life. I was blessed to have seen him perform and meet him numerous times, and he always made me feel special. Watching him perform on the big CT stage or at his solos with just George and his Guitar was just "magic". He had that special quality that made him "shine". Through ongoing prayers, I'm blessed to continue to feel my daughter, my angel with me every single day. And now that I need comforting to cope with the loss of George, it is Pam I feel with her arms wrapped around me from Heaven stroking my hair telling me it will be alright. I know we will all pray for Carrie and Sarah and pray they will feel George's big hugs and his sweet embrace. His music, his love, his light will continue forever. We love you George......

I 'found' Celtic Thunder

I 'found' Celtic Thunder almost by accident - on an Australian SBS channel that we could receive in NZ. I thought it was going to be a programme about Celtic heritage! I thoroughly enjoyed the Heritage concert - first because all the performers were having so much fun, and second because the enjoyment seemed to be radiating from the tall bald man. Since then I have bought DVDs and CDs, which are just as enjoyable, and I got to know who all the performers are. To hear of George's untimely passing was a shock - and to so many people. My thoughts are with George's family, his CT family, and his friends.

George Donaldson-how sad.

I was so shocked seeing the "Thunder's" PBS program on St. Patrick's Day, and to learn that George had just passed away. So suddenly, and far too soon. George will be missed by every Thunder fan. My prayers and thoughts go to George's wife and daughter, and all of the Thunder cast and crew. RIP George.

~May The Wind Be Always At Your Back~

I read this post on St.

I read this post on St. Patty's day...of all days..Sad

I cannot imagine the shock and sadness any of you feel. I can only say that my heart breaks for all of you, and I will keep y'all in my daily prayers. Take all the time y'all need to let The Lord heal you. Nobody feels this loss more than you, his friends and family. George was a cornerstone to CT, a role model everyone should aspire to be.

My love and prayers go to everyone of y'all. I dunno if it's is any comfort to you, but if George could be anywhere, the first place I'd want him to be is in the Mighty Arms of Jesus, where he will always be happy, laughing, and stronger than ever.

May the good Lord send his angels to give y'all the strength to carry on. When you can't walk any further, let Jesus carry you.


A comforting thought

As I read and reread all of the beautiful posts it occurs to me that what a testament to George it is that so many people, myself included, are not saying we have lost an entertainer, though George was world class, but that we have lost a friend.

My deepest sympathy

After watching George on stage, meeting him at a concert, and getting to talk to him in Philadelphia at his show, I felt like he was a friend. We shared a love of music and Harry Chapin. I hoped to know him as a real friend. His love for his family and his CT family showed through his eyes and smile when he mentioned his family and as he interacted with the guys. The world was just a happier, nicer place with George in it. His absence will be felt for a very long time. I feel the loss deep in my soul and cannot imagine the grief Carolyn, Sarah, and the CT folks are experiencing. You are all in my prayers.

HA !

If sincere, loving, collective thoughts and good intentions directed at one beautiful human being could make a mountain, well then, MOUNT GEORGE in Loch Lomond would be a stunner!!!! My heart aches for all who knew and loved him, but my soul rejoices in what you all (we all) have shared!! I feel a piece of all of us left with George and that he left a piece or two with us!! Heartfelt condolences and still wishing it was so .... to everyone in Celtic Thunderland. To the LIGHT of is life, Carolyn and Sarah, may you see and feel George in all who knew him and may God's peace find you and protect you from this devastating eclipse on your lives. God Bless Us, EVERYONE!!! Sent from not too far from BURLINGTON (Ontario) <3 Love you to the stars and back, George!! Revel in Paradise, Dear One! xo

Peace and comfort to George's family

George portrayed such a wonderful personality behind the stage and in song. Thanks for being so genuine and giving us so much pleasure by performing with Celtic Thunder. May your family find peace and comfort in the days ahead.


I can't even find the words to describe how heartbroken I was to hear of George's passing. My deepest sympathies to his wife Carolyn and daughter Sarah. You were his world. Also to all his friends in Celtic Thunderland. George left his fans with many beautiful memories to cherish and songs to love. George you will not be forgotten.

