Wow, What A Night - August 22, 2011

Hello Everyone, Well, how about that final Glee Project episode tonight? I was laughing, speechless, crying, excited, sad, nervous for him - wasn't much better than a kid myself, didn't know which end of me was up!

My kids are all bigger now but it felt exactly like it used to years ago on Christmas morning when Santa had arrived. It was a joy to see Damian's face, so many emotions flashing across it and a huge beaming smile breaking through. I was so proud of him and so honoured to have been here with it for him.

We are still in a state of suspended disbelief.

Before everyone asks me "What now" as I know you will, we don't know a lot yet. None of us ever thought this would happen, particularly Damian himself who is still our Damian, modest, humble and sweet. What I do know, and we'll have to meet the Glee people this week, is that Damian McGinty WON the Glee Project and has achieved a 7 episode role in the GLEE show. He went for his dream and he's achieved it and is so happy he is ready to burst.

For Damian and his family at home as well as all of us in Celtic Thunder and all of our fans, it's a very bitter sweet moment. We've watched Damian grow up before our eyes, and really couldn't be more proud or happy for him and his brilliant achievement. A young boy from Derry out of 40,000 contenders wins a role for 7 episodes in GLEE, arguably the biggest TV show for teens and young people in the world right now. To do these 7 episodes he has won, it clearly means Damian won't be on the tour and we will miss having him on the road as I'm sure you will.

Having said that, I know our fans - and you will be as proud and excited as you are sad and wish him only the best. And you will be seeing him every week on your TV's for a while and can continue to witness his growth as a young man and a performer. We'll be on stage so I'll have to figure how to record it every week, I can't not have him with us and miss watching him as well, I couldn't cope with that.

I've spoken to his Mum and Dad, who are over the moon, but also torn between this life changing opportunity for their baby and his being away from home without the company of Celtic Thunder all around him. I'm staying in LA this week to make sure he is set up OK and will make sure he has a safe roof over his head. I will continue to look after him to let him just enjoy this new success and all of us will stay in constant contact and visit when we can.

So many changes, such is the way with rearing kids, we all do our very best for them and have to suck it up, smile, congratulate them, advise them and wish them well when they get to where we were hoping they would, and try and keep the tears back not to upset them. My baby at home leaving school and going off on his gap year and then on to University to do Science full of the ambition and enthusiasm of youth as his two brothers have before him. And my baby at work "graduating" from my school in CT and going off to realise his dreams. Paul taking his leap into pursuing his dreams as a solo artist. It's really hard to let go isn't it? All great kids, I'm so proud of them and happy for them and have complete faith in all of them, but you never stop worrying do you?

To offset some (not all) of the bitter sweet feelings this news has engendered in us all, I will share some more good news with you.

Ryan - He has obviously been through a lot and I thought he should maybe take a little time out but he is raring to go (don't you love the ability to bounce back, the energy and enthusiasm of being young?) and we have missed him in our CT working family so.... Ryan will be on QVC on the 1st September promoting STORM and then he is COMING BACK OUT ON TOUR!

Despite his determination to get his life fully back with both hands, which I get (I've enough boys around me), I'm keeping the brakes on just a little, which he's not wild about but I'm the "Mom" here. Like the others Ryan will perform his own solo tracks on the tour, and 2 of them are new songs. Despite it being ridiculously late - (as you know we've been in the studio 3 months this year recording) and the show was mixed, as soon as Ryan called me and told me he was out of the nightmare (on the Tuesday), our new MD David Munro (lovely, funny, warm talented guy) rowed in immediately, turned everything upside down, opened the studios again and himself and Enda got Ryan in last Friday and recorded the 2 new tracks with him. They have worked around the clock to get these tracks done, mixed and ready. I'd intended to bring Ryan over just for the shoot (hence recording the 2 new songs) but he's adamant he's ready now and I can't refuse him and we'd miss him too much not to have him with us so the songs are there now ready for rehearsalsin Dublin for the tour this weekend.

