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Colm Keegan : @Emmetcahill Which Colm were you more excited to see? 2 hours 2 min ago
Colm Keegan : Home Alone 2 by the Christmas tree was a perfect way to spend the theory, too bad I fell asleep after 10mins! #jetlag 2 hours 3 min ago
Keith Harkin : Wanna have me play live in your own living room? Click the link below... 5 hours 33 min ago
Ryan Kelly : And tree #18, post-tour from Kansas City, tomorrow I go home!! :-) #RKs25TreesofChristmas 6 hours 3 min ago
Neil Byrne : #kansascity @byrneandkelly #plaza #relaxed @RyanKellyMusic #missupeter&john @nicolehudson81 6 hours 9 min ago
Keith Harkin : What a fantastic voice. And sporting the @harkinheadquarters shirt too. I could listen to the guy all night! 8 hours 26 min ago
Keith Harkin : FREE SHIPPING TODAY!!!! Harkin Headquarters 16 hours 15 min ago
Colm Keegan : @ronanscolard @trillogymusic All good, hope likewise! Back in Dublin now, would be great to catch up over the holidays! 17 hours 52 min ago
Colm Keegan : Throwback to the intermission of our last mythology gig in Australia.... emmetcahill #Neil #TBT 18 hours 13 min ago
Colm Keegan : Another cracker from the lads, super job @ronanscolard and @trillogymusic, love it! 18 hours 17 min ago
Colm Keegan : @lesleypike @ahest No way!! Ah man, very jealous. He's unreal, hoping to see him next time he's in Dublin! 1 day 2 hours ago
Ryan Kelly : Tree #17 might be slightly obscured by this fallen bauble, but it’s still there… :-) #RKs25TreesofChristmas 1 day 10 hours ago
Neil Byrne : Its been a jam packed 7months but @byrneandkelly finish 2014 2nite in Wichita with heaps 2celebrate&even more2look 4ward to 2015. #grateful 1 day 11 hours ago
Emmett O'Hanlon : Home safe and sound! Reunited with this beautiful girl!! Thank you all again for making my first tour so... 1 day 12 hours ago
Colm Keegan : It being a year since our incredible visit to Nepal, please visit this to continue the support for those who need it 1 day 13 hours ago
Keith Harkin : Please give Rebecca Harkin Music new school a follow!!! 1 day 18 hours ago
Keith Harkin : Back at the ocean where i belong. Venice beach looking like waves have arrived. 65 degrees and its christmas.... 1 day 18 hours ago
Colm Keegan : @stormygt @Dermy100 @ChloeAgnew @laursadurrant Haha, love this! 2 days 2 hours ago
Colm Keegan : Dublin, it is so good to be home! Serious catchup mode now, can't wait to see everyone #HomeforChristmas 2 days 2 hours ago
Keith Harkin : Only 2 of these bad boys left over at Harkin Headquarters.... these are ones that I rock daily! :) 2 days 4 hours ago