Is There Anyone Out There! - November 9, 2012


We're Back... Apologies we have had no website and no emails since Hurricane Sandy. This was because the servers are based in NY and of course, NYC has been devastated by Sandy, no power, flooding, gas shortages, stores closed, 49.000 people displaced, dreadful conditions. Our web hosts have been working non stop since to get us back online, up and running again.

Delighted they've been able to do this through third party servers and all sorts of technical challenges.

On news, the Tour is still out and going great. The time is flying by, can't believe we left home 31st August and it's now 9th November already.

The sound check parties are going well. We have been listening to everyone's comments good and bad and have been paying attention and fine tuning it. Tickets for upcoming dates are still available via the link below -

Sorry to anyone trying to order products from our online shop or those of you trying to make contact about orders that had just been placed before we went offline. Declan has hired 2 people in to help with the backlog and everyone will have their orders within 14 days. Lots of lovely stuff in the store. I pinched a sample of the purse hook, really handy little thing. It folds up so you can keep it in your purse and then when you are in a coffee shop or restaurant and there isn't room on top of the table and you don't want to be leaving your purse on the floor where you can't keep an eye on it, you just take it out, open it, hang it on the side of the table and hang your purse/hand bag from the hook. Really clever little thing, I use it all the time.

I've finished the edit of the new show. It's 2 hours long (on DVD) and I'm very happy with it. I fly to LA to present it to the label this Sunday. There are heaps of great bonus footage segments for this one. So much that they will all be on a separate disc in the DVD pack. I know you're all going to love them!

It will air on PBS in March and in Australia in July next year and will tour Canada and the USA next Fall 2013 and Australia early in 2014, fans there will be glad we are pretty much caught up there now with releases.

On news from the road, a lot of you will already know Keith had an accident with glass and managed to nick an artery in his wrist on Halloween and we ended up in the emergency room in Sarasota getting the bleeding stopped and him stitched up. Not a fun day and made worse by the hangovers from our Halloween party the night before - how do kids always manage to have you running to emergency rooms at times when you are looking and feeling awful? It's a knack they all have, my own too.

Ryan's birthday was on a day off going through Nashville and they had a great time by all accounts. There were plans for a cast vs crew football match, there was a lot of talk about it but as it was the 2nd of 3 days off I'm not sure if it happened or not.

I missed it as I was in London at the Music Industry Trust annual dinner. It's for Nordoff Robbins / Music Industry Trust charities. They do fantastic work with music therapy for kids with special needs and music schools, really worthwhile and impressive. My mentor is chairman of the board and I go over every year. Have to say this years was the best I've been at yet. Gary Barlow was being honoured. Elton John was there to present the award and after we'd eaten, Gary Barlow performed, Take That came on and performed with him, then Robbie Williams made a guest appearance after he'd turned on the lights on the Oxford St Christmas Tree. Imelda May performed. Because Gary Barlow is in X-Factor UK now as a Judge, Louis Walsh and Dermot O'Leary and all the X-Factor gang were there. Got to meet Jasmine, the lovely dancer from the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London this year, very sweet girl.
Matthew came over to meet me for it, he'd a great night, we partied till late (after 3am) and managed to miss our 6:40am flights home - don't do that very often but worth it, great night out, really enjoyed it.

After LA I start on the scheduling of next years tours - I know... already..... Has to be done if I'm to have it ready by beginning of February for the stations to plan their pledging.

All the deals for the Cruise are signed off on now so that's finalised and in motion, I know lots of you have signed up already. We're really looking forward to that particular "working holiday" on a fabulous ship in the Caribbean!


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Tour Tickets USA -

Tour Tickets Australia -

Celtic Thunder official online Store -

Celtic Thunder Cruise Bookings -

That's about it for today. Glad to be back on line, keep letting us know what you think, what you like and what you don't!



Sharon is overworked.

Thanks for everything you do to keep this "family" business running smoothly. My family appreciates any and all DVD's of performances we have not been able to attend. Sorry you could not be in southern Michigan this year.

