Such beautiful music !

These two together sound amazing. Laura does an outstanding job on the cello. Beautiful.

Love the song

Beautiful song! Loved it. Played and sung with such feeling by both of you. Thanks, Emmet and Laura.

I love Celtic thunder.

I love Celtic thunder.

How Pretty

What a beautiful performance. It's like therapy! Smile Love from North Dakota, USA.

Exceptional !

This is beautiful. And Laura Durant did a fantastic job on her instrument.

That was so beautiful guys!

That was so beautiful guys! That song would've fit right in with the concert ya know. Well, there again, anything y'all perform is concert worthy. Whatever floats your boat. Wink

Big Hugs!!!

All I want

All I want should be on CT's next video or cd. Liked the song when I heard it by Kodaline and this rendition is beautiful. Keep up the good work. I would like to hear the songs that you and Colm and the band members offer on twitter on a cd so I can have hear them when ever I want.

Thank you so much !!!

Thank you very much Emmet and Laura for this beautiful song. This was sung and played with so much feeling.
Greetings from the Netherlands.

tour tuesday

It's 4:30 am. I just listened to Emmett and Laura's singing and playing. Beautiful song. Very tender. I love the looks of passion on the faces of Emmett and Laura. Great job and thank you.

Absolutely Beautiful!

That was absolutely beautiful! It was such a nice thing to come home and listen to after a hard night at work. Thank you.

Emmet and Laura..'All I Want'

Emmet you sing with such passion and emotion..always a joy to listen to you. Laura you play with such feeling you actually make the cello speak. What a beautiful rendition of the song. Bravo!! Smile
Brian & Claire, Mississauga,Ontario

Thank you so much!

Emmet and Laura, your song was so moving, powerful and beautiful! It was haunting! Thank you so much for posting this. I enjoy the tour diaries very much.

Trudy Miner


Just lovely, thank you Laura and Emmet.

Janet Pugh

Emmett and Laura

So beautiful.Thank you for posting this song.

Tour Diary Tuesday

Thank you so much for posting these during the tour. I always come home from work knowing I had them to look forward to. A little sad knowing we probably only have one more left Sad
Once again loved you all back in October in Atlantic City. All the best for the last few CT shows and all the solo performances before you head home for the holidays. Hope Ryan shares his Christmas Tree photos again this year! Take Care.

Emmet and Laura

Just lovely. Thank you both!

Laura and Emmet

The two of them were absolutely beautiful together!! The sound of Emmet's voice is so relaxing and hauntingly beautiful! I love this video!!

Emmet & Laura

Beautiful. I could listen to Emmet sing and Laura accompanying him on her cello for hours on end! His music just keeps me smiling inside. Job well done to both of these highly talented musicians and thank you!

Emmet & Laura

Beautiful. I could listen to Emmet sing and Laura accompanying him on her cello for hours on end! His music just keeps me smiling inside. Job well done to both of these highly talented musicians and thank you!

Emmet & Laura

Beautifully done -- Love it!!

Emmet Cahill and Laura Durrant

Thanks for the video. Absolutely beautiful!

Emmet Cahill & Laura Durrant

Absolutely beautiful!! Loved it ♥ Could you possibly post the finger and strumming pattern? I could see the chords you play but not the fingering Smile Thanks in advance!

Emmet & Laura

Absolutely beautiful! They are both amazing artists and the combination of the cello and the guitar gave the song a very haunting, gorgeous melody. Thank you very much guys!!!

I agree with you.

I agree with you.

thank you

thank you

Emmet & Laura

Simply Beautiful!
Thank you,
Prior Lake, Minnesota

Emmet and Laura

don't know the name of the song,but love your voice Emmet. you are truly amazing, and Laura i love to hear you play and your face says it all. Please let me know the name(the song). have a happy day and safe travels.

Song Title

Emmet has indicated that this is a cover for the Irish Band-Kodaline. The Title is "All I Want". They do a beautiful job together but then again anything Emmet sings is fabulous. He could sing the dictionary and I'd buy it!

Emmet & Laura

This was wonderful. It's a very pretty song & they performed it beautifully. Emmet sang it with such emotion & Laura's cello was lovely. Great job!

Emmet & Laura

This is beautiful. Emmet you have a fantastic voice. I really wish you would LISTEN to your fans and produce a CD. It would be amazing! Eydie...Sechelt, BC Canada

Emmet Cahill & Laura Durant

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Emmet and Laura

Amazingly Beautiful I can't think of any other way to describe that song!

Emmett & Laura


Your voice always blows me away! Thanks Laura-absolutely beautiful.

Lillie T