News on Ryan - June 17, 2012


A little over a week ago Ryan Kelly suffered a serious accident requiring hospitalisation. There was no news of this posted until now as there was no news to give.
Thankfully Ryan has now started on the road to recovery for which we are all very grateful.

Unfortunately Ryan won't be able to perform this summer at our upcoming Atlantic City shows, but we are all looking forward to Ryan being back with us before too long.

Ryan is receiving the best of care and attention in the hospital. His family have requested that, in this difficult time, we respect their privacy, and news on Ryan will only be posted here.

Regretfully, flowers, gifts, cards etc are not allowed at the hospital but we know that, like ourselves, your prayers, thoughts and best wishes are with Ryan and his family for the speediest of recoveries.

Get well soon Ryan.



Ryan's recovery

I think of Ryan every day and I'm hoping and praying he will have a full recovery and able to go home soon. God bless you Ryan and your family.

Ryan went home on July 11

can't believe ryan was home only a week and was heading for Dublin to the recording studio that on 7/20

Love to Ryan

Love and prayers to Ryan as he recovers. You're so strong and wonderful Ryan, it won't take much longer. Celtic Thunder isn't the same without you! Please know that we're all praying for your speedy recovery. XX Kelli

I'm keeping Ryan and his

I'm keeping Ryan and his family in my prayers!! Godspeed in your recovery!
My family enjoyed , and continues to enjoy, Voyage and Voyage II DVDS, as well as all of the other dvds. We love all the guys!! Daniel is so cute.
Try to stay cool during the Summer Shows. They're getting Texas heat on the east coast.
Take care!!!!

Love and Prayers to Ryan and his family

My love and prayers are going out to Ryan and his family. Accidents can take a lot out of the person hurt and the family who is supporting them in the recovery process. I hope that Ryan continues to get better and does it successfully. Will miss him in Atlantic City and pray that he will be well enough for the fall tour, the cruise and all the activities CT has coming up.,



God Bless Ryan

I said a special prayer today at church for Ryan. I pray God keeps his healing hands on Ryan and help him heal quickly. God Bless you Ryan and your family.

Love in Christ

Ryan Kelly

Please send Ryan all our best from my husband(Vince) and I. Ryan is in our thoughts and prayers, and we wish him a full and speedy recovery.

ryan kelly

I want to wish Ryan a speedy recovery and i am sending my prayers to him and his family.
Get well soon Ryan.

with love from
Mandy Thomas


I am glad to hear that Ryan is doing well. I was doing some research about head injuries and it seems that the ct fans could do something to help people in our area. Maybe people could donate to charities that help people with these types of injuries or volunteer to help in their communities. It seems like we could really support Ryan by helping people in our own communities that need help. Ryan seems to have more than enough help where he is but there may be people who need help where the CT family live throughout the world. How awesome would it be if we, as a community, helped people in honor of Ryan Kelly while he is recovering from this injury. ***only donate to charities after research and a check with the Better Business Bureau****


Every large family seems to have the one child who is prone to disaster--the one who trips on the sidewalk and gets a bump on the head, crashes his bike, falls out of a tree, etc. In the Celtic Thunder family maybe Ryan is that one child. I think it is time the fates smiled on him for a change. Enough already! My thoughts and best wishes are with Ryan and his family (both his birth family and his Celtic Thunder family).


Ryan, I am so sad that your are not well. I send you my prayers for a quick and complete recovery. I also send your family my prayers that they will find solice and hope in their faith.

Be well soon

Dear Ryan, We'll surely miss you at AC. I hope the angels are on your shoulder and helping you to a full recovery. We all love you. Barbara

I actually saw that Ryan was

I actually saw that Ryan was in the hospital the same day I was admitted for my own medical issues. Tell Ryan to keep a positive attitude and that we hope he recovers soon! I was not stuck in the hospital for as long as Ryan, but I know that cabin fever can kick in pretty quickly! My prayers are with him and hopefully he will be back home and with Celtic Thunder again in no time!
:)God Bless.

Ryan Kelly

Please keep everyone updated on how Ryan is doing. All of his fans are very concerned and anxious to know how he is progressing. We are checking for updates on your blog often. Our prayers are with him for a rapid recovery.