I know from the hundreds of wonderful, loving, supportive comments about Ryan this week that this news is going to be very happy news and delight a lot of our fans along with ourselves. Before everyone starts requesting Ryan in M & G's etc, I'm giving you a heads up now. I am thrilled Ryan has his life back and is well, happy and ready to throw himself full on back into his career but I'm going to mind him for a bit. Right now he is not scheduled for the M & G's and I may leave it that way, I will see as the tour goes on, but that is my instinct at the moment. He will start the tour with being in one or two of the ensemble numbers and his solo songs. I think that's enough for now. For me, it's enough that he is back in the fold and ready to go back to his music.

He hates it, and probably hates me a little right now (haven't we all been there!) but I know most of you will completely understand and agree with me that a more gentle start back is the way to go.

This is definitely the most bitter sweet blog I've made in Celtic Thunder. You'd think after 27 years in the business I'd be a bit more prosaic about it all but sometimes I can be a real sap..

Our Damian has soared to the stratosphere of his dreams and we'll have to watch him on TV each week and our Ryan is well and healthy and coming back to us. You can never say life is boring around here! And isn't that the way it should be? Life is for living, evolving, growing, embracing opportunities, being unafraid of change and just always trying to be there for each other, all the way, no matter what. Just to keep it clear for me, the cast, crew, our fans and everyone else right now (hard to keep up with it) the line up for this fall's tour is Emmet, Keith, Neil, Ryan, George and the surprise singer I'm still not telling you about - you'll have to wait for the tour... I'm still a bit emotional myself right now, going to go get some air so I'll sign off for now. Here are few of my favourite pictures with Damian. I know I have loads of "professional ones" but I'm fond of these random ones.

Regards, Sharon


Damian rehearsing "Our First Christmas Together" using Jean Clancy as the "girl from the audience" in Poughkeepsie:


After our first show filmed in the Helix - they were all so young and exhilarated:


Damian's 18th Birthday Party Cake in catering on tour:


The 5 boys supposed to be posing for a professional photo:


The first Photo I was sent of Damian with his Demo at 14:


And look at him now!


Wow, What A Night - August 22, 2011

In Celtic Thunder Damian and his family at home is present and their fans are also present.This is a interesting moment in this night in the Celtic Thunder.In this night, Damian's 18th birthday is celebrated.

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Celtic Thunder and Damian's turn with GLEE

I am so amazed how well all of the company work together, have fun on stage. It is a pure joy to watch, and the music is profoundly great. I have purchased three albums, and found out there are a few more to own. I miss Damian in this group, because all of ensemble play off each other so well, it is like missing one of your brothers (by the way, I have five of them). I think it is great he has this turn with GLEE, but could not imagine being so far away from home - not just Ireland, but family, friends, and especially the second "family" in Celtic Thunder. A short time, and he will return, still the same joyful spirit, the same kind of spirit you helped to foster with all of the members of Celtic Thunder. And, as it says in Gibran's THE PROPHET: " the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song."


I was thinking right...a young boy. Did'nt want to ruin the surprise for everyone. I know how people love to watch a talented child including myself. And you sure know how to pick talent Sharon! Was he one of the choir boys in the 2010 Christmas show when Paul sang Donegal? Will you be putting up a video soon? Can't wait! You do awesome work Sharon..thank you so much for bringing all this joy into our lives!

Gma Hugs xx

Damian starts on Glee

Hi Sharon,
Just saw this article about Damian. Looks good!

Exciting things happening!

First Sharon I would like to thank you for your amazing work...I can't believe your schedule! And with all you have to do to get the show on the road you still find time to take care of Damien and make sure he is safe.I do appreciate you keeping a watch where Ryan is concerned also. They are both such trusting "gentle-souls". I'm glad all the boys have you to keep an eye out for them...they have all brought me much joy...they are all very talented , but mostly I love to watch them perform because I can see they love it and are having the time of their lives on stage. Such a pleasure! I do miss Paul and I'm so happy he keeps in touch, I'm still following his career and I will be watching Damien on Glee. So we really have'nt "lost" them. We have two new very talented young men, Neil and Emmet,and another surprise singer to come. I have a hunch about this one but I won't say anything, I'll try to wait patiently! It's going to be so exciting! I believe the Thunder will roll for a very long time!!! Cool

Safe travels and God bless you and all of Celtic Thunder,

Gma Karen

Damian on Glee Project

I had faith in him from the beginning. He is so very talented that he belongs on Glee. My only worry was that he is so shy that he might get lost and over shadowed by others, thankfully that worry was unfounded he did wonderful. Taking in everything that was said by the judges and making changes. He really deserved to win and I'm so very happy he did. I now can't wait to see him on my favorite show.

