Ryan Kelly - August 18, 2011


I know you have all been very concerned about Ryan, about the apparent changes in him and his sudden and unexplained departure from Celtic Thunder and his Music Career in general.
We have been as concerned about Ryan as have all of his family and friends.

Ryan has been through a very traumatic number of months. He was basically too trusting and that trust was abused to the greatest extent, leading to him living under the belief that his own life and those of his family were under serious threat and tragically being forced to leave Celtic Thunder. Unfortunately I am unable to share any more of the facts with you as there is an ongoing police investigation and therefore any sharing of information might prejudice future legal proceedings.

However, he has made it known to me personally how distressed he has been by the blogs and tweets and everything else that were being posted in his name and concerned about the fans and how it would be hurtful and confusing to them. There was, however, unfortunately nothing he could do about it at the time it was happening, due to the perceived dangers he was living under.

We are all very happy that Ryan has his life back and in proper contact with family, friends and ourselves again.




Sharon, thank you for giving us as much of an update on Ryan as you could. This gives us something concrete to pray for, although prayer doesn't really need the details. Ryan is a courageous young man to have considered his family first! May God bless him and keep him and his safe!
I am looking forward to the tour here in Seattle on Oct. 30 and I think you all will see just how happy we are that Ryan is back. I am going to miss Paul and Damian so much, yet am looking forward to hearing the two new young men.
Sharon, I also want to commend you on your taking care of Damian and caring so much about him to see him safely settled in LA. Yet, he is in my prayers as well as I know what can happen there. Again, may the Lord keep watch over him.
Lastly, Sharon, thank you for forming such a talented and likeable group.

With love, Gramma Pat


Please let Ryan know how much we have missed him and how glad we are that he is back. I certainly hope that the person/ people responsible for creating such a frightening time in his life are brought to justice soon so that he doesn't have to worry about them anymore. What a horribly cruel thing to do to someone. I can only imagine how terrified he must have been for his own safety and that of his family and friends. My heart goes out to him.
I am glad that he is back with Celtic Thunder and am looking forward to seeing him in the tour this fall. I was so sad when I thought that he had left the group. Now that I know a bit of the reason he left I can understand better why he felt like he had to leave.
I am so sorry that someone was so awful and threatened him in such a way. I hope that he continues to enjoy his music. I know that he has said on many occasions that he music is his life. As a devoted fan let me just say that I enjoy listening to him. I am looking forward to hearing his new CD, I haven't been able to get it yet but will as soon as I can. I also hope that he is able to enjoy the tour this fall as much as he has the other tours. Counting the days til the show in Buffalo, N.Y. can't wait hear all of the beautiful music you have been preparing for us. May God bless and keep you all safe from harm and evil.


I believe he did what any good man would do and that is to protect his family first. We, as his fans, are proud that we play a bit of a role in supporting him and giving him comfort in return. We look forward to having him around in the music and concerts and appearances for many many years. His mischief and music are a joy. The music of CT and his role has been a joy for me and an idea that strength is there, even when you can't see the people providing it.

Christi (U.S. military veteran)


Thank you, Sharon, for the update! I've been sending up prayers for the Lord to deal with these terrible people and for the strength for Ryan and his family & friends to get through this awful time. We've all missed Ryan & his quips & sense of humor... Was thinking of him as our Football Season approaches!
God bless all of you! Looking forward to Atlantic City, NJ!


Sharon: Thanks so much for the update on Ryan. I was just sick when I read his blog about having to step back from CT and performing for a while. However, have just read his latest blog and am overjoyed he is feeling better and able to communicate with us again. He is such a neat guy and did not deserve the awful things done to him and his family. What in the world is wrong with people? Seems those in the limelight with much talent to share with others are victims of crazies who think they should be #1 in their lives and to heck with any common sense. We all love our idols, but they have lives totally separate from their performing lives and we need to accept that and just enjoy what they do to entertain us. Am praying all goes well for him in the days to come and he will feel comfortable performing for us once again. He has many, many fans who would do anything they could to help him - but for now all we can do is wish him well and pray he and his family find peace. Hope to see his beautiful smile and hear his wonderful voice soon. And may all the other CT lads, and you, be safe, as well. Hugs to all - see you in Spokane, WA Oct. 28th - Love, CT Grandma


Thank you for letting us know what you could about Ryan. I saw that he was bacck today and of course i read his blog 1st and now i am reading yours. I want to say thank you for doing what you do and for bringing Celtic Thunder to the fans that truly appericate all that the guys in the group do for us and for the music that they make. A true fan.

