Hi Thunderheads!

I just wanted to post and say how excited I am to hear CT's Celtic album. I was thrilled when Keith mentioned this on pbs (during IE). I haven't got much in mind for predictions. All I know is that'll be great just as their other albums have been. I remember George singing "Grace" (I think it was) for his audition in the IE extra. I've heard this sung by another artist I like and it would be cool if they included it on the Celtic album. Any thoughts on the future cd??


Preorder the CD and DVD now!

CD: http://www.amazon.com/Heritage-Celtic-Thunder/dp/B004G8LKBA/ref=sr_1_6?i...

DVD: http://www.amazon.com/Celtic-Thunder-Heritage/dp/B004G8LKBU/ref=sr_1_5?i...

HERITAGE CD Track Listing


HERITAGE DVD Track Listing

Heartland - Damian, Keith, Ryan, Paul, George
Buachaill O'n Eirne - Damian
The Dutchman - Keith
Black is the Colour - Ryan
Working Man - George
Home from the Sea - Damian, Keith, Ryan, Neil, Paul, George
Just a Song at Twilight - Paul / Damian
Belfast Polka - Band
Gold & Silver Days - Ryan / George
Noreen - Neil
Steal Away - Damian, Keith, Ryan, Paul, George
Skye Boat Song - George
Whiskey in the Jar - Keith, Neil
My Love is like a Red Red Rose - Paul
Ireland's Call - Damian, Keith, Ryan, Paul, George
A Place in the Choir - Damian, Keith, Ryan, Paul, George



Amazon Heritage Deal

On Tuesday, November 22, 2011 from 9am-1pm EST, Amazon is offering Celtic Thunder: Heritage as a lightning Deal for $7.99! This is a wonderful opportunity for those you may know who have yet to pick this album up. I'm also excited about this, as it is awesome exposure for the guys on Amazon! During this three hour time slot, the only two lightning deals are Heritage and a Bruce Springsteen album. And, every album sold will count towards the weekly Billboard Music charts, which will be a "bolt" of sales for CT!

hello CT!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I listen to it all the time and wake up with their songs playing in my head. My kids like it too.

LOVE the new CD and DVD!

Hello all!

I absolutely LOVE this new cd. I actually had never heard of them until this last week when my dad found them online and wanted me to take a listen. Now I listen constantly. I think one of my favorites on the new CD is "Black is the Color". I really like how Ryan's voice is kind of raspy(sp?) and rocker sounding. The DVD is so fun to watch and I hope I get the chance to see them this fall!!!



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We have had Heritage for a while now and I LOVE IT!! I think that it is wonderful, of course I already knew which songs would be my favorite from having seen the live show in Nov. lol

My faves are "The Dutchman", "Whiskey In the Jar", "Noirin", "A Place in the Choir", & because we got the QVC special we got "the Clancy Brothers Medley" I REALLY REALLY LOVE this song!! I am kinda sorry that I don't have "The Irish Blessing" but I know I would say the same if I had gotten that one instead of "The Medley" lol

I'm still deciding on how I like Emmett, he has a nice voice & I like his song well enough, but considering I was/am a Paul fan, he doesn't hold a candle to him...sorry.

I really enjoyed watching them on QVC, it was a nice intro to Emmett, and how he gels with the other guys, I wish him the best with the guys and I hope that they all like him equally.

I don't think I'm forgetting anything, but in case I did I will be back later to tell y'all about it Wink



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Personally, I think Emmet is of the same vocal caliber as Paul. It's just that the timbre of his voice is a little different in comparison, despite the fact that they are both tenors. He seems to be a little more restrained than Mr. Byrom, but this is based only on the recorded material I have heard to date. He is really let to shine on "Kindred Spirits," but not so much on "Galway Girl" having only two lines. Only time will tell what we get to hear from him on tour.

