PBS Stations across America are airing The Celtic Thunder - It's Entertainment Show again now for the next few weeks as part of their June Pledge fundraising efforts.

Check your local TV listings for details of airing times on your local PBS station.

Lots of stations are pledging tickets to see Celtic Thunder this fall. Not only are they pledging great seats, we have worked closely with all of the stations to provide them with tickets they can pledge (for MUCH needed funding in the current climate) for lower pledge levels than previously.

We have a link to the page to pledge for Celtic Thunder Tickets on the Stations sites, (where they sent them to us), on our TOUR PAGE in this Celtic Thunder site.

Taking into account the great seats they are pledging and all the extra costs and taxes and fees you pay purchasing regular tickets, it doesn't work out so expensive to get your tickets from your local PBS station in return for supporting them with a pledge donation. And unlike a regular ticket purchase, you are supporting your community and it's a tax deductible donation - so everyone does better!!

Here's the link to our Tour page which has some of those station links. For those not listed, just call them up to pledge for tickets.



Happy and Sad

While I'm very happy to have the guys back on tv to watch, I would like to bring up the fact that I think it is really not fair that the people in Oregon don't get to have a meet and greet with the lads. I and the other fans in Oregon pay just as much for the tickets, cd's and dvd's as the rest of the country but we have yet to be offered a chance to meet the guys. I know a lot of this has to do with OPB here in Oregon but I still think that it's not fair that we don't get to have one. I will still continue to support Celtic Thunder in everyway that I can, but in regards to OPB, they have just lost a sponsore.


I'm relatively new to Celtic Thunder, having seen them during march pledge drives on my local PBS station. I haven't "followed" a group - or even an individual singer in years, but was immediately taken with their talent and the seeming genuineness of them. I've never commented on a blog before either, but really wanted to thank you for bringing Celtic Thunder to us. Although I love them all, George Donaldson quickly became my favorite, not only for his lovely voice, but for his gentle spirit. There are so many of us out here who do not join chat groups or twitter, but were attracted to CT precisely because of this quiet, mature, gentle man with that beautiful voice. Thank you, Sharon and Phil for including something for everyone in Celtic Thunder. My condolences to the man with "THE voice" and his family on the loss of his mother and thank you for keeping us updated.




Could someone please explain why Nashville isn't on the tour this year? We love Celtic Thunder, and we would like to be able to see the coming production. They were here last year, but I don't think anybody knew it. No advertising at all, even in the newspapers til 1 day out!

Content of the Fall Tour

I've had the It's Entertainment CD & DVD since it became available. My question is, "Is this all there is to the fall show or will they be doing other material as well?

Can't wait till September!


No, there will be more to it.

No, there will be more to it. Celtic Thunder has just finished recording a CD of Celtic music, and this will be included in the Fall Tour, as well as the It's Entertainment material.

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PBS Shows

Hope they'll show some different tracks from the CD than what was shown in March. Would really love to see some of the Irish songs the guys are working on. Will there be special CDs just for PBS again?

Most stations will probably

Most stations will probably be pledging show tickets (if a show venue is nearby), Meet and Mingle tickets if they have any left, the It's Entertainment! DVD, and the It's Entertainment! CD, with the special PBS-only "Celtic Thunder Anthem" track.

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Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?

i have a question. what seats

i have a question.

what seats are they pledging?
VIP or something?
didn't they already do that?
and SF doesnt even have VIP seats, so wat ARE they pledging?
i already bought tickets, and as far as i know, SF is almost sold out.

Each station will probably be

Each station will probably be pledging tickets to a Fall Tour show, if there is one nearby. If they have any Meet and Mingle tickets left, they'll be pledging these as well.

In addition, they will be pledging It's Entertainment! DVDs and CDs.

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Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?


Hi Sharon,
Thanks for the info regarding CT on PBS. Although I own all CT's DVDs, I still tune in when they're on PBS. I do have a question for you Sharon. Is there any chance that a future tour will bring Celtic Thunder to Newfoundland? We've many CT fans in this province & quite often I'm asked the same question..."Are they ever going to come to St. John's for a show?" We're all hopeful that someday the guys will visit but I have to admit it's very disappointing when tours take place & St. John's is not included in Canadian tour dates. We'd all love the opportunity to show CT how much the Newfoundland fans love this amazing show. If you have the time to reply it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sharon.
Glenys C
St. John's

Fall Tour

I can't wait, the local PBS station in Pensacola FL is showing the It's Entertainment on June 6th. Last year I drove to Atlanta, GA to see the guys this year they'll be in my home town on my birthday, what a birthday gift.

