The new Christmas CD (with extra music from QVC) arrived and it's great.

Celtic Thunder Christmas

Everyone Else (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Barnes & Nobel, Borders, FYE, etc..):

1. Winter Wonderland
2. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
3. Let It Snow
4. All I want For Christmas Is You
5. Silent Night
6. Our First Christmas Together
7. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
8. Going Home For Christmas
9. Baby It's Cold Outside
10. Last Christmas
11. Ave Maria
12. The Most Wonderful Time of The Year/We Wish You a Merry Christmas
13. When You Wish Upon A Star
14. Christmas 1915
(these aren't in order)


Celtic Thunder Christmas

1. Winter Wonderland
2. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
3. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
4. Silent Night
5. Our First Christmas Together
6. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
7. Baby, It's Cold Outside
8. All I Want For Christmas Is You
9. Ave Maria
10. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year/We Wish You A Merry Christmas medley

Bonus Tracks
11. Christmas 1915 (previously released)
12. Christmas Morning Donegal (QVC Exclusive)

Christmas 1915

None of the DVDs in my library feature the band singing "Christmas 1915", with the lads dressed in uniform. Can anyone tell me the name of which DVD that's on, if any? Was it just a special thing they did for the Christmas tour?

That was a bonus track on the

That was a bonus track on the DVDs that you could get of The Show from PBS, back in 2008. It's not on any available DVDs now that I'm aware of, but I think you can download the video off of iTunes.

Moderator Q&A, Damian McGinty, Sharon Browne

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Christmas CD

I bought the Christmas CD at the concert in October in Roanoke Va. and just love it, and last night I watched you guys on our PBS station promoting the Christmas CD.. It is by far the best CD I have along with all of the other Celtic Thunder CDs can not wait until a new one comes out....Thanks for great music and wonderful concerts that the group puts on for your fans...I just love to watch how the group performs and can not wait until next year and hopefully you come back to Roanoke Virginia..anxiously awaiting new videos and music from you all......a grateful fan for great music and performers...Have a great and peaceful Holiday Season to each and everyone in the group and behind the scenes........



CT Christmas

What a disappointment. The performers were fine, but Sharoon BRowne needs to give up creative control to someone with creativity. Just as with "Entertainment", the sets woudl be fine for the avergae high school presentation. The original show was jst that - original. The group ios popular, but popular is not always good. They are good perfermers caught in tacky production values. Celtic Thunder had something unique to offer - now it's just another bumnch of gguys singing sonegs done thousands of times by other performers.
WHat an opportunity they lost in making a Celtic Thunder Christmas show. Or, gee, I am wrong and there's no good Celtic seasonal music? Of course, it's cheaper to do a concert film, but, again, what an opportunity they passed on - Christmas in the Celtic lands.... CHristmas with their families. I'm a fan of the boys themselves (Neil is a wonderful addition, Phil is simply awful), but won't be spending a cent on the newest projects - nor will I be making more $300 contributions to the public television stations.
Oh, there are enough people to keep them going. Again,popular isn't not the same as good. Celtic Thunder started out good and with a great potential to be both good and popular. CAn't beleive Phil Coulter is associated with this bland pap. He's so much better than this.

CT Christmas DVD/CD

Really sorry for you, that you feel this way. Celtic Thunder is a wonderful group of singers and dancers (cast and crew). The orchestra and back up entertainers are phenominal. I didn't purchase tickets to their shows or bought their DVD's to watch their settings and backdrops. I go for the enjoyment of watching them live or coming into my home to give me pure pleasure. To each their own as to which performer they like or dislike, as you have the right to not enjoy Phil's singing. Every member of the cast has their own individuality and this is what makes Celtic Thunder UNIQUE!! A bit of variety and diversity is truly the spice of life. Keep up the good work CT. I'm a fan true and true. Eydie from Sechelt, BC Canada

Well said!!