If you haven't already done so, go to his website (http://www.emmetcahill.com) and check out the five songs posted there. His performances of "I Dreamed A Dream" and "Grace" blew me away. Any doubt I may have had about him being a suitable replacement for Paul went away after hearing those. I would love to hear him perform "Grace" during the fall tour! I think that would be a "wow!" moment for sure. Smile

As for the QVC performances, my only complaint about Emmet there was him doing Damian's low part in "A Place In The Choir." It just sounds awkward. Although the harmonized "moooo!" the other guys do after it is classic. Smile


Thanks for your thought SBS, I do like him, and I understand that he won't be like Paul, and that is what makes him special, just like Paul didn't sound like Neil or Keith even, I think that it will have to take some getting used to though, you can definitely hear a different sound in the group without Paul, and on QVC without Damo. But I think all in all he will be a good addition to the group once we get used to him being there.

I too think that the QVC performances sound awkward because of lack of Damian & Paul too, but I do LOVE the MOOS! I am glad that I was able to record those performances, now I can see them all the time.

And I don't know how many people will agree or not (considering what you have said already, you might not) but I would like to hear George do "Grace" because this was the song that he used to audition with, and I would like to hear him do that.

But to add to what I like about the CD, I forgot to mention that another favorite song of mine is "Just a Song at Twilight" I think that Paul and Damian's voices blend so well together. I would have liked to have heard Paul and Neil do one together, but I guess that won't happen, now will it Smile


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"Thank you Lord, for a New Day Dawning"
"So you think you're lonely, well my friend I'm lonely too" ~ Journey
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Now that I think about it, you're right about "Grace." I forgot that George had auditioned with that song. I only heard snippets of him singing it on the "Story So Far" portion of the It's Entertainment DVD, and I certainly would like to hear the whole thing with his voice. I wonder what tune Emmet sang for his audition.

Yes, it certainly was awkward without Paul and Damian present during the QVC recordings, again especially with Emmet doing Damian's vocal parts. I did love the "Clancy Medley," though. That's one I would surely love to see performed live. (Only 5 months and 19 days til the show here in Buffalo! lol)

Neil and Paul together would have certainly made for an awesome duet. I'm very anxious to see what is in store for us during the fall tour. One song I would LOVE to hear the guys sing as an ensemble piece is "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore," by Paul Brady. (Same guy who wrote "The Island," in case you aren't aware. Smile) The version done by The High Kings is amazing, and I think CT would knock it out of the park as well. Smile


I've never heard what song Emmet did for his audition, but I would like to know.

I actually don't think that it was so bad hearing Emmet do Damian's vocals, he had a different style but it sounded nice just the same, but it was a shock to hear him, because the camera was not on him the first moment he started to sing, so I was a little caught off guard, lol.

I think Neil & Paul would have been real wonderful together. I can't wait to see what is in store for the tour too (I don't have it down to the days, but our show here in Atlanta is in 7 months.. counting April) LOL. I would love to see "The Clancy Medley" performed live also, but I don't know that they would do it or not, considering it was a bonus song for QVC only, I really can't see them doing it, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

I have never heard this song before, but I have a list of my own that I would love to hear them do, as do MANY CT fans, we can only hope that they will do ours (speaking for everyone that has requested a song before) I will post my list some time soon, I hope, been meaning to for a week now, kinda slow Puzzled


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"Thank you Lord, for a New Day Dawning"
"So you think you're lonely, well my friend I'm lonely too" ~ Journey
"Give It Socks" ~ Paul Byrom
"We're going to do it quickly and quietly, with no rap music or flash dancing" ~ Mr Fredricksen 'UP'

Irish Blessing

I received a CD from PBS with the bonus track Irish Blessing. I intended to give this to a friend since I already had the DVD/CD of Heritage but of course I had to listen to it first!

I have almost worn out the CD playing this over and over ~ it is that beautiful! I would love to see a video of this and hope it will be a part of their fall tour!!

Irish Blessing

I am so happy to hear that. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy from PBS and hadn't heard anyone else say what it is! Thanks so much for posting this. Of course we knew it would be good.....



Loved it!!