Ryan, God Bless You and Your family!

I am almost speechless and at a loss for words!

Thank you, Sharon, for letting us know so prayers can be said for this dear man and his family!

Ryan, just know you are loved by many for your talent and for sharing it with us. May God be with you always, guiding you and keeping you safe from harm and your dear family safe. I just purchased your CD a couple days ago and I cried. Your voice is magical.

Stay safe whatever you do and if at all possible return and do a few things with Celtic Thunder along.

I will miss seeing you in Little Rock, Arkansas on Nov. 6.

God Bless
Grey <3


It is so sad when some people have to ruin it for everyone. Why can't people realize that the men in Celtic Thunder are there to entertain us not for our stalking pleasure. People need to get a grip on reality. I am so sorry that Ryan had to go through this. I hope to see him on the tour this fall but I understand if he still stays away. Thank you guys for all the hours of great entertainment!!!


It is almost beyond belief that these things happen. We're especially sorry that it has happened to someone as nice as Ryan Kelly. But we are indeed thankful that it is working it's way out and he's able to reach out to his fans again. As longtime fans, we want to circle the wagons so that he can create and produce his music in the way he desires. Hopefully, the investigation will yield results and the whole ugly episode will be put to rest once and for all. A great big thank you to all who are involved in making that happen.

Thank you

Thank you for being available to Ryan and to all of the lads for that matter. Can't keep everybody happy all the time but thanks for making the effort! Sure was good to hear from Ryan himself today.
Ready for tour? yeah me too!
Faithfully yours,
Mary Margaret


Hi Sharon,

I hadn't read this blog until this morning and only after I read Ryans. Thank-you so much for caring about him. I never knew the circumstances that led up to Ryan leaving the way he did, but I never for one moment believed he would do it without a really good reason. Reading his blog and now yours, just brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am so happy he is finally getting his life back. I can't in a hundred years imagine anyone trying to do hurt Ryan or for that matter any of your guys. So thank-you for sharing as much as you could with us. I love all of your guys--they are like family to me and many others. Will continue to pray for their safety, health and above all else their happiness.




In agreement with all the sighs of relief and grateful thanks expressed here. It could've been so much worse. Thanking God that it wasn't.

Dust bunnies can be dangerous if disturbed.


So Glad.

I know Ryan is so thankful to have you in his corner. I am glad you are there too. I would give anything if there were something I too could do to help him.
Please know that I share your joy and your jubilation at his returning. I don't know if that means his return to CT or not, but at least he is blogging now again. That in itself is a wonderful thing. Thank you so much for looking out for all of these guys.
If there is anything I can do to help too, just let me know.

Abingdon va. USA

Thank you Sharon

Sharon, it's been so hard to know that something was happening in Ryan's life that was causing turmoil. Thank you so much for your updates. Thank you too for being part of the "family" that looks out for Ryan and supports him. The Celtic Thunder "family" is very special to all of us, and knowing you oversee so much means a great deal to us.

Thank you, Sharon

that you have been there for Ryan. I was happy when I read your blog here about him, but can't even begin to say how I felt when Ryan blogged personally this evening! At first disbelief, then just pure joy that he was back and sharing with us again! Thanks for helping him and being there for him in whatever ways you did to help him get to this point!
Know you're enjoying your days w/your boys, including Damian, there on the west coast. Hope it's a vacation for you too.

newbie here! Just wanted to

newbie here! Just wanted to say that I hope yer troubles are conquered and that they "scorched the damn bugger who started in on you"! I truly am amazed by yer gifted voice and fun lovin' spirit boy-o...ye've the heart of a true bard laddie!!and I have the hheart of a wolf-bitch.lol bern 'em to hell.. oh and the celtics rule!!


So sorry for Ryan's problems. Hope he will be back.
Also want to say that my granddaughter and I love your shows and singers. So nice to watch a show and be able to hear the singers over the music.
Phil Coulter is amazing. I love his songs and the way the instruments are brought into the music. So masterfully done.

Keep up the good work.

Ryan news

Thank you so much Sharon for talking with us, the fans. We all feel like Celtic Thunder Family, we are so relieved that Ryan is sounding happy again! Back where he belongs... his CT home. I realize this has also be a burden for you. You are in our prayers and thoughts. God Bless You .