I think the boys put on a fantastic show! Unique in oh so many ways! Their beautiful voices, their interaction with each other and the audience, you can see how much they enjoy what they are doing. They look great, sound great, and don't have the attitudes that so many performers show these days. The world would be a much nicer place if there were more people like our Celtic boys in it! Their shows never disappoint. And if some don't see the beauty in that, I feel sad for you. But you know, that's ok, too. Everyone has a right to their own opinions. And if you don't like what you are seeing, then you're just making available seats at the concerts for the true fans. So thank you for that. But please continue to pledge to your PBS channel for something else. They need your support, even if it isn't for our boys in kilts.

Christmas 1915

It was taken off of the Act Two CD. The same goes for When You Wish, it was taken off the It's Entertainment CD. I was very disappointd in the Christmas CD. I think it should have been called Happy Holidays. It is also more light rock music which is unlike Celtic Thunder. I kbnow I will not purchase the DVD. I am lso disappointed with the women singer. Celtic Thunder started out with five excellent male singers, than added a sixth with Neal. Now we have the seventh with a lady singer, she is good, but should be with Celtic Women and not Celtic Thunder. What next, the Morman Tabernacle Choir. Sorry but I feel Christmas was a waste of my money, and cannot recommend it. I do have all 5 CD's and all the DVD's and they are GREAT.

I just received the Christmas

I just received the Christmas CD from QVC in the mail today. All I can say is it did not disappoint! Another Great CD! I only wish there were more song on the CD. I'm sure I will be listening to it all through the holiday season. Looking forward to many more CD's to come from Celtic Thunder.

Beautiful CD

Oh I love this one! Very beautiful.
Christmas 1915 gets me every time... the part about "I killed the boy who sang from No-Mans' Land". :'( Very touching.
How can we thank CT enough for such amazing music?!



Well,finally..I am now the owner of 6 wonderful Irish men.I love the X-mas DVD but am unhappy to learn that Paul is leaving.The show will never be the same without him but I trust he will not be the only one to leave.The guys sing so well together and Neil has fit into the group like a glove.IMO the show was artfully put together.When you have 6 guys trying to get a bit of CD time it is sometimes too short of a space for we fans.I personally would have liked to see more of each of them...especially George,but I understand a CD is only so long.I am a happy fan and this DVD will be played many times thru the season so thank you CT team for this great X-mas present.....


always a friend...Oreo

IT'S Here!

Received my DVDs today and (of course) was not disappointed. Love that it shows more of the interaction between the guys and band or maybe I'm just noticing it after have seen them live. For those concerned about "audience shots" they really aren't bad and well done. Interesting enough it seems there were a lot more men there. Only complaint...just like the live shows it's too short! Merry Christmas!!

Got Mine

I got my Christmas DVD today. I pre-ordered it from Amazon in Sept and asked for it to be delivered on issue day and it came TODAY!!! The DVD is soooo awesome. Wait until you see the bonus. So wonderful.

Celtic Thunder is just begining!

Happy Happy

Oh, Eileen is a happy, happy girl today, picked up my copy of CT Christmas and I LOVE IT!!!! I've listened to it four times and simply can't get through Silent Night without crying - it's the most different and beautiful version that I've ever heard - when Paul chimes in........well I'm just a goner right there Smile Every song is a winner on this CD and I love how much of Neil we're hearing, such a sweet voice. Every single guy is so suited to every song they sing....absolutely perfect.