Still Here!

I enjoyed the Fox in Atlanta so much! I have been sharing with my older students at school about The Isle of Hope song and story of Annie Moore. They are writing lots of oieces and illustrating the story. I was so very glad to meet Emmet and Ryan at M and G. The lads signed my guitar and I it is my most prized earthly possession besides my family!

Going on the cruise but want to take in another concerrt before that!
Thanks for all that you do to help the fans get to know the the guys and that great band that makes Ct what it is!

Artists page

Hi, I was just wondering about the artists page; it seems it hasn't been updated since Davey Bakey joined.. which is all right, I understand he's fairly new, but I was wondering if and when his page would be done? I got to see him at the sound check party in September and thought he was a really great guitarist! If you have a spare second or two, could you please write me a short answer?


#1 thunderhead

RE: Sandy

I am glad to see you back on line. I have missed reading the blogs. When I was initially having trouble getting your website, I assumed it was because of Sandy. We did not get hit bad in the area of Maryland that I live in, but I know how bad everyone else was hit. How did Sandy affect any of the tour dates? Did you all have to cancel any venues due to the storm? Did the cast and crew have to stay in a hotel for a few days until the storm went through?

waiting for blogs

We're all out here, glad you're back on line and waiting for blogs or tweets each day from any of you. You are our connection when we can't be at the shows. It's always so good to hear from you all. Keep the blogs and tweets coming.

Twitter feeds?

Sharon, can the Twitter feeds be fixed? They don't update here on the home page- and haven't for about a month. Is that something the web hosts can do ir is it that something the guys have to individually re-link up somehow?

Hi Boardergirl, We've already

Hi Boardergirl,

We've already brought this to the attention of the folks that run this site. In the meantime, you are welcome to follow tweets on each of the guys' individual pages, or you can find copies of some of their posts in the forums.

Hope this helps.


Questions? Comments? Complaints? Suggestions? Ideas? Please do not hesitate to send me a PM or email message. I welcome all thoughts, positive or negative. Constructive critique is highly encouraged.

Moderator, Ryan Kelly, The Band, and


whoops, sorry! didn't realize. Thanks!

The Dreaded Fence II

Thank you, Hobbyt, for addressing the fence and photos. I had never been to the buses after a show before Baltimore, there was no fence and we were allowed to have our pictures taken with the lads. Shortly after that I started reading posts on fan pages that after Kansas City the lads had to stand behind a fence and were no longer allowed to have their pictures taken with a fan. Some fans were sad, some mad, and some just wondered why so I thought I'd ask you. Apparently this had not been the case in the years before. One fan posted that two girls had kissed Colm and another one grabbed Keith so some fans wondered if that was the reason for the fence. After the crowd in Atlanta, one can see a reason for crowd control as well as time constraints. Thank you again for your speedy reply.

2013 Tour

Please consider Tyler TX for next year's tour A small venue compared to the Verizon Theater, but friendly and dying to host CT! (The Cowan Center on the U Texas at Tyler campus)

Congratularions Sharon!!

I just have to say, I'm amazed at the lengths you go to in order to make sure everyone is happy! You work so tirelessly hard to make us fans happy... When a hurricane happens, we know it's nobody's fault if the website is down, and we understand if it takes a while to get it back up, but you still try to do it as quick as possible, and so I have to really thank you for doing a great job and getting it back on track this fast!

Hope everyone in NYC is okay... and Keith too! Cannot WAIT until DVD comes out, you had me hooked at the mention of that many bonus features!

Good work,

Magaly Smile

Welcome Back

So glad to see the site up and running again. Certainly missed it. Hope everyone affected by "Sandy" is doing much better. Can't wait for the new dvd and promotion. Please bring the lads back to Bethlehem, PA on the fall 2013 tour. Also, another stay in Atlantic City next summer would be nice too, if that works out. Hope Keith finally got somewhere to get his wrist looked at. Can't believe your tour will be over soon. My two concerts in June and Oct were the highlights of my year. Best to everyone.

