Christmas songs

Would really love to be able to view the Christmas videos from last year again.

Concert Ireland

Sharon, congrats on group. Will you ever be doing concerts in Dublin? Thanks

TOUR questions

How long does each concert last?

Approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours.

What is the dress code for the concerts? I don't want to be out of place!

The dress code is really what suits you. Like for Celtic Woman shows, a lot of people get dressed up, go out for dinner, and make a night of it... And I love to see that. At the same time, busy moms racing to get in from work work, sort out the kids and get back in time the show are welcome to show up in whatever they show up in! There is usually a mixed dress code and everyone is happy.

Previously Answered Questions by Sharon

How did you get involved in the work you do? What kind of education/experience did you have to go through?


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The Raggle Taggle Wind-up (Prank)

Hi, OK!
When we had all the guys up in the studio recording the songs, they had worked flat out for weeks. Everyone was exhausted. On the last evening we'd recorded the last of the songs (29 songs in a very short period of time) and all went out for a meal and drinks (as you do) and ended up having a sing-song with a wedding party at my hotel till the wee hours in the morning.

The following morning, we got them all up and at it early, (really cruel, we were all hungover) and we got them back into the studio.