And to my fellow Canadians, the guy at HMV says that the DVD will be in stores here on the 22nd also - hope he knows what he's talking about because I'm counting on it Wink

Just Got my CT X-mas CD :)

Hi All,
I received my X-mas cd yesterday in the mail & Wow!! What a wonderful cd it is Smile
I knew it would become my new favorite X-mas cd and it has already and it's only been 24 hours Smile LOL
Neil does an absolutely smashing job of "Beginning to Look A Lot like X-mas"
My little Emma was prancing around the room the whole time Neil was singing Smile She said to me "mom. I'm happy that Neil is one of the CT boys now" hee hee so cute!!! She knows he's always been part of CT but she's happy to call him "one of the Lads " So am I Smile
I sure hope Phil gives Neil more up tempo songs in the future, he does such a wonderful job of these types of songs,his voice is so great!!!!
Of course Emma's fav. songs are the 2 Damian sings and he does a wonderful job of both:)
Love both of Keith's songs. WHAM was always a fav. of mine (in my younger days) and I think Keith does a fabulous job of their song:)
I can't say enough about all of their individual songs as well as their ensembles.
Magical would be the best word to decribe it Smile
And when Ryan whispers "Let it Snow" at the end, I could faint on the spot!!! LOL
My 8 year old wanted to know why X-mas in Kilarney wasn't on (being Irish and all) LOL
But I told her that maybe their next cd they'll record that one as an ensemble. She loves that song, they did it in their school concert last year Smile
Another great one for the next X-mas cd would be the Drummer Boy, (Bowie and Crosby style,of course)
Paul and Keith or Paul and Ryan would do a great job of this one, I think !!! Or heck Paul and Damian would sound great too!!! LOL
Anyway, I'm off to give my new fav. cd another listen while I decorate the tree (just kidding,no tree yet) But they do put you in the festive mood,do they not?

christmas cd

The cd is ok but didn't blow me away. Not one that I will see myself playing over and over. Ava Marie and silent night were excellent the rest just so-so for me.

Christmas CD

Just listened to the CD. OH MY GOSH!! IT'S AMAZING!!!! Love I love it. The guys have outdone themselve. (I didn't know that was possible). Great job and keep it up!

Christmas cds

Well, I now have the QVC & Amazon versions of the Christmas cds. Love QVC's because I have Paul singing "Christmas in Donegal",& Amazon's cd has Keith singing "Last Christmas" which I can't stop playing, and George's "Home for Christmas". Paul's "Ave Maria" is just too beautiful. Someone complained about the rendition of"Silent Night", that the lads sing. Saying they don't carry the melody. Don't know what she means, unless she is tone deaf. This rendition of "Silent Night" is so beautifully crafted- to be sung in Irish, and the beginning is so rare. Just LOVE it. Amazing how strong Damian's voice has become.


Ellie OB

IE and Christmas CD

I first must say I love the Christmas CD but why did they place wish opon a star in it and in IE . It isn't a Christmas song and I beleive he could have sung a Christmas song. I would love to hear one of them sing silver bells or something more seasonal than Wish upon a star. how is Ryan going to sing Baby it is cold outside since the show I just saw had no female singers in it. Just wondering hope they change it to all Christmas songs. I have read where a lot of fans want something more seriuos at the shows than the CD had. thank you in advance for finding out the answers for me and replying


Joan Sailnsave2

Song choices

I also wish they had chosen another song, having the same song on back-to-back releases seems pointless to me. Of course I've never liked that song anyway.

They could bring a lady in for the few Christmas shows they are doing to just sing with Ryan.

I heard Silent Night in

I heard Silent Night in YouTube and now I can`t stop watching it! SOOOO beautyful!!! Can`t wait to buy this CD!

I`m wondering with whom Ryan is going to sing "Baby, it`s cold outside". Cause this is song for man and woman. One of my favourite Christmas songs Smile

WOW! The most wonderful time of the year!

Got my Christmas CD Monday PM in the mail (via QVC). I couldn't get to the CD player fast enough! Awesome!! It's playful, joyous, serious, and reverent all wrapped up in a neat holiday package for us! I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for the time and dedication to bringing it to us!

Have lined up Columbus OH (via Ticketmaster), Indy (via PBS), and Ft Wayne (via PBS) tickets already and was even lucky enough to visit with Paul and Damian for a few short but so appreciated minutes. Can't wait for the tour to begin.

All the best for the taping, sure wish I could be there!

Thanks again!