Your Friend,


threats by "fans"/stalkers

Unfortunately, this can be a very real situation - all we have to do is look at past celebrities that have lost their lives to these stalkers, as well as the celebrities that even today have to get the authorities involved in order to protect themselves and their families!
CT fans have been so fortunate to have this site and the other methods of keeping in touch with you and the guys, Sharon. But it's too bad that there are those that become obsessed with celebrities and feel they own them.
Continue to keep your eyes open and looking out for each other. We need to have the Celtic Thunder family happy and safe.
Looking forward to the Oct. 9th concert in Jacksonville, FL.
thanks for all you do,

Sending all the best to Ryan,

Sending all the best to Ryan, yes all of us fans were shocked and confused that he just stepped away but he did what he had to do, its sad that people get so crazy that they set out to destroy someone's life like that. Ryan may the person or person's who hurt you and caused all the stress and sadness be punished and may your trust be restored, we all support you no matter what.. Sending nothing but wellness, happiness and love we all hope that one day you can return and share all your amazing talent with us again...


Thanks for the update on Ryan. What a horrible couple of months it has been for him!
A betrayal of trust is an excrutiatingly painful experience to go through. It's good to know he is in back in proper contact with family, friends and the CT family. I wish him the best and hope he eventually finds his way back to CT.


Time to Live Our Lives

Whether the danger was real or perceived, what a nightmare this has become. Being "trusting" is a wonderful quality, and it's unfortunate to find the words "too trusting" together, because in a perfect world, there would be no such thing as too trusting.

Celtic Thunder is supposed to be for entertainment, not a free for all. A fan near me at a west coast CT show told me it was a fact that she was going to marry Ryan. It was not funny but a little scary, because she seemed to have ventured too far on a delusional road. Ryan's tragic episode should be a wake-up call: we fans have no business in celebrities' private lives. While meddling in others' business, our own lives are suspended. Why not spend our precious time loving those around us and doing something useful.

To Ryan, I wish much happiness... and a return to CT if possible.

Very well said, Daniella.

Very well said, Daniella.


Much agreed

Much agreed, Daniella. Very nice post.

News about Ryan

Thank you for sharing the news about Ryan. I am sorry to hear that he and his family are having difficulties and, I hope everything is resolved soon. I am also looking forward to the day when Ryan returns to Celtic Thunder, but in the meantime, I hope he and his family are safe and sound and that Ryan knows he has many, many fans who love and miss his sweet smiling face and wonderful singing voice. Thank you and Mr. Colter so much for putting together such a talented group of young men, including the new faces that have replaced Ryan and Paul. Still they both will be missed greatly in the upcoming show.

Loretta Ebner


Thank you for sharing the info that you could. It does explain a lot! Please let Ryan know that I wish him well and look forward to any thing he does in the future. I wish him well in his personal life too. He deserves to be happy and should know that his true fans respect his privacy. Love you Ryan!!


Thank you Sharon for letting us know about Ryan. I have been so worried about him since his sudden departure from everything and everyone. Cannot believe someone would be so cruel as to be a threat to anyone. I hope Ryan is doing well and that whoever has done this gets what they deserve. Please tell Ryan that there are alot of people in his corner and that we all wish him the very best.


Thank You for letting us know about Ryan.
I will be praying for him and asking God to give Ryan
strength and surround him with love.

Kathy Miller
Gaithersburg, Maryland

ryan kelly

sorry to hear that ryan is having a bad time i don't know the details but glad he and his family is safe. hope the person or persons are dealt with quickly and that he can come back to celtic thunder some time soon if that is what he wants to do our prayers are with him and his family. he is a great singer well we love all the lads in celtic thunder they are great


Thanks so much, Sharon, for letting us know that Ryan is on the mend and with those he loves most. My heart pains to think of all that he has had to endure. My heart is also lifted by knowing Ryan is safe with family & friends. I hope he knows we love and support him. We all keep him & his family in our prayers daily. Those responsible for this evil will be held accountable for their actions, both in this world and the next. I hope and pray that Ryan will return to his music with perhaps a new solo cd. Music is in Ryan's soul and talent of his magnitude should be shared with the world again. I hope Ryan is able to read all these comments so that he will know how much we love him. Thank you again, Sharon. Love Patty


It saddens me to know that anybody would want to hurt or even threaten such a Sweet man. I count myself lucky to have met him when I did. My children and I consider him like one of our family.I keep him in my daily prayers because he is my friend/brother from now til the end times.So sharon please send (((HUGS))) to him from me & mine : )


Thank you so much for the update on Ryan. We only are privy to such a small portion of their career - we may not really understand or appreciate the personal expense when it comes to the sacrifices or pressures of being in the bright public light. Our prayers go out not only to Ryan and his family but to all of you who bring us such wonderful entertainment- Those in the limelight and Those behind the scenes.
To each and every one of you: Please guard your hearts, your health and your well being.
Best of luck with your upcoming tour. We’ll see you soon!