Clearwater November 3rd

Thank you again for a wonderful experience for myself and my son. It was such a joy getting to meet you all and to know that my sister is being looked after. We truly enjoyed the show as well as each and everyone of your wonderful personalities. I must say that I know for sure, without a doubt that ALL GOD'S CREATURES GOT A PLACE IN THE CHOIR., however I am not allowed to sing it. My son listens to it over and over again. Every now and again he plays Desperado for his mom, since he knows now that it is my all time favorite song. Thank you again and please take care of my sis for a few more weeks. Tammy and Brendan

Glad you're back!

Glad to hear the website is back in action! Thanks for keeping us up to date with the new show, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see it. Can't wait for the new tour, my first show in Pittsburgh was nothing short of spectacular, and I'm sure my next one there will be the same. (hint, hint!)

The Dreaded Fence

I hope you read these remarks from time to time and might answer a question lots of fans have been asking. Why the fence and no photos with the lads? There is so much speculation and we'd like to know from the "horse's mouth" so to speak. Is it a time constraint or did some stupid fan try to do something to hurt our lads? 99% of us love the lads and would never harm them but there is always that 1% who just has to do something dumb. If you have the time and are able could you please address this for us. Thanks.

The Fence

I have to say how cute it was to watch the lads be counted at the fence. If you loose one, don't come looking in Tampa. Smile

We are fortunate

Actually, we are very fortunate that they appear at all.

After the sound check (with audience), the meet & greet(with photos)
and the two-hour show, this is an extra special favor from these artists.

As long as it lasts, in whatever form, enjoy it!

If you mean fences at venues

If you mean fences at venues that is what the venue does to separate the entrance for cast and crew from the entrance for patrons, it is a crowd control thing. There has always been a suggestion that pictures after the show with cast won't be available because they need to move on to the next tour stop. It has very little to do with what one fan has done or tried to do. MOST shows what tour behave the same way with a 'fence', you can't have the wrong people wandering in the wrong door. Smile

--Staci --
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Welcome back!

Dearest Sharon, It is so great to have you back - have suffered withdrawal symptoms. Have followed Twitter closely and whatever else I could find. LOL! Glad you enjoyed your time in London. Sounds as if you had a blast! Question: Little Rock was not listed on the Sound Check list nor did AETN advertise M&G. (Am thinking the SC was because AETN had total rights here and that M&G wasn't mentioned because it sold out very early.) Our tickets were bought in February and we got 3rd row center seats. Not complaining as those are great seats. The best tickets must have flown out the door.

Had asked Declan (your Declan) to try to come to Little Rock but that appears to be impossible due to the big storm back east. Was very glad that Paul and Domi were safe.

My girls and I are all excited because the guys will be here Thursday. Wish you could be - it's never been my great luck to meet you. We didn't get M&G this year because of prices. So sorry about Keith - I hadn't heard about his glass injury. Hope he heals rapidly.

Thanks so much for the blog. Hello to Declan and your heartbreaker Dudley. Luv & God bless.

CT hoodie

Welcome back Sharon!!....way before Sandy hit, I sent an email to Declan to ask if the CT zipup hoodie will be available at the merch stands at the shows and I haven't heard anything back. I will write him again if I don't hear anything from the blog. My original one from 2008 is sadly being worn to death, but I have to say it is the best hoodie I have every bought. Thanks!!!...Sharon Hames

proud member of the So Cal 7
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in troubled water, it keeps you afloat

Welcome Back

Thank you for letting us know your back on the air. It is good to know that you will be returning to Australia in 2014. It must be hard to be looking after 2 families, your own personal family and the lads of Celtic Thunder, it's amazing what the "kids" up to when the parents are away.
Thanks to all of the behind the scenes staff at Celtic Thunder for keeping us informed of the technical issues caused by sandy.
Good luck to you all, see you in Feb in Australia

2013 Fall Tour

PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE, come back to Kalamazoo or at least Grand Rapids!!!! It would be great to see the guys perform on my birthday, 7 Dec, a Saturday next year.
Hope Keith is better. Looking forward to the tour next fall.
Thanks for all you do to bring us such great shows!


