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Voyage Tour Setlist (Pre-Thanksgiving)

Act I

Heritage (1st Act) is as follows:
Deus Meus & Dulamon (after 10/1/11 these songs were combined)~ Tutti -
Maid of Culmore ~ Tutti
To Where you are ~ Daniel
Jog/Reel - Instrumental
The Dutchman ~ Keith
Black is the Color ~ Ryan
Galway Girl ~ Tutti (moved to the end after 10/1/11)
Past the Point of Rescue ~ Neil
Isle of Hope/Isle of Tears ~ Emmett
All Day Long ~ Keith
Clancy Brothers Medley ~ Daniel/Keith/Neil/Emmett
Noreen ~ Neil
Red Rose Cafe ~ George
Kindred Spirits ~ Emmett (taken out around 10/1/11)
Dulaman(Galway Girl after 10/1/11) ~ Tutti[/b]

Act II

Song for Mira ~ Tutti
Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Daniel
Moondance or Desperado (Desperado began after 10/1/11) ~ Ryan
September Sessions ~ Keith (taken out after after 10/1/11)
Cat's in the Cradle ~ George
Music to Watch Girls By or My Irish Molly~ Emmett
She's Always a Woman ~ Neil
Danny Boy (they sing different verses from the usual ones, which was a pleasant surprise) ~ Tutti
Whiskey in the Jar ~ Keith/Neil
You've got a Friend in Me ~ Keith/Daniel
Girls, Girls, Girls ~ Keith/Ryan/Emmett/Neil (Taken out around 10/1/11)
Friends in Low Places ~ Ryan
Seven Drunken Nights ~ Keith, Ryan, Emmet, Neil and George (added 10/7/11)
All out of Love ~ Keith
500 Miles ~ George
This is the Moment ~ Emmett
A Place in the Choir ~ Tutti
Dream-Teller/Fantasy ~ Instrumental
Ireland's Call ~ Tutti

Christmas Tour Setlist

Act I

Walking in the Air - Daniel
It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas - Neil
Last Christmas - Keith
Ave Maria - Emmet
O Holy Night - George
Baby It's Cold Outside - Ryan
To Where You Are - Daniel
Silent Night (in Gaelic) - All
When You Wish Upon A Star - Neil
Amazing Grace - All
Let It Snow - Emmet
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - George
Hallelujah - Neil/Keith/Emmet
You've Got a Friend - Daniel/Keith
All I want For Christmas Is You - Keith
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year/We Wish You a Merry Christmas - All

Act II

Deus Meus/Dulamon - All
Maid of Culmore - All
The Dutchman - Keith
Black is the Colour - Ryan
7 Drunken Nights - Neil/Ryan/George/Keith/Emmet
Scorn Not His Simplicity - George
Isle of Hope/Isle of Tears - Neil
A Place in the Choir - All
Noreen - Neil
Clancy Brothers Medley - All
Red Rose Cafe - George
Whiskey in a Jar - Keith/Neil
This is the Moment - Emmet
Ireland's Call - All
Ireland's Call Playoff - Band

Not sure where these go in the order
Ride On - Ryan
Kindred Spirits - Emmet
My Irish Molly - Emmet

CT SHOW at the Beacon in New York WAS TERRIFIC!

The Celtic Thunder show at the Beacon Theatre was marvelous; the best live show I’ve seen in a very long time. I enjoyed the fact that albeit a concert, it had elements of a Broadway show – seeing it at such a beautiful and congenial venue as the Beacon certainly augmented that effect. The only negative part for me is that it seemed too short as there are so many other songs and instrumentals I wish I could have heard them do. I wanted it to go on and on…

The concert was absolutely terrific! What amazing talents! Such a lovely set as well and nice lighting and special effects. I thought there was a good mix of Celtic folk songs and covers of popular songs, although George, Ryan, Neil and Keith are such talented songwriters that it would be great to hear each one cover their own work as well. (Some solo concerts perhaps?) The group numbers were beautiful; what harmonies! And I found the solo numbers perfectly geared to the personal style of each vocalist – all very appealing. Some numbers brought the house down; so enjoyed everyone clapping and singing along. I liked watching the CT musicians as well as the singers, and very much enjoyed the instrumental pieces they did – what a rich sound from such a small grouping of musicians.

