Our promoter has decided to set up the Celtic Thunder Fan pre-sale for our tour in Tasmania & Australia next year this weekend as a surprise for mother's Day. As Mythology is only about to be released in New Zealand, the pre-sale for there will follow in a couple of weeks.

Just heard about these plans myself, sometimes communication gets lost dealing at distance with radical time zone differences.

Right now, this is the ticketek link which is EXCLUSIVE to our Celtic Thunder fans only for 24 hours starting today at noon - http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?pp=QFANC&sh=CELTIPRE14
After 24 hours use this link

We have the dates set up on our tour page today and put the links for tickets for the fan pre-sale in on our tour page http://www.celticthunder.ie/tour

Tickets to purchasers of previous CT tours in Australia go live on Friday at 10am and then to the public on the 15th May so plenty of time for our fans to get their tickets first!

We are very excited to be adding New Zealand and Tasmania and more dates in Australia too. Coming in May/June we hope that it works better for the CT Fans weather wise, no flooding, tornados, cancelled shows because no one can get there!




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Sharon, is there still going to be a Cairns concert in the 2014 Australian tour? There has been much trouble with tickets and now the venue say that Celtic Thunder will probably not be coming to Cairns. What's happening? If we now have to purchases tickets in another city we have lost so much time.


We are 2 Pensioners who have ardently followed Celtic Thunder since its inception - thanks for that Sharon! - and while we can't afford front row seats in Launceston we have purchased our tickets for the front row of the balcony and look forward to it eagerly! So we'll see you there - hope our small city can do you proud! The only thing that would make it better would be if both Damian and Paul came back into the Thunder along with all the other guys - now that would be fantastic!! Not that we don't like the group as it is! ... but we do miss the other guys. love from Tassie and best of luck with the Cruise! xx


We are 2 Pensioners who have ardently followed Celtic Thunder since its inception - thanks for that Sharon! - and while we can't afford front row seats in Launceston we have purchased our tickets for the front row of the balcony and look forward to it eagerly! So we'll see you there - hope out small city can do you proud! The only thing that would make it better would be if both Damian and Paul came back into the thunder along with all the other guys - now that would be fantastic!! Not that we don't like the group as it is but we do miss the other guys. love from Tassie and best of luck with the Cruise! xx

2014 Concert

I am so happy that CT are coming back next year, I have already purchased my VIP tickets for the Gold Coast. I thought that when the concert was cancelled due to the floods, it would be at least 2 years before the boys came back again.....


coming back next year

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Thanks for early warning about fans tickets

Just want to let you know how thrilled my family and I are to be able to see you all again in Australia in 2014. We were lucky enough to get 10 CT Experience packages to be able to catch you in 3 shows in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra. We have great seats in the front or 3rd rows so really looking forward to Mythology and the Meet and Greets (hoping that with 3 shows we'll get to meet all 6 members of CT, but doubling up on any of them would also be OK). Thanks for the early warning that tickets were going on sale. Just one question - will sound check parties be available for these shows? - we loved the one we saw in Melbourne this year. My one great regret is not being able to join you on the CT cruise in November. It sounds fantastic but coming all that way in November is just not feasible for Australians with schoolkids at the height of their exams, etc. Still we can just dream that one day. a cruise might come our way at a time we can make it. All the best with the US Fall tour, and safe travels.


Geelong Concert

I was on the phone at noon on the 9th to ticketec for tickets and it seems the Arena was not listed as a phone purchase outlet even with the code word for fan pre-sales. I had to buy the tickets on line and then had to take what was available without knowing where they were as the Arena seating plan was not up at that time. The tickets I have purchased are not at all where I wanted them and think being we were given a code word purchases by phone should have been offered to allow choosing your own seats if they were still available and not just what was thrown up at you.

Ryan Kelley's Mother's Day song

Hi, I know this has nothing to do with the tour. But I saw in the twitter section on the homepage an address for Ryan's song. I loved it. Then I tried to send it to my two adult daughters who are mothers. They could not open the address. So this non tech mother is wondering if this and other special little gifts to us could be put on the video section or the blog. I do not twitter or have a facebook account and do not wish to. Thank you. Lois

Hmmm... Not sure why that

Hmmm... Not sure why that link wouldn't have worked, I think it's just on the Celtic Thunder's YouTube channel.

Try this one and see if it works better? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz3WDVVqYL0

Moderator Q&A, Damian McGinty, Sharon Browne

Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?

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Ticket allocation exhausted when regular sales open?