So glad to have you and the site back, Sharon. You were missed!!! Sounds like you need a bigger plate!!! Your plate "runneth over" with all that you do. Never doubted you'd get everything back online in quick time!!!

The show in Melbourne was amazing!!!! It was the best show of them all. I don't know why, but the DRAMA WAS BACK with the BLACK TRENCH COATS, SMOKE, DRUMS, THE LADS IN SUITS AND THE WONDERFUL SONGS WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE!!! IT WAS DEFINITELY A WINNER!!! Could you PLEASE make a CD or two of these songs we all LOVE since they will be retired for a while? I know fans would grab them up!!!


I was so thankful to see and speak to Ryan. He looked and sounded so good you'd never realize all he has been through! Loved the way Seana "reeled him in" when he was singing "Every Breath You Take". Looked like she was turning the tables on him. Great Pairing!!!

Poor Keith was "hanging in there" but was obviously hurting but not bad enough to hinder his voice or keep him from straddling the fence around the buses to sign autographs. Wish I had that energy!!! TIME TO ORDER ANOTHER HUGE CASE OF "BUBBLE WRAP", SHARON!!!!!

Looking forward to the NEW SHOW and the CRUISE!!! KEEP THE DRAMA FLOWING!!!!!!! come we in come we in Phoenix Arizona didn't see the guys this time around...will they be coming here in 2013? Please..Please!

So glad you're back!!

Sharon, I'm so glad that the site is up and running again. I was hoping that you could re-route it through a third-party server until yours is repaired. I used to go to the Jersey shore a lot while growing up and I'm devastated by the destruction there; I don't want to take anything from what happened to them at all but glad to have you back in any case. I was at the evening performance in Clearwater, had the best seat in the house in my opinion, and I loved the show! The lads seemed so relaxed this time around and I enjoyed their little "talks" so much as it helped them bond to the audience. I learned something new about each of them too! However, and this I don't think was your fault but REH's problem, after the concert, the fans were kept behind a fence in the damp night air for a very long time, forced to stand on the grass and, when the lads came out, those of us who did what we were asked to do, were unable to get to them because the ones at the back were told to come down the road to the gate! Then, the lads were given about ten minutes to run down the fence line to quickly sign programs before they had to run back inside. We couldn't even get our photos taken with them! I am just glad that I had the great seat and have been to the ABC gig and George's gig or I would have been really, really upset at this! Poor Keith, with his hand in a brace couldn't even play his guitar; it must have killed him not to but he did sign my copy of his CD. In any case, Neil, Ryan and George assured us that they are coming back for their gigs and I sincerely hope that you'll be back too!
Trudy Miner
#1 Florida fan

Through the FENCE!!!


This was the first time I have gone back to the buses and it was wonderful in spite of the fence!!!

Looking forward to George and Ryan and Neil's gigs, hopefully, in the spring near Jacksonville???

Hope to see them all on the cruise.

Were Out Here

Good to see you back.It is always interesting to here what is going on.Looking forward to new DVD. Will always like the old ,and can listen any time ,but anxious to here new material.

Welcome Back

Hello Sharon and all the Celtic Thunder family!! I am so glad you are back on line. I have been checking several times a day. Am sorry for all of the devistation in the East. I am so excited about your new DVD and CD. Cam hardly wait until March. I love all the lads. My son calls me a groupie. I told him that was alright, I havent been a groupie since Elvis Presly first came into his own.
We saw the show in Cleveland and I am still excited about it. Wonderful Wonderful. The lads were so good to us after the show. Yes, my sister and I were two of the fans by the busses. Love all of you and I know how hard you and David work for us.
I have three boys, so I know how those accidents happen, but they are young and evidently loveing what they do.
Would love to meet you someday. It would be nice if you came on stage so we could actually see you.
thanks so much for makeing my day. Watch all of the DVD's all the time.
Fran from Ohio



Des Moines, IA

Thank-you SOOOOO much for bring Celtic Thunder back to Des Moines, IA. Went with a friend to DSM in Dec 08, we have been hooked since. Took my daughter, grandson(15) & granddaughter(12)Dec 11 in Minn. They went to Minn this fall with parents..."They were all amazing!" Even my son(42) was impressed !!

