We all flew over to Glasgow yesterday for George's Mum's funeral.

It was a lovely funeral, the priest was great and obviously very close to the family and knew everyone and loved George's Mum Helen, which made the mass very special.

All of Helen's 9 children, their husbands and wives and her 13 grandchildren were there, a great send off.

Phil played the church organ and Paul sang Ave Maria, then we all headed off to the graveyard, lovely place, very peaceful and pretty in the countryside and spent the afternoon with the family.

It was a great tribute to his Mum and I think George was happy to see Phil, the guys and I there. We flew back last night.



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I'm so sorry George

I was sitting her tonight with tears in my eyes because I lost my mother a few months ago and I miss her so much,and then I saw that you have just lost your mum. I'm so very sorry George,thank God for the wonderful loving support system around you and your mother surely knew how much she was loved. It's so hard to let them go though isn't it George. But remember that it's only for a short while. Just hold Carrie and Sarah close and soon it will be a little easier to bear. And remember, if we love and are loved in return we open ourselves up to pain, but wouldn't life be just awful without it? God bless you and your family.
susan mooney


George, may all of you find peace as the days pass.

From Glasgow Newspaper

DONALDSON — HELEN GRACIE. Suddenly, but peacefully, at Monklands Hospital, on 21st May, 2010 surrounded by her loving family, Helen Gracie Taggart, beloved wife of the late Benny Donaldson, much loved and cherished mum of Jo, Marie, Denise, Benny, Helen, George, Stephen, Therese and Martin, loving and devoted nan to her 14 grandchildren and dear sister of Josephine. Fortified by rites of Holy Church, R.I.P. Reception and vigil, today, Friday, at St Thomas’ Church, Riddrie, at 6pm, Funeral Mass tomorrow, Saturday, 29th May, at 10.30am, and thereafter to Eastfield Cemetery, Cumbernauld. St Joseph Patron Saint of Departing Souls pray for her.

Goodbye Mrs. Donaldson

It is wonderful to see how close the lads are and that Phil and you, Sharon, care so much for them and their families. CT seems to us outsiders as a big family and we, the fans, are even accepted as very distant (slightly off) cousins.

As reports of Mother Donaldson's funeral are starting to reach us, it is clear that she was well loved and that everyone came together for her in perfect love & perfect trust to say goodbye and offer support for her closest family. It is heart breaking to think of the pain George & his family are going through, but heartwarming to know they have so many loved ones to help them through this mournful time.

Those of us who never had the pleasure of meeting her have obviously missed knowing an amazing matriarch.

Brightest blessings to the Donaldsons & the Celtic Thunder family circle.

Texas Thunderhead

Thank You.. and with Deep Sympathies

As everyone else has stated, Thank you very much Ms. Browne for sharing. Hopefully Mr. Donaldson and his family are able to cope at this sad time. My deepest sympathies to Mr. Donaldson and his Family as well.

Aryn Culbertson

Thank you, Sharon, for

Thank you, Sharon, for posting. As others have said, I think many of us were there in spirit, but so glad you, Phil and the guys were able to be there for George.


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So Sad!

So sad that George couldn't give his wife that kind of support when her dad died!

Rest your mind

God does not always call a loved one home at the most opportune time. It is sad that George was away on his chosen profession when Carrie had to make that call. But I am sure that whatever support was needed was worked out between husband and wife. My husband was not at home when our 10 month old son died. My brother was away on a business trip when our mother died. I was in Texas enroute to California when my father died. We each deal with whatever is necessary in our own way to get through these times.

You're so right...

... but we can make a choice of where we are when our loved ones are laid to rest! And as for your son, it sorrows me greatly that you suffered alone at his passing. I pray your husband was by your side soon to comfort you. I couldn't of had the strength to have dealt with something that tragic without my husband by my side. My deepest and sincerest condolences.

With Sympathy

Thank you, Sharon, for taking thought for us fans and letting us know how things unfolded on a very sad day. We do genuinely grieve with and for George and his family at this time, and they are in our thoughts and prayers. Surely God's comfort is with them.

In Sympathy,
Jean in NC


I was saddened to learn of your Mum's passing. I have been so moved by the closeness you always talked about with your family. As hard as it is to loose her i know she will be honored by the love her children share. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

George's Mum

I was sad to hear of her passing but it sounds like she had a good sendoff. And tonight (31st), the guys are on the Houston PBS. I fell in love with them tonight (I know, late but hey).

Thanks you all for giving us the gift of your voices.


