There's no place like home - January 7, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Returning home for the holidays and avoiding the demon jet lag was the main objective this time as I was pretty much landing on home soil the foot of Christmas Eve. Following a 78 show tour just two days before Christmas, I was not expecting the 15hr flight delay!!! Partner in crime RK and I were a sight for sore eyes in Washington airport, two lost souls some might say! This said, my heart goes out to anyone that gets stuck in any airport during holiday time. We were extremely lucky that the weather allowed us to make it home!

The last thing I wanted was to doze off on mother Byrnes amazing Christmas day dinner she had prepared for me. One of the most important learning curves my job has taught me about is simply, prospective. The importance of spending time with my family, especially when it is so limited these days is vital for me. Surrounded by family on Christmas day I find myself asking a million questions. Mam & Dad, Paul, Grace, Gill and I gleaming to sit around the table together again. Not forgetting the apple of my eye, Sophie! What a girl! So hilarious Smile She has become the family comedian!! I always see a difference in her each time I return home, getting taller, becoming smarter and so much wiser, more than I give her credit for sometimes. She knows every word to every track on the "Faces" album, her favorite being, "Let 'em in".

Everything in moderation. Catching up with friends has become more like a round of golf or a game of pool, rather than always meeting in the pub. However, last night there was a gathering in a well known Dublin bar with the CT gang. Ryan, Colm, Emmet and I were there along with David, Nicole, John, Belinda, Ger and Sharon and many more. It was 5.30am when I got home! Yes, we had more fun!

Thinking back on the last four months on the road having met thousands of CT fans, many familiar faces and so many new ones too throughout the US and Canada has yet again given us memories that stay with us forever. The atmosphere at the CT shows were electric this tour. Thank you for that.

Needless to say, only home a week left me with itchy fingers to create new music. So I cranked up the studio and recorded some new demos with no time constraints! I plan to continue working on more material later in the year. Now the Australian tour is literally a sip of tea away. Well rested? I guess... But definitely raring to go Smile

New Year’s Resolution... I will use my treadmill for something other than resting my guitar case on it Smile



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ha ha ha treadmill

ha ha ha treadmill. thats funny. i dont even have a treadmill. i just crank up my favorite bands and let loose. and just in care you didnt care more lol i found out i lost 20 lbs in three months! yay me! ha ha ha! gotta thank Celtic thunder and the beatles for that. ANY WAY im glad everyone made it home safe. hope everyone had a great Christmas. cant wait till you guys get back to America and next time do lagan love! that song is so beautiful! saw it on you tube. well have fun, be safe, and dont forget to breathe!!!


When might we expect a cd or dvd from you ABC TOUR?

waiting in Nashville

Neil, can not wait

For the new show!!! Glad you are enjoying your time off. I am hoping you and Ryan do the promos on the East Coast for PBS and just maybe, you could put in a couple of ABC shows in between. Of course, one of those ABC gigs would have to be Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle in Pittsburgh!!!!! What a terrific night that was! Have a safe and great trip to Oz!!! See you in the near future. God Bless!!!

Favorite tour

I so can not wait for the North American Tour to be Announced. It will be my first CT concert. My question is this. Which of the shows is your favorite. All of y'all look like you are having so much fun. I love Seven Drunken Nights, HILARIOUS. I am a country girl and only listened to that, but CT has changed that, Thank you. You guys are so talented and every single song any of you do just pulls in the audience in every way, y'all make us feel each note and word. God has truly blessed all of you with that talent, and you pay it forward with each performance. Looking forward to your Texas visit. Safe travels on tour.


Thanks for another great blog I know us fans really appreciate it. Glad to hear you made it home for christmas, there's nothing more important than family and sharing special days reminds of this. Can't wait till you get to Oz as seeing the show in Melbourne, very excited Smile Make sure you all bring plenty of shorts and sunblock....oh and pants and a raincoat for when you're in Melbourne cause we really do get four seasons in one day Smile

Hi Neil

It's always fun to read yours` and the guys` blogs. I'm glad to hear that you made it home for Chirstmas.I really enjoed getting to see the show last november at Tulsa it was one of the best. As for 'Faces" i listen to it almost every night my favriote is Candlestick & Mr. Ace (cuase it reminds of my brother).