After seeing the concert, I certainly do NOT agree with the negative comments that I've seen posted about it. For those who have not yet seen the new show, I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Give it a chance; don’t compare it to any other show as it is special in its uniqueness. Sit back, sing along and enjoy!

“STORM” hasn’t yet been broadcast on PBS in my area so I purchased the DVD at the concert. Watched it today and it’s excellent. That one would be perfect for Broadway. I can’t wait to see the taped version of the current show.

All in all, a great outing. A big THANK YOU to all involved for a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours. Thank you Sharon Browne for bringing together such a talented and interesting group of individuals and creating such a wonderful mix for the concerts. Kudos to you all!

New York Show(s)

Hold onto your seats! The Fall Show is incredible! I was breathless after watching the matinee...they did not disappoint. Ryan was so welcome to be back...I was happy to hear him sing Desperado because I love that song, one of my Ryan favorites. Loved the Galway Girl, Friends in Low Places, George's number Cats in the Cradle was fantastic, and Red Rose Cafe - I just love that song and we all sang along. Daniel was great and a delightful surprise. The kid has a terrific voice, and is so cute on stage you just want to run up and keep hugging him, he and Keith do the cutest number You've Got a Friend in Me, I loved Danny Boy by "tutti" and was glad to hear the second verse reminds me of a darling love I lost when I was 19. Keith was - how can I say this - amazing!! He showed his incredible talents by a versatile number of songs...his piano playing and composition he sang September Sessions was really pretty, his rock and roll styling was so rousing and really shows off his talent and guitar playing, his voice is getting even better and his I'm All out of Love was simply! He would have gotten a standing "O" if he hadn't left the stage too soon...we gave Emmet a standing "O" for This is the Moment - OMG what a was powerful and beautiful, also his Kindred Spirits...he is a great talent too and fits right in like he's always been there. Neil is also a versatile and really talented guy...I've always had the utmost respect for him, but his voice is also much better....he sang Noreen, but also She's Always a Woman which was really terrific...Emmet showed of his showmanship in Music to Watch Girls By...very cute and very good. Keith and Neil did one of my favorites Whiskey in the Jar and Keith was hilarious when he missed his line Me, I like Sleeping...all of a sudden he woke up and the whole place cracked up and so did he...he laughed...and they picked it right up running across the stage singing their socks off....I love that number. Daniel is really cute and talented and Keith's play with him is also cute, kind of like big brother playfully batting around a younger brother...but they seem to adore each cute. Loved it. These guys are all so handsome and they play with the audience so well....the interaction is great...of course we all stood for 500 Miles with George - he urged us all to scream so we did - LOL, and of course Ireland's those kilts. Love Keith doing his high-kick at the end. They say the sign of a good show is always leaving the audience wanting more....well, that's Celtic Thunder. Never a disappointment...even the ship backdrop on stage was really nice...the band was spot on wonderful...I love the harp, the talented girl Seana who plays the harp is also a terrific dancer....Just love Nicole...she was also so wonderful with the violin/fiddling. Every number she does is great...including black is the color. Declan is a crowd favorite, including me...he was hilarious in the matinee when I saw a drumstick flying out of his hand...and he laughed - most people missed it, but he picked up another was a funny moment...he was great. The new musical director is also wonderful, and we love the Cello - not sure which one she is but she was really good and very pretty on stage..Barry with the flute, bodhran...wonderful. We truly appreciate the members of this talented band. Ran into Neil and Nicole in the street...ran into Paul, who was like the Mayor in the lobby talking with everyone and posing for pictures...I told him I'll be at the NY show...he looked good and happy. He's quite handsome up close. They are all handsome but I think (my opinion is Keith is movie-star gorgeous including his physique. The guy is just a star and incredible versatile with his talents which were all on display. The show overall was just wonderful, better than ever. It's hard to imagine that they can get better but they were all better, all terrific every moment. Thank you Sharon and Celtic Thunder!!!

The Boston show is right up

The Boston show is right up there with one of the BEST ever!
The guys were SO 'ON' and engaging. Ditto to much that has been said already.
The new pieces were terrific and the familiar ones just pure joy!
I was not prepared to be so enamoured with young Daniel! What presence!!!
Laura Durrant,the cello player,was awesome! full of life and fun!!! was great to see Barry back!!
So glad to have Concord show in the future!