Since I had pledged last year during one of the pledge drives and had purchased a DVD I was given the opportunity to do a pre pledge and purchase tickets and meet and mingles before the general public could.

I can only hope that the disaster in the Gulf has not totally ruined the beautiful beaches by that time and that the guys will still get to see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Thanks for the reminder Sharon.
Saw the show on CPTV this weekend!!
I could watch it over and over again.

PBS pledging

Good evening, Sharon!

Much as I love where I live now, here in West Palm Beach, there is no way for me to pledge to our local station for tickets or to see IE on the station, WXEL. For some unknown reason, WXEL does not feel the need to air the show, or use the show for pledge time. I can't imagine that they are rolling in money, with the funding being so short, but it has become impossible for us in the south end of Florida to have any chance of M&M or tickets. The last two times the guys have been featured on a LOT of PBS stations in Florida, the farthest south the stations are who participate is Orlando. That is nearly three hours from here by car or train, and I can't get those stations on our telly. Also, there are quite a number of stations on the western coast of FL who are showing the guys, but again, it's a question of not being able to receive the show, and not knowing when the pledge breaks for those stations are. West Palm Beach had been listed on the original schedule as a venue for the fall tour, with the venue being the Kravis Center, but now it has disappeared from the list, and has not returned. Is there a problem with a station closer to Miami carrying the show, and listing pledge breaks for tickets and M&M? I realize with Disney World being where it is, everyone thinks that it is accessible from all over the state, but in reality, Florida is a very long state, and you can drive ten hours and not reach the border. Truly, there IS life south of Orlando, and it would be really awesome if something could be worked out for those of us in the southernmost part of the state to see and hear the guys without having to go nearly out of the state to do it. If I need to, I will fly to another state to see the guys, but it would help to have something a bit closer to me. Just my two cents on the whole thing...


Hi I live just a little north of you and was excited when I saw the Kravis Center listed. But now as you say has disappeared. I saw the lads down in Sunrise back in 2008 because that was the closest venue.
Thank you so much for saying there is life south of Orlando. Jacksonville, Tampa and even Orlando are all to far to drive too.
Also wanted to say how cool it was to know another Thunderhead so close in Florida. Smile

PBS tickets

Unfortunately, even though UNCTV is listed, the link does not show any CT tix as gifts. I checked the dropdown menu as well and they are just not listed. I can't even find any dates where it will be shown.



I am sorry you can't find what you're looking for


I just pledged for tix to the matinee and the evening show today ... they were there when Sharon first posted this blog this morning!

June 5th. It has been

June 5th @ 9:30pm. It has been advertised for weeks on UNCTV.

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Just a thought ...

As an additional opportunity to support PBS - if Celtic Thunder has plans in the future for a few weeks of PBS promotional visits, any chance of working with PBS to organize a special meet and greet type of event, or even a Q&A / chat event with a larger crowd (which would also be easier to manage time-wise than a personalized M&G), to hold when they visit the station?

Not sure about facilities or time constraints, but it would be a great opportunity for fans to see the guys in between tours, and an additional fundraising opportunity for PBS. I doubt the fans need much notice even if nothing could be confirmed until last minute - I'm sure the local stations have caller lists they can use, or email, or announce it here and they'll get plenty of calls!

Ohhh man! I'm gonna go check

Ohhh man! I'm gonna go check the dates now! Thanks a bunch Sharon!
Have a great day!


I cant wait to see them! I hope i can watch the whole thing because it starts at 3 here in Maryland and I am just getting home from school because i go to a magnet school 30-45 mins away from my house and traffic so i hope i can catch it the first time it shows on MPT!Smile (Maryland Public Television. My PBS station!!!Smile)


Wow, you are so right...$99 for the Tower Theater? Awesome!
Maggie Costello Smile

I want to dance 'til the very last day...

Oregon Public Broadcasting, Portland

Hi Sharon,
I hope you see this. I've commented to you before about my frustration with OPB. I am a supporter of public TV and radio and am a member of OPB............but they are not doing a good job of promoting Celtic Thunder.