Just wished Viva La Vida would've been included in the DVD as a bonus track or something! I had the privilege of seeing the lads in concert for Heritage, and fell head over heels in love with Ryan's version of Viva La Vida!! Haven't gotten the CD yet...still holding out hope that it will show up as a bonus track somewhere.
Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD! Brought back alot of great memories from the concert, especially A Place In The Choir!! Smile


Heritage song

In watching 'Noreen' sung by Neil, I noticed at the very end of the song, Neil seemed to be very teary. He was blinking his eyes very fast, the song must have really touched him. It was lovely to see how emotional singers can be. LOVED the Heritage cd/dvd.BTW when the guys are on, I don't notice anything else but their faces.LOL


Ellie OB

Heritage Question...and stuff. *g*

YO CT PEEPS! Smile I'm a bit confused on something...it's seriously driving me nuts. I watched the Heritage DVD three times now...and caught the end of the show on one of the PBS channels...and I have to know...where does 'Ireland's Call' fall in the PBS version on the show? The cut they did on the DVD for that song looked a bit weird...where they came out WAY too fast again after the kilts. I was all..huh? *g*

I'm also EXTREMELY ashamed to admit that I didn't catch Paul's slightly fast kilt twirl before he went up the steps. *eg* My Mom caught it before I did...hehe

Anywho...I got my CD and DVD on Monday...and I've played the CD about five times...some songs more than that...hehe...and I've watched the DVD three times already. I even got my Mom to watch it...the whole show this time...which is actually a first. *g*

I have to admit, I don't follow traditional Irish music all that much, because the only songs I actually recognized on the CD were 'Whiskey in the Jar', the very beginning part of 'A Song at Twilight', and 'Galway Girl', only because it was in the movie 'PS: I Love You.' Heh.

If I had to pick four fav songs from the CD AND the DVD, they would be 'Black is the Colour'...I swear...Ryan totally makes me melt...*drool*, 'Galway Girl', 'Place in the Choir'...how could anyone NOT like that song? It's also my Mom's fav part of the DVD... Smile ...and 'Whiskey in the Jar'...in that order.

And as for the backdrop taking away from the performance? I didn't really notice, since I was WAY too busy drooling over the guys. *eg* Although...I also agree that the stage was too small. They seemed a bit squished up there to me. Me likes it when they have more room to run. *g*

And I also believe that CT will never be the same without Paul. I'll miss him lots...and since I don't have the funds to follow everyone's solo careers...I'll be missing out there...even though I do follow his tweets and blog to keep up with what he's doing. That being said, I think CT will have no problem continuing without him. Sometimes change can be a good thing, and I LOVE Emmett's voice and can't wait to see him on a DVD sometime, and I'll keep following the group as long as they're around. Smile The only reason I quit buying CW CD's is...I'm running out of room for CD's...and...I like the guys better...no offense to the girls...I still like them...but ever since I first saw and heard the guys...I was completely hooked. Although...I'll have to have a cut off point for their albums too, before my CD pile tips right over. It's now beyond scary. *eg*

I was also disappointed on the lack of extras on the DVD...though I did like the photo slideshow. I also miss the musical menus. *g*

Now...if I had to pick my fav albums...they would be...'It's Entertainment', 'Celtic Thunder: Act II', 'Take Me Home', and 'Celtic Thunder'...in that exact order. I'm not exactly too sure where Heritage falls in there...but I think I'll put it after 'Take Me Home'. Not that it matters. I've pretty much killed most of my CT CD's at this point, since I don't have multiple copies. Heh. I like them all, dangit! Smile

And I enjoy the guy's solo numbers, since I'll probably never get to see them on tour...ever...not unless I magically win the Lotto...sigh...and I can't afford to buy everyone's solo albums...not even Ryan's. Sad I only managed to buy Paul's album 'Velvet' since I was working at the time.

Anywho...sorry I never post on here...never seem to have the time...but I do check the site every weekend to check the blogs and news section. Smile


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Love Heritage Music & Performances!

Wow, I love Heritage! The music is wonderful and all the performances are outstanding. This is what I've always wanted from Celtic Thunder second only to the "Celtic Thunder: The Show". Thank you so much for this terrific show.

In my opinion, the DVD editing is much better in Heritage than in "It's Entertainment!" mostly because those all-too-often audience shots in "It's Entertainment!" were fewer and shorter in Heritage. This was a much better balance of focusing on the performances while still showing the excitement and enthusiasm of the audience.