HUGE prayers being sent up for Ryan

Thank You Sharon for keeping us posted....... I googled his accident,,, and an "ask" site said this accident was quite serious! My tummy is sick with concern. Ryan is a man of goodness and so many truly love him. This is what it said, is it true? *****************************************************

The news being 'just discovered' by me today, I'm in shock and in fear.


Get well

Thank you Sharon for updating us on Ryan. I was worried as I am sure we all were. I am glad to see that Ryan is starting to recover and I hope that he gets well soon. I will hope that you will send on our prayers and wishes. Thanks again Sharon for all that you do!

Ryan's recovery

Thank you Sharon for your news on Ryan. It was most welcome. My thoughts and prayers are for Ryan to continue on that road to recovery and to be completely well and able to do what he loves so much - entertain us. May God be with him and his family throughout this difficult journey. I firmly believe that he will come out of this stronger and better than ever and that God has a special plan for him. Get well soon Ryan, keep smiling whenever you can, and may God bless and keep you in the palm of His Hand.


Thank you for sharing the news about Ryan and keeping us informed of his condition and status. Now I want to sound off. First of all to all of you who whined about being kept in the dark about Ryan, how could you. If you are the man's fans as you all claim then for God sake you should of realized that something had happened, and if his family asked to respect his and their privicy then you should of. I read the post on Facebook and here and was thoroghly disgusted by them, you would of thought the end of the world happened. The man had an accident. I could not beleive some of the stuff written and posted.
If you all were fans then you should of been grown up enough to realize that something had happened, and started praying not whining. I pray for Ryan's recovery and know within my heart he will be back better than ever. At the same time I would also like to welcome the new guy Colm Keegan, who can sing and is eay on the eyes at the same time. I saw him with Celtic Women and he was good enough for them he is more than good enough for Celtic Thunder. So fans give the man a chance, he is not replacing Ryan he is a new additon to the group, just as Emmit was and Neil was though Neil was already with them he is now singing more and I am happy for him.I have said enough have an awesome day and good luck to Ryan.


Ireland, Ireland, together standing tall, shoulder to shoulder, we'll answer Ireland's Call



So sorry to hear about Ryan. I will keep him in my prayers and pray for a speedy, complete recovery. At this time may his family draw on the knowledge that God is always with them. Get well soon, buddy Smile xo

Encouragement for Ryan

Sharon, I'm very sad to hear about Ryan and pray for a speedy recovery. Thank you for keeping the fans informed the best you can. Welcome to Colm, he sounds perfect and wishing all of you the best in Atlantic City. Take good care of yourself Sharon. Everything will work out, know it's not easy to keep things running smoothly 100% of the time but you sure do a fantastic Job!

Hello to Ryan, may God be with you, comfort you, heal you and keep you safe. Stay strong and keep your faith! Blessings to you, your family and loved ones. Love to you.


Hi Sharon. So very sorry to hear about Ryan. He has been thru sooo much. Please let him know that he is thought of and wished the best. That he heals quickly so he can get back to what he loves to do. And what we his fans love to see (the twinkle in his eye when he sings) and to hear the gift of his voice. Also please tell him congratulations on his well deserved award. He is the best. I/we know how much you care about all your guys and it most be hard on you. Sharon, I'm thanking you for bringing us this amazing group of yours. They are all great. Love to watch them all on PBS.

Get Well Soon, Ryan!

Dear, dear Ryan,
News of your recent accident left me feeling profoundly sad. Sharon's blog message about your progress while hospitalized was so welcome for in it she indicated that you were getting better. Please know that you are in my thoughts and in my heart. Exquisitely sensitive you and your music touch us all, deeply. The world is a better place, because you're in it, dear man. Look after yourself! Sent with love and all good wishes... Looking forward anxiously to the next update.

Caitlin Catherine

Get Well!

Hey Sharon,
My prayers and thoughts will be with Ryan and his family.

Thank you

Thank you very much for updating us on Ryan, Sharon. It's good to hear that he is recovering now, and in good hands. My heart & thoughts go out to Ryan and his entire family and friends, he hasn't had an easy year (or so), but I have no doubts that things will get better. I look forward to seeing him (I hope) & the rest of Celtic Thunder in Hamilton in September!


