Celtic Thunder Christmas on PBS - November 5, 2010

Hello everyone,

Because we only filmed the Christmas show in late September, (hadn't intended to use it until next year!), it's late for PBS stations to schedule it.

It would be enormously helpful if you could all phone your local PBS station and ask them when they will be airing the "New Celtic Thunder Christmas Special". If the demand is there, they are more likely to schedule it.

Back in NY, flight was very long today for some reason an hour and a half longer than usual. Back on a plane again in the morning to the west coast to the tour.

Speaking of which, before I left there was a lot of slagging going on in the crew because a lot of you know our Chief Carpenter and Stage Manager Dave Greene and fans frequently recognise him or call out if they see him during set changes.

So..... the ones giving him all the slagging are our Monitor Engineer Andreas Linde-Buchner. His job is to organise the playback that the performers all hear in their in ears during the show. Every day he has to set up, find a frequency available (takes time as there are always so many TV Stations, Radio Stations etc using different frequencies. During rehearsals he spends a day or two when we run every number and he tweaks the level of Orchestra track, each member of the band and each of the singers for every song, for every singer and performer on stage until they are happy with the various levels they are hearing in each song so they are comfortable with what they hear to perform best themselves. He's a German man, tall, dark hair and sits stage left (which is just to the right of the stage you see sitting in the audience.

Behind him is David Shimer, he is our Pro-Tools engineer and programmes all the Orchestra tracks etc to blend with the live Strings, Band and Singers to send to the Front of House Engineer who controls the volume levels of each sound to get the best level for each sound to make the whole show sound great to the audience. Different buildings have different acoustics so this has to be "sound checked" at every new venue every day to get it right.

Like all the crew on Celtic Thunder, they all work very hard but have a lot of laughs too. Just thought I'd introduce you to two more crew members so Dave isn't the only one recognised anymore or the only one getting slagged for being recognised...



WOW, the Celtic Thunder

WOW, the Celtic Thunder Christmas would really be rocking, i know that for sure...

PBS Station Response (so far)

Here's what stations will be broadcasting the Christmas Show. (I hope I got them all)

I thought this might be helpful to know what stations still need to be contacted.

AR - AETN1 12/02/10 22:30
AR - AETN1 12/05/10 18:00
AR - AETN2 12/11/10 20:26
AR - AETN1 12/12/10 12:00
AR - AETN2 12/12/10 16:00
AZ - KAET 12/1/2010 19:00
AZ - KAET 12/1/2010 22:00
CA - KOCE 11/29/2010 22:00
CA - KPBS 12/11/2010
CA - KVIE December Unknown
CT - CPTV 12/24/2010 22:30
CT - CPTV 12/25/2010 10:30
FL (Tampa) - WEDU Not Airing
IL - WTTW 11/27/2010 19:00
MA - WGBY 11/28/2010 21:30
MI (Detroit) Unknown *waiting on release
NE November Unknown
NE December Unknown
NH - NHPTV 12/2/2010 4:00
NH - NHPTV 12/3/2010 20:00
NH - NHPTV 12/4/2010 1:00
NY - WMHT Not Airing
PA - WPSU 12/4/2010 19:00
PA - WQED 11/27/2010 22:00
PA - WQED 11/28/2010 1:30
SC - SCETV 11/28/2010 afternoon
TX - KERA 11/28/2010 20:30
TX (Austin) 12/5/2010
VT Unknown
WA - KBTC 11/24/2010 20:00
WA - KBTC 11/26/2010 20:00
WA - KBTC 11/26/2010 21:30
WA - KCTS 11/30/2010 21:00
WA - WSPS 12/1/2010 20:30
WA - KCTS 12/4/2010 20:30
WA - KYVE 12/4/2010 20:30
WA - KCTS 12/6/2010 19:00
WA - KYVE 12/6/2010 19:00
WA DC - WETA 12/2/2010 21:00
WA DC - WETA 12/3/2010 14:00

PBS Airing of Xmas Show

After nagging my PBS station in Austin, TX for weeks, I finally got a confirmation that the CT Xmas Show will air December 5!

KAET Phoenix

Just heard back from KAET here in Phoenix,

Thank you for writing to Eight. We appreciate hearing from those interested in public television and its programs.

Eight will air “Celtic Thunder Christmas” at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, December 1. The program will repeat the same evening at 10:00 pm.

