CELTIC THUNDER - HOME - January 16, 2015


Celtic Thunder’s new DVD Celtic Thunder - Home is a wonderful collection of the show’s fan favorites and best-loved songs set to a background of spectacular scenery of Ireland. Celtic Thunder will serenade you as you are transported to places of immense beauty such as The Cliffs of Moher, Carrick-a-Reed Rope Bridge, the wilds of Donegal or indeed the garden of Ireland, County Wicklow. You will witness the majesty and splendor of the Irish countryside, while Celtic Thunder set the tempo with their recordings of much loved Irish standards “Danny Boy”, “Mountains of Mourne”, “Carrickfergus”, “Black is the Color” and many more.

If you have never had the opportunity to visit Ireland, Celtic Thunder -Home will give you a bird’s eye view of one of the most beautiful places on earth. True, we might be biased, but honestly the breathtaking scenery that you will encounter on “Home” really is awe-inspiring. From quiet and tranquil lakes, canals and winding rivers, to sandy beaches fringing Ireland’s pure shores and facing onto many tiny islands and rugged mountain ranges that dominate the skyline, it’s hard not to be enchanted by the striking landscape.

Watch exquisite footage of the seven wonders of Ireland; the magnificent northern coastline of County Antrim that is home to Giant’s Causeway, the mighty Cliffs of Moher, sweeping vistas of the Mountains of Mourne and the arid and lunar-like plateau of the Burren in County Clare to name but a few, as it serves as a backdrop to Celtic Thunder’s melodious harmonies and unique take on classic Irish folk songs.

The song selection on Celtic Thunder - Home is compiled from Celtic Thunder’s favorite Irish and Celtic songs, and features songs from their various albums released to date. From young Damian’s version of “Come By The Hills’ and Emmet’s nostalgic ‘Kindred Spirits’ to the more recent ensemble recordings of “The Rocky Road to Dublin” and “The Star of the County Down”; Celtic Thunder- Home is sure to delight and enthrall Celtic Thunder fans everywhere. Of course no Celtic Thunder DVD would be complete without the anthem “Ireland’s Call”.

Celtic Thunder- Home also offers amazing bonus features. Once you have been escorted through Ireland by the songs of Celtic Thunder, you may discover that a little bit of Ireland has rubbed off on you, leaving you with a strong desire to break into song! Happens all the time.. The bonus Sing-along feature on Celtic Thunder - Home, gives you all the backing tracks, and lyrics that you need. A veritable Celtic Thunder karaoke, or, as we say in Ireland, a Sing Song!



Celtic Thunder Live & Unplugged was filmed at Sullivan Hall, New York in December 2012. The DVD features six principals, Ryan, Keith, George, Colm, Neil and Emmet performing an unplugged concert in a one-off, relaxed and cozy setting. Performing to an audience of just over 300 people in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Sullivan Hall is by far the smallest stage that Celtic Thunder has played. It's unique setting invites fans to watch in intimate surroundings as the Celtic Thunder Principals sing and play some of their most popular solo and ensemble numbers such as Mountains of Mourne, Brown Eyed Girl, Steal Away, Ireland Call and many more fan favorites.

Celtic Thunder fans will love the intimate and unplugged aspect to this show, where Ryan, Keith, George, Colm, Neil and Emmet pick up guitars, banjo, fiddle and tin whistle as they perform on this small and informal stage and are ably accompanied by Music Director David Munro on keyboards.


CELTIC THUNDER - 'MYTHOLOGY' - January 4, 2015


"Voices call from the old days, Voices tell from the past, Ancient laws and ancient old ways to recast." (Voices opening number from Mythology)

Mythology is the latest show from Celtic Thunder and the show's 9th special for Public Television. Filmed on location at the Helix Theater in Dublin (where they filmed their debut show in 2007), it's fitting that Celtic Thunder have chosen to return to their roots in order to film this musical odyssey back to the heart of the Celt. The opening number for Mythology is an original piece called Voices written expressly as an opener for the new show. Voices, quoted above, is collaboration between Celtic Thunder Musical Director David Munro and world-renowned composer Brendan Graham, who also composed the international hit "You Raise Me Up."

The core theme of Mythology is found in the opening number "Voices call from the old days, Voices tell from the past, Ancient laws and ancient old ways to recast." It's the story of the Celts in Ireland, their legends, their history and their stories. It's the lifeblood of modern day Ireland and it's influences from our Celtic past, which are still carried in each one of us as part of who we are and where we come from.