Thank you Sharon for the update on Ryan. Nobody should have to go thru what he has. My heart hurts for him. He is a beautiful person and I as a fan wish him only the best and that these trials are behind him soon and he can continue his life in whatever way he wants. I admit he is my favorite (although I love all the guys) and I might be selfish to hope he comes back to CT. He has to do what is best for him. Right now he is with family and friends where he can heal and feel safe. Bless him and bless you Sharon for helping him also. Please let him know he is loved by his TRUE FANS.


So much I want to say. But I will say I am glad he is getting a little peace at the moment. True friends and support always. Sending my love and well wishes. Music is in your soul. Hopefully you can return to it in one for or another. Love always, Wendi

Balance needed

Thank you, Sharon, for sharing what information you could comfortably share. So many people wanted to at least know that Ryan was well and safe. Please assure him that the enormous outpouring of love and admiration his fans have showered out on him at concerts and on-line is just as real as any threat to the safety and well-being of himself and his loved ones. The love for exceptional, good-hearted Ryan will prevail, and hopefully, justice will done to rid him of these malevolent parties. God protect him.


Sharon, thank you so much for updating us about Ryan. I had tears in my eyes reading your blog about what happened to him. I had no idea things were that bad. My heart breaks for all he's had to endure. Please let him know his fans are still here, and support him and the decisions he makes going forward. Glad he's back home - home is where we all go to heal. And his Mum's Ulster Fry will help! The support of his great family and great friends - including the CT group - will help him get through it all. I have been and will continue to keep Ryan in my prayers. Whether he comes back to the public eye in some capacity, his fans will be here.

Thank you for all you do for CT and all the lads. You are their lynchpin. Due to some mobility and other boring health issues, I am unable to attend any performances in person, but very much enjoy watching the DVDs, and listening to their incredible music. I very much appreciate your bringing Celtic Thunder to the world.

Wishing you and Celtic Thunder continued success,


Thank you so much for letting us know how he is. I can only speak for myself; but I am sad and angry to know that people and things have managed to hurt (not completely physically; but mentally) someone whom I have never met but to me is genuine and would not do anything to hurt others. It is unnerving to know that things were taken to far to where he had to cut himself off of the things and people that he loves. I am very happy to know that he is doing as well as can be expected and that he is keeping in touch with you and the CT guys. I only wish that I could write to him and let him know that we (his true fans) appreciate him and really miss him. I know alot of people will be commenting on your letter because we truly care about all of the guys and what they are going through; but if you or anyone you are associated with would please tell him how we; well I feel. I hope that he will be able to continue with his life in a normal fashion and be able to sing and be in public again. I really miss him. Thanks again for all you do; I know your life is crazy right now; but WOW...what a ride. I wish I could join in that craziness with you but I am just a small piece in this big pie of life. Thank you also for keeping us informed....Its the only way I know what is going on:). Wish Damian luck for me...I will be watching and praying. All the best with Love and Prayers.



Thank you for your information concerning Ryan. So sorry he has gone thru this. Hope him nothing but the best along with his family. Hope to see him real soon with Celtic Thunder again. gail crews eden nc


Thanks for your information regarding Ryan. I knew in my heart of hearts that it had to be something huge for Ryan to leave a job he so loved so much. It didn't make sense.

Now we have it and how bloody awful that he had to run into someone who took advantage of his good nature. I hope the individual or individuals who planned this deception or what ever it was are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Terrorism at it's best is to play head games!

As like the others, please let Ryan know how much he is missed. I hope he and his family are healing and that he finds the world a much kinder place for him going forward.

Please pass along my families best wishes him and his family.

Ryan news


Thanks so much for sharing this information with all of us. I had a feeling it was a sensitive situation, but didn't think it would be anything this serious.

In any event, I am glad to know that things are going smoothly for Mr. Kelly once again. Justice will certainly be served for someone messing with our 'Dark Destroyer.' Smile Take care Ryan, and God Bless!


Thank you for sharing that news. It makes me so sad that people feel the need to threaten others and their families. I am sure Ryan loved performing and then to have this on his shoulders is unfair while he is doing something that he loves. I am glad that he did what he needed to do and I am glad that things are looking up for him. He will forever be a part of Celtic Thunder and we all love him!! Keep your head up Ryan!