Mariko Smile

Ryan's recovery


I really appreciate the update on Ryan. I will continue to keep him and his family in my prayers and I hope he has a very speedy and healthy recovery.


A quick glance at any Facebook page will tell you how dear he is to us. Page after page of prayers, well-wishes, candles lit in his honor. He's a special guy and we want him to take his time, heal, an come back to us. Celtic Kate xxx

Ryan's recovery

Wish Ryan a speedy recovery. As has been the case since the beginning prayers and well wishes to Ryan, his family and friends. Wink


I am so sorry to hear of Ryans accident. I pray he makes a full recovery. I will be seeing Celtic Thunder for the first time the day before my birthday, October 17th at the Cleveland Palace Theater and am very excited. I will keep both him and his family in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you Ryan!

Love in Christ

Ryan's recovery

Thank you for letting us know about Ryan's accident. Please extend my wishes for a speedy recovery to him. I will be seeing Celtic Thunder for the first time in October and hope he is back on stage smiling and doing what he does best, entertaining.


Dear Ryan and Sharon,

It was only when reading similar posts from others that I came to realize how horrible my previous posts were, why I'm deleting them.

Ryan, you know my problem with impetuous posting, all I can do is ask for your forgiveness yet again. I pray for your daily, and have allso contacted several singers in the Gospel music field, and they have assured me that they will as well.

If there's anyone who can overcome adversity, it's you.

Your Friend,

Jenni from Silver Spring

A huge thank you

Thank you for giving us an insight into what has been happening with Celtic Thunder and especially with Ryan in what must be a deeply distressing time for all concerned.

My heartfelt thoughts go out to Ryan for a full recovery sooner rather than later. My thoughts and prayers must go out to Ryan's family, and the Celtic Thunder family.

Here's hoping we see Ryan back on stage as soon as possible doing what he does best, ENTERTAINING along with the rest of Celtic Thunder.

And a huge welcome to the newest member of Celtic Thunder, I am sure he will be a perfect fit.

Get Well Soon, Ryan

Thanks for sharing the news regarding Ryan with his CT fans & friends. Please extend my sincerest wishes for a speedy recovery. Tell him to keep his spirits up and remain positive...he has such a wonderful personality, I know laughter and smiles will be part of his therapy. Until then, he will be in my thoughts & prayers. Smile


Thank you Sharon, for the news on Ryan, we in Australia wish him and his family all the best and we hope he will be feeling well again very soon, he and his family and friends are in our prayers,cheers Betty


Hi Sharon,
OMG! I am so very sorry to hear about Ryan. Thank you for the update. My thoughts and prayers are with him. Hope he is feeling better real soon. Please give him my best and love. I've been a C.T. fan from the beginning. Thank you for "creating" such a fantastic group of very talented young men.
Best wishes to Colm as well. Take care.

From Illinois

Thank you..

Sharon thank you for posting the update on Ryan, I have been given give up my breakfast everyday sence June 3rd to ask God to heal Ryan & to Bless his family. I will continue to do this until Ryan is completly heald. I have had a prayer chain started sence June 3rd at my church they will continue until Ryan is heald and for his family. God Bless you Sharon & your family your always in my prayers & thoughts it has been a lot of years and many more to come!!

God Bless you Ryan & your family, may you know we all are praying for you & your recovery.

Hugs & Loves,
Christine Blankert (Irish last name of my father Taylor) & Anna,James, my mom Ann <3

This was made by Hot House Rose for me with deepest thank you from greeneyes,Also she made the Icon for me...***Thank you sweetie****

Thank you


Thank you for the news on Ryan.



Hope you get well soon Ryan. You are in my family's prayers.