Please bring them back to DSM AGAIN & AGAIN !!

Proud to be even a wee bit Irish!! Casey & Kelley blood in my veins.
Every 2 years we have a Casey Reunion here in Ft Dodge, IA.

Wow, Sharon!

OMG, Sharon I was out of breath just after reading all you've been doing! I don't know how you manage it all. I said earlier it's a good thing you had boys so you know what they're like with their various injuries. My brother was/is the same way and so are his 2 boys. Always getting hurt. Although my s-i-l isn't much better come to think of it. Anyway, has there ever been a tour where someone didn't end up in the ER? I'm so excited for the DVDs and CDs coming out this Spring!! I went to the shows in Boston and Concord NH and they were awesome!! I loved how the lads interacted more with the audience! It's amazing to watch how much they've grown in the years since they 1st started out. Colm is a GREAT addition to the group. He seemed to fit in right away. Seeing Ryan on stage after his accident brought tears to my eyes. I never thought he'd be back for this tour. The power of prayer!! Thank you so much Sharon for all that you do for us! I hope you can take it easy over the holidays before going to OZ! Smile

Wow, Sharon!

OMG, Sharon I was out of breath just after reading all you've been doing! I don't know how you manage it all. I said earlier it's a good thing you had boys so you know what they're like with their various injuries. My brother was/is the same way and so are his 2 boys. Always getting hurt. Although my s-i-l isn't much better come to think of it. Anyway, has there ever been a tour where someone didn't end up in the ER? I'm so excited for the DVDs and CDs coming out this Spring!! I went to the shows in Boston and Concord NH and they were awesome!! I loved how the lads interacted more with the audience! It's amazing to watch how much they've grown in the years since they 1st started out. Colm is a GREAT addition to the group. He seemed to fit in right away. Seeing Ryan on stage after his accident brought tears to my eyes. I never thought he'd be back for this tour. The power of prayer!! Thank you so much Sharon for all that you do for us! I hope you can take it easy over the holidays before going to OZ! Smile

Wow, Sharon!

OMG, Sharon I was out of breath just after reading all you've been doing! I don't know how you manage it all. I said earlier it's a good thing you had boys so you know what they're like with their various injuries. My brother was/is the same way and so are his 2 boys. Always getting hurt. Although my s-i-l isn't much better come to think of it. Anyway, has there ever been a tour where someone didn't end up in the ER? I'm so excited for the DVDs and CDs coming out this Spring!! I went to the shows in Boston and Concord NH and they were awesome!! I loved how the lads interacted more with the audience! It's amazing to watch how much they've grown in the years since they 1st started out. Colm is a GREAT addition to the group. He seemed to fit in right away. Seeing Ryan on stage after his accident brought tears to my eyes. I never thought he'd be back for this tour. The power of prayer!! Thank you so much Sharon for all that you do for us! I hope you can take it easy over the holidays before going to OZ! Smile

Thank You!! and then some!!

So glad the web site is back and running. Major withdrawal on my part-don't like to tweet or do facebook so have been checking to see if the site is up and running on a daily basis (a few times a day to be exact). Missing the comments from the LADS they're still playing the same golf game. Who's winning and how many rounds are there in this game-it's going on forever. Maybe they are still stuck at the 19th hole? LOL

Will be there in Abbotsford and looking forward to the Sound Check. Thank you to those who have experienced this and let us know it is well worth the cost. Excited!! Don't have the option for am M&G so this really is the next BEST THING!!