Special for George that you all attended

Hi Sharon, I am sure and with no doubt in my mind that George and all his family would be so pleased that you all made it to the funeral. What a sad event, life has a way of throwing sad curves at us, ups and downs that I am sure is expected to help us grow stronger over the years. But we can never replace those that are dear to us, especially ones parents. Sadly I lost my Dad when I was 15 and my Mom has been gone for 10 years now.
We do go on however, and you are a strong group of individuals that support each other in many ways. I can only imagine how everyone felt with Paul singing Ave Maria...I am sure it was beautiful and a lovely tribute.
Best to you and all the lads. I hope that George and his family are making it through their days with help from each other. So sad!
Cannot wait to see you all again on the travels to Ontario. Keep well and all the best to each and every one of you. Love yah all.


Thank you for keeping us updated, Sharon. We were there in spirit. It was wonderful that you and the guys could be there and involved as well. It sounds as if it was a very touching and appropriate sendoff for his mum. Please let him know that continued thoughts and prayers are with George and his family for healing. Since some of us original Thunderheads spoke with not only George, but Hoy, Teed, and Carrie, we feel a special kindred to his family. I hope Charlie was able to make it as well as I remember that he knew George's mum well.


George's Mum's Funeral

I'm so glad you, Phil and the lads could be there for George. I'm sure that helped him and his family through the day. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

My Deepest Sympathy

What sad news! Please extend my deepest condolences to George and his family. I am very sorry to learn of his mother's illness and subsequent passing. I'm sure he appreciated the support of you and the guys at the funeral.
God bless you all.


Thank you so much for sharing with us, Sharon. You know how much we all care for George and his family. It was wonderful that you, Phil, and the men were all there for the them during this difficult time.
Maggie Costello

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Thank you

Sharon, thank you so much for sharing this with us. George, Carrie, Sarah and his entire family were in my thoughts and prayers constantly on Saturday. I'm glad you, Phil and the guys were all able to be there for him. I'm also glad to see that Sarah has many cousins to share this difficult time with. I am also glad she was able to get to know her Grandmother even though it was only for a short time. My husband, Paul, was around George's age when we lost his parents. His Mom passed away when our Kathryn was only 8 months old and his Dad passed 18 months later, so unfortunately she has no memory of her Grandmother and only one brief memory of her Grandfather. Oh well, that's just how life goes sometimes. At least we still have my parents, and we cherish the time we spend with them, which is frequent since they live close by. I don't know what I would do without them. I try not to think about that too much.

Thanks again,
Sharon Brown

Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the update. We have all been keeping George and his family close to our hearts. Sounds like a very moving day. I'm sure having the guys, Phil and you there for support meant the world to George and his family.


Thank you so much for letting us know how George is doing. Please let him know he is in our prayers.

Thankyou Sharon

It was nice of you to let us know about Helen's Funeral May George and his family find peace. Terrie

Thank You Sharon

Thanks so much Sharon for bringing us up to date on George & his family. As you can well imagine he & his family have been in our thoughts & prayers these past few days. It's wonderful that you were all able to be there for him at this difficult time. I know from experience that having the support of both family & friends makes one feel so much stronger & able to face the days ahead. I'm sure having each of you there meant the world to George & his family.
Love to All
Glenys C
St. John's,

Thank You For Sharing

Thank you so much Sharon for sharing the services for George's Mum Helen with the T-Heads. George and family are in my heart and prayers.

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Thank you, Sharon

Thank you, Sharon for sharing with us about the funeral for George's Mum. George and his family have been much on my mind and in my prayers this past week. What a legacy she and George's dad have left behind: a large, close, and loving family. It is never easy to lose a loved one, but having your family around you, and having such close friends to support you, make the loss just a little bit easier to bear. They will continue to be in my prayers.


Sharon, thank you so much for

Sharon, thank you so much for sharing this. George and his family have been in my thoughts and prayers. Lovely to hear about the service to honor his mum and so glad you were all able to be there. I am sure it was a fitting tribute. Continued love and prayers to all of the Donaldsons.

My condolences to George and

My condolences to George and his family. It was wonderful that you, Phil and the lads could be there for support. His mum sounds like she was a wonderful woman to have such a close and loving family. My prayers are with George and his family that God may help them through this time. Carlene

great support

Sharon, It was nice that you and the guys were in Scotland to attend the funeral. Once again, it shows how special CT is and the relationship you all have with each other. I continue to pray for George and his family at this difficult time.


Thank you

Thanks so much Sharon for sharing this with us. George is very special and so is his family to all of his fans.

We will continue to pray for him and his family and loved ones. We know from our own loss how difficult this time is for them.

