Damian - February 10, 2011


Just a heads up, Damian will be posting a blog probably today or tomorrow.

After this blog you will not be hearing from Damian for quite some time. He missed a lot of college when he was on the fall tour and too much socialising since he got back!!!!

He is now grounded and will have no phone and no internet for the foreseeable future, so no twitter, no FB, no blogs, no playing with computers.

It's work, work, work. He was warned if he let his grades drop he'd be in huge trouble so he has to put his head down now and study.

He'll be back eventually just not for a while folks, I'm sure all the Mammies out there will be just fine with this!!!!




It's sad to not have Damian but school is also important (unfortunately) so good luck and hope to see you in Celtic Thunder again soon! Your music is always on my mind, lots of love from America.

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Haha aw, poor Damian!

Had to do the same thing when I was taking an online Chemistry course a few months ago Tongue It makes life horribly boring, but it feels fantastic when you're finally done! Tell Damian to keep his head up & that we're all praying that he passes his exams w/ flying colors Smile



I am crying but I guess I will be fine... When are his exams anyway?? I wish they would hurry!! Good Luck comin Damo's way!!! <3


Wish Damian well with his studies. We will all miss his blogs, he is so much fun and a lovely young man. Good luck Damian and we wait for all the good news on your marks. HILPAM Damian's Canadian Granny!

"He is now grounded and will

"He is now grounded and will have no phone and no internet for the foreseeable future, so no twitter, no FB, no blogs, no playing with computers."

You mean that actually works over there??? Wow. Maybe we need to send our freshman college student to Ireland. LOL

farewell, for now...

My goodness, does this sound so familiar! I certainly understand the need for our boy to take a step back from his electronics and other things, to concentrate on his studies. I am having to do the same thing so that I get my own homework done in the correct time frame. Post-secondary education is difficult, even in the best of circumstances, and having to repeat classes is not only time-consuming, but expensive as well, and having to repeat more than one or two can really devastate your financial plans for your degree. I had to repeat only one class so far, here in Florida, and the extra time hit me with a bill close to two thousand dollars. Being on a fixed income, having to do this more than once would jeopardize my plans immensely, and I would think that Damian's parents are dealing with similar issues. Obviously Damian can cover a good portion of the fees himself, but his parents might need to handle a portion as well. Also, my dad used to tell me to not take a class or sign up for instruction if I have no intention of finishing. It wastes the teacher's time, and the student's time, and will send a message of hopelessness through the class.

Good luck on your studies, Damian...we'll be right here when you come back......

Sunshine hugs from the Sunshine State!

Elaine Leas-Manyoki

i think this is in the best

i think this is in the best interest of Damian to be unplugged for a while. i thank you Sharon for telling us and i thank Damian for telling us why he will not be online for a while, becuase you truly did not have to tell us why. His parents did the right thing, and i think it may have brought him a bit more back to reality. i disagree with the people who read this and say,"Oh, poor Damian, he's grounded." He is lucky his parents and Sharon are looking out for him like they are. I also disagree with the people who say that,"Damian should leave CT, since its interfering with school". They do not have the slightest idea what his life is like and how CT affects it. its just like his leaving certificate exams a few years ago. we all know he is super smart and he will do fine and be back soon. thanks to his parents and Sharon he has a very bright future ahead of him, no matter what he decides to do later on.

Damien's grounding

His parents should be commended, and hope he appreciates that someone cares about his future...there is nothing better than an education, it is something no one can take away from you, will miss the messages, but the big picture is his future and he should come through with flying colors once he settles down...your boys are all hard workers and so very nice....love everything you do...


Sharon, in case I haven't told you lately, you are awesome! I think it says alot about you and Phil to put so much emphasis on Damian's education. He has a good head on his shoulders, and is obviously very intelligent, but even intelligent, well-rounded young men need to get their head in the game when it comes down to it. I am not a "Mammie," but I definitely see the logic behind what you are doing. I have every confidence that, just as in the past, his grades will be stellar, but he needs to study hard and keep his priorities in the correct order. CT fans should be grateful that the lads have someone who looks out for their welfare, and doesn't expect them to forget about what's really important and concentrate on being "pop stars." OOOH, I HATE THAT TERM! If anyone ever calls the lads "pop stars," I'll have to scream! Keep things in focus, Sharon, and protect our boys. That's what really matters after all. Love, Regina


As a teacher and parent wanting my kids (at home and school) to succeed I can appreciate this decision by both Sharon and Damos parents. I am so going to use this example in my own school when talking to students and my own boys about the importance of their education no matter who you are. We are striving here to be the type of parents that can make tough decisions and hope we are raising the type of kids who understand consequences for certain actions and accept those consequences when they arise. I am sure Damian will get with it and concentrate on getting things done. So good luck Damian and work hard so that you can return soon!