To Friends I've chatted with on this site that are going to the show in Abbotsford, as it gets closer to the date I'll email you personally in the hopes that we can meet somewhere on the grounds (or near the CT bus)I'd love to put a face to who you are.
As always a CT Thunderhead and Your friend. Eydie

PS LadyDi Not a lot happening right now in my life but will be in touch with you again soon..


The show in Sarasota was brilliant. The group numbers were sensational. In addition, each of these six artists is unique and their individual performances lend CT its extra layer of authenticity. The personal introductions and the humour drew the audience right in. Also there must have been a sign backstage saying “You are in Sarasota”, because it was mentioned many times!

Declan was hilarious during the percussion solos, Nicole played beautifully throughout, Laura gave us a little highland fling and Seána’s harp was divine. I am about to order her album from your store.

Afterwards I passed around by the buses, parked not too far from my car. I did not approach the guys but I was very impressed with their attention and courtesy to the fans. They must have been exhausted, what with touring, meet and greets and public sound checks, but they were very gracious. One enthusiastic girl even crushed Keith’s damaged arm in order to get close to him – and he was so nice to her anyway!

Finally, I was happy to support the Leprosy Mission (online), in gratitude to Celtic Thunder for always thinking of those less fortunate.


i'm a new thunderhead, so may ask same questions of other people. hope you schedule melbourne, fl in your new tour. in selecting "themes" for shows, would you have more traditional irish songs? i really like seven drunken nights, o molly o and pa railroad. while i like their rendition of songs i grew up with, i would like to hear more irish songs. hope paul & damien are doing well, but would you ever ask them back for guest spots? is it open for them to tour again? i do like emmett and colm, but like the original group too. it would be too big if they all were in it, but maybe they can switch out. as much as i would LOVE to go on that cruise, it's out of my price range.
thanks for answering questions. look at your website everyday. hope this passes and i can get on with my life. my husband doesn't seem to mind, as he likes the music too, but sure he doesn't think about the guys that much. wish keith a speedy recovery. bet he's pretty much back to normal by now.

Hooray, The Website Is Back!

Sharon, so glad the CT site is back up! Like others, I was suffering withdrawal symptoms...but then again, so many people lost their homes and possessions in Hurricane Sandy that this was just a minor inconvenience in comparison. Won't make it to the Dallas show tomorrow night(sniff...But I'LL BE OK, as Ryan sings) but I am looking forward to the new CD/DVD coming out in March 2013! So sorry about Keith's injury--didn't know an artery was involved. Bet Colm was jealous that you got to see Gary Barlow! Thanks again for all you do for the fans! DK

Ryan Kelly's In Time

I'm so heartbroken to say that I've lost everything in Hurricane Sandy. House, cars and all. Doubly so because I had an album signed by Ryan and it floated along with all my other cd's and dvds. Is there any other way I can get one? I am staying with a friend out of my own state; since we don't have an address anymore. Any chance I can actually write to Ryan and he will get it. I could use anything to boost my moral!!!!1 Thank you for listening. Thankful that I saw the guys in Westbury, ny AND the Beacon, in Manhattan. We might have to make a home in Maryland. Hopefully I will be able to keep enjoying personal meet and greets and shows. Longtime fan, Arlene Klein

Welcome back!

Thanks for catching us up. I was at the show at the Fox in Atlanta last Sunday and it was nothing short of amazing. Celtic Thunder may be the only artists in the world that sound even better live than they do on CD. We went to sound check and had a great time. I definitely want to do it again. I enjoyed David Munro's chat after the guys left. I thought Davey did a great job filling in for Keith on guitar...he's very talented. I think all of us fans were very glad to see Ryan looking so well and sounding as great as ever. Getting to see all the guys after the show was so much fun.....thanks for giving us such wonderful access to these guys we love so much.

Hope the rest of the tour goes well.....and is accident-free! I'm already looking forward to next year, and to the cruise!

Thanks again,
Gail Allen

Welcome Back!