Just back from the Boston concert and I am reading the tweets from the guys saying that the crowd was amazing. Glad to hear it! I was up in the balcony and while everyone seemed into it, I couldn't here as much of the crowd 'down below' but I figured that was where most of the rowdiness was!


Ryan didn't sing Moondance, sang Desperado instead


Sound was almost a little too loud in that for new songs, the diction wasn't as crisp and it was sometimes hard to understand all of the lyrics.

Daniel is absolutely amazing and was enthusiastically received by the audience. I think you will all really like him. For the ensemble pieces, I liked the addition of his voice and it gave a little 'zip' to the songs that we all know so well. I have to say, though, that I didn't think Somewhere Over the Rainbow was his best...but you have to take into consideration that I'm not crazy about the song to begin with. Still, I think that the move between the low 'some' and the octave-higher 'where' could have been a bit crisper. Nothing that a little vocal coaching couldn't clean up. He seemed totally at ease with all of his tasks, and is a great little 'actor' in his movements and expressions.

Really loved seeing EVERYONE playing instruments and I hope we see more of it in the future.

Ryan's Friends in Low places, with the ensemble joining him in the end, really got things going, with the boys coaxing the crowd to clap, wave arms and sing along.

This playlist goes back towards the first program at the Helix, with more non-Irish solos included.

Dulaman: Holy mackeral hold onto your seats for this one. It was a technical, tight-harmonied, romp. If you are going to the concert, get ready to pay attention to this one. It must have been an incredibly hard piece to learn and I would guess took hours to perfect.

Neal did a great job with "She's Always a Woman".

Least favorite: Music to watch Girls By. Emmett did what he could with it; I just didn't care for the selection of song. Keith and Neil were off to the side doing 'guy-like' things but it seemed sort of gratuitous. A throwback to the 60's,

Emmett's voice and personality fit into CT like the inside of a mink glove. He's personable, versatile, and his addition is seamless. It's like he's been there from day one.

This show had ALOT of new stuff. I have been to a concert each year and I have all the music, but typically I only listen to my favorites on an ipod playlist. There will not be much new stuff on the CD that I DON'T listen to (well, maybe Music to Watch Girls By.

Storm had some great music in it; it would have been nice to include perhaps a medley from it.

I will not be popular in saying this, but I'm ready to have Ireland's Call retired. How about bringing back Caledonia?

I have read the earlier reviews where it was noted that George didn't have as many solos, and it did seem that way to me. In contrast to that, it did seem that Keith had the most parts.

Nice to see Keith accompanying himself on keyboard.

Lots of new material in this show. I think the fans will really like it. Enjoy!

Kitchener concert

Well this was my second concert and I said somewhere on this site that I would see if my opinion would change with familiarity and it did.I don't know what was up in Hamilton-old age,mood, hormones,surprise -- I liked the Hamilton show but I really liked the Kitchener show much more.-- It was really good-guess I don't accept changes and unknowns well-crazy eh.Anyways by the end of my Buffalo show I should absolutely love this concert. There were still parts that I didn't really care for but that is personal music likes on my part and I still feel that RYAN and GEORGE should have greater parts but that is nothing to do with the music. I did feel that the Hamilton crowd was much more responsive than Kitchener but I was in the 1st 3 rows and may not have the total feel of the venue.Met a few people and was very happy to do that and see that we all are real people and nice at that.Well hope that others find the concert to their liking and if you feel like I did(that it was an ok good concert) MAYBE go to a second one and see if you change your mind like I did.

Now have had the 3rd concert and......

So happy that back at the beginning of summer when Ryan left (and I felt like I didn't wish to go see the new concert)that many people on this site made comments to me that really made me think and feel bad- which they should have. So I kept my tickets nd I have really enjoyed the shows. AND really happy that Ryan is back. We did go to the Wed night show in Buffalo(other 2 shows were Hamilton and Kitchener) and I LOVED IT.Especially since in the afternoon at our hotel I ran into RYAN and he shook my hand,gave me personal time and conversation. I was surprised and really happy. SO thanks to all the thunderheads who chastized me back in June and caused me to keep my 3 sets of tickets. I had great seats,great music and one heck of a great 1 to 1 talk with Ryan. Here is the short note that I have tried to get to him .*****Ryan **I would like to thank you for the handshake,time and talk on 09/21/2011-in the parking lot of hotel in Buffalo. It meant a great deal to me and I was so excited I think I forgot to thank you personally for giving me your time and attention. I also forgot to tell you how much I love your CD In Time-it is fantastic and I love it.Hope CD #2 is soon on it's way. Thanks for being such a great person. Am really glad you are back(you really always have been my favourite-love the voice) and hope everything works out for the best for you and yours.**** Sandra