We value program suggestions from our viewers and we appreciate knowing what you enjoy watching. I have forwarded your letter to our Programming Department for their review and consideration.

Thank you again for writing and we hope you continue to enjoy the wide variety of programs available on Eight

I was glad to hear that it made it to the schedule...now to pass that information along any way I can.

Public Broadcasting

WMHT, Schenectady, NY has decided NOT to air The Christmas Show, since they have other Celtic shows scheduled. I told them it was not a Celtic show but a Christmas show, but to no avail.

North Texas PBS showing

Sarah Walker of KERA TV replied: "The Celtic Thunder Christmas program will be premiering November 28 at 8:30pm with some repeats later in the week."


SCETV (Columbia SC) will be showing it on November 28th in the afternoon. The very nice receptionist said that it would likely be worked it at other times as well.

Looking forward to the Atlanta concert and maybe even the Charlotte concert (although if I manage to go to the Charlotte concert I'll have to tape the PBS showing) Smile


Just rec'd an email from WETA (Washington, DC.) They will be airing CT Christmas:
December2 @ 9pm
December 3 @ 2pm

WQED and WPSU Celtic Thunder Christmas

WPSU-It will air on 12/4 at 7pm.
WQED-The program "Celtic Thunder Christmas" will be aired on Saturday Nov. 27 at 10 pm. and Sunday Nov. 28 at 1:30 am. The programs will include pledge breaks in between.

So yes, but some really weird times. Hopefully they will add more showings.



Turns out things are way more complicated than we realize! The guys don't just warm up their voices, put on a headset, and start singing! Kudos to everyone who works so hard behind the scenes Smile

CT airing on CPTV in Connecticut

Sharon and all CT Fans:

Just received the response from CPTV below:

Thank you for your recent email inquiring about the new Celtic Thunder Christmas special.
I am happy to share that we will be airing the program
Friday, December 24th at 10:30pm and
Saturday, December 25th at 10:30am.
We may add additional dates but for now these are the 2 confirmed dates.

Hooray! Airing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, what a wonderful way to start the festivities for those days! It pays to ask!


Detroit PBS & Christmas Show

Hello, Sharon. I just called PBS in Detroit and I was told if they get a release on the Christmas Show, then they can air it. It all depends on when they get the permission to air the show. I was also told she has had a lot of calls about this very issue the last few days. I did not have the heart to tell her it was your army of people taking a stand and demanding our Celtic Thunder!!! HAHAHA.It did sound promising for some air time if a release can happen in time. She also stated that some stations do have their releases and are airing the show, so what can I do to help get the release for Detroit's PBS? All you have to do is ask ask and we do our best. THANKS!!!!

Kpbs san diego

At the opening of last Friday's show, the head of our local SD PBS station got on stage and said that due to popular request and continued support, they would be airing the CT Christmas show on December 11th.

WEDU Tampa

I got an email back from WEDU in Tampa stating that they currently have no plans to air Celtic Thunder Christmas. We really need to work on them! Here is the link to their webpage:




call too

don't forget to call them too, calling is very effective.


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It's on the schedule for WQED in Pittsburgh!

Hi Sharon,

I received the following today in response to my inquiry:

"Thank you for contacting WQED. We appreciate hearing from those interested in public broadcasting.

The program "Celtic Thunder Christmas" will be aired on Saturday Nov. 27 at 10 pm. and Sunday Nov. 28 at 1:30 pm. There will be pledge breaks in between the programs.

Thank you again for contacting WQED."

Good job, WQED-Pittsburgh for getting the new show on the schedule for the start of the holiday season!! Smile



Thank you for contacting New Hampshire Public Television. We will be airing the Celtic Thunder Christmas Show in December-here is a link to our schedule for the program: http://www.nhptv.org/schedule/summary.aspx?progId=220367. I hope that you enjoy the show again!

Broadcast times for this episode:
Thu, Dec 2 @ 4:00 A.M.
Fri, Dec 3 @ 8:00 P.M.
Sat, Dec 4 @ 1:00 A.M.

vermont pbs

I emailed the Vermont PBS and they emailed me back today saying they planned on airing it...no dates or times given but it was in the works. I'll keep looking for it for anyone interested.