Sending best wishes to Ryan

Sharon, thank you so much for sharing your update with Ryan. I feel so bad for what Ryan has had to endure. It must have been a very scary occurance. Please let Ryan know his Celtic Thunder fans stand behind him and wish him nothing but happiness and health. NO PERFORMER should have to experience what he has gone through. Glad to hear Ryan is back to himself. Thanks to Celtic Thunder FAMILY for being there for him and each other. A fan for life. - Dar xo

Thanks for the update about

Thanks for the update about Ryan.
I have been praying for Ryan and his family ever since he left. I wasn't sure of the details of why he left but knew something had to really wrong for him to leave the way he did. I'm so saddened to think someone could do that to him or any member of CT. I'm glad to know things are better for him. I know he has wonderful support around him and all will be well. Ryan, his family, friends, and All the CT family will be in my prayers.

I love it when the Good Guy wins!!!

Thank you Sharon for your clarification. It is much appreciated by all.

What a senseless, malicious tragedy. In the "bubble" that I live in, it is easy to forget that there is truly evil out in the world. Everyone endures hurt, loss, betrayal and trying times - but nothing to this extent. It is bad enough to fear for your own life, but to fear for the safety of your loved ones has to be the worst kind of pain. I can't imagine the damage that has been done to Ryan, his family and his friends and I pray for comfort, healing and joy for them all.

Through tragedy, life lessons are often learned - this is no exception. I am too quick to judge, too quick to think the worst, too quick to write people off. Although no sane person could have come up with this terrible scenario, when things just don't make sense there is probably a reason - don't just assume. "Walk a mile in their shoes" comes to mind. I know I will think of this often.

So in this battle of Good vs evil - the Good Guy wins!!! Thank God he is blessed with loving, corageous and steadfast family and friends. I hope that Ryan is encouraged by the outpouring of love and well wishes from everyone. One day at a time!

I think I'll buy a new RK mug to celebrate with - Cheers!!!

Ryan Kelly

Thank you Sharon for the update. We are still big Ryan Kelly fans and hope he will return to the fold. He is a terrific entertainer and showman. Please give him our blessings and good wishes.


Sharon, thank you so much for the update and I will continue to be in prayer for Ryan, his family & friends. Please let him know that he is loved and supported by his true fans and we only want the best for him.


One more thanks to you

One more thanks to you Sharon, and Ryan, for posting this small update. I'm quite certain it was done with Ryan's blessing. To say it's been a rough few months on the fan side is an understatement, but when comparing that to what Ryan himself has gone thru it's probably been more like a walk in the park for us. Hopefully as the legal investigation proceeds to a conclusion Ryan will again be able to return to the music that he loves and perform with CT or even on his own. Somehow I think the songwriter in him will be bursting at the seams to put these trying times behind him and embark on a new chapter of songs in the near future.

Good luck and God speed to you Ryan in anything you do.


THANK YOU Sharon, for the update on Ryan's situation. Your factual assessment is welcome, and I as a fan appreciate it.

TO RYAN: If you're keeping up with fan comment, know that we continue to support you, pray for you, would like to encourage you to take up your music and your career and move to a better place in life. "This, too, shall pass."

Thinking of you Ryan

Ryan if you read these blogs I want you to know I have thought about you a million times and have prayed that you were okay! I don't know what happened and it is non of my business. I do know there are zillions of us who care about you and would NEVER harm you. Unfortunately there will always be the crazies out there who should be locked up but the prison system can't contain all the lunatics!! I'm really going to miss seeing you this Dec. in Minneapolis but I know you have to do what is best for you and I respect that. That said I wish only the best for you and I hope you find peace and happiness. I will be praying for your comfort! God Bless!! SHARON: You are 1 in a million! I don't know how you find enough hours in the day to do all you do! I think I am speaking for all the true CT fans when I say THANK YOU for the updates and especially THANK YOU for keeping CT such a great family oriented group! The guys all seem to be amazing and I know I will always be a fan!! Take some time for yourself and enjoy your sons! See you all in December in Minneapolis---I will be the one clapping and yelling the LOUDEST!!! xxx Smile


♥♥♥ Praying for Ryan! ♥♥♥, that he can somehow, one day move on and put ALL of this negativity behind him, I have a feeling it will be a long road but he is a positive thinker and can accomplish this too "In Time".

Thank you Sharon for shedding a little bit of light on this subject for me. I don't and never will require all details but just knowing that Ryan is home, safe and sound helps me tremendously.


Proud member of the East Coast Thunderheads!