There are two issues that lowered my enjoyment of the show on DVD. The Venue: I wish the venue had been a better fit. The orchestra seemed cut off from the stage and the stage looked a little too small. This might account for some odd camera angles. The Backdrop: I am very disappointed in the backdrop. When I attended the concert last fall I didn't notice it but on the DVD it looks really awful and this detracts from the show. The backdrop is so bad on the DVD that it is distracting. I hope PBS viewers can overlook this shortcoming and see the performances and music shine through so there's plenty of full houses at the concerts next fall.

I do love Heritage! My family and I are listening and singing along and can't wait for next fall's tour.

Thank you Celtic Thunder!

Place in the Choir

I love Place in the Choir!!!!!! It's so much fun!!! I can't wait to get the DVD so I can see the guys perform it, I've only had the CD for a couple of days and it's already my top played song! Smile


Peace.Love.CelticThunder Smile

Finally Got It

My DVD just came in today. I've watched it twice already (I'm having to restrain myself from watching more due to having to focus on finals). The camera work is great! Love all the close ups of everyone.

Heartland- Declan did a great job on the drums for this considering it seemed like half his drum kit was gone. I don't know if it's just me or if anyone else thinks this too but does Heartland's choreography look a little awkward given that there isn't much room for the guys to move around? It's kind of strange to see them take a step in place and keep going with the song. I also kind of miss the jackets.

Buachaill on Eirne- Flawless. This has always been one of my favorites and I love that it's now completely in Irish.

The Dutchman- I'm a huge Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy fan so when I found out that Keith was doing this song, I got really giddy (seriously, I squealed - not afraid to admit it!) This has got to be the best cover of the song I've heard.

Black Is The Color- Another one of my "oldie but goodie" favorites. Ryan totally nailed it.

Working Man- My favorite George solo by far.

Home From The Sea- Harmonies on this were outstanding!

Just A Song At Twilight- Great pairing of Paul and Damian for this one. Beautifully sung.

Belfast Polka- I busted out laughing at Dave Cooke's dancing!

Gold & Silver Days- This is the first time I've ever heard this song (I actually got the CD off of iTunes the day after it came out). Beautifull duet with George and Ryan. Very nostalgic.

Noreen- Can Neil get any cuter or more soulful? Became an instant favorite.

Steal Away- Truth be told, I still haven't gotten used to this version with the guitars. I honestly like the completely a capella version better.

Skye Boat Song- Again, first time I've ever heard this one as well. Love, love, love it!

Whiskey In The Jar- One of my favorite trad. songs and I love the way it got revved up with the dual electric guitars! Neil and Keith were obviously having a blast with that one.

My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose- I got very teary eyed. I found out belatedly that Paul had left so hearing this after the fact made it a bit more emotional.

Ireland's Call- Classic CT. Who can resist a man in a kilt? I know I can't!

A Place In The Choir- Even as much of a Makem & Clancy fan as I am, this was completely new to me. Hilarious! The facial expressions, the dancing, the singing. Wonderful.

While this isn't my favorite DVD, it is a good one with plenty of great songs, entertaining choreography, great camera close ups, etc.


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CD of Heritage and Emmet Cahill

Well, all I have to say is WOW! Emmet is fantastic in The Galway Girl and Kindred Spirits....welcome Emmet. The CD is wonderful. I really love it. I see a bunch of folks are discussing All God's Creatures have a Place in the Choir....what a great song, and I can't get it out of my head. It's really cute when the guys fall down in amazement at Damian - ha ha! It's great.

Heritage CD/DVD

There is an old saying that goes "The best is yet to come.' Well it's here in CT's Heritage. I usually have been a little critical of some of the past CD/DVD's but not this one. Emmet Cahill is the perfect replacement for Paul(CD). Someone was disappointed because ther were not in suits. Well in my humble opion suits would not have been appropiate with this DVD or show. If you don't have this CD/DVD yet GET IT NOW.