Toronto Sony Centre

Well, fellow Thunderheads.....what a show!!!!!! Absolutely perfect......great audience (which always makes for more fun) lots of singing along encouraged by the guys. Loved all the new material....very well chosen for each of the guys....and of course all the old favourites were wonderful as usual.

George was .......well, George was George.....what more can one on and right in his element.
Keith.......every song right on the money......he was happy and devilish, just the way we like our Keith to be.
Neil.......wonderful as always, loved his new songs....perfect for his voice and the old favourites were.......Oh so Neil Smile
Emmet.....what a wonderful addition to the group, so handsome, so talented and such a good fit with the other guys. Just loved his solos and a perfect fit with the others in the tutti songs.
Daniel.....a real sweetheart......takes a little abuse from Keith Wink but he can handle it. Very cute and very talented.......a nice addition.
Ryan......well, what can I say. It was very evident that he was so happy to be on that stage. He looked happy and well and I don't think I've ever heard him sing so well. Moondance.....just perfect for his voice and Friends in low Places.......the highlight of the night for me, so much fun and all of us oldies got to sing along Smile

All in all.......a perfect night and a perfect concert.......and it didn't hurt that we had perfect seats Wink

Hamilton Show 2011

Enjoyed every minute of it,more so the Second Half. This was my 4th show and this was a great venue.Really missed
Home from the Sea. Received my Storm DVD and CD last wednesday from Amazon.CA. I think its better than the Live Show as I was seated on the very left side and couldnt see all the Stage.



hamilton concert

Was at the concert last night and it was an ok good concert. It is definately not Celtic Thunders best I've seen but enjoyable just the same.Beginning song I didn't care for it was boring and didn't produce the excitement or anticipation of past 1st songs.New performers were good and did a nice job. Daniel is a cute little boy and played well off the others.Neil and Keith I felt were the standouts. George is always great. Loved Ryans people in low places and he was fantastic. Second half is much better than the 1st half. They did move from song to song well and concert flowed really well. THIS show, as in others ,the group songs steal the show and where absolutely great but I felt personally that some of individual songs were not up to the celtic thunder excellence standard. BUT a good show with some great moments and some not so great moments.

from the Montreal show...

I was going to do this tomorrow... but I'm still awake, so here goes! He's what stuck with me the most:

Overall, the music was louder than CT shows I had seen in the past. I really like the back of the set this tour. There are different rocky ruins, with an archway to the right, and the screen backdrop has the silhouette of a ship. Wardrobe is similar to last tour but without the scarves. More hats and vests, I think. Neil is also much more a singer and less of a band member, though he does still play guitar during the show. It also took me most of the first act to realize that the strange string instrument I was seeing on stage was the harp, but I was looking at it straight on so it just seemed like a strange, tall, triangular instrument. But I digress...
Daniel is precious! I'm sure he's old enough to not want to be called precious, but he is. During the show, the guys all act like a group of brothers, with Daniel being the youngest, tagging along and trying to make sure he's included. I got a lot of giggles out of this.
For Galway Girl, all 6 guys have instruments of some sort. Well, Daniel has a big block that he sits on and taps. Ryan's on flute, Emmet's with a violin, and the other's have guitary things. Daniel took the bridge of Keith's guitar to the face coming around to try to get into place before the number though. He rubbed it a bit but soldiered on - recovered better than George did from it, who kind of forgot that he was supposed to wake up with a broken heart before he mentioned the ticket home. They were having fun though!
Keith's second solo is an original, I believe - All Day Long. There's a youtube video of a Pub performance version. Good stuff, both ways!
The program lists Kindred Spirits as Emmet/Daniel, but Emmet performed it solo.
I loved Dulaman! Each soloed, I believe. Loved it... just love.
I am a big fan of Ryan singing Moondance. He did it cafe style, on a stool, fingers snapping. Very nice for his voice.
They did not sing Home From the Sea. Either that or I blacked out. I'm pretty confident I did not.
Keith does an unlisted solo here, which wasn't familiar to me and sounded like it could have been another original. I can't confirm this, though, as my gut is not always right. Lyrics talked about water and a friend... which isn't entirely helpful enough for a song search. He was the solo performer on this piece, accompanying himself on piano. When he would cut off his high notes on the chorus, it echoed slightly. Amazing effect. Hope each venue can reproduce that.
George sings Cat's in the Cradle like it was written for him to perform, guitar in hand.
Emmet performs Music to Watch Girls By like the throwback it is, with a fedora and some dancing with one of the lovely string ladies.
You've Got a Friend in Me was hysterical! Daniel sings it to a "less than enthusiastic" Keith. They are a riot together.
Girls, Girls, Girls is Elvis, not Motley Crue. George was an unlisted singer for this number.
Ryan shows off more of his guitary skills on the Garth Brooks number. I am not a fan of this song, but if I must hear it, it'll be Ryan's version. He does well, and the guys join him at the end.
Keith does Air Supply Keith style, though he does hold the one note with out much ornamentation. Though he doesn't ever sing a song the same way twice, so that may change. Liked it.
Emmet's version of This Is the Moment is the first time we get to hear Emmet sign out. I like hearing his power voice. I'm not interested in comparisons, so I'm not going there. He sang it well.
Daniel and Neil join in on A Place In The Choir this time around. Daniel has the duck verse and George does the moo one. Or he would have, if he wasn't laughing instead Wink