Congratz Damian~~~Welcome Bcak Ryan

I am so happy that Damian got is dream come true. I am so extatic that Ryan is coming back to Celtic Thunder. I hope both of the men a wonderful time in their chosen careers.....I LOVE DAMIAN AND RYAN.


San Diego special appearance for Damian?

Hi Sharon,
How about flying Damian from LA to San Diego for a special appearance (maybe even just part of "A Place in the Choir) with CT? That would be such a great surprise and treat for the entire audience.

Margaret Sansom, Barstow, CA


Sharon, I really love this picture of the guys supposed to be being serious. Any way you could make it available? Their personalities really come through. Happy
Damian is doing so well in LA. Please give him our best. ML

The Show in Lancaster, PA

I have been trying to get tickets to see Celtic Thunder in Lancaster,PA. I live in Kentucky so I will be traveling quite a little way. So far the 9/28/11 show was sold out before they even went on sale to the public. I called for the 9/27/11 show to be told there was something going on about PBS. I am so disappointed and so are the people who were going with me.

We love Celtic Thunder and hope sometime in the near future they might perform in Lexington, KY at Rupp Arena. Thank you.

2nd Lancaster show


Sorry I didn't see your post until very late Wed. Sharon has a fan pre-sale set up starting Wed. August 24th and ending Friday August 26th at 8 P.M. You can call the AMT box office at 1-800-648-4102 ext 1 for tickets . The password is Dublin. Don't know how many are left, but you can try. Good luck.


Nice pictures

Wow, Damian sure grew up good!!

Derry Journal Newspapers

Hi Sharon
I saw this article on Damian's home town paper,I thought all CT's fan might interest...
I'm looking forward see you in San Diego. this concert will be my 3rd!!!

Published on Tuesday 23 August 2011 05:29

A Derry teenager has beaten off competition from more than 40,000 other hopefuls to win a role in the US hit TV series Glee - and his parents say they “never doubted” his ability to make his dream come true.

Eighteen years-old Damian McGinty from Woodbrook was revealed as the joint winner in the reality TV series ‘The Glee Project’ on Sunday night and will commence filming for the third series of Glee - which has become a worldwide phenomenon - in the coming weeks.

“No, there’s no rest,” Damian’s proud mum Joanne told the ‘Journal’, “It’s straight into filming and he will be making his debut in the show in week three of the new series.”

Glee is one of America’s top rated shows, attracting an average audience in excess of 10 million viewers in the US alone. Celebrity A-listers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Groban and Britney Spears have all had cameo roles on the show.

“Damian is a huge fan of the show. When he heard of the opportunity to be a part of the Glee Project he jumped at it. He auditioned on MySpace and was invited to meet the producers and really that is where things started.”

Securing a place in the final 12 of the competition, TV audiences have watched as the talented Derry crooner impressed the show’s producer Ryan Murphy week in and week out with his confident performances.

“He was just true to himself, and he did himself proud,” Joanne said. Joanne said she believed that Damian’s experience touring with Celtic Thunder, which he has been doing since the age of 14, stood him in good stead in the competition and would have helped to keep his nerves under check when things got tough.

“Performing is what he has always wanted to do and he just pushes himself on. He’ll still tell me that he’s going to make it and we believe him!”

Joanne revealed that while filming The Glee Project Damian and his fellow competitors were locked away in a ‘bootcamp’ for 10 weeks, where the only contact with the outside world they were allowed was one 15 minute phonecall a week.

“He couldn’t say much when he called - but we just waited for him to say ‘I’m still here’ and we knew he had made it through another week.”

The McGinty family gathered with friends on Sunday night where they streamed the results show live from the States. Joanne describes the experience of watching Damian win as “brilliant, very emotional”.

The Derry lad was whisked away immediately after the announcement to carry out a number of press engagements for the US media so Joanne and her husband Damian Snr were not due to speak to their son to congratulate him until yesterday evening.