Loved your blog. I'm so glad

Loved your blog. I'm so glad you and your partner in crime made it home safely after such a long delay! I was concerned about you two making home in time for Christmas. I'm sure you family was too. Glad you had a great Christmas with your family, especially Sophie=)It's great to hear that you have been resting up(?), relaxing and having fun. Glad you had fun out with the CT gang and that you actually made it home!Hope you didn't have a sore head after all that fun=) Happy to hear you have been in the studio recording new music. So excited for Mythology. Can't wait! Hope you have a great tour in Oz. Have fun. Take care.

Thank you

Thank you for taking time to write a blog for us. You stay in touch with you fans more than any of the other guys do. That's what sets you apart and makes you so special. Don't get me wrong. I'm not downing the other guys. There is nothing wrong with wanting to step away from the "celebrity" part of your life for a bit and just be a normal person. Cherish every minute you have with your family. We are not promised tomorrow. My grandfather is 99 years old and has advanced Alzheimer's Disease. He has no idea who I am now or who anyone is for that matter. I still spend as much time with him as I can.
Don't worry about writing. There will be plenty of time for that. Enjoy family and friends while you have the time. Australia will come and go before you know it and it will be time to hit the North American continent again for a few months. You fans will always be here loving and supporting you. Family is a gift from God. Enjoy that gift every minute you can. We will still be here when it's time to say goodbye to Ireland once again and hello to the Mythology tour.

God's blessings from North Carolina,

You're The Best!

God Bless You Neil for sharing your life and talents with us! I'm happy you got to spend important time with your family! Family is THE most important part of life. Most people don't realize that until they lose someone close to them but I always say better late than never! Anyway thank you once again for giving us a glimpse into your private life. We wish you the best in this new year! May God bless you and always keep you safe!!

The Bresslers

Aussie Weather

Neil.... Looking forward to the concert in Canberra. Just tell the boys with the weather we are having here and going to have bring plenty of shorts and t-shirts to wear. Buuuuut you will need a jacket for Melbourne just in case as there weather is crazy.
Mark from Campbelltown NSW


It's always great to hear from you, Neil! Thanks for an amazing show in Clearwater in November. It was the best one yet. You guys always manage to outdo yourselves every year. I can't wait for Mythology. I'm so glad you had a great experience with the tour and now you're taking some time to relax with family and friends. Enjoy it while it lasts! Smile

Kim from Tampa

Tips for the treadmill

Thank you for the blog, Neil. My first thought at the end of the tour was "I can't wait till the next one!" Good luck with your New Year's resolution. CT (and ABC) keeps me fit. I prop my laptop on the bookstand and walk to CT. Or ABC. If I listen to all the ABC videos I've found on-line, I can do 2 1/2 miles.

Happy to be Home!

Thanks for the blog Neil! You really do have a wonderful way with words. I'm so happy you and Ryan made it home in time for Christmas. It's great to hear you're getting to spend some quality time with your family, especially Sophie! Enjoy your time with her, they grow up so quickly. Have you thought about writing a song for her? I'm sure she would be thrilled!!

I hope you're getting lots of rest before the Austrailan tour. Maybe when you get back you can squeeze in a quick video chat before coming back to the US in the spring. I can't wait to hear the new songs you've been working on and Mythology looks amazing! Smile

Have fun in OZ!
Laurie V.

thank you

For all the wonderful things you do, say, sing and play. You have added wonderful highlights to my life.