The station aired Take Me Home in May and I just could not understand why they showed last years show while asking for pledges and offering tickets to the 2010 fall concert. And I have just received my OPB magazine that lists the shows scheduled for June and once again they have CT and Take Me Home not It's Entertainment scheduled for 6/9,6/11,6/12 and 6/14.

This is a disservice to CT and to OPB's viewers, too. Hope you can use this info. I am always interested in promoting you all.

Andrea Smith

Wishing for Meet N Mingles In Halifax :)

I really wish the PBS station we get here in Nova Scotia would consider doing a Meet N Mingle for the Halifax show. They don't seem to offer anything like this at the Canadian venues Sad
This would be the only chance for my 3 year old daughter to meet Damian, her Idol.
I've contacted WGBH Boston, as that is the PBS station we get here and requested they consider selling tickets with Meet N Mingles for the Halifax show but no luck convincing them.
But I am holding out hope:)
My girls and I adore the Lads so much and have seen them 3 times locally and flew to Toronto and this Fall we're going to Boston to see them, as well as the Sept. show in Halifax:)
They have a big fan base in Canada and we'd love for the chance to purchase Meet N Mingles.
3 year old Emma would so love to meet Damian:)
Here's to hoping and praying for the answer we want:)
Thunder hugs
Karen & Girls

I'm amazed with the devotion from the little ones

Hello Karen, I see you have a 3 year old like my 2 year olds. I home school my grandchildren until they are 5 years old.

I am amazed how devoted these babies are to CT. My grandson Eian loves them all, he can listen to the song and tell you who is singing the song. The children love other things but when I tell them to get a DVD
to watch while I fix lunch they get CT every time.

I'm hoping to find CT tee shirts for these guys to wear, so far no luck.


The kids love the Lads too:)

Hi Carolee,
Emma's been listening to CT , well I guess all of her young life:) LOL
She's the same way with the songs and knowing who's singing them and she sings along as well:)
She absolutely worships Damian, she actually blushes when she hears his name Smile LOL Too cute!!
I bought her the infants CT t-shirt and it just fits her now that's she 3 but she's tiny so I can still get it on her. She loves wearing it but she'd love to have the one her 7 year old sister has with Damian on the front.
I'd love to have one for her to wear to the show as well.
Maybe they'll come out with child size tees before the Fall Tour.
Anybody listening out there, we need child size tees for the wee CT fans:)
My daughters and I all adore the Lads ages 3-21 and then there's me, The Old one!! LOL
I am so excited for Emma to get to see Damian singing LIVE on stage. I think I'm more excited for her than for me seeing them again Smile LOL
There's a pic of Emma wearing her little CT shirt in the photographs forum, I think it's titled Little Miss Celtic Thunder and there's also one of myself,Emma and Hannah (7) wearing our tees under the photgraphs titled Wall Mural for CT Charity.
You can take a peek if you want Smile
Hope we have luck getting kid size tees Smile


Very curious as to why not one NY PBS is on that list for the June airings. Have u any idea, Sharon?


WLIW has several showings of Celtic Thunder It.s Entertainment during the month of June. Check their web site for date and times.


When will CT STORM be released? I saw it in Toronto when it was filmed and can't wait to see the editing.

June pledges

Our pledge drive here in Dallas in on Sunday, June 6 and of course I am volunteering Wink. Any chance that any of the guys will be there??????

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Yay June 5th here in NC! You

Yay June 5th here in NC! You are right about all those 'courtesy fees' that the ticketing agents charge. It probably does work out to be the same or more than PBS in the long run.

--Staci --
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this is amazing! i wonder if

this is amazing! i wonder if the guys are going to travel around again!


just checked the website for my station and Celtic Thunder is once again listed under programs! they are back on the pbs map! so excited1 i wonder when they are going to air storm now that they have this new airing.

Blue Ridge PBS

GREAT NEWS! Just pledged for tix to both shows 2:30 PM matinee and the 8:00 PM show in Roanoke, Virginia. Now, if we can only get the station in Norfolk, Virginia, to do the same thing I'd be all set!


See you for the evening show in Roanoke. Glad you got tickets. The PBS rep. said CT has been their biggest draw BY FAR! Smile

I got tickets for the evening

I got tickets for the evening show (and M&G) the minute they were available back in February. Smile