“I just can’t wait to make that phonecall,” Joanne said. “It will be very emotional.”

Deputy Mayor of Derry, Kevin Campbell congratulated Damian on his success: “This is a great achievement for Damian to get a part in the next series of Glee. I would like to wish Damian all the best for the future, it’s a great opportunity for him.”

His former lecturer at the NWRC, Anne McMaster added: “Damian is one of the most ego-free young actors I’ve ever been privileged to work with; Damian simply exists to perform and will always be driven by the need to develop and hone his craft – well seen in his time on The Glee Project!”

Damian's win

Thankyoyu so much for this!!!!

Thnks for sharing this article!!

Thanks Suiko T Paul for sharing this - very fun to read!!

What wonderful News

This is indeed wonderful news even if it is a bit sad that Damian won't be on tour. It's wonderful that he has the opportunity to expand his talents. I have watched all the CT DVDs (over and over)and it is just amazing how he grew and developed into this fine young man in just a few short years. You as well as his parents can be so very proud of him. I hope that CT is still a possibility for him in his budding career - if not - may he be happy in his choices. Now - Ryan- I so hope that he NEVER has to go through a time like this again. I know that you will be watchful for him and I know we, his fans will also be very careful. Thank you for keeping us so well informed. I don't think there is another group out there that shares so much of their lives with their fans. We love these guys and only want whats best for them. Welcome back Ryan and good luck Damian!

Dedicated to Damien!!

Bittersweet, indeed, describes the emotion that reading Damien's farewell blog has created for this CT fan in Australia. Didn't I read somewhere, something to the effect 'that to love someone, means having the courage, when the time is right, to let them go......?'

I don't know why: but as I read Damien's heartfelt words and pleas for support and understanding (darling young man: as if we wouldn't tut-tut!) from his CT fans, suddenly, there in my head, was Neil Byrne's beautiful, sweetly sung and dramatically delivered version of WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR.

Somehow this song, by Neil, seems to befit this occasion and, indeed, narrates my final farewell to Damien too. Damien wished for a star, he caught a brilliant one and now he's lifting off.

SO, DEAR, DARLING, DAMIEN, GO!!! with our blessings and with our gratitude, for the thrills and special moments that you've given to us all, as we watched you grow from cute boy to charming, talented young man. You are leaving us those memories to last forever.

Thank you, also, so much, for your eloquent farewell, it does great credit to you, to Sharon, Phil and all those special people in your personal life, who raised you and love you, I am sure, with such pride.

GO DAMIEN! with your fans, everywhere, cheering you onwards and upwards...sunshine :-





"Into my heart's treasury, I placed a coin
That time cannot take, nor a thief purloin.
Oh, better than the minting of a gold crown King,
Is the safe kept memory, of a lovely thing.

(..Sara Teasdale's...The Coin)

Hey You Amazing Lady..........

Hi Sharon. I just read Ryan's blog..just so excited..I had not been on here for a few days....Bless your heart for keeping in touch w/Ryan....I just cannot imagine how excited you are. All your work and keeping the guys together and the music choices...You truly are amazing and must love your busy schedule.

Ryan's blog is loaded which I knew would be..but add to add mine too. Oh m'gosh, just makes the heart happy to know that handsome blue eyed smooooooooth voiced man will be singing his songs w/Celtic Thunder for us to enjoy..He truly touches the mind and heart. as did Paul..oh another sad missing handsome man..but have tickets to see him in Philly in Nov at the World Cafe...I'm hoping Ryan will be at the AMT in Lancaster this coming Sept too..going the 27th...can't wait.

Thank you so much Sharon for all your input to the Celtic Thunder fans. Just a beautiful group and a wonderful new addition to America. Thank so much for bringing yourself and Celtic Thunder here. It is so refreshing to hear the music and watch the theatrical arrangements.. absolutely fantastic. God Bless You! could the surprise person be Paul??????????????? even for a wee bit of time?????? hmmmmmmmmmmmm


