Our web guys tell me if you use this, you can get Celtic Thunder on your mobile phones.


Having a great time on tour, it's great to be back out on the road. The jetlag is gone now for most of us so there are less half asleep zombies walking about at different times of the day and night..

Lots of people interested in seeing the sound checks, good feedback so far. http://www.celticthunder.ie/soundcheck



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I just have a quick question. I am going to see the show in the city but I noticed there is no sound checks for that day, so I was hoping to purchase tickets to the poughkeepsie sound check. Do you need to have tickets for the show at night in order to get the sound check passes?

Having a great time on tour,

Having a great time on tour, it's great to be back out on the road. The jetlag is gone now for most of us so there are less half asleep zombies walking click here about at different times of the day and night..

SoundCheck Confirmation

Hi Sharon, thanks for answering my questions about the soundcheck. It is so great to know that I was able to get tickets for Boston before they sold out. Super excited for the 22nd to get here. It is going to be a fantastic night. Take care. Also hoping to get my cd signed by Keith that night. Met the guys last year in Concord after the show but was too shy to say much. Love you all.God Bless.

First Job Video!

Hi Sharon! Your timing is impeccable...I posted a question for Colm (when he had his q & a ~ a few days ago) what jobs he had before joining Celtic Thunder. It was a great question for all of them. Every day we learn something new & exciting about these lads! Thanks for sharing this with us. I am still praying for healthy, safe travels. I certainly hope your injury list is not getting longer. God Bless You! LOL You have your hands full...best wishes and thanks again for the video.

Sarah Quinter has made us an

Sarah Quinter has made us an amazing new poster for the 10th Anniversary. We'll post post the B&W and full color versions here for download as they become available. Telephone Phone Interview

Sound Check Party

I received a paypal receipt for the Boston sound check. Does this mean my tickets are confirmed. That is all I received. Do I bring that receipt to pick up the tickets? Really hope that I actually got them & it is not sold out. Really looking forward to this year's show. Heard nothing but great things about it. You do a fantastic job, Sharon. Here's hoping the guys stay safe & healthy. God Bless you all.



Yes you just bring along your receipt from paypal on the day. Get there just before 4pm and Stephen Mc Cabe on the Merch stand will look after you and give you a little information about some of the technical aspects of the show to give you a better understanding about how it works.



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Sound check tickets

I just have a question, Sharon, I and my friend have each purchased sound check tickets, very happy to do so, price (?) not a problem. I am a confused, there was not a question or an option in the purchase screen, as to city time or date? So I have now purchased what I believe to be two tickets to the Nokia theatre dec. 5th sound check party at 1630. My receipt does not reflect any date or time , so how are we to know that we will be getting what we as consumers purchased and paid for? I even went back to see if I did not read this correctly , I just assumed that I am from caliornia the LA area that naturally I assumed you would put 2 & 2 together and voila LA dec 5 th
Nokia theatre. Of course.
Please could we get a bit of clarification or better yet how do we contact the Kitchener party grp? Would be glad to do footwork just tell me where to start!
Can't wait for the concert .

City on Paypal Receipts


Each city has it's own button to buy passes for. A couple of people have made mistakes and chosen the wrong city.

Where that happens, just forward the email receipt from paypal to askaine@celticthunder.ie and we will sort it out this end for you so you are on the right list.



My email receipt from Paypal

My email receipt from Paypal confirms the city, LA, and the price paid. So I'm going to assume that it's for Dec 5, and starts at 4:30 p.m. That, plus having my name and city location in my original email response should be enough. I'll print both emails and take them with me to be sure though.

If you emailed

If you emailed askaine@celticthunder.ie with the information below then you should be on the list, along with made the payment.
1. the names of the people you want to attend,
2. the names and ages if there are small children (12 or under),
3. the venue & city you are interested in and
4. the date if there is more than one show in that city.

--Staci --
"You can always tell where the lamplighter went by the trail he/she left behind." Unknown
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re the back stage setup junk..

Oh I knew this person would comment...must have nothing else in life to do...amazing it is...spend ur money..go ahead....it's stupid! and Yes I have my opinion and that's it..whether u like it or not..I was not addressing you cantget whatever....God..everytime I come on this site to check the new emails from Sharon..there's the same old people...phewwwwwwwwwwww oh well..don't think I will be bothering to blog on here anymore as it sure isn't worth it when other people criticize....

I can tell Sharon what I think..don't need to hear u lady. and I won't be reading anymore as I am deleted my blog...dont' care...sick of all this stuff. CT isn't the only group in the world that makes wonderful music..but then I guess some people are narrowminded too...but that's what makes the world go round..
off here forever I am..sick of all comments...not even writing to people; was answering Sharon...
why???????????? don't even know..happened to have a day from work..wow..yeah work.....actually some people have other things to do than get on a computer every hour of the day.................gooooooooooooooodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ridiculous or not,

my sister and I are up for it. Hope enuf people are interested so it's a 'go' in the city I'm attending. It's a different side of the guys that we'll get to see and I'm sure a one-time opportunity for sis and me. Thanks for making these different events available to us. Each one can then decide what they can do and want to do.


Now it's $75.00 for this..and $75.00 for the meet stuff...too much money.....not good..but I'm sure there will be people interested..
Kinda high don't ya think???
geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez they are not Heroes of the world..just singers..sure we enjoy the music..but this is ridiculous!

sound check passes

How long do we need to wait to find out if we have them? Emailed & prepaid for 2 shows but no idea if the passes have a sufficient number to do them or if oversubscribed.