Good show! Enjoyed it. Other stuff happened, but I'm going to bed.


"Friends in Low Places"?

I have a hard time thinking of Ryan singing "Friends in Low Places". I love his voice so I'm sure he'll do his own version beautifully. Wish he could have sung one of his own songs which are amazing.


S. S. Shipp

lol Seemed like a funny

lol Seemed like a funny match to me too... but I'm sure he'll do a good job with it.

Moderator Q&A, Damian McGinty, Sharon Browne

Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?

Ryan (Garth Brooks) Kelly :) LOL

I thought the same thing when I heard Ryan was doing this song.... Boy was I wrong!!!! He does a great job of this song and encourages the audience to join in on the chorus with him. He plays his guitar during this song and looks like he's having so much fun doing it!!! I wish he had been able to do one of his own songs also,somehwere in there!!!! The Village They Call the Moy would have been perfect!!! Anything from his solo cd, I would have loved to see Ryan singing LIVE!!!! But all he did sing was uber awesome and seeing him on stage with the Lads,made me tear up!!!! He so belongs there and am so happy to have him back!!!! Smile

Does anyone know if the "All

Does anyone know if the "All Out of Love" listed as sung by Keith is a new song or the Air Supply classic? Thanks!

It is the Air Supply

It is the Air Supply calssic.... BUT I have to say (as I'm listening to the song on youtube now by Air Supply) .. Keith does an amazing take on this song, and sounds NOTHING like Air Supply! I would cringe to it too if I didn't know any better! Have a ear out for Keiths version though, it's great!

Just saw the concert!!!! :D

I just saw the concert in St.John's, Newfoundland. It was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my 1st CT concert & what an experience. Thank you to all who worked so hard on it, it was well worth it. Everyone was amazing!!!

Thank you sooooo much for visiting us & bringing your music to us in person!

Congratulations to you all on a job WELL DONE!

A Thunderhead forever!!!


Newfoundland Thunderhead!!! Waiting to see CT in Newfoundland, Canada. Oh when, oh when will you be here?????Smile

Newfoundland Thunderhead! Can't wait to see Celtic Thunder in person!!!! ) When will you be here?!?


WOW -WOW - I was absolutely blown away by young Daniel Furlong's voice that I just watched on some sites toay. He is certainly SOME SURPRISE that Sharon has kept. Would have blown away everyone in the audience. The most tremendous voice, much as Damian was when he started. Don't know how long Sharon will have him there in CT, but we can be blessed to listen on the net. Happy travels for everyone on tour. See you all in AUSSIE LAND in FEB. BLESSINGS from Dulcied xx

Oh, yoohoo, where is everybody?

Not trying to rush anybody or anything like that!! Ryan & Emmet said power went out during show and audience was singing "Ireland's Call." Just the sound? So you got to see the kilts twirl?