Hi Sharon, I am so excited about Celtic Thunder coming back to Australia next year. Have to say that such an early pre-sale by the promoter came as a shock, but it was still really exciting to start so early organising with friends about getting to shows, which tickets to go for etc - So I wasn't too worried about missing the 24hr window in the presale deadline when we were still coordinating our plans.
And I was sitting ready with credit card in hand for when "regular" sales opened 15 minutes ago only to see that In Mandurah all ticket allocations are exhausted for the VIP experience and there are only single tickets left in gold stalls Sad

Similarly, in the Perth Arena - VIP seats are already only available from the 3rd row back, which is extremely disappointing for me personally - although I know its great news for Celtic Thunder that you are now so popular that tickets were swept up in the 24 hr window of pre-sale.

I'm hoping that there's just been some sort of glitch particularly with Mandurah as it seems incredible that every single VIP and most of the Gold tickets sold in the pre-sale window without some being held back for regular sales?! My fingers are crossed that its a question of the promoter forgetting to press a button before regular sales opened to release more seats for sale than the 1st batch Shock


[]Irish Wench of the MSGs[/u]
[]"It's not that the Irish are cynical. It's rather that they have a wonderful lack of respect for everything and everybody. "[/u] (Brendan Behan)


Try calling

For Mandurah, try giving the centre a call directly, they should be able to tell you what is still available. That said, I got my VIP tickets for Mandurah 5 minutes after they went on sale, and we were already onto row B (and this was through calling them - simpler than buying online). Don't forget it is also a much smaller venue - only about 900 seats, compared to the 5000+ at Perth

Perth Tickets

I had so many problems last year getting tickets(there was a glitch in they ticketing system) that I was ready and waiting this year, to my surprise and extremly good luck I got front row seats. I hope everything goes well for everyone getting the tickets they want.


Could you please give me some info on the NZ tour? Will they be coming here???

As Sharon mentioned above,

As Sharon mentioned above, information about shows in New Zealand will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled here for more.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? Suggestions? Ideas? Please do not hesitate to send me a PM or email message. I welcome all thoughts, positive or negative. Constructive critique is highly encouraged.

Moderator, Ryan Kelly, The Band, and

tickets for mandurah

I went to buy tickets for your show in Mandurah but they have sold out there should be two shows in Mandurah My mum can not go to the Perth shoe it is to far for her to travel

First time

It's their first time performing in Mandurah - they wouldn't have know just how quick the tickets would sell.

Mythology tour

I love Celtic thunder so much. Smile But i was so sad to see Damian McGinty leave. It would make my life, and everybody else's lives to see Damian at the Mythology tour! Smile I believe I speak for all when i say that! Smile

Damian Not Likely

I feel your pain as I too would be very, very put out if my favorite lad left CT but if you have watched the Mythology DVD you had to see it was set up very precisely for the songs and voices they have now and it's not likely another artist would join them on tour unless something should (God forbid) happen to one of the present artists. Are you aware that Damian does some solo work with Paul on his tour? Perhaps you could arrange to try and see one of those shows. It's unfortunate we don't hear much of what Damian is doing since he left Glee but he's choosing his own path.


it appears that young Damian is going to do a show with Paul Byrom in the near future, I think it's being called 'Me and My Shadow' ubfortunatly this is only in the States.


Fall tour 2013

Hi Sharon,
I know this is probably not the right "strand" or blog to put this comment on, but it's the most recent one. =)
I have tickets for Detroit in the fall and CANNOT WAIT! Have been to every show that has come around except the first because it was during my parent teacher conferences at school. Mythology will be amazing and beyond!
Just leaving my comment that I so hope that a few of the more "fun" songs from the past are interwoven with the Mythology songs. 7 Drunken Nights and Place in the Choir are just so hilarious and lighten the mood up and just are a fun time. They've almost become tradition.
Also wondering that as the show is put together if it would be in the realm of possibility to let the guys do one encore. I know time is an issue and such; but I so hate the ending because I know it is the end. lol To be surprised with an encore would be...such a treat! It's that 5 minutes of ONE MORE SONG that we can mentally prepare for it to be over. What a great thing it would be to have Ireland's Call as the encore...or even one of the more light songs listed above. Just the guys sort of letting lose, being totally off the cuff and letting it all go.
I hope it's possible to consider that....either way...it's going to be FABULOUS! Just wish the cruise would fit into my schedule, because if it were, I'd be there with bells on. A week in November for a teacher is nearly impossible. Maybe a summer one sometime. We'll see. =)

All the best to you!!!