As usual, when you're "gone" we all suffer from withdrawal! Had heard remarks on the injury but not that an artery was involved. Had one myself, so I know it can be really messy! Hope he's A-ok now. Thanks again - I know you're probably meeting yourself coming and going these days!

I missed you

It's great that you're back. I was going through with drawl. I went to my very first concert in Melbourne Fl, and I still can't believe it was a week ago. I had so much fun and I loved the fact that the Lads talked about the songs they sang. I'm sorry I'm babbling like an idiot.
Thanks for coming back, and one more thing: CELTIC THUNDER ROCKS.

So glad you're back

Hi Sharon,
You bet we're still out here. Missed you so much. Thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by 'Sandy'. My berother is back East now helping repair the damage. Just received my tickets for Abbotsford, 2nd row. I am so excited. Also have tickets for Soundcheck so will be a double treat for me. Continue to take care and also for the guys who seem determined to injure themselves. Kids huh!!
Hope to meet you someday - you do a marvelous job.

Glad you are back

Attended the concert in Melbourne, FL...have attended each year...cannot believe it has been 5 years...I just wish to say that I loved each member coming out and telling us a little about the song they were going to sing...what personalities came forth doing this....hoping to see Ryan and Neil in their acoustic tour in FL...Thanks for everything you do....

Me too

I went to their Melbourne Fl. concert as well. I sat up in the nose bleed seats. I had a lot of fun.

Back on line

I'm so glad to have you back on line. I feel very sad about the destruction back east. My family is back there and they all lost their power and many trees but still have their homes, etc. You've got a fine crew to work through all that and get you back in touch with us all.

I only have one suggestion. The guys are still going golfing (according to their tweets on the home page)and it's been quite a few weeks. That wasn't working before the site went down in the storm. Hope it's back up to date soon. I love to read what they're doing.

Take care all of you and stop the guys from drinking so much; especially when they end up hurt. I know that being Irish it comes with the territory but I hate to hear about all the hangovers and hurts.

Sound Check

Hi Sharon,
Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know we attended the Sound Check in St. Louis and had a wonderful experience. Thank you for providing this fun package for the fans. It was interesting and great to see the Guys working out the "kinks" before the actual show an David Munro took time to explain all that was going on to us after the Guys left the stage and I enjoyed it alot and will do it again. Love the new Merchandise and since I have attended a few shows this tour it is great that the songs are being changed and it is always a new show. Good Job Celtic Thunder and Thanks to you Sharon and David.


Hi Sharon,
So nice to have the site back as I was missing it. I got to go to 2 shows, Milwaukee and Chicago, and they just left me wanting more! It was great to hear our favorites again. These 6 lads are some of the most gracious people I have ever met. Did the soundcheck in Milwaukee, and that was really neat. Nice to see them in their every day clothes. Managed to get some great pictures of that. Eagerly looking forward to the next cd/dvd. Sounds like it will be fantastic. Thank you for all the work that you do! Now you have me thinking about that purse hook. Sounds like a good idea.

Cygnusgal (Joyce)


Thanks so much, Sharon, for your wonderful, informative blog. It really means a lot, and it's so good to have you back.

I attended the Clearwater matinee and loved every minute! Your CT family is just amazing! Not only do they make great music, they know how to keep the show exciting and fresh even though they've done it many times over! Incredible!

I can hardly wait for the new DVD and the extras!!!! I plan to also load it on my Kindle when it's available!

So thankful Keith is recovering and that you were there for him. Not a time to be alone. I pray for all of you.

May God continue to guide you and keep all of you in His care.


Missed You!

Welcome back--missed you. I am continuing to keep everyone affected by the storm in my prayers.


Yes we're still here. Was beginning to get withdrawls and so glad to hear all that has been going on. Saw Keith's video about his arm and glad he is ok. Have missed hearing from you Sharon. Thanks for all you do and looking forward to the Sound check, concert and Poor Davids in Dallas. Good luck with the rest of the tour. Shari