Very excited that our first New Zealand Tour is happening. The Fan Pre-sale starts this week and the link for each date's tickets are on our tour page as well as here below.

We are all having a great time on tour here in Western Canada. Lots of long drives but some of the scenery is amazing. We're loading into Dawson Creek venue now, lovely people here. Looking forward to seeing more of you this evening.

Here are the New Zealand Dates and Ticket Links. These dates go on pre-sale exclusively to our Fans from this Friday 13th Sept at 9am to Sunday 15th Sept at 5pm (NZ time)

FRIDAY, 2-May-14
Hamilton, NZ - Claudelands Arena

SATURDAY, 3-May-14
Auckland, NZ - Vector Arena

SUNDAY, 4-May-14
Hastings, NZ - Hawke's Bay Opera House

TUESDAY, 6-May-14,
Wellington, NZ - Wellington Opera House

THURSDAY, 8-May-14
Queenstown, NZ - Queenstown Event Centre

FRIDAY, 9-May-14
Dunedin, NZ - Dunedin Town Hall

SATURDAY, 10-May-14
Christchurch, NZ - CBS Arena

Password as always is DUBLIN for our fan pre-sale



Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. You

Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. You are always surprizing us. I CANNOT wait until the Christmas CD comes out. I am looking forward to the release of the CD so much. Mary Did You Know AND Garbriel's's Message are my all time favs. as well as Carol of the Bells. (I loved Andy Williams singing "Carol Of The Bells" and I Loved Sting singing "Garbriel's Message." Must say I don't think I've heard the song that Keith will be singing BUT know it must be great when you put it on the CD. The Cover Alone I love. Oh heck, I just love it all and all their music. I know our local Radio Station will be playing this Christmas Music this year. Look out--here we come on yet another mission. Sept. 25th Cape Breton--12 days and counting. wooohooooo. (Going to listen to Sting sing Gabriel's Message now.)

Christmas cd

for those of you not on fb or twitter, there is a NEW ct Christmas cd coming out oct 11 of this year!!!!!!someone must have been looking at the shop section and saw it, then posted to fb. i posted to twitter. song selections look pretty good, so on the edge of my seat to hear it. think the guys were hinting about something we'd know about soon. too excited and want to shout. aaggghhhhh can't wait.


As I recall, Brendan Monaghan was the uber-musician who did the filming of "Celtic Thunder: The Show" and did tour with CT later. Barry Kerr was a surprise on the 2008 tour, but I soon realized that Barry, like Brendan, is one of those wonderfully gifted musicians who can quickly master whatever instrument is put into his hands. I expect no less from Cieran on this "Mythology" tour.

Touring in Canada

Hello Sharon.We do have a beautiful country. Hope you enjoy your tour through.Great scenery.Happy that my husband and I will get a chance for the second time to see the show. This year in Hamilton. Not just looking forward to these
young men sing, but to see the whole lot of them as they are all so talented.

So happy you're having a good time so far in our Country :)

Glad you, the band , the guys and all the crew are having a good time in Western Canada !!
It is very beautiful there and as Keith learned earlier this year during his solo tour, we have a very vast country which involves lots of driving for sure!!!! But the scenery is amazing and you will see that as you proceed right on down the line to us here in Cape Breton!!!!
I just wish you all could drive around the Cabot Trail here in Cape Breton. The Cabot Trail is one of the most scenic,breath taking parts of the world and I know you all would LOVE it !!!!

Safe journey to all of you as you make your way from West to East!!! Very excited about the Tour and having you back on our lovely little Island again this year Smile

Kind Regards,
Karen Green (Proud Cape Bretoner)

Where is our Barry?

Would you or another authorized representative from CT please tell the CT fan audience what is happening with Barry? Apparently he is not part of the Mythology tour and lots of us are wondering.



Barry announced on his Twitter last week that he would not be on the Mythology tour.

@BarryKerr1: Sorry to let you know folks i am not on the CT fall tour this year as i am on a break for personal reasons, all my love to those on tour!

Ciaran is the 'new guy'


It all sounds the same but he is called Kieran. Kieran Brady!

Barry took a touring break

Barry took a touring break this year to spend some more time with his family. I believe his replacement's name is Kieran... (but in my head, I just call him New Guy). He was very good!

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Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?

Guy before Barry...

Hi Jo...please refresh my very senior memory and tell me who was the original band member before Barry??...I will try and not get any OLDER just for you lol!!!

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Previous musician-of-all-instruments

Sorry, my reply went somewhere else in this blog's posts. His name was Brendan Monaghan. I remember seeing your pictures with the lads from the original promotion tour; don't let anyone tell you that you are old.