KCTS Channel 9 Seattle

They plan on airing several times:

Thank you for your interest in KCTS 9; and especially in CELTIC THUNDER CHRISTMAS.

This program is schedule to air on November 30th at 9:00 PM, December 4th at 8:30 PM and December 6th at 7:00 PM

Thank you for writing.


WGBY in Springfield MA plans to first air the special on November 28th at 9:30 pm. I got the impression that it will be aired additional times.
CPTV in Hartford CT is considering airing it during their December pledge period.

New Hampshire Radio Play

If any of you are from NH, I have just started a discussion on Celtic Thunder on the WZID NH in the Morning FB page, hoping to get them to play some of the Christmas songs. Search for NH in the Morning and join in (hopefully, before they delete it!). Thanks.

Alabama PBS Stations

Hey Sharon,

Just wanted to let you know that I have been calling and emailing my PBS station. I sent a message to all my Thunderhead friends and they too, have been calling and emailing and angry Facebooking. Laughing out loud I know Grammy (whom the guys have met before) is in earnest working. She and I are angry with the station about sending the guys away last time they were here. It was rude, and makes us all look bad, so just for the record....there are Thunderheads in Alabama...and we're working! Laughing out loud


Facebook Pages

JUst wanted to give everyone a different way of conacting PBS.. I checked on Facebook for pages for my local PBS stations. Thye were there and I was able to leave a little message asking them to PLEASE place the Christmas special on the scheduling. It couldnt hurt to also try this different way of reaching our stations as well as emailing and calling them..I left messages on NJN and WLIW pages if anyone else would like to do the same...

The Crew/Portland and the Promotions

Sharon, thank you for the intro to the crew. I think I saw Andres in Eugene trying to put the feedback all together.The crew is amazing and I know we love it.

For the person who was complaining about Portland, can you drop me an email at the Oregon Fan Club page, ctfansoregon@myspace.com. OPB indeed did not have a meet and greet (and it was all on them) but I am not happy with the idea of the Rose Garden doing that to people (and I know enough people to complain to)

As for the promotions things I can see your guy's point. But PBS wont show anything that will not make them money through sponsors, and viewers. It is truly viewer supported broadcasting. I was a former assistant leader of a street team and now leader of one of the few renaming fans clubs left. To clear the air, each state was given the option when this happened to continue as independent fan clubs based out our state. It was up to the decision of each states leadership what direction to go, disband or not. I did make the decision to keep Oregon's open even though I would be learning how to run it on the fly. I do do a lot of friending on myspace because my hope is that people will come check out the boys and get hooked on board. I have also tried to put together four or five events but I have had very little commitment to coming. It saddens me to no end that there are so many CT fans in the State of Oregon but yet they do not want to get involved. I continue to do the work because I do love the boys, and I want to spread the same things they gave me to people in my state. And I am hoping and praying every day that this thing will take off. We are out there, Washington isnt the only one, and I learn so much from keeping an eye on what they are doing. (Being i am in Oregon) If you want to check and see if your state is still active feel free to drop me a line and I can check.

Seattle airings already scheduled!!!

KBTC (Seattle), KCTS (Seattle), and KYVE (Yakima) already have some airings scheduled!! I don't think it would hurt to contact them though, and thank them for the airings already scheduled, and also request some more airings too Laughing out loud

11/30/2010 9:00 pm KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima more
12/4/2010 8:30 pm KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima more
12/4/2010 8:30 pm KYVE 47Yakima more
12/6/2010 7:00 pm KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima more
12/6/2010 7:00 pm KYVE 47Yakima more

Wednesday, November 24 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Friday, November 26 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Friday, November 26 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Yay!! We'll even get an airing before Thanksgiving!!! LOL


i know most people are going to think this is a stupid question!
but i decided why not try and shoot for the moon eh.

I was just curious as the CHRISTMAS show is to be released on dvd the end of the month.
Which i am so excited for, but my grandma i know would love too see every peice of that live and it would be amazing if one day i could take her with me. What is the luck that say maybe NEXT YEAR... WEST COAST dates of the christmas show since all of them are on the east coast this time around After Thanks giving & i for one would love too see DAMIAN sing WINTER WONDERLAND live!!! Laughing out loud

Dont get me wrong at all, i just arrived home a few days ago to British Columbia canada, all the way from Everett & Portland for their concert dates, some of the best nights of my life & memorys too last forever. I was just curious.... any opinions are welcome.

