We have recorded a new Christmas CD. It is a Christmas album, 15 songs that have been recorded with a 90 piece Symphonic Orchestra.
Personally, I love Christmas and I hope you love this new album. We don't have a store release date as yet but you can pre-order it in the Christmas Store section of our online store through this link - http://www.celticthunder.ie/content/celtic-thunder-christmas-voices-cd

You can get Ryan & Neil's new album in the online store also, along with a host of other lovely things!

Have to admit, I'm happy it's Friday today! I was up in Canada last weekend but have been in NY working all this week.

The tour is Fun work, this is just work work so glad it's the weekend.

The first show in the USA is in Buffalo, NY tomorrow night. There are still tickets so let your friends and family know. http://www.celticthunder.ie/tour

There are very few signed up for the Sound check Party in Burlington, VT on Monday. Don't want to cancel it as it's very disappointing for those who want to go. So, if you get 3 more people to book to attend it to make it up to 10 people total, I'll run it. Below that, I really can't as the venue have to bring staff in early once members of the public are coming into the building.

With all of our USA Tour dates still to come, if anyone wants to help get the word out about the date in your City, you can find fliers here in this link for each date. If you can get fliers to local Irish Groups, Irish Pubs and maybe into some store windows or notice boards, that really does help build awareness that CT are coming to town and makes the date more successful for the promoter booking it - which makes them more inclined to book us again the next year! http://www.celticthunder.ie/content/mythology-fliers

Today is a travel day for the cast & crew so they are getting a little down time today.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.



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2 questions

We hope to be in New Orleans with several adults and one 7 year old boy who dearly loves Celtic Thunder. Do children pay the same price as adults? Also, with the Mythology show, will it include "A Place in the Choir" as that is a "must" for him. Have been a fan from day 1 and have all of your DVD's.

Ticket prices are the same

Ticket prices are the same for folks of all ages.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Suggestions? Ideas? Please do not hesitate to send me a PM or email message. I welcome all thoughts, positive or negative. Constructive critique is highly encouraged.

Moderator, Ryan Kelly, The Band, and


Thanks for the price info. I presume that the list of music performed will closely follow what is on the Mythology DVD which I have. Any hope that the show will contain other music such as "A place in the choir"? Keep up the good work.

Hi Sharon, This email is week

Hi Sharon,

This email is week over due but I just wanted to say Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you for another amazing show. I was at the Hamilton show, the sets were amazing, the music fantastic and the boys, well what can I say they were brilliant as usually. At the end of the show I stayed to have some merchandise signed but thought I would not be able to. I had to get on the road to Ottawa and the queue was huge. The security guards handled it professionally and it all went fast and smoothly. It was a great idea to have a separate section for people to take photos and it helped speed up the whole process. I appreciate how much extra work it would have been to organise the extra security for the merchandise signing and surely goes above and beyond what is expected but made the occasion even more memorable. Keith and Emmett were very professional and courteous, thanks to them for being so given of their time I hope they know it is appreciated.
I have one small request though, since there is no tour next year but a Christmas show, please can you organise a show in Ottawa or closer too Ottawa (than Toronto) My 3.5yr old son has been watch all my Celtic Thunder DVDS and been asking when he can go and see them. He asks almost everyday!!! When watching the DVDS he goes "look there are little children so I can go".


Just wondering if you could clarify your statement about the separate section for people to take photos....can you get close enough to take photos if you are not actually standing in line to get something autographed? I, too, have a time schedule after the show (my ride will be waiting), so I did not plan on staying around. But if I can get close enough to get a couple photos, I might. Thanks for any input. I see them this Saturday in Atlantic City.

There was a roped off section

There was a roped off section and it was busy at first but then it died down and you could take clear pictures. You could take pictures without getting autographs in fact people getting autographs couldn't take pictures while getting autographs. The actual autograph line went smoothly and very fast.


While in Halifax, fans had to stand behind a roped off area to take photos. If you're quick, you can get the lads in between fans standing in front of them to have things autographed. You most likely will end up with a " fan" in your picture....They were not posing with fans and Ger saw to it that everyone moved along quickly.

Christmas Voices

I pre ordered my copy, can't wait to get it. it will be Christmas till christmas, it will get lots of playing time. Thank You and a Early Merry Christmas to you all

solo shows on the CT cruise

A woman going on the cruise has stirred up a hornets nest saying that most of us on the cruise will only be able to see the 2 CT group shows as the largest lounge only holds 300. PLEASE clarify this. I would hope the main theater will be used for the solo shows since we have the whole ship. Most of us don't care if we see the dancers, psychic etc but signed up for the cruise to see the solo shows as well as the group. Please tell us we will be able to do so.