To Sharon, Many blessings to you for the organizational skills GOD has blessed you with. You have exceptional love and patience(and many more qualities) that only comes from a Mum with all boys (I know we have 1 girl and 3 boys of our own) You must have a gentle soulmate in your husband. They have done you proud with their achievements. ALSO the lads in CT What can I say that has not already been said. What an amazing win for Damian WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! May each and every one be blessed in abundance in their lives. It is SO great to see Ryan is keen to be back. I have been fortunate to have got my pre-sale ticket ordered today for concert in OZ next Feb. Will be intriguing to see who may be able to do the singing parts that Damian did in "THE SHOW" as when we see it performed DOWN UNDER. SAFE TRAVELS to all for the tour in USA and CANADA. We shall see you all after the New Year. Blessings from Dulcied xx


Dear Sharon,

Wow!! You've done it again!! I got to see the "new" show Storm tonight on my PBS station in Chicago, Illinois and IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! I loved it! Exciting, wonderful songs, dancing, showmanship, OMG I can't wait to get my own copy of the CD AND DVD in September so I can watch it over and over!!! Amazing!! I'm sad about all the changes that have been happening with CT BUT it's exciting too to see how well the lads have done. I mean we've watched Damian "grow up" before our very eyes and NOW he's got a "starring" role coming up on GLEE. Can't wait to see him!! I watched the Glee Project from day one rooting him on all the way and was so excited when Ryan Murphy told him that HE WON TOO!!! I couldn't believe it! Very happy that Ryan is back and doing ok. Hearing of his ordeal was quite a shock. Paul, Ryan, Keith and did I see George all have their own CD's out? You should be so proud of all of them just as any "Mom" would be!!Smile Thank you, Sharon, for creating this wonderful group AND we can't forget Neil and Emmett and the "supporting cast" - the dancers, musicians, etc. This has been an exciting journey for ALL of you. All the best to you and to Mr. Coulter as he moves on (this news was a shock too). God bless all of you. Take care. CT RULES!!! Love the pictures of Damian!! Thanks for sharing them.


new cd's

Ryan's 'In Time' was released last yr., George's 'The White Rose' just recently and both are beautiful!
Neil said his was on the way to the 'printer' (not sure if that's right word to use), Paul's I think due out in Sep., Keith's I'm not sure on his, and Phil Coulter has done 'Heartland:The Composer's Salute to CT', due to be released on Sep. 27.
Busy lot, aren't they? Lots of great music coming to us! Thought I'd try to fill you in on their cd's.
Sure hope I didn't miss anyone; thing I got them all.

Job well done

Just had to join so I could tell you that you have done a wonderful job pulling this all together! Looking forward to seeing the show in October. Thanks for your hard work. Citi

Damian & Ryan

Hey Sharon -

Thanks for the update on Damian and Ryan. Needless to say when Ryan and Paul were leaving I was disappointed, when Damian announced he was leaving, I cried. I so wanted to see all FIVE of them in October in CO but, when all is said and done, I love the music, Neil has a fantastic voice and Ryan is back. Can't wait for the show. I will be watching Damian on the Glee (even though I am probably too old to be watching the show). I hope he enjoys the ride he is embarking on and he keeps things in perspective.

And to Damian - please do not stop recording. You have a voice that melts even old hearts (you are an old soul in a young body - yep, I stole that from the final episode of TGP). Please stay true to yourself above all else and enjoy this wild ride.




Shame on you. Don't you

Shame on you. Don't you realize that his contract with The Glee Project stipulated that until the show was finished and the last episode shown on television, he was obligated to say NOTHING. Celtic Thunder is a group - it's not Damian McGinty feature performer with Celtic Thunder. Personally, I'll be disappointed, but I still wish him well and will be anxious to see just who it is who will replace him. Had he announced that he was leaving CT, it would have been like putting his news about TGP ib a billboard in NYC and the fines, I'm sure would have been horrific. If you're that kind of a fan, may I suggest that you sell your tickets to someone who will appreciate them - most of the shows are sold out, so you could make somone really happy! Grow up and smell the roses...or rather the shamrocks!


You Please tell a disapointed little 9year old girl who got the tickets for her birthday to grow up... Damian isnt ct but without Damian to alot of little girls there is no ct...........

No Damian

I have just got tickets for Australian tour .I have 2 grandaughters 11 and 17 and they were given the choice as we knew Damian would not be there . They said that they still want to go to see the others, as much as they love Damian they still love CT especially Keith. We are hoping he might go surfing while he is here as we live near surfers Paradise. Wish Damian Good luck and I am sure you will stand more chance of seeing him live in the USA . We have had to wait till now for them to come to Oz.