I know this is for his own good. He needs to study and get good grades so he can follow his goals set for himself. However, what does this mean to Celtic Thunder? Will he be able to go on the fall tour this year? It seems that there are so many changes going on. First Paul left, Ryan is working on another solo album, George is working on a solo album, Keith is just Keith, no telling what he is doing. I just wonder what is going on with the group as a whole.

Thank you


Damian wish you luck

Please get back on track young man, you're the only one I didn't meet . Would like to do that. There's a time for fun and time for work. I know I speak for quite a few people out there when I say We know you can do it! Now get cracking! you'll thank Sharon and your folks later. Good luck and We will ALL see you in the fall.


Sharon, With me, it was the daughter. Miss social-butterfly-cheerleader-party girl. Oy! Never wish to relive those years! Good for the McGinty parents. A deal is a deal! Damian will thank them later. Wink
Maggie Costello

I want to dance 'til the very last day...


I had a 13 year old, who loves to socialize and sit on the computer, and text her little fingers off as well. So I do understand what and why his parents had to do this. And agree totally, I have had that conversation more times than I care to remember. My little red head can be very stubborn at times. God luck to you Damian, a little hard work ever hurt anyone. Get your grades up and all will be good for you.. xxxxx

Damian is a smart young man

Damian is a smart young man and he will buckle down and get back on track! He can handle school and CT. Having his parents, Sharon and Phil all on the same page is the impetus he needs. He will work hard to ensure his continued participation in CT and to get that degree.


Sharon - I also had a chuckle when I read this. I'm sure he will do well. I hope he gets one day off a week to play though. The mind and body need a little rest now and then. Ha ha - so cute! We will miss his endearing tweets and blogs. I'm saying prayers he will do well in school and then he can bust loose again! He's such a special person....we just adore him. I'd love a son like him. I have a wonderful son, but he's more serious and isn't as entertaining as Damian. Damian is in love with the world and the world is loving him back. It's all good.

You gotta do what you gotta do

I coundn't help but laugh a little when i heard Damian was grounded. Not in a mean way but it shows even though he's famous he's still is normal and still old enough to get grounded. It's a good thing he's going back to college and seeing him take responsibility. Good luck Damian! I hope for the best. (:

Damian Joseph McGinty

Damian Joseph McGinty....isn't that how we call our children when they're in a bit of trouble Smile Yes, Sharon....all the Mom's (and Grandma's) are all right with this course of action. Damian is lucky to have so many people who love him and are willing to do what's best for him, even if it's difficult at the time. Damian is a sensible young man who has had a good upbringing and I'm sure he realizes that this is the right thing to do. Wishing him all the best with his studies and looking forward to his return to the forum Smile


We will miss all his twitters and blogs, but as a mom I quite understand. He seems like a smart boy, so I'm sure he'll do just fine. I've got 3 collage grads and you're as proud as can be when they finish.

As a Mom I remember those

As a Mom I remember those college years--not easy on a Mom either. Good for you and Mrs M. Hit the books Damien and will "see" you when you get back.

Poor Damian

Well, between the tour, the holidays, the partying and the cruise something had to give. Time to get to work and get those grades up. Good thing your parents and Sharon are keeping tabs on you. Study hard and when you are through we will all be here. We will miss those funny little tweets though. Barbara Smile


I am a 6th grader so I know how important it is to get school done. My dad is a teacher to, so if I do not get my homework done I am grounded. I just hope Damian gets caught up and off grounding so he can be back with CT. Because when Paul left I just got a feeling that it would not be as good, and not the same anymore. If Damian leaves too I would be devastated. Ct would definitely not be the same anymore and that would mean that only three out of the five singers the started CT would be left. So I hope you get caught up Damian, and stay with CT forever! Wink Just keep getting your stuff done!

Paul's little 6th grader *Liz*


At first when I read Sharon's blog, I chuckled cause kids will be kids. But seriously, this is for the best. Once Damian has his schoolwork up to par and has it under control, he will be back on track. Like others have said, he has his whole life ahead of him and having a degree under your belt will open up many doors and it's a comforting feeling having a college education.....it's certainly what you need in this day and age. We will miss his cute little messages and will be waiting patiently for him to get the job done and get back online. Nance from Binghamton

school days

Damiam can do both school and CT. He's smart and has shown he can be successful. The rest of it can wait till later on down the road..