Thanks again,
Sissy, PJ and Opal

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Thank you

Thank you Sharon for the blog. Although we knew from Twitter some of the guys were going, it was kind of you to let us know about the day. Although it was a difficult time for George and his family, I speak from expereince that is extra special to have your friends around you when you are letting go of a parent. I am sure that George appreciated the extra effort that was made by each of you to get to Glasgow for the funeral. Thank you for including the CT fans as we all care about George and his family.

Thanks for the blog

Thanks for the blog Sharon!!

I prayed extra hard for George and his family at church this morning. Him and his family's definately been in my thoughts.

Thanks again!!



Sharon, Thank you for the blog. George and his family have been on most if not all our minds.We are grateful that you kept us informed.
Faye from NC

My condolences to George and his family

I am so sorry to hear about George's mom. I am glad everyone was there for support. I know what it means to lose parents. Friends and family closeby helps with the healing process. My condolences to George and his family.

Thank You Sharon for sharing

Thank You Sharon for sharing with all the CT fans. Such a beautiful going home service for Georges Mum. Our thoughts and prayers are with George and all the brothers and sisters and their families.
I was given a poem last year at my Moms passing.cant remember it all, but the gist of it was as our loved one is sailing away from our shoreline and we are waving goodbye as they go out of our sight there is someone on the other shore waving and calling here she comes. So good to know that a part of our family is over on that other shore ready to welcome our loved one home. God Bless All the Celtic Thunder families.

CT family always there for each other


Thank you so much for sharing the touching details of George's mum's service. I'm sure that the presence of you, Phil and all the guys helped George and his family through this sad day.

All of you take care and God bless,

Susan Edwards

Thank you for sharing

I'm so glad that all of you could be there for George. I know that your love and support for him and his family help him and his family get through this difficult time. This is part of the reason we all love you guys so much is because you are all an extended family to each other and help each other when the going gets tough. Send my love and prayers to George and his family.

Honoring Mrs. Donaldson

That was so very special of you all to honor George's Mother, Helen, and attend her Mass and funeral. George and his family must have been very touched by your support.


Thanks Sharon for letting us know how things went. I know many of us were thinking of George and his family. Having family and friends around during such a difficult time makes things go a little easier. I'm sure he appreciated seeing all of you there. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless and take care.


Sharon and the rest of the CT Family, god bless you all for being there for George. We all love you guys.


glad to see the lads were able to support their fellow singer. She is at peace now.
*sends george the biggest teddy bear/thunderhug ever ((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))*

Thanks for the update

Thanks Sharon for sharing the details with us and for being there to support George and his family at such a sad time in his life. Though I couldn't personally get to Glasgow to pay my respects, George and his family are in my prayers. I am sure it meant a lot to George to have his Celtic Thunder family all in attendance and Phil and Paul participating in the service. It is the way you all relate to each other and us fans that makes us feel like we are all one big family and that is why we love you all so much. Sharon thank you for sharing your time and talents and bringing this group into my life.

It is so nice of you to share

It is so nice of you to share this with us. I'm grateful all of you were able to attend.

thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing about the funeral sharon it's so sweet of you all to go to the funeral i see way george was happy when you were all there you all are very sweet people

Thank you for sharing about

Thank you for sharing about the funeral. Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts go with George and his family.

Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Sharon.

That's so sweet. It's so

That's so sweet. Smile It's so awesome that Phil, you and the others lads were there. I'd think you would be, but that's just sweet to hear. Prayers go out to George and the rest of his family!

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A Blessing and a Gift

Indeed, thank you for sharing. What a blessing for Helen that she should live to see her children succeed, and George's good fortune - his talent recognized by you and Phil, celebrated through Celtic Thunder. Twas a gift as well for the Donaldson family to have the Celtic Thunder family present paying respects, sharing in her memorial - to hear stories of her life and loves and passions - her influence upon George and the family. Sometimes we take people for granted, but we are so fortunate to have eachother.



That is so nice that the funeral was nice that all I could have hoped for! That is so great that Paul sang and that Phil played the organ. It is so great that you guys contributed so much!

Thank You, Sharon

Very thoughtful of you Sharon, to share the touching details with all of us. We're such devoted fans of the lads, and when something happens to any of them, we're very grateful for the information that you provide. It was very caring of you all to be there to comfort George and his family. I can only imagine how touching it was when Phil and Paul did Ave Maria.........so very nice of them to do that for George and his Mum. The CT family is indeed a fine bunch.......but, we already knew that Smile

Thanks for sharing with us

Thanks for sharing with us Sharon. Sounds like a beautiful funeral indeed.

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