Aussie tour

My sister and i are so looking forward to seeing you this year with the CT lads, we finally secured our tickets, but unfortunately i cannot bring my Granddaughter as planned (Maya is almost 4, and i am not game enough to tell her)she loves her'' Whisky'' man(that's what she calls you...I am thrilled to bit's that Celtic Thunder are finally coming to Perth....Hopefully the weather will be cooled down by the time you all arrive....Enjoy your time at home, and see you Down Under.....stay safe...xxxx

So good to hear from you

We were worried that you & Ryan were cutting your flight home too close, knowing how unreliable holiday travel can be. (I was once marooned in the Prague airport at Christmas) What a relief to hear that you made it home just in time. I'm sure everyone was happy to have you there, whether or not you were sleeping at the table. So good to hear how much you are enjoying your time off.

I'm so sad that "Christmas 1983" has vanished from the site. I love that video & watched it many times. Such a happy song & a beautiful vignette of the time. Please make sure it comes back next year.

Have a wonderful time in Australia & then I look forward to attending an ABC show when it comes anywhere near me. Thanks for all you do with your beautiful voice & your dazzling smile. You were my favorite from the moment you stepped out of the band in your kilt. The Sizzles for "Mythology" are marvelous & I can't wait to see the whole thing.

Celtic Thunder hits the Land Down Under!!!

Hey Neil, like you, I got to go home to see my family for Christmas. It was wonderful. I got to see cousins i haven't seen in decades!! Glad you got some writing in, I look forward to hearing what you've come up with. I really love the Pale Blue Jac album, and really hope you record another album very soon. I have already pre-ordered the Mythology CD/DVD set. Can't wait to get it!!!! Hope the Down Under Tour goes well and you all remain safe and healthy! Watch out for the kangaroos and dingos. Take l;ots of p[ics and post them o n Facebook so we North Americans can feel like we are there too!!! Take care and know you are appreciated and loved!! Cathy Tolley

Soon on the road again

Nice blog.Trust me never say you will use your tread mill.I've said that so many times. Never last. Finaly got rid of it. I think I like walking outside,as there is so much more to see, and fresh air. I walked today for the first time in over a week. Pretty cold in Canada.
Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year.Australia just around the corner. Nice. Even better then comes Mythology. Love that name. Have it ordered. Looking forward to new tour. My husband and I are hoping to see another live show.1st last year. Didn't go to meet and greet. It is too much for my husband all in one day, so I was grateful to see show.DVD's are nice . I have them all, and we love them, but there is nothing like the real thing.
Must say I am looking forward to your new CD.I have all CT and all individual cd's.Wouldn't want to leave anyone out as you are all so talented.
Have a safe journey to Australia.

Wonderful blog Neil

Love the blog - I love reading these from you and your partner in crime Mr. Kelly, so glad your enjoying your time at home, but like everything time flies when your having fun.. Looking forward to the Mythology tour and the CT Mythology CD it sounds like it's gonna be a hit - a major hit - that is. before I go I just wanted to say that your Pale Blue Jak album.. Lovin' it, you have such a fantastic voice and the ability to play the guitar is also very impressive - your a talented, sweet young man, cannot wait for the CT tour.. Keep up the amazing work ; )

New Year

Neil, I know you two had some delays in getting home, glad you made it before Christmas nothing like spending the Holidays with family. Family is the most important thing to have.

I'm so anxious for the new show to be released, sounds so exciting as they always are.(no bad one yet).
Sure you guys are very excited to do the Aus shows, it will be warmer. Ha Ha!

This 2012 tour was really the best to date I think, of course I followed you guys to several cities, don't know if I can do that this yr but will def be at the one here in my home town and the Cruise. which sounds really good about now with all the cold weather and snow here.

Neil hope your New Year is a super one keep recording, writing and most of all take the time to enjoy every moment, and as for the treadmil I guess we could all use it for what it was intended!

Have fun in Aus and we will see you real soon! God Bless


New tunes!!! :)

Hi Neil!

Thanks for the blog. I am so glad that you made it home to your family and friends safe and sound. I hope you weren't too jet lagged for Christmas dinner with your family. I can understand why Sophie is the apple of your eye, she sounds like a real sweetie and she has awesome taste in music too Wink

I can't wait to hear these new demos you are talking about, how long are you going to keep us in suspense? I know you would need 8 days a week to do everything at once! lol Looking forward to see what you have in store for us in 2013! Mythology, a tour, maybe a little ABC!? Do you guys ever stop?