I'm finally getting to the CD..spend much too much time with the DVD...cannot help myself..it's addictive! The CD is also expertly put together..now I have new songs to sing in my head (not much in there but CT songs)such as Galway Girl,Gold and Silver days....loveee Noreen....there really are no words to describe how much I've liked CT from the beginning.How lucky to work with a man like Phil whos influence is helping these guys become better and better singers.When CT first hit the airs on PBS I was looking for the same thing as CWoman,but this group is nothing like that,and once I started enjoying the singing individually the whole CT book opened up and pagebypage I follow so I don't miss anything in the saga of CT.

I wish all the best to the guys with the CD's they are doing solo,but I doubt they will ever top anything that has been done with CT.I must mention though that I do enjoy Ryans CD so I will be looking forward to the others.


always a friend...Oreo


I finally got my pre-ordered DVD/CD yesterday. I watched the DVD and was thrilled by each song old and new. Just a song at Twilight was very moving knowing the relationship of Paul and Damian. The best by far is A Place in The Choir. Can't wait to see them again!-Margie-Ann

Heritage DVD and CD

I received the Heritage DVD and CD yesterday afternoon; promptly listened to the CD three times while doing house chores and then watched the DVD twice last night. OUTSTANDING!!! The songs are great, the quality of the DVD and CD are excellent! The lads look great; it would not be fair to try to pick a favorite as it was all wonderful start to finish! GOOD JOB, CELTIC THUNDER, PHIL COULTER and SHARON BROWNE!! Thank you for all of your time and effort to put on such a good show every time you perform.



Heritage DVD and CD

Heritage is absolutely the best CD Celtic Thunder has ever released. The songs are great. I can't say enough about it. For me "Place in the Choir" is the best song on the CD. This song is so much fun to listen and sing along with and it is so much fun to watch on the DVD. I loved Damian's verse that showcased his new lower voice- LOL! I wished Paul could have had a verse but I can understand why he didn't with his dramatic voice. All the guys sound great and looked so good on the DVD. "Whiskey in the Jar" is unbelievable and Keith and Neil look like they had so much fun performing it. As Paul is my favorite it was hard watching him on the DVD without crying. Paul and Damian's duet "Love's old sweet song" is the standout on the DVD and they sang so beautifully together. Gold and Silver Days is another great ballad and I loved Ryan and George's harmonies as well as their touching performance on the DVD. I liked "Kindred Spirits" although I never heard the song and Emmet sings it beautifully. All in all, this CD/DVD was worth the wait! I hope in the future the lyrics are for the CD will be posted here

Heritage tunes are better each time I hear them...

Having only recently become a CT fan, I probably watched/heard things slightly backwards. I first saw Christmas on PBS in December and immediately ordered the DVDs. I then watched IE, TMH, and The Show - in that order. The Show is my favorite DVD. I think the energy on that production was the best, but maybe because it was still new. The guys played off their nerves so well, and they were performing for their own family and friends in Ireland.

I still haven't received my Heritage DVD from Amazon (it's on its way), but I downloaded the mp3s from Amazon yesterday. I was a little impatient. At first, I wasn't sure. I liked it, for sure. But in comparison to The Show...?!? I was looking forward to more Celtic songs, but I didn't recognize as many as I expected to. I was raised on Celtic music from my ma and gram and have searched out more of my own as I grew up. But I listened to it a few times yesterday, and suddenly each song started getting to me (in a good way). I wish I could hear Damian sing the original Come by the Hills in his new range, but truthfully only so I can sing it too. Smile I love Home From the Sea, Black is the Color, and Noreen. A Place in the Choir will probably be a guilty pleasure. I am not a fan of animal folk songs, but the tune is catchy. It reminds me of the Unicorn song, which annoys me but I always find myself singing and dancing along. I look forward to the DVD. I listened again tonight as I made dinner, and I found myself singing along already.

As for the new CT, I look forward to seeing how it all comes together. I don't have 3-4 years of following them as many people here do, so it may be easier to accept the new arrangement. On that note, Neil has easily become my favorite CT member. I thought he was a lead from seeing him in Christmas, and whatever is decided regarding the 5 or 6 guy lead, he will remain my favorite. Paul will surely be missed, but if his heart had moved on - so should he.

I can't wait to see CT this December, and I can't wait to hear what the next production will consist of.