I thoroughly agree Cheryl!!! After much playing of the CDs, I really love "My Land" and wouldn't want to have it left out at all but it is not great for a FINAL song!!! Having an encore of "Ireland's Call" would definitely "Put the Cherry on the Top"!!! Hopefully, Sharon will agree!!! If so, all of the fans will be "bouncing" out of the venues singing the rousing "Ireland's Call"!!! An ENCORE is ALWAYS EXCITING and fans feel like they're special and the encore is just for them! A special acknowledgement that they are appreciated

Great seats for the Melbourne

Great seats for the Melbourne and Geelong concerts! Thinking about possibly going to the Bendigo show as well... Just have to see if I can talk the SisIL into coming with me. Gotta make up for not going on the cruise. LOL!

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So Excited!

I bought my first VIP ticket! Just had normal tickets for the past 2 tours, but as I can't make the cruise (although still saving for the next one), I thought the VIP experience was the next best thing. Count down to Sydney show 2014 is on.

Take care,

Got my tickets for Maryborough Australia

Hi Sharon,
I just got my tickets for next years Australian tour. I'm soooooooo excited.

You guys are the best in the whole world.

See you all in 12 months.

Chrissy xo

Next year's tour!!

I have just broken our budget and bought our tickets for Adelaide next June. Pity the funds didn't stretch to a meet and greet, but you can't do a three month caravan trip and see your fav. group close up without something having to give. At least this time we are three rows closer to the action. Can't wait. Laughing out loud

Tassie first shows for aus tour

Have purchased a ticket for Launceston - so excited Tasmania was chosen for the first two shows of the Australian tour.

Dancing happily

Simply cannot wait for the next Australian tour!! I'm still bubbling over from the January concert I went to this year Laughing out loud Love the show incredibly!

Comments from Georgia - really.

I have been stewing over comments I saw from someone saying they are in US - Georgia. I am from GA and I am a REAL fan. The person who commented was so negative about everything in Mythology and I got the impression he/she had some kind of prejudice (like his girlfriend loves the guys or something). Because everything he indicated was so WRONG! Those of us who really watch and listen to everything know several things that were referenced: That the guys are unbelievably sensitive to the US when bad things happen. For instance, the New York work that was done after the hurricane. That if anything Ryan had more energy in Mythology than ever before; especially considering his wrestle with a brain injury; and that during one song he almost pranced down the stage.He almost did a "Paul" he prissed so much. lol.Energy abounded.
I wonder where all of this really came from. I am suspicious about it but I wanted you to know that your trips to Atlanta are so appreciated and we love you guys immensely down here.

Lura S.

Countdown is on

Purchased my tickets for friends and myself this morning Laughing out loud was ecstatic to see you're coming down to Mandurah, the venue will make for an amazing, more intimate show, can't wait! Also thrilled that Perth is the final stop again, we did good last tour!

got tickets


just got tickets for Sydney!!! yay although a bit of a hike from Alice Springs!!!

very expensive though and so hope I don't I get stuck behind a tall person or one with a big hair do. I couldn't work out how to pick my seat.

Just a couple of questions Sharon if that is ok

* not a big fan of crowds and I couldn't see the seating, so do you know roughly the amount of people that will go to the meet and greet?
* never been to a concert let alone a meet and greet! is jeans and top suitable? or to I have dress poshly to go with the la de da pricey ticket?
* when the time is closer is there a way to get a top/t-shirt of the group or saying celtic thunder from Australia than having to order from Ireland and hoping it will fit? I would like to wear a top if it goes with the dress code!

thank you very much for your help Smile

You can wear what you like to

You can wear what you like to a Celtic Thunder Show. It's about having a fun time!
There will be a tour T-Shirt for the Australian tour at the merchandising desk. Don't know what it will say but there always is one
Have a great time on the night!


Sydney meet and greet

I have been to both of Sydney's meet and greets and they are fabulous. Just jeans and a nice top is sufficient. I also don't know about the new venue. Cant' work out the seating plan. I have bought 2 VIP tickets and just hope we have a good seat. See you there.

Hope it helps

Depends on the show/venue as to how big the M&G will be - Sydney is one of the bigger ones.

I'd say smart casual is fine - jeans and a nice top?

The past 2 years they have had Australian tour shirts for sale at the shows, but the only way to have one before show day would be to buy online

Hope that helps you! I live in Perth, and the past 2 years I have flown over east to see the lads, and will again for the next tour Smile

Keith Harkin Canadian Tour

Just a quick reminder to all Canadians, check out keithharkin.com. Keith has dates set for Fredericton, Moncton and Halifax coming up quickly. Still tickets available. Lets show him the support he deserves for his solo tour. Can't wait to see you Keith, safe travels!

Lori Jones