We're all up the same creek missing him...

In fact tonight's chat slammed a finality down on me like a weight... But through the tears of missing him I'm smiling watching him soar and reach his dreams.... I know people in Australia as dedicated to Damian as us, who won't see him either (this year's tour is the first for me, so I won't have seen him on stage either)....

Let's just give him the support he's earned from the love he's gained from us... And hope for the best!
(and if in doubt, repeat as a mantra... LOL)


I'm a mom too, I understand disappointed kids: the ride home with 1 kid that made the team and another kid that didn't was probably the roughest trip I ever had to make but I had to take the time and understanding to help the cut kid understand life does not always give you what you want or expect, no matter how badly you want it. One kid ready to explode with excitement and the other trying his best not to cry in disappointment. This is your opportunity to help your daughter learn the lesson that sometimes life disappoints you, sad hard fact but it is what it is. This isn't the hardest lesson she'll have to learn.

Sharon, Damian, CT could not legally disclose any information in relation to Glee or it's outcome. We've all known Damian has been involved with Glee since January, well before tickets went on sale and there was much discussion about how that could possibly impact his ability to continue with CT. Damian has won a wonderful opportunity to advance his career, fulfill his dreams, I am among many that are ecstatic for him. Yes there's disappointment but what a tremendous chance for him!

Perhaps the lesson to teach your daughter is that we have to accept disappointment for ourselves in order to unselfishly celebrate anothers accomplishment. Damian earned this, he deserves to be happy, he deserves to celebrate this, won't you celebrate with him?


Head wench of the MSGs
"Life is risk and there is joy in living not just with courage but with zest and mischief too" Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

GLEE are WE!

The price of this lesson was over $500.00 in CT tickets. We love Damian what happens now is Annna is no longer a CT fan she has moved on to GLEE! I just wish he would have anounced that he was leaving the band when the other guys did it would have saved me alot of money in tickets. I have 4 tickets for sale for the jacksonville show Smile


He couldn't say anything without losing his chance and creating a problem for CT.
Somebody will pick up the tickets, those don't ever just sit it seems Smile
Just remember there is a new guy, could be a good surprise for your daughter Laughing out loud
Sharon does seem to pull some amazing talents out of that hat of hers *wink*

*hugs* to your daughter Acchh it's always hard when our kids are disappointed and crying. Tears us up too Sad

Thanks for your understanding. Great for him, tough for her but life always finds a balance somehow.


Head wench of the MSGs
"Life is risk and there is joy in living not just with courage but with zest and mischief too" Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


thanks for the nice words :)If we go it will still be a good time Im sure

He couldn't announce anything

He couldn't announce anything until the results from The Glee Project were made public, he could have lost his contract with Glee if he had said anything. Those Hollywood contracts are NOT something to mess around with. He couldn't even announce he was leaving CT because it would have caused a lot of speculation and word would have ended up leaking to the press that he had won. Imagine his life, it has basically been in limbo since Feb he hasn't been able to tell his friends or anyone else he knew what was going on. I think being in that kind of limbo must be really stressful. Take an adult girlfriend with you and have a girls night out instead. I am sure you will all have a lovely time at the show anyway it is still an amazing thing to see, Plus Ryan will be in it.

--Staci --
"You can always tell where the lamplighter went by the trail he/she left behind." Unknown
[=85][=#400080]Moderator for the Pub forum, Area forums, Photo forum and the Q&A forum.
Feel free to contact me w


We did that last year and we took Anna as well it was a great show and we were even lucky to meet keith and damian...for a 9year old he is her world like donnie from the new kids was for me out of bands there will always be one singer that will stand out to someone this year we had purchased her a front row seat to see him for her birthday when i think about it my story isnt as bad as the poor lady who has cancer and was so excited to see him sing...that one is posted on his blog heart really goes out to her

you know there are like five

you know there are like five other members of the show still in the cast which are still performing. How sad that you would only want to see one person in the entire show. I know when I buy tickets I am buying tickets to the SHOW not to see one cast member. Heck when I buy tickets to see a musical it sure isn't to see one particular singer, while this is a tighter knit cast it is still the same thing.