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I've listened, a lot lol,

I've listened, a lot lol, since Tuesday. And I'm happy with it. The original Show was so exciting, and soooo good it blew me away. But I still listen to those first 2 cd's, and I think the quality of the songs and the singers on this one is just as good. I have my favorite, it is still Take Me Home by the way, but that's just my opinion. I love these guys as a group, add Neil subtract Paul add Emmet - every configuration has produced great music. I think it would be nice here in this public forum if we could express our prefences without belittling those of others and without belittling the talents of the performers you don't happen to care for. Love the guys as individuals as well, I've got all those cd's and I will probably buy all the ones in the future - after I listen to previews and decide if I like them Smile

Well Said!

Excellent comments! Celtic Thunder was perfect when it started and has continued to be so and with Emmet instead of Paul will continue to be perfect! I don't think there should be any comparing of Paul and Emmet's voices. They are both tenors and that is where the comparisons should stop. Paul is the one who decided to leave CT, his choice should be accepted for what it is and any true CT fan should be happy to continue supporting the 2011 version of Celtic Thunder. You think this group started out as 5, then to 6. Anybody besides me curious to hear Declan's voice? Just a thought. Neil's is so great.

I have a hard time picking out a favorite song this time Smile Each one I hear I love. Their voices are just great. Keith's voice is really wonderful on the Dutchman. Never heard that song before, love it! Place in the Choir is probably closest to being a favorite, but so hard to choose! Noreen and Kindred Spirits are both such lovely songs and great guys singing both of them.

I am looking forward to having a Celtic Thunder DVD marathon, lots of great music and hours of excellent entertainment! Thank you again Sharon, Phil, Keith, Damian, George, Ryan, Neil, Paul, Declan, Brendan, Dave and the ladies of the band for another excellent and very, very well produced show! Can't get any better than this one! And WOW if you can top this one!!!!! I think I had almost as much fun watching this as you guys had making it. A wonderful and very fun entertaining show thank you!!!

God Bless!



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Heritage CD/DVD

I agree w/ you, Diana. I've enjoyed all of their shows, and thought that Heritage was superb. The group will continue to be strong w/ Emmet, even though Paul can never be replaced. CW and Riverdance have changed lead singers/dancers since their inception, and both groups are still doing quite well. I like the Heritage show as much as the very first CT show.



Well,I finally got the Heritage DVD and have played it for the last 3 hours..haven't even opened the CD yet.I think saying I love it is not the right word....it's all I can think of.Anyone with a negative comment is just not a CT lover like I am.From the opening to the end I am messmerized...It's a given that Heartland,Irelands Call and Steal Away are already favorites.Damians version of Buachaill is the best I've heard from him and he is growing into his voice quite nicely...the duet with Paul shows how Damian is learning how to control his deep voice..loved both.Pauls leaving is not a good thing..I can't imagine the show without him...he pulls the whole thing together and makes the show what it is.Neil did a fantastic job of Noreen..a beautiful song.George and Ryan are their usual grand selves and the songs were great..especially Black is the Color and the Working Man(a song that has a lot of meaning for N.Drunk.
Keith has grown in his singing and his confidence so much since the start of this..am really looking forward to his solo CD. Absolutely enjoyed Whiskey in the Jar...so much fun.I listened to the Dutchman once thru to get the full gist of it and played it thru the second time and felt it is Keiths best yet..
I fell in love with the Belfast Polka...loved the bagpipes and was thrilled when the guys did the little dance steps for Place in the Choir.This DVD is like a grownup visit to Disneyland...makes one anticipate,gives one thrills,causes one to have fun....what more could anyone ask?