George Donaldson's Passing

In California, USA, I just heard of George's passing this afternoon of St. Patrick's Day. It left me so shaken with grief that I had to take time to compose myself to write this. I feel such a deep sadness for his beloved wife, Caroline; his sweet daughter, Sarah; the rest of his blood relations; his Celtic Thunder family; and, all of his friends and fans. I must confess that George was my favorite of the group; but, the others are also awesome. For whatever it is worth, I send my deepest condolences to all of the above, along with prayers that you be sustained and uplifted during this heartbreaking time.

As I was reading some of the comments, I saw that the money grubbers have already started spewing their venomous comments about Celtic Thunder. This is neither the time nor place for such remarks, and should stop immediately. Caroline and Sarah will be taken care of.

Celtic Thunder please know that you have brought great joy and laughter to many thousands of your fans. They will stay with you now, and in the future.

My Blessings go out to Celtic Thunder, and George's family

My heart is so broken to hear this news, I have been at college and when I pulled up my e-mails I just found out. My prayers are with you all as my heart is breaking. I have had the honor on meeting George 3 times at the shows with my mom, daughter,and son. He was a wonderful person, and a loving father, I will never forget him. Our family will keep you all in our prayers and thoughts always, we will have a prayer chain for his loving wife and daughter. A white candle will be lit in his loving memory and if there is anything we can do for his family please let us know. I have know you all from the first day Celtic Thunder started you have always been in my prayers, God Bless you.

Christine Blankert (Taylor Irish family name) mom Anna, Daughter Anna, son James

This was made by Hot House Rose for me with deepest thank you from greeneyes,Also she made the Icon for me...***Thank you sweetie****


My thoughts and prayers go out to Carolyn, Sarah and to Celtic Thunder. George was an amazing talent and will be missed.

RIP George Donaldson

We were captured as fans from the first concert of Celtic Thunder in Dublin when family & relatives were in the audience. Your singing of "My Boy" with you on your knees looking at your wife & daughter was breathtaking & moving. We have followed you & "the Boys" as my wife refers to all of you from the inception. We have attended every concert in Cleveland, Ohio & loved you even more when we found out that you were a Harry Chapin fan in the "White Rose" CD. The Old Man, Red Rose Cafe, I Want to Spend my L
ife with You & 500 Hundred Miles are some of our favorites. You will live on in our hearts through your wonderful songs & your wonderful kind loving personality. We were so happy to "Spend part of our lives with you"!!!!!

RIP George Donaldson

We were captured as fans from the first concert of Celtic Thunder in Dublin when family & relatives were in the audience. Your singing of "My Boy" with you on your knees looking at your wife & daughter was breathtaking & moving. We have followed you & "the Boys" as my wife refers to all of you from the inception. We have attended every concert in Cleveland, Ohio & loved you even more when we found out that you were a Harry Chapin fan in the "White Rose" CD. The Old Man, Red Rose Cafe, I Want to Spend my L
ife with You & 500 Hundred Miles are some of our favorites. You will live on in our hearts through your wonderful songs & your wonderful kind loving personality. We were so happy to "Spend part of our lives with you"!!!!!

RIP George

I never had the opportunity to meet George in person but I did see him on stage in Grand Prairie, Texas, in November, 2013. I could see then how truly talented and special this great man was. I saw through his actions how much he loved and respected his wife and daughter above anyone else. Here's hoping that his family, friends and CT family find peace and just know that George will always be in your hearts. George, we will never forget you and thank you for all happiness you brought to us. God bless you, George, and RIP.

RIP George

I never had the opportunity to meet George in person but I did see him on stage in Grand Prairie, Texas, in November, 2013. I could see then how truly talented and special this great man was. I saw through his actions how much he loved and respected his wife and daughter above anyone else. Here's hoping that his family, friends and CT family find peace and just know that George will always be in your hearts. George, we will never forget you and thank you for all happiness you brought to us. God bless you, George, and RIP.