Thank you Sharon for

Thank you Sharon for supporting this decision.

Will miss Damian's humor.

Will miss Damian's humor. Thank goodness his parents are such good role models. No matter how famous, it's good to know his family cares so much about him and his future.

Been There Done That

Damian my parents would have done the exact same thing. You will thank them later. Trust me on this. Roll up those sleeves and have at 'er. You're a smart lad and I have every faith you will be finished in no time! Lookin' forward to your blog.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the heads-up.

Sometimes taking away privileges really does work when it comes to school. I've just recently earned my computer, phone and i-pod back because I wasn't doing alot of my schoolwork. I had them taken away from me for a month and within that time my grades did improve. So hopefully Damian will get his game back together and won't have to leave CT..


Some times tough love hurts (all involved), but in the big picture it's GREAT to know you have people who love you so much that they keep you accountable to them and to yourself. I am sure Damian will look back and love them for that.


You see, this is the difference between Damian McGinty - Miley Cirus, Lindsey Loham and Brittney Spears.

Damian has been taught to behave. These other stars have not and they are train wrecks.

This is why Damian will be around for many years while the others will be living in homeless shelters soon.

Damian & School

Hooray for his parents!! It's wonderful to know they feel a college education is still important!!

teachers, too!

So glad Damian will be digging in and getting his studying done. As a former teacher, I so approve. Glad for his parents' decision. We will be here when he gets it all done, of course. In the mean time, he is on our mind and in our prayers. I, personally am praying for the self discipline to do what he must do and for Damian to experience joy in his studies, in learning. 2nd Timothy 2:15. Appreciate the heads up.

Then I Guess

Then I guess it is time for Damian to leave Celtic Thunder as it is interfering with his education. That is what I would do if I were his parents. Education comes first. You can use one of CT2 people to take his place.

RIght now Damian is grounded

RIght now Damian is grounded to prioritise his education. I'm confident he will pick up his grades again. If he didn't I would fire him and he has always known that. Damian's grades in his GCSE's were the highest grades he had ever achieved in school. This was down to the one on one tutoring provided for him to make sure his education didn't suffer. And the very real threat that his future with CT would be over if he didn't make his GSCE's. I'm a mother and I put education before ambition and dreams of any kids.

Damian will be fine, He's a good kid and he's smart. He turned 18 in September, that's a milestone age in Ireland and Damian has taken full advantage and neglected his studies. That's done with now and he knows it. He's fine with this and will catch up. Until then CT takes a back seat and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Damian's parents and I have always been on the same page on this.


Damian and School

I want to start by agreeing that school is very important,but I think thete is more to this then anyone is saying. I think this no phone, computer, and no games etc. is really extreme! sounds to me like someone dorsn't want Damian communicating with his fans or anyone else. I think it is a bit harsh for Sharon to say that "he knew what he had to do" or else I'd fire him, well you Sharon knew when you chose him for CT at 14 that he would need to balance CT with his studies and so did his parents, thats a lot to ask of a kid.
My question is how did it get to this point before anyone made such a drastic decision. I think it's counter productive to keep changing the faces of CT, and heve any of you even heard whether or not Damian will be going to Austraila or be on the fall Heritage Tour?,no you haven't.I don't see how you can release a CD and DVD of heritage with Damian on it but replace him for the tour.
I think people will soon get tired of all these changes and CT will suffer for it, notice everything about CT is tightly controlled, even when Paul left it was like pulling teeth to get any answers , now it's Damian and the so called reason is Oh he needs to concentrate on his studies. I know a lot of young people who go to school and work, it is done all the time!


You know it seems that this young man has done a bang up job for you and CT,this last tour schedule was hectic for all the guys,but did you really expect Damian or any teenager to fit in all he had to do for CT and study? I think that was a lot to ask of such a young man. I find it very cold for you to say "well he knew this was going to happen if he didn't keep up his studies" to threaten to fire this kid after all he's put in to CT is cold.
I understand school is important and everyone agrees with that, but honestly you never thouht this could become a problem?
I think if you keep changing the face of CT your going to loose a lot of fans,again people tend to like the originals not remakes! I mean you've lost Paul now Damian whose next? Damian did his job for you and CT and yes he reaped the benefits, but so did you, it seems that if his grades were falling he should not have been allowed to go on Phils cruise but again was it money or Damians future at play here, surely you all knew about his studies when he went on the cruise.
I think micro-managing peoples lives can be a dangerous thing they tend to resent it,yes Damian knew what was required of him and it just seems that he had a lot to juggle concerts, touring, promo's tell me when did he have time to study?


