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Neil Byrne : 1st fest gig was going so well till the storm rolled in over KC and we all ran..Back on state at 4 tomorrow, let's hope for better weather. 8 hours 43 min ago
Keith Harkin : These are the only weapons of mass destruction any man needs. @guitarmcpherson #guita @bosspedals #tuner... 15 hours 22 min ago
Neil Byrne : Really enjoyed our debut stage it last night. Thank u all for tuning in and your supportive comments xx 15 hours 48 min ago
Ryan Kelly : Yes Kansas City, the Irish have arrived...Can't wait to hey onstage tonight! :-) @KCIrishFest @byrneandkelly 15 hours 54 min ago
Keith Harkin : Less than a month away from the crazy spot that is Ceoltas bar! in Harrisburg PA.... Here is the ticket link! k 15 hours 55 min ago
Keith Harkin : Hey guys, just 2 tickets left to this show here in Venice beach California! if you and your partner wanna come,... 15 hours 56 min ago
Colm Keegan : RT @JenniferKowatch: Finalized #CKonTour playlist containing all 75 Youtube videos from the tour. NY - Boston @celti 16 hours 20 min ago
Keith Harkin : Check list. 1.McPherson Guitars. 2.Harkin Headquarters merchandise. 3.Shivon Soap in the wash-bag. 4. Clothes. 5.My singing boots. 16 hours 54 min ago
Keith Harkin : Wassssup @twitter people!? 17 hours 24 sec ago
Keith Harkin : Getting all the merchandise ready for the gig tomorrow night in @poordavidspub in Dallas TX. Hope i brought... 17 hours 54 min ago
Ryan Kelly : News about a fantastic album I'm guesting on : :-) 18 hours 22 min ago
Ryan Kelly : Thanks so much to all who tuned in to our first ever @byrneandkelly @Stageit concert last night! I had a blast! :-) 19 hours 9 min ago
Emmett O'Hanlon : @Emmetcahill tried it once and it was almost the end of me... Hah no I actually do circuit training like that once a week. (Or try to) 20 hours 17 min ago
Emmett O'Hanlon : @EmmettOHanlon @XcelerationST 21 hours 20 min ago
Emmett O'Hanlon : So here is the first surprise of the day. By popular demand, we've put together a quick gym video of me getting a... 21 hours 22 min ago
Keith Harkin : No its not pipe line.... Its newport... WTF!?&@@£€€>^€€ #bigwednesday #california #pipeline #waves #surf #heavy... 1 day 5 hours ago
Emmett O'Hanlon : @stormygt both of us Love It!! Thank you so much!! 1 day 5 hours ago
Emmett O'Hanlon : Thank you to Sue, Marcia, Emily Anne, Rita, Louise, Janet, Cheryl, Ann, and Katie, for the letters, cards and my... 1 day 6 hours ago
Emmett O'Hanlon : @Barihunks @CelticThunder haha Thanks @Barihunks!!! 1 day 6 hours ago
Colm Keegan : Thank you Boston & thank you East Coast USA!! Incredible premier solo tour, thank you all for making it possible! 1 day 7 hours ago