Take Care and enjoy the rest of your break before you head off to OZ!

xo Lindsay Smile


Happy New Year, Neil! Your family must be thrilled to be with you again and certainly very proud. How Exciting - new artistic creations we can look forward to. The memories of seeing you last fall are providing warmth on these cold, dark winter nights. Soon you will be making memories in Australia - Be Safe. See you in my dreams. Tricia in Minnesota

Home is the best.//

Neil, Thank-you for always thinking of your fans, even when you are relaxing before your amazing, busy year starts. So happy you are having fun with your family and friends.The last year leaves you with so many memories and so much love from your fans, you so deserve it.You are so giving and thoughtful at your shows,you sing from the heart and soul,and we feel it. Have one amazing tour in Australia, see you when you are back in Calif. Love from San Diego.//Get on the treadmill it helps the body & mind, ride my every day.//


I'm so glad you're enjoying your time at home, even though it's not very long. I love hearing there's new music on the way. I'm looking forward to more PbJ. It was great to see you so many times in 2012 and I'm hoping for even more this year. The ABC shows were so much fun, and the concert in Atlanta was fantastic!

Have a great Australian tour......I hope you'll be back in the States soon after! Thanks for always being so nice and so friendly. I always tell you I'm your biggest fan.....and I still am!

Gail Allen

Prospective ...

Hi Neil,
You gotta love prospective?! Smile You're so fortunate to have an amazing talent that ties into a great job that you truly love. A job that's brought you so many experiences all around the world. Still, no matter how wonderful a job is, there are always drawbacks. Being away from family is a big one. Especially for a man like you. No doubt you're getting in as much time as you can with all of your family while you're home. Second only to your mam and dad, I'm certain Sophie loves having her uncle home again. Smile I'm betting it felt great to be writing again, too.
Thank you again for the wonderful time in November and December and the great memories. It was a fun couple of weeks. Your music and humor can certainly give one a wee break from reality. It was nice to chat with Angie and John as well.
You'll be off to Oz in no time. Enjoy your tour down under. I'm sure you guys will find something to entertain yourselves between gigs? Smile Safe travels.
big HUGS!
Tacoma, WA

So nice to hear from you!

Neil, thanks for your wonderful blog! You are always so positive! I'm sorry that you and Ryan had such a hard time getting home for Christmas; that's what happens when there's a snowstorm in the East! Thanks for letting us know that you both made it; you know we worry so about you. Lucky you to be heading Down Under to warmer weather so soon. I'm looking forward to March and the promos; I hope that you'll be back in FL with your ABC tour so I can see you again. Enjoy your time off.

Trudy Miner
#1 Florida fan


Thank you dear Neil for your warm and wonderful blog. It means so much to me to feel closer to you and those you love so much. I pray for all of you.

It wasn't "luck" that brought you and Ryan safely home in time to celebrate Christmas with your families. Our gracious God answered a lot of heartfelt prayers from folks who love you both very, very much.

Your description of Sophie's sense of humor makes me think of her Uncle Neil...a couple of chips off the old Irish imp Smile I think our family rubbed elbows with him in old Ireland many years ago...sure is fun, isn't it Smile

I'm so excited about the music you are writing! Can hardly wait to hear it! And I'm excited and praying about your trip to Oz! I can hardly believe it's about to happen! Get some extra rest while you just might need it! Don't forget to pack a mop Smile

I'm so proud of you, Neil. You can count on me to be a praying friend. May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy.



Love reading the blogs.....yours' is always uplifting.I also have to hit the treadmill..or something.By the sounds of where you're heading soon one would assume you have a very charmed life.. Smile Austrailia tour..?? that's not work,is it?

Gettin Worried!