This is a very sad happening and I understand all the Families will need time for grieving but I just want them to know the Fans in Toowoomba in Australia send the utmost and sincerest and Heartfelt feelings to Georges family and our loved Celtic Thunder Family as the loss of George would have been like losing a brother. fondest regards. Geoff Morrissey

Devastated at the loss of George

I could not sleep and decided to check the site to see about a couple of songs that I had been meaning to download when I read the news.

As terrible as I feel, I can only imagine how his daughter, wife, siblings and other family and of course, his Celtic Thunder 'family'.

My husband and I never miss a performance on television and we have gone every year to the St. Louis Fox Theatre to see them. It is our anniversary present to ourselves. Even though I have already purchased and watched the DVD of the newest show, we still do not miss seeing them when they are in St. Louis (we drive over 2 hours 1 way). I love each and everyone of the group and it always shows that they love what they are doing when on stage but there was always something about George. A twinkle in his eye that could be seen from the farthest area of the Fox. I am so very glad that we were able to sit in the orchestra section this past November, to see everyone's faces so close - never would I have believed it would be our last with George.

I have missed everyone of the guys that have left the group, for whatever reason, and I always love the new guys and always knew there was the chance that one or more would move on but I would still be able to see and hear them in their new pursuit's but to lose one this way. I will pray for God's healing of all the broken hearts, his daughter and wife, family and Celtic family and will always remember all the wonderful enjoyment I received from George. I am broken hearted for all of you and for me (selfish I know) and will now try to go to sleep listening to George and his pals - despite my tears and hurting heart. Rest with God, George.

Rest in Eternal Peace, George.

"Come to his aid, oh Saints of God;
Come meet him Angels of The Lord"

May Carrie, Sarah, the CT family and all of George's family and friends find comfort in knowing he is now with our Lord singing with the angels. There's an old Indian saying that goes "When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced. Live your life so when you die, the world cries and you rejoice" George lived his life to make others happy. He lived a life of love. He has left legacy behind that will never be forgotten.

I pray that his family, friends, and us fans find comfort in the joy and memories that George brought to this world.

A special note to Sarah.... To feel this loss is unimaginable at such a young age. Please know that your father will be watching over you and walking by your side for the rest of your life. It won't ever be the same, but all you have to do is just talk to him and know he is right there always listening. When you play your music he will be right next to you smiling and singing. The road ahead is going to be long, and bumpy, but your mother and extended family, and the fans will all be here to help smooth out the road and make it a little easier each day. May God comfort you and give you peace. <3

Meghan (Charlotte, NC)

Your message

Very well said, Meghan!

Such a Shock!

I've been watching Iowa Public TV during their Spring Fund Raiser & the "Celtic Thunder" program when the host announced George had passed away last Wednesday from a massive heart attack. After the stunning shock I Googled to see if I'd misunderstood. Sadly, it is true.
I saw Celtic Thunder in a Dec 2008 concert in Des Moines. George was so impressive then and forever after. He was so great at getting the audiance to participate, something the audience appreciated and expected.
I recall the concert when he was singing a solo and the camera panned the audience stopping at his wife and daughter. So awesome! Then the camera went back to George. His expression was one of a father that adored his daughter and wife.
George was an undeniable talent and his life was cut short much, much too soon. I have all the Celtic Thunder DVD's & CD's so I can watch and/or listen to George anytime.
My heart goes out to his wife, daughter, his other family members, his fellow singers and band members (past & present) and his many, many friends & fans. He will be missed.

a rock is falling on my head when i learned Georges death

i can t say so much things except that,like all the family,the fans and all who had the chance to see or know your gentle giant. he was everywhere,on stage,backstage,with his beloved wife and daughter,with his adopted sons but his ones in his great heart never i saw him sad or mad on show or just drinking his pint of beer,his happiness was contagious,nobody can stay cold in his presence.all around the world we will be st-Patricks,if i had just a wish to desire,it will be his return with all of us.tomorrow,the st-Patrick festivities will have a taste of salt in memory of the most Irish of the Scottsmen.

my prayers cross the ocean to help his family to pass a little better this drama.
and for you all guys,all my prayers go to you...as Georges sang.;...i m the father of them all,i m their strongest nana........here and in the sky.When God needs an angel,he takes one of great quality....one more time,He takes the best angel he can find.