Vancouver Island BC Thunderhead

Great idea DB!! I think that

Great idea DB!! I think that would be fair, since I'm sure some of us cannot afford to just fly over to the east coast to see the show Smile

anaheim concert

Just got home from the concert. It was great, My children and I had a great time. We waited outside and my daughter and son got their pictures taken with the guys. No wonder everyone loves them. they are the nicest people I have met in a long time. Poor damian thought the bus was going to leave without him. My daughter said you can come home with me. Kids ya gotta love em. thank you again for putting together such a great group of guys.


Contacted our PBS station, reminded them how all of the Meet and Greet tickets sold out in about the first hour of the show. I hope they air the Christmas DVD early so people can see it and have time to go out and buy it for the Holidays.

I've been asking for tee shirts for toddlers, I don't know if I've been having senior moments, (which sometimes happen to me as Mr. Coulter knows) I've never seen any small enough for little guys, well finally found the shirts and they have all sizes,
I ordered three for our triplets birthday at the end of November, if anyone is interested I'd be happy to let you know how the sizing goes.

I also have emailed our soft rock station asking them to play the Christmas CD, this station only plays Christmas music the whole month of December.

Last, I was wondering if the word " slagging " means teasing?

Christmas Special

I'd be more than happy to e-mail some of the Ohio PBS stations to see if they'll schedule the Christmas special. One station looks like like they already have a line-up set, but it doesn't hurt to give it a try and see if they'll add it for this year!
Thanks for the info on the crew - very cool!

Christmas program


I will contact WEDU here in Tampa also about broadcasting the Christmas program. I will also contact WUSF in Tampa as well. I'm looking forward to seeing you all Nov. 23 and I've bought my ticket for the dinner which I hope all the guys will be attending. I will let you know when I hear something from either PBS station.


PBS Stations


loves all the people that

loves all the people that ASSUME that all they have to do is show up to a concert. If you want something you have to put in the work to get it. Celtic Thunder hasn't been to Oklahoma since 2008, but i'm not going to sit here and Whine and Complain. I'm going to do everything in my power to promote the guys, and I will even travel all the way up to Kansas City to see them, since they haven't been here since. If you won't put in the time to get them back to where ever you are, then you don't need to bother going to a concert. Just like with everything else in America, we don't give out free rides to anybody. The rest of us shouldn't have to do all the work,for the rest of you too enjoy Celtic Thunder, but we do, because we care about the guys and want to see them in concert, and we want them to succeed whereever they are. So your WELCOME,that we are willing to call the PBS station to see the shows and then YOU get to see them in concert. Kindly, get over yourself and help out. otherwise don't bother going to the concert. Cause that is NOT all you need to do to see them again.


is beautiful and has some of the GREATEST fishing of anywhere in the US of A - hey maybe we should let Keith know since he went fishing in Oregon for relaxation! I hope CT does make its way back to the great state of Oklahoma!

IrishGirl thanks for the reminder, it DOES take work, want to put a plug in here for the WA State Celtic Thunder Fan Club and its leaders Emily Croston and Jamie Wright who do SO MUCH to bring us together to promote CT - it is definitely a lot of work and worth every moment spent doing it. The CT Fans in the Pac NW from WA to Oregon to Idaho and also from Canada and AK and Montana - all COMPLETELY ROCK. Tons of work and time spent for the cause of promoting CT - GREAT peeps involved, THANK YOU ALL!! xx Kim

get over yourself

You should just accept the fact no 1 no goes to Oklahoma.Of course they went once never again.who goes to Oklahoma really

hey juliac, a whole bunch of

hey juliac, a whole bunch of people. Where do you think a lot of the good football players, basketball players and country music singers come from? some of the past astronauts came from oklahoma. Ever heard of Deion Sanders? Ever heard of Garth Brooks,or Carrie Underwood, or Ronnie Kix, or Vince Gill, or Reba McEntire. Where do you think all of them came from? OKALHOMA!!!!!!!!!!! so HOW DARE YOU be such a hateful person to claim that they would never come back here. YOU don't have a CLUE as to what they will and won't do, so Don't ASSUME you know anything. other wise you just making an ass out of yourself. why the Hell should the guys ever go to your state if you won't do anything to support them? Oh, yeah. Jim Thorpe came from Oklahoma!


people do come to my state all the time NY I live in NYC. so get over yourself. all the people you mentioned how many still live in Oklahoma?