always a friend...Oreo


Wow. I am interested to hear the opinion of the folks who don't like Heritage in regard to IE. I loved IE but heard people didn't like it because it wasn't Celtic. Now they do Celtic and people don't like that. Is it perfect? Far from it. Paul has been relegated to a lesser role either through the choices of songs, his readiness to move on, or editing.... or a combination of all of the above. But, in my opinion at least, this is still very, very, very good stuff. I didn't want to like Mr. Cahill but he was given two great songs on the CD. Galway Girl is a great song as is Kindred Spirits and he does well on both. It will take some time for him to adjust and for the guys to adjust to him, but I think it will work. Will it ever be the same, of course not. Was IE the same as the show? Of course not! Ryan is great, George keeps getter more and more relaxed and comfortable, Keith is getting to show multiple sides of himself, Neil is to me, anyway, a wonderful addition. Any bit of Paul I can see is wonderful and will tide me over until he gets out a solo cd. I think it had such a build up that it was bound to be a bit of a let down but I love it. I hate to see people being borderline nasty about a group they supposedly adored. Anxious to hear more opinions after you listen/watch and think about it a bit.



Not nasty.

I don't really think anyone is being nasty. Talent is being recognized, it's just not as good as it used to be. Instead of growing, the group is diminishing. But, of course, these are only opinions and are neither right or wrong. Just observations with no malice whatsoever intended.

We've watched and listened right from day one, so have some perspective here. And I still think it's sad what has been done. As was said, it's clear (and I think was stated by Sharon somewhere) that this CD is a remix of what was originally recorded. Just don't see why that was necessary. Emmett wasn't part of the Heritage show. He didn't perform on tour with it. Why is he part of the Heritage CD? It's taking nothing away from his abilities - he has a lovely voice. It just isn't a good fit.

But, to each his own...

Not going to be popular, but...

I'm sorry but this just isn't up to Celtic Thunder's past standards. The original five are still good but it's very obvious this is a remix. The performances, with one or two exceptions (George and Keith) are weak and the entire CD is, well, quite insipid. A bit of the old spark shows up in "A Place in the Choir", but where is Celtic Thunder? Emmett, although his voice is pleasant, does not have the strength to stand with George, Ryan, Keith and Damian. The group does not need another youngster. It needs a strong voice and Emmett just doesn't have the maturity. Neil isn't, and never has been, up to their level. Perhaps if the original mix had been released it would be better.

Paul cannot be replaced. None of the original five can be replaced. This is Celtic Thunder in name only. In the future we will purchase George, Ryan, Keith, Damian and Paul's individual CD's and leave the CT brand to fade away as it is going to do. The consensus in our group is that if this CD was the first one anyone heard, no one would buy any future releases.

If you don't agree with me/us, fair enough, but listen to the first two CD's and compare for yourself.


a remix of what? There is only one song on the CD that is officially not new and that is Damian's Gaelic song, although the words to that song are NOT the same as the English words he sung in The Show. I think the new CD is amazing, and yes Emmet isn't Paul, but really do we want a Paul Byrom clone, that would be a disservice to everyone. I thought Emmet's songs were lovely. Emmet will Mature nicely and hopefully have a long career with the Celtic Thunder show.

Me too

I agree, too. The magic just isn't there. No matter what Sharon Browne says about CT continuing strongly and the brave faces the original four are presenting, you cannot replace any one of the original five. There was something incredibly special about that combination and it is gone. A lovely group remains, but George, Keith, Ryan and Damian would be better off career-wise striking out on their own now. The grueling tours aren't going to recapture the magic. They will, of course, give it their all. Maybe if a stronger voice had been added, it could be better, but it's doubtful.

It's very sad.

Don't agree

I absolutely do not agree that each one should strike out on their own now. We have been given a beautiful gift in these lads. So Paul is going on his own, and Emmett hasn't even started yet...for heaven's sake - give it a chance. Nothing, but nothing beats a live show. As long as they have an audience, they will remain strong. I love these guys - all of them. I don't think it would be wise to have them go out on their own....the ensemble music is some of their best. Really beautiful. Everything is evolving...my only complaint was the curtain at the back of the stage...everything else was spot-on! The CD's are wonderful to listen to when I'm in the car, or a TV is not available for the DVD. Even my friend who is a musician and music director thought their voices are really terrific and feels the same way I do about their ensemble blending. It's beautiful stuff.

Agree with don't agree!

I agree that striking out on their own isn't the best idea. The way that I see it is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Do I love them individually? Will I support them individually? Of course. But there is something special here and I would hate to see them give it up. I think they will grow. It will be different but still can be wonderful.