As you guys posted where you were along your epic journey home, I, probably along with maybe 1 or 2 others, started to worry you guys wouldn't get home in time for Christmas... lots of prayers for the weather to clear & you got on your way...
Sophie? Well, hey, how 'bout doing a duet with her for your next CD? That would be cool! Something as simple as a well-loved child's song would be absolutely delightful! They DO grow all too fast, don't they? I can't believe my oldest niece just turned 17 on 4 Jan...
Safe travels to OZ & looking forward to Mythology, but more so to the return of ABC hopefully to Philly!

Happy New Year, Neil!

And a happy 2013 to you! So glad you and Ryan made it home just in time for Christmas, even if you looked and felt a bit bedraggled after that 15-hour flight delay! I know you were anxious to get home and to see your family and especially Sophie. Aren't 5-year-olds fun? I have a niece who is 5 and she is an interesting kid to hang out with. Right now she is learning to write her name in cursive--maybe she plans to sign a lot of autographs someday? Anyway...glad you are spending time catching up with friends and even working on music (yes!). Saw the "Mythology" sizzle reels and I am super-excited about this DVD/CD/upcoming fall tour! Enjoy what precious time you have left for yourself, because it gets busy again very soon (and not an Irish "soon"!). Um, as for your New Year's resolution--I think you need to be more specific about how you resolve to use that treadmill, rather than saying you won't rest your guitar case on it. Did you mean to say you resolve to EXERCISE on it? Rather than draping clothes all over it? Wink DK

OZ Tour

Hi Neil,We in Australia are waiting SSSSSOOOOO Pateintly(not) to catch up with C.T. Again,& it is brilliant you are coming to PERTH.See you all SOON!!!Smile

Safe at home

Hi Neil! Glad you made it home safely. I saw CT in Seattle in Nov. It was my birthday present to me.
Boy what a gift it was! Can't wait to do it again. Have already preordered Mythology and long to see you
on OPB. MY daughter and I also saw you and Ryan in ABC at Kells pub in Portland OR. We were the two LARGE gals in the second row. You guys put on one heck of a show. Until we meet again, be safe, be happy and never forget the directions to your favorite pub.
With lots of love

Love Neil's blog!

Ahh Neil, what a lovely blog you’ve written! But I would’ve missed it, if not for DeeDee Hayes mentioning it in a tweet; I didn’t see it in your own tweets, or on your fb page. My heart was with you and Ryan for that flight home! I was so concerned for you, knowing you had to be exhausted and eager to be with family for Christmas. I was sooo thankful when we learned that you were safely home! The word pictures you paint of your family and holiday time blesses me, and I know they miss you so much when you’re away! Thanks for sharing! I’m confident that the Australian tour will be fabulous, hope you have mega-fun. I’m excited about the new show and eagerly await the arrival of my pre-ordered DVD—you guys have teased us enough—I want to see it! I’m looking forward to seeing some live concerts when you return to the states and catching you and Ryan somewhere on the ABC trail! Pale Blue Jack is brilliant—absolutely love everything you do!

Love and blessings!
Jacqueline Buchanan

Glad you're enjoying yourself

Glad you got home in time for Christmas and are having fun. I don't normally like being around people who are drinking a lot, but I can't imagine that you and the rest of the CT crew are anything but fun drunks! Known a few of them in my time and we definitely had the craic.

Glad You Made It Home

I'm glad you got home in time for Christmas. Both of the shows in
Houston & San Antonio were awesome! I can't wait until falll. I'm also
looking forward to the Mythology CD & DVD. Take care & safe travels.
May 2013 bring you all the best! May God Bless You Always!


I'm so glad that y'all were able to make it home to spend the holidays with your families - how awful it would have been for us that you'd spent the time here and had missed that important connection! We enjoyed this year's tour every bit as much as it appears that you did, so we've nothing but to plan for 2013! Here's my wish for you - that you travel in God's hand all the way to Australia and home again in good health so that you can repeat this merry round all over again next year! Thank you so much for the lovely music and we're looking forward to 2013!