Prayers and Best Wishes for Ryan

I would like to add my best wishes to Ryan for a speedy and full recovery. And I will also be praying for him and his family. I do hope that this situation is, indeed, due to a very unfortunate accident and is not related in any way to the awful circumstances that he was facing earlier this year. My guess is that if he has had a serious head injury, then there will be a long period of recuperation and recovery. And that would explain why no early word, because with such injuries, one cannot tell what is likely until some time has passed. Having had experience with a family member with such an injury, I know that time is not something that one measures in days or even weeks. I was privileged to see Ryan and Neil at two of the ABCL events, in the early spring and then just recently. He was so happy with the way that things were emerging for him, with the wonderful promise of the Irish Music Association Award, the response to In Time, and the new opportunities that seemed to be opening in the events with Neil (which were just terrific, by the way). Like so many CT fans, I have always thought that Ryan was extra special. His wit and charm and grace are evident in his blogs and tweets, and even more so when there has been an opportunity to talk with him in person. I hope that his injuries are less than many of us have feared and that he will soon be back to his smiling and singing self.


Emmet posted a pick of Neil at rehearsals on twitter

Get Well Ryan!

Hope the road to recovery is relatively short and has very few bumps along the way! Thanks for a bit of good news! Sending warm thoughts and prayers to all of the CT family, as well as to the Kelly family.

Get well Ryan!

Sharon, I'm glad you were able to share this with us. I appreciate how difficult these two weeks must have been for you and everyone in CT - balancing the wishes of Ryan's family with the need of fans to know how he's doing.

I understand the need of fans to know what happened and how Ryan is doing -- I'm one of them; I've cried, and I've wondered and worried over Ryan every day. But I feel strongly that when people are at their most vulnerable physically or emotionally it is essential that they hang on to the ability to share their experience their way in their time with the people of their choosing. I don't want Ryan and his family to lose that, not when so much else has been out of their control. I'm just a fan, there is no reason for me to know more than I know now about the situation. All I want is for Ryan to get well. And if he chooses, to announce his return to us with one of his wisecracking tweets (maybe "Another rainy day in the Moy. So what's new with you, folks?"). (You know you're a Ryan Kelly fan . . . when the sweetest words in the English language are "(1) New Tweet.")

Ryan doing Better

Thank you Sharon, I've been trying to find out if he would be okay. God bless him, Celtic Thunder friends and his family!

thanks for letting us know

Thanks a lot Sharon...

I know it must be a very difficult time for u and for the rest of the CT lads when one of them is not well...and esp when its our dear Ryan... Our prayers are with him and his family and would love to hear that he's doing fine... still praying for his speedy and complete recovery... Whisper words of faith to him... for God alone is able to heal!

All the very best for the upcoming shows and wishing u great success on all of them.. Please also let us know that Neil is ok too as he hasn't been around since Ryan got sick.. Hope he doing good as well.. we hear from George Keith Emmet and Daniel quite often. Its only Ryan and Neil we haven't heard from yet..

Praying for the entire CT family to be able to perform well inspite of all these hard times..

God bless!!
Lots of love to all the CT guys and the team!! We love u!! Smile


Thank you, Sharon, for the information about Ryan. I can understand the Kelly Family's need for privacy. I lost a son in an accident and I know what they are going through. Although I will miss Ryan in Atlantic City, he is my favorite, I wish him only the best and a speedy recovery.

Ryan's Recovery

Thank you for the update Sharon. I will continue to pray for Ryan's recovery as well as his family and care givers. I'm sure we all wish him a speedy recovery and will look forward to a time when he can be back performing alongside his friends and for his fans.

Ryan's recovery

So very glad Ryan is getting better. It was a tough couple of weeks for his fans - but must have been incredibly difficult for his family & CT extended family. Thank you Sharon for sharing. Looking forward to continuing good news as Ryan continues improving. Fingers crossed that he's able to make the fall tour, especially Wallingford, CT. Love and best wishes to all the "boys" and the entire CT family.


Ryan and his family are certainly entitled to their privacy at any time but more so now. We appreciate your update and will continue to pray for Ryan's recovery.
Get well Ryan you are in our prayers.


Remember Ryan that the God on the Mountain is still God in valley. He is with you always and will continue to be your strength during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers for you daily are for strength, determination and the knowledge to know you are loved by so many. May God continue to bless you and your family and friends.

Ryan's Status

Thank-You very much Sharon, for taking time from the up comming tour!to give us an up date on Ryan!he will be back soon. god bless you