The set of Mythology is big; it's dramatic and imposing. The new and the old combine. Modern catalyst images are projected onto ancient standing stones, a giant Celtic cross takes center stage and the tempo of the music is strongly echoed in the theatrical and moody lighting. Mythology is by far Celtic Thunder's most impressive production to date, bar none.

The road to Mythology began in 2007 when Sharon Browne, the Celtic Thunder's creator and producer, set out to produce a show with real Celts performing an eclectic mix of songs ranging from the traditional to international hits and some original pieces along the way. That show and each subsequent Celtic Thunder show have raised the bar for Irish music and theatrical productions worldwide. Mythology has raised that bar yet again, even by Celtic Thunder standards. It is without down their most extravagant and spectacular show ever and by far the biggest undertaking of producer Sharon Browne's and Musical Director David Munro's careers to date.

Mythology comprises of six diverse performers who are each a powerhouse in both their solo and ensemble songs, backed of course by the dynamic Celtic Thunder Band. And while Celtic Thunder shows are known for the use of dramatic combinations of lighting, choreography and set design, Peter Barnes, the Set & Lighting Director for Mythology has upped the ante and has created a stage that surpasses anything Celtic Thunder has done before.

CELTIC THUNDER - 'STORM' - January 4, 2015


Celtic Thunder - 'Storm' is a compelling show that tells the story of a land struggle and cultural differences through the vibrant dynamic of musical theater. The show bursts forth onto a nighttime, flame-lit scene with an energetic, highly primal dance number to an underlying Celtic beat "Storm Overture". Storm is a turbulent, raucous stand off between the darkness of gypsies, and the resolution of the settlers both fighting for the same piece of land. The gypsies have inhabited the land for generations and the settlers are looking to put down roots and build their community. From the outset it's clear this show will push boundaries. The themes of love, unrequited and forbidden, the sweet innocence of youth and the triumph of life experience are also found throughout Storm. The King of the Gypsies character, played by Ryan Kelly, woos away the daughter of a settler in the number "Midnight Well", while The Highwayman, played by Keith Harkin, gladly relieves the gentry of their riches in his lively rendition of "Stand and Deliver". Irish Soprano Deirdre Shannon plays a Noble Woman in Storm and gives a haunting rendition of the Clannad favorite "Harry's Game" while dancer Caroline Torti's gypsy dance in "Shadows Dancing" is an amazing, dark and sultry piece of choreography.

The set for Storm recreates the forest of the Gypsies and is massive at 130 foot long x 40 foot deep. Hundreds of live trees and shrubs (some over 30 foot tall), gypsy caravans, settler's huts, and a river fill this eye-catching and dramatic stage. Without doubt, this is producer Sharon Browne's most audacious show to date. The majority of the music featured in Storm is original and was composed for the show by legendary Irish Composer Phil Coulter. His songs range from the hopeful and romantic such as "New Day Dawning", and the beautiful duet "Tender is The Night", to the dark and menacing "Storm Overture" to the whimsical and fun number "Look At Me". Storm also features wonderful and exciting new arrangements on Celtic classics such as "Lagan Love" and "Mo Ghile Mear" (Hail The Hero), the latter is used in a brilliantly choreographed battle cry between settlers and gypsies. The end result is that Sharon Browne and Phil Coulter's new production is challenging, original and engaging and is bound to enthrall PBS audiences.

CELTIC THUNDER - 'HERITAGE' - January 4, 2015


"Heritage" is the all-new Celtic Thunder Release that focuses entirely on their Celtic and Irish roots. Featuring traditional standards such as "Whiskey in the Jar," "Black is the Color," "Skye Boat Song" and "Red, Red Rose" as well as a few beautiful love songs such as, "The Dutchman", "Noreen" and "Just a Song at Twilight." Celtic Thunder Fan Favorites such as "Heartland" and "Ireland's Call", and the new song "A Voice in the Choir".

Filmed in Poughkeepsie, NY in front of a live audience, Celtic Thunder's performers bring their musical talent and passion to the performances in this new Celtic Thunder Release. The performances range from solo numbers, to enchanting duets and powerful ensembles. "Heritage" is a celebration of Celtic Music and the Celts Heritage, a joy for the entire family, performed as always, with Celtic Thunder magic.