Ryan and Damian

Sharon, your news about Ryan returning to CT is really exciting --- and most surely welcome. It was really heartbreaking when we learned he had to "step back" from CT and his music. So thankful that he has had the support of friends, family and, especially you and the CT family, to help him get through the ordeal. It is understandable that you don't want him to jump back in too quickly. Just knowing that he will be performing again is wonderful. Can't wait to hear his new songs!!!!!

And, we will miss Damian. What a fine young man he is. Hopefully, someday we will see him perform again with CT.

Really looking forward to the guys performance in Cherokee, NC on October 8. Know it will be a fantastic show. Can't wait to see Emmet for the first time as a part of the group. It is going be a wonderful evening!!!!!

Sharon, thank you for all you do to keep the fans informed!!!! How in the world do you keep your sanity with everything you have to deal with? Think it helps you to have the love and support of your family, doesn't it?


Thank you for all you do. I am so very happy for Damian but will really miss him. Is there any possibility that he may rejoin Celtic Thunder after his 7 epsodes on Glee? I hope so.

I am so very glad that Ryan is safe and back. Will see you at the Lancaster show.


Thank You

Thank You Sharon for bringing Celtic Thunder into our lives. They are truly wonderful in every way. I have been through many eras of music now but I have never been so totally impressed as I am by the magic of these guys!! Like all of us Thunderheads, I will miss Paul and Damian greatly and wish them only happiness(even if they did make me cry). I am looking forward to seeing CT for the sixth time this fall. I can't wait to hear the new and wonderful harmonies and solos. Best of luck to all of you.I hope every venue is a sell-out. You all deserve it!! Welcome back Ryan!!!

Thank you for keeping CT going!

Such great news for Damian...and yet ,as a fan old enough to be his Gran, I'm so glad to hear that he will still have your support. LA isn't the best place for a young person to be on their own for the first time. I can imagin that his parents are beside themselves with joy and worry. I'm sure it is comforting for them to know that you are still seem a remarkable person...thank you for all that you do !

Thank You So Much!

Sharon, it is hard to see Paul and Damian leave CT but they are pursuing their dreams. I hope that everyone in CT, you, and Damian's family know what a wonderful, gracious young man you all raised. And yes, you all helped his Mom and Dad raise that boy. As I wrote on his blog, I have never been so proud of someone in my life. He grew every week and I know the Glee cast will be happy to have Damian in their group. And maybe this seven episode arc can work into a continuous gig on Glee. Ian did say that Damian could be written in as a freshman so that would give him four years. In any case, it is sad to lose him as part of CT but he is living his dream. And we have Ryan back! I cannot tell you, and Ryan, how happy that makes me. CT has changed some, but having Neil and Emmitt, along with three of the original guys, is great. Both Neil and Emmitt are wonderful singers and they enhance CT. I am so looking forward to watching them live in Seattle at the end of October. And I'll be watching for Storm. And, of course, anything CT and the guys put out, whether as CT or as an individual singer.


Thank you Sharon for getting a group of young men together to bring so much joy to the world. These guys have gotten so much into our lives. We, who are a little older, seem to have taken them under our wing in the same way you have. They are part of our lives. Watching Damian grow up (he looks my own nephew) I can feel all of his aspirations. He wants so much out of life. I pray he will get what he wants. I feel he will remain the kind of person he has become under your tutelage. You are a great and gracious LADY Sharon. Don't know how you keep it all together. As for Paul, Ryan Keith and George - love them like family. Also Neil and Emmett. Saw them for the first time in Chicago. Will see Storm on our PBS station tomorrow evening. Have been telling all my friends about it. I have neve gotten this emotional about a performing group. These guys have something for everyone and seem to have a very caring nature about them. I hope Paul and Damian will always be around for CT - it wont be the same without them - but Life must go on and I wish them the best. I hope Damian will have someone to look after him in California. He had such great support from you and the guys on CT. It will be strange for him to be all alone. Nuf said - again Thank You Sharon.

Damian and Ryan.........