Problems with AC Tickets

I had pledged WHYY in March for two tickets to the Atlantic City show. Yesterday, I finally received them in the mail. To my confusion, I saw that my seats were in the Upper left section, which is very far from the stage. Having pledged in years past, I had expected to have some of the best seats in the house. I was very disappointed with my seats considering I paid twice the amount to support PBS. I had never had a problem in past years, so I didn't expect to have one this year.
I know some people had issues with tickets they bought through ticketmaster for Atlantic City, but I thought those who pledged wouldn't have an issue.
I am more disappointed than anything and will think twice before I pledge again.

L. Good


Hi Sharon,

was at the Buffalo show and all i have to say is AMAZING !!!!!! It is the best concert yet and we had so much fun. Question for you. Will Kieran be a permanent member and does he have a Twitter account??? My girls want to know since they liked him a lot Smile

Christmas CD


Wonderful news regarding the Christmas CD -I can't wait to hear it! I have tickets to the upcoming Mythology show in my area, and will be on the cruise. It sounds as if the cruise will be filled with exceptional entertainment. I was wondering if there will be a little "Christmas on the Cruise" - will we have a chance to hear anything from the new Christmas CD while on board?

I really appreciate all your efforts and the time you take to provide us the latest updates. Thank You.

Sound Check Concord NH

Hi Sharon, looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night. Tried to call the theater to ask about sound check times & they didn't know what I was talking about. I am assuming it is still on since I never heard otherwise. Anyways, have a safe trip from Buffalo to Concord. See you soon. God Bless

Will new CD's be available at Boston Venue

Hi Sharon,
Is there any chance the newest CD's will be available at the Boston Venue? I know that Ryan and Neil's, "Acoustically Irish" is being released on Oct. 1, the same day as the Boston show, and was hoping it would be available for purchase at the show. Also, would the Christmas CD be available at the show as well? I was hoping to pick some up as gifts and this would be better than waiting for them to be shipped. Will merchandise also be available for sale at the SOUND CHECK parties?

Thanks again for all you do in putting together such a great show. I love the fact that the guys have as much fun and enjoyment performing as the fans do watching. Can't wait to see them in Concord NH and Boston. Have a great and safe tour. Smile

Christmas Voices


Excited to hear the new Christmas music! To know there is going to be a Christmas show next yeart is also exciting. Cannot wait to hear names of the revenues. Hoping there will be one in Roanoke Va. I know we are a small venue but have my fingers crossed.

Welcome back to the USA. See CT in Roanoke on Nov 13.


Mythology Tour

I'm EXTREMELY disappointed that Celtic Thunder is bypassing California this year. Last year I had to miss the concert due to the venue not being conducive to disabled people. This year, I have to miss again since you're not even coming to California! I haven't seen the guys live since San Diego TWO YEARS AGO! Please come to southern California!

Ring Tones

Hi Sharon,

This doesn't exactly fit the topic of the blog, but I was wondering something. I would like to buy ring tones for my phone and I can't find them in the shop, or anywhere on the site. Are they no longer available, down for adding new tones, or am I just missing them somewhere? Please, if they've been taken away, would you consider bringing them back -possibly updated with new ones?



Sharon....I can't wait to receive the new Christmas CD and am certainly hoping that Halifax makes the tour list next year. What size venue would you be looking at for this? The Rebeca Cohn would provide a beautiful setting, but is a smaller venue than the Metro Center. I was really disappointed with the lack of promoting that the promoter did for your Mythology tour here in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In spite of their poor job, there was a fair turn out last night with a lot of younger folks in attendance...good for ticket sales as they are into social media more than the older folks.

Yes, I have to agree the

Yes, I have to agree the Sonic Promoter was terrible the last two years. They wait until the very last minute to try selling tickets. We had a very good turnout here in Cape breton as well. Not as many as last two yrs BUT we had Daniel O'Donnell, Foster and Allen, Vince Gill Les Miserable, between Aug. and Sept. Not including Beauty and the Beast production, Alan Jackson and now for Oct., Jimmy Rankin, irish Rovers, Nov. John McDermot Frank Mills and then into the Christmas productions. and then our Celtic Thunder. We never had that many performances in one year like this before. I am looking forward to the Christmas CD and telling everyone I know about it and to watch for it. and awaiting to see where the Christmas Venues will be for 2014. Glad you enjoyed their show. Loved ALL their songs they sang in Sydney But I told Keith MY fav. was, out of all the songs he does had to be Now We Are Free.