Georges,where you are please help your sweet wife and your wonderful daughter.put one eye on the Celtic Thunder singers,and if you can....a little joke from heaven is permitted.
rest in peace dear Georges,we will never forget a good man like you. xxxxx Ann.

This isn't real...it can't be real...

George was more than a performer to me, and I'm sure to all of you as well. He was a friend. He was wise and humble. Words cannot describe the heartbreak I feel for his family. As a tribute to George, I made him a parting gift in the link below. Please watch in his memory. To "Big George", "Papa Thunder", our "Scottish Granda", and our "Top Banana", you are greatly missed.

"Though he may be gone, memories linger on."


We will forever keep your memory alive.

Memories linger

Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to our dear George your music was so beautiful.

condolences from a true Aussie Fan

I heard the news only today and I am so sad for the loss of an amazing man. I feel great sympathy for his family and hope that they have a lot of support at this difficult time. My husband is a true 'thunderhead' and has been to many concerts in Australia. In June it is the first time I am going with him because I so wanted to hear George sing. I send my thoughts to the group. I hope George is singing with angels in heaven. I hope his family get through this devastating time and my thoughts are with them from Australia. George had fans everywhere.

A huge loss and even bigger shock

What can I add that already has not been stated with heavy heart and soul. I pray for Georges family, the guys and all those involved with CT. It will not be the same without the lone Scot. My heart goes out to all of you. We,as fans and supporters have come to know and love all of you!

:An Old Irish Blessing:
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Alba Gu Brath! Éire go Bráth! Celtic Thunder go Bráth!


george's smile

I was absolutely knocked over yesterday when I went to the Celtic Thunder web site and learned of George's passing. I have been to all the concerts except the first one and have all the DVDs. In the first show when George sings the Mull of Kintyre he raises his eye brows and gives the greatest smile as he attempts to sing and not fall down the stairs with all the fake fog! That was the moment he endeared himself to me. He always gave his all, and for that I am forever greatful. I met him one night at the bus in Seattle. It was after the show and I am sure he and all the lads were tired. He chatted with everyone, posed for pictures and signed autographs and was so kind. He will be truly missed and my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are for his wife and daughter and the whole Celtic Thunder family.

With a smile and wave, we said goodbye

Sitting here thinking of George and his family and everyone who loves and will miss him. I feel a little better now that I have made a donation for Sarah's education fund, at least I can tell myself that I have done something, though small, in George's memory that will honor and bless his most precious gift in life, his daughter. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help his family in a way that will help continue his legacy of love and giving. George made no secret of the love he had for his family or the appreciation he felt for his extended Celtic Thunder family and friends. I also want thank you for giving George the place in your choir which gave us all the chance to know him through his music, stories, and shining example of what it means to be a family man and a gentleman. My friend and I got to talk with George after almost every concert we were blessed to attend, and since we had to drive from WV to get there, he would often give us a line or two of Almost Heaven, West Virginia. Never too busy for a hug or a picture, he always made us feel like he was just as happy to see us as we were to see him and the other lads. Once when we were lucky enough to have second row seats in Cincinnati, he even beckoned us to toss our roses to him on stage and later came out wearing them pinned to his shirt. To say we were thrilled is a big understatement. We last saw George at his solo show in Pittsburgh on December 8. Again we got hugs, a few line of Country Roads, a bit of teasing about our accents, and a wonderful night of music. Our last glimpse of George as we turned to look back at the door, was to see him smiling and waving us on our way.

Grieve not,
Nor speak of me with tears
But laugh and talk of me
As if I were beside you.
-- From To Those I love, a poem by Isla Paschal Richardson

Maybe someday we can do that...

Parting Glass

In one of George's Q & A sessions, someone asked him what historical figure he would like to have met. He answered "Jesus". I commented that I thought he already had. Now I believe this with certainty. I imagine among Geroge's welcoming committee will be Harry Chapin, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and many others who left this world better for their presence here, and whose example challenge the rest of us to remember our original instructions and to be kind and help one another. May Loving Kindness and the caring words and prayers of so many be a balm to those George loved most in this world. And to George: May Beauty be your Guide, and Peace your Destination. Go shining.