Ok, first off those pics made me tear up, LOL. Hard to believe how much Damian's grown over the years. And I do love the group photo where they're supposed to be serious. That may be my fave group photo of the guys. As a CT fan, yes Sunday was bittersweet for me also for I knew what his winning meant. I had a feeling this day was coming, but it didn't make it any easier. So as a CT fan I'm sad he's leaving and I won't see him with the group anymore Sad However, as a Damian McGinty fan, I'm very happy and excited for him. I'm thrilled he won and can't wait to see him on the show. Thank you for being there for him and supporting him during this time. I hope you and his CT "big brothers" will continue to be there to support him as he starts his new life. There's a lot of temptations out there, but Damian seems to have a very good head on his shoulders. But it's nice knowing he can still come back to any of you for advice or whatever should he need it.

As for Ryan, as much as he may hate it, I do agree with your decision to take it slow easing him back in. I know he's raring to go, but he had a very scary and dangerous thing happen to him where he felt threatened and he felt his family was in danger also. So gradually easing back into things may be the right thing to do. You know best for the guys and hopefully deep down Ryan knows that too.

Thanks for looking out for both of them.


All the news.

Of course we are all over the moon for Damian. His success is going help him explode now. There is no place he can't go. Now everyone will know why all of us love him.
That being said, ALL OF US will miss him in CT and on tour. He is adorable and such a cutie he will be totally missed by ALL the girls, my self included. But, like you said we get to see him on TV every week. That is so cool.
Paul will be missed for his voice, his humor and all the qualities that made him such a great part of CT. It's his turn to fly high.
Relief and happiness is what I know we are all feeling for Ryan. No one should feel what you have described to us. We are all thankful that he and his family are safe and alright and are able to continue their lives without fear.
However, Sharon, listen to the man. Let him to as much as he thinks he can do. He will know when it is too much. We are so happy to have him back and on tour, (especially with no Damian or Paul). Let him begin his path again with CT and when it gets to be too much for him, I'll bet that he will know and will say so. If not then you are there, as are George, Keith, Neil and now Emmett. Let the man sing, it's what he loves. Be there if it fails him but let him get back into it. All of us who love what we do know that feeling....let us back to it, it's healing and restoring to the soul.
Welcome back Ryan, bon voyage Damian and Paul, we'll see you soon.

Super Great News

Congratulations to Damian may his dreams all come true. Definitely will be missed on tour. Super excited to hear Ryan will be back on tour. Will he be starting the tour from the beginning. I hope so as I will be seeing the lads on Sept. 10th in Halifax.

Group pic of R,K,G,P,D

I love that pic. when they were "suppose" to be possing for a professional pic. You should release it. I think it is my favorite one I have seen.Smile Really!


Hi Sharon,

I was just wondering if there was any chance Damian would be at any of the September concerts. It's just that the Heritage tickets were given to me for my 16th birthday and this is my present. It makes me feel sad that Damian won't be there.

I'm really happy for him though, I watched TGP and was cheering for him every episode!

If you could respond or write a blog it would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Rosey Cheeks Smile

Damain shared on his blog

Damain shared on his blog that he won't be touring with CT anymore since he has his Glee Contract.

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Bitter Sweet

Sharon, I agree this is a bitter sweet time. We will so miss Damian as we have Paul & Ryan. We wish him & Paul all the best & look forward to seeing what is to come. SO GLAD Ryan & those he loves are safe & sound those are prayers that were answered & am very thankful for. So glad he is back with CT, & I have to admit that the part of me that loves to hear him sing & watch him perform, as the other lads, wishes you would let him come back fully, we have missed him. But the part of me that has a son almost his age understands why you are waiting, you just want to be sure he is truely safe, and understands most people can be trusted, but you must always be watchful. But couldn't ya just stand there with a big baseball bat!lol In all sincerity Sharon thank you for bringing us such wonderfull young men whose tallents we can enjoy & who have true humility & concern for others. I am sure Irland has never been prouder. And you have done a wonderful job looking out for them, thank you for the carring person I know you are. See you in St. Louis! Maybe Ryan could do 3 songs with the lads?Smile as well as his own?Smile Know your decision is always in their best interest, just glad he is back & all the lads are doing so well. Have a wonderful day Sharon & take a moment to take a deep breath & relax a little.Smile