Damian hasn't been fired and his parents are the ones who grounded him. I doubt Sharon had anything to do with that, beyond agreeing with his parents. Parents need to set boundaries for children and it looks like Damian's parents did that and stuck by their rules.

--Staci --
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Hello Hobbyt
I think you should read Sharon's blog she did say she'd fire him if he didn't buckle down and study tell me why did they let it go this long?
I don't think Damian is coming back to Ct and this was a great reason to give for that. I mean don't you think any kid would have tried to get his studying done with the threat of being fired hanging over him, please give me a break.
Sharon said she believes scool is more important the fame and Ct she really should have thought about that when she picked him at 14. Irelans in a terrible financial state with a corrupt goverment and Irelands broke what kind of opportunities do you think are out for Ireland's young people, Damian would have a more secure future doing what he does best and finding financial security now then depending on future opportunites in Ireland

I get grounded on a regular

I get grounded on a regular basis...what difference is there between Daian getting grounded for a while for failing than me getting grounded for a while for failing?

It's just getting grounded, millions of kids are affected by it every day. No one's dying or anything...

Nice response, Sharon. On one

Nice response, Sharon. On one hand I'm amazed that Damian would even risk everything by testing his parents and you on this, but on the other hand....I've raised two boys and watched so many others grow up - not all that unusual I guess. I believe you, he'll be fine. And back chatting and sharing in no time. Smile

As A Parent

Sharon I'm happy to see others value a good education. No one knows what comes tomorrow and if all Damian has is CT, if something should happen to his voice, God forbid, he would have nothing set to fall back to. He's shown himself very capable to buckle down and get the school work done and get good grades too. I have no doubt Damian will work hard to get those grades up. I find if you don't expect much from kids or young people, they don't either. Thank you for thinking beyond CT for Damian. Great lessons learned by Damian and maybe this will encourage some of his fans to push forward and beyond in their schooling. Come on Damian!!! Fall 2011 Tour awaits you. Get that work done and do it well!!! We're all pulling for you!!

"Maybe it's bred in the bone, but the sound of pipes is a little bit of heaven to some of us."
~By Nancy O'Keeefe~

[=#00BF00]Proud Member California

Thanks Sharon

That someone would even suggest that Damian leave CT just because his grades dropped a little is pretty drastic. He is far from the only teenager who has had this problem - and whose parent have dealt with it in a similar way. I know a few myself who were banned from all cell phone, Wifi and computer usage because of dropping grades. They were able to get their grades back up AND now have learned to balance things in their life. They should not have been banned forever from their friends and things they love. I agree with Damian's parents - and we all know that Sharon is almost like a second mother to him - he DID stay with her and her family early on when they were preparing for the first show in Dublin. Smile Love

Have you lost your mind???

Have you lost your mind???

As a grand

As a grandmother I've seen this happen when my daughter had to put her foot down with my now 24 year old granddaughter who went to The Vancouver Film School snd finally got her degree in the art of makeup for the film industry, although she has never put it to use as she met and married her soul mate and to date has made me a proud great granny of 2 with number 3 on the way, but that degre is there if and when she needs it. So yes I totally agree with Sharon and what mom and dad McGinty are with Damian.----Damian You need that degree to fall back on as none of us knows what God has in store for us, so please buckle down and you will be caught up before you know it.

In That Case

In that case he should drop out of CT as it is obviously interfering with his education. The focus should be on his education. If touring with CT is causing him to fall behind with his college work then CT should go.

Not necessary to drop out of CT

I think the hope here is that he can do both CT and his education if he works really hard at both...........perhaps it's the socializing that may have to take a back seat for a while. I think if his career with CT and his education are important to him..............he can do it Smile

) :

): wish he would have kept up with his work. i dont have facebook or anything so this was the only place i could hear about him, but i'm glad his parents care about him and his grades and i hope he gets something out of it. i would be upset if i couldn't get on the computer because that's the only place i can listen to celtic thunder!! feel sorry for him but its not the end of the world.

Thank you for the heads-up on

Thank you for the heads-up on Damian. I wondered what happened to his FB page. Now I know.