R.I.P. George

So very sorry about the loss of such a wonderful man. My heart aches for his wife and daughter. Also condolences to his CT Family and all his fans. He certainly will be missed by many.

God Comfort You

So very very sorry for your loss. I've read what a very special soul Mr. Donaldson was. My son is multihandicapped with cerebral palsy and cannot speak much. Mr. Donaldson has given him hours and hours of joy since my son first saw him perform while watching youtube. He literally watches him sing for hours everyday and sings along. He has no friends and it is difficult to occupy him and so it is wonderful that Celtic Thunder songs bring such joy to my son's life (and Mr. Donaldson definitely being his favorite). It gives meaning to his day and for some reason he really connects with Mr. Donaldson through his music, even wanting to shave his head. He comes home from highschool and the first thing he does is sit at the computer to watch him sing and last thing he does before bed. God bless and comfort his wife, daughter and family and friends. I just wanted to tell what joy he gave and continues to give a person who has alot to overcome.


My sincerest condolences to Carolyn and Sarah as well as to the entire CT Family. I am heartbroken over this. There are no words to describe how it feels to lose someone so early in life. Life ending so tragically, there is emptiness in our hearts. His music inspired us and in time, it will help to heal this pain we all bear. He will be miss by all.

Thoughts and Prayers

I became a fan of Celtic Thunder more than six years ago. As a teenager I was odd and perhaps a little misunderstood for listening to the Irish folk music, but in truth it helped me through many tough times and as I bloomed into a young adult I was thankful for and appreciated CT's influence on my life. Celtic Thunder has helped ground me in a heritage I never knew as a child, and a solid foundation of knowing where I came from. Having moved around a lot when I was a kid, it was a constant comfort.
I listened to George's version of "Hello Again" yesterday and even though I never met him, and only saw CT in concert once in September, I cried more than I ever have for someone I didn't really know. But then again I felt I did know him through his music. You were the rock George and I know you will be missed.

Much love from Canada,


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


I became a fan of CT from watching PBS. I was honored to see the Knoxville, TN leg of the Mythology tour. I am saddened and sorry to hear of George's passing. My prayers are with his wife and daughter, his family, CT cast mates and crew. R.I.P. George


Thank you, Jo-Jo. You expressed my thoughts perfectly. My family and I are still reeling in shock and devastation at the sad news of George's passing. It would be nice if we could take this opportunity to have kind thoughts toward each other, and hold our loved ones close in memory of George.
Marie A. Phillips

You and me can go hang out


You and me can go hang out with our George memories.

Love to you...


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george donaldson

I am so sad/sorry to hear of the sudden passing of George such a wonderful talent to be taken so young
u will be dearly missed your concerts will not be the same with out u and my condolences to you wife and daughter who will be missing u so much at this time R.I.P GEORGE

So Very Very Sad

To George' family and all of Celtic Thunder. My heart felt prayers and sympathy are with you all. This is such a sudden and tragic loss. I am so glad I had the opportunity to see and meet him at so many of CT's concerts, I even got pictures and autographs that I will treasure forever. Rest in peace George...you will be so very missed. We love you.


George Donaldson

I am in complete shock and very sad over the devastating news of George's passing.

I am at a loss for words.

Carolyn, Sarah and the CT family, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Gone too soon RIP George

My deepest sympathies go to

My deepest sympathies go to Carolyn, Sarah and his Celtic Thunder family. I can't not even image your pain.

I am still shocked at the news of Georges death. I have spent the last few days listening to Georges music, he has certainly left a great legacy with his music.

I have been to the last two Celtic Thunder concerts in Australia and have tickets for when they are here in May. I was so looking forward to seeing George again in concert. I am glad the tour is still going ahead in memory of George, although it just won't be the same without him.

RIP George you will be sorely missed but you will live on in many peoples hearts through your music.