Good heavens, did Oklahomans

Good heavens, did Oklahomans all pick up and kill your dog or something? What exactly is your problem against it?

I have very little to add to

I have very little to add to this conversation but to say that we are here, on this forum, to support Celtic Thunder and converse with people who have a mutual interest. This should not be about attacking each other or where we live. This should be about constructive comments to Sharon's blog, which we are very lucky to get.

I have very little to add to

Well said, Celian !!

You'd be surprised at how

You'd be surprised at how many people travel to different shows. I personally have met many friends here through this site that are from OK, and are frequent presences at the show. Think of the surrounding areas. For my Everett show, we had fans from the surrounding areas, Oregon, Idaho, California, Canada, even coming as far as Atlanta and the East Coast. Granted, it is true that Everett is technically Seattle, which has an impressively large fanbase. People will travel anywhere to see Celtic Thunder. It is most certainly not unusual for fans to travel to at least five or six different cities to meet up with friends through this site to enjoy Celtic Thunder.

For a better example, take Buffalo. At first thought, you would think, why would someone go to Buffalo instead of heading south to RCMH in New York City? Buffalo ended up being the concert for most of my best friends. A huge turnout came together and filled the Buffalo music hall. It's like that for every single arena. Every night, I have a different friend who goes to a show and comes back exclaiming about the others that were there and the large audiences.

Please consider the facts before rudely commenting on another state.

Sent email....

Hi Sharon,
Sent an email to CPTV about showing the new Celtic Thunder Christmas Show. I'll let you know once I hear from them. Thanks for giving the information about the crew. It really does take a lot of work to put on a show. I really appreciate all that you and everyone involved in Celtic Thunder do to put on such a great show.


Looks like Seattle area has a few scheduled already on KCTS and KYVE!
Celtic Thunder Christmas
11/30/2010 9:00 pm KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima more
12/4/2010 8:30 pm KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima more
12/4/2010 8:30 pm KYVE 47Yakima more
12/6/2010 7:00 pm KCTS 9 HDSeattle/Yakima more
12/6/2010 7:00 pm KYVE 47Yakima more

Yay!!! There are also some

There are also some more airings on KBTC

Wednesday, November 24 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Friday, November 26 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Friday, November 26 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM


Christmas DVD on PBS

Hi Sharon,
In the Chicago Area WTTW Ch 11 has Celtic Thunder Christmas scheduled for Sat. November 27th at 7PM. We do appreciate all the cast and crew and know they do a wonderful job. I am sure it is not always easy moving from city to city and getting wonderful results with the show but they do it and it shows. Thanks to you and to them for all the hard work.


I contacted WLIW CH 21 in New York this evening in regards to airing the Christmas Special for our beloved Celtic Thunder. I mentoned to them that being that many of us have discovered CT on PBS, it surely would be nice to have PBS broadcast this special during the Christmas holiday season. Who knows, maybe if they DO air it, and it has a high viewer rating, hopefully it may become a holiday tradional program as with the Peter. Paul and Mary Christmas concert each December. It shall be a wonderful addition to the festive holiday spirit if it is aried. Good Luck and thanks Sharon for informing us about this. Please keep us posted on the outcome.


Good news!! KSPS Spokane will air the Christmas Special ONE time on Dec. 1 at 8:30 pm. Perhaps with more requests, they will air it more than once.


I have emailed WEDU here in Tampa and will get to calling the other local PBS stations on Monday. Thanks for all of the information on the crew. It's great to be able to acknowledge the hard work of the crew as well as the artists! I mean, there is no way the tour would be such a success without each of those people!

Have fun when you catch up with the guys on tour.


MPT ... Baltimore

I received an email from the volunteer coordinator asking me to get together a bunch of the area Thunderheads because they will be doing a live event on December 4th from 4 - 10 during which time they will be airing Celtic Thunder Christmas! Looking forward to it!

Christmas special

I sent an email to KCET here in L.A. Will keep my fingers crossed that they show it. Also I always appreciate the work of the techies. I am a costumer at a high school . when they give the techies a hard time i tell them. Just remember if not for techies you would be naked on a dark stage with no sound.