No Place Like Home

I think I can speak for all your fans that we breathed a sigh of relief that you and RK made it home in time for Christmas dinner. You had a lot of prayers following your late travel schedule. Well rested? With the year you are facing I really hope you are. A good rousing night of celebration, a few days working on your own things and off to Australia doesn't sound too restful to this old lady but I'm sure looking forward to hearing what you've come up with. Have a great 2013 and bring Mythology close enough for me to travel to in the fall!
Pat in Thunder Bay

Home Sweet Home!


I was very worried that you & Ryan weren't going to make it home in time for Christmas. The thought of you two unhappy guys sitting in the airport for what seemed like eternity was quite upsetting to me. I can't imagine what you two were going through. I was quite relieved when you posted the picture of you standing next to the Christmas tree. Though you looked tired it was easy to see how happy you were to be home. I'm sure sitting at your Mam's table surrounded by all your loved ones helped erase the memory of that horrific airport delay. So glad you had fun with Sophie, they do change quickly at that age. Also glad you had a fun night out with the CT gang. From the sound of it, the "sore head" the next day was worth it. I loved all the shows I saw this year (CT & ABC), and am so looking forward to "Mythology". It looks like it's going to be amazing. I am also looking forward to new music from PbJ. I don't know how you're going to top "Faces", but if anyone can do it, you can. Enjoy the rest of your time home. Best of luck on the tour of OZ. Looking forward to seeing you during the March promos & hopefully another tour of the East Coast for ABC. God Bless you Neil, & keep you safe.



Dear Niel
thanks for all you do
and as a Grandmother, mother and all
I totally agre all fits into place after family and friends
enjoy the next leg
and thanks for all you do
oh yea the treadmill won't work if you aren't there

of what we do

It's always fun to read yours` and the guys` blogs. I'm glad to hear that you made it home for Chirstmas.I really enjoed getting to see the show last november at Tulsa it was one of the best. As for 'Faces" i listen to it almost every night my favriote is Candlestick & Mr. Ace (cuase it reminds of my brother).

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Enjoyed Your Blog

Soooooo......did you and Ryan learn something from your holdover in the airport?!? Maybe not push that last gig so close to Christmas! Holidays are always a bear in the airports here.....but chuck in bad weather and you're not going anywhere! Glad you guys both made it home safely.....I was checking the airline website to see if you were going to make it home for Christmas. And so very glad you did! Enjoy the Australian tour!

Home at last

I was so glad to see you got home on time for the holidays. You work so hard, to miss x-mas with family would've been aweful- sorry your were exhausted =(. I am sure your family and friends enjoy every minute they get with you no matter how short it seems. If little Sophie is anything like my little 6yr old, they grow up and mature so fast and know no wrong! Sweet angels they are. Hope recording is going well. Treadmills are good-for-u =). I guess all you guys are trying to be healthier for the new year. Good to hear. I hope all contiues well for you for the rest of the year. Mine isn't starting off so jolly. Lets cross fingers my health turns better, I get back to the healthy exercise fanatic I am and get to take my mom to all the CT shows she wants =). Take care. Rest well? =)

Amy K

So glad the holidays were

So glad the holidays were good for you. I want to say a BIG thank you for all the music you have shared with us. It has lifted my spirits more than you can know. Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with us.

No place like home!!

I was so happy that you made it home in time for Christmas(you were making me nervous)...sure your family was too, especially Sophie Smile Enjoy the time with your family and friends as you get so little of it anymore. Looking forward to hearing those new tracks of my Pale blue Jak but would love to add to it soon(PbJ II)!! Have a great time in Australia and then back here to the US for the Promo Tour...can't wait to see "Mythology", loving it already just from the promo reels Smile Bring on the Fall Tour...I'm ready!! So, what are you gonna rest on your treadmill if not your guitar case, Neil Wink Don't worry, you're perfect just the way you are!! Can't wait to see you travels and stay healthy!! ~ Jodi Anderson