Some agreement with nycityfan

I don't know what he is talking about with Emmett...haven't seen him perform yet, and I haven't heard the CD. I received the Heritage DVD last night and was so excited I ripped it right open and watched it immediately....the guys, songs and band are superb, but I was extremely disappointed with the curtain in the backdrop...it looks so tacky, like a high school play set....everything else was stupendous. I really feel that this vision ruins the wonderful performances of everyone. Keith is spectacular - in Heartland, The Dutchman and Whiskey in the Jar! WOW!!! I loved to see Damian in the open shirt/vest outfit but it didn't show up until Steal Away, which was really terrific. He looks so much more mature with the open shirt/vest and fits in better with the group. I didn't like the blue tie/pants/sneakers outfit. It felt a little like Paul had faded into the background...no spectacular song for him. Ryan is always a terrific showman, and George was really terrific. He has a truly great voice, and I just love The Skye Boat Song - along with the bagpipes...being of Scottish descent, I choke up whenever I hear bagpipes. What a thrill. I saw this production at Radio City and it was really spectacular....I would ask that Sharon think about doing their filming half-way through the tour next time, after the guys have been performing those shows for a while...they get better as the tour goes on. I really would have loved to see the Radio City show filmed. They were all just at the top of their game. The camera really loves Keith and Damian and I am thankful for that...also Neil takes some shots above, but his Noreen made me cry...it's just beautiful. He is such a tremendous musician...I can't imagine CT without him. Thank you for Ireland's call...and the ending - wonderful! But please do something about the background! Thank you.

I disagree about Paul not

I disagree about Paul not having a standout number on Heritage. His "My love is like a red, red rose" was beautiful. For once, one of his ballads did not have a huge ending and that was fine with me. How the song ended was perfect. I love Paul and will miss him terribly.

CD not DVD

It's the CD that is lacking. The DVD is still all original five and is ok. I agree Paul's role appears to be cut back. Wonder if that had anything to do with his decision to leave? But the CD is a remix. It is not the DVD show and is very weak. Ryan and Paul had songs removed and Emmett was added. A bad decision, but that's just my opinion.


I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "remix." But in the event you haven't noticed, the concept of the CDs having songs not performed on their corresponding DVDs is not new.

This trend started in '09 with Take Me Home, which had the following CD-only tunes: The Homes of Donegal (Keith), Because We Believe (Paul), Wichita Lineman (Keith), The Green Fields of France (all), and Midnight Well (Ryan). (Midnight Well would later show up as part of the Storm production, which I have not seen.)

It's Entertainment: Amazing Grace (all...wasn't performed live until the Christmas release), Hello Again (George), When You Wish Upon A Star (Neil...again, not live until Christmas), Sway (Paul), and Everything I Do (Ryan). (I did have the pleasure of seeing Hello Again, Sway, and Everything I Do performed live during the IE half of the show I saw in September. Amazing jobs done by all three guys.)

Far as I can tell, all of the songs recorded during the Christmas sessions made it onto the DVD.

And now, we have Heritage. The only non-DVD songs here are The Galway Girl and Kindred Spirits (both Emmet) and Red Rose Cafe (George). Personally, I would rather have seen George sing Red Rose Cafe instead of another rendition of Working Man, but he still shined on that. And I don't know what you're talking about, but Ryan and Paul had no songs removed from the CD. Ryan has Black Is The Colour and Paul has My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose, which are the solo pieces each performed on the DVD. George's Skye Boat Song is the only solo piece missing from the CD, which baffles me because it very easily could have fit on there.

As for Emmet, I think it was a very wise move on Sharon's part to give him some presence on this CD. No, he hasn't performed live yet, but that's because he didn't officially "join" until around the time of Paul's resignation in November. Paul then stuck around until after all of the Christmas shows were completed. Without giving Emmet some presence on this CD, we fans may not have had much of a chance to hear the young man's obviously powerful vocals (aside from on his website and a couple isolated YouTube videos) prior to seeing him tour with the other guys. I assume she figured it would be easier for us to get used to his style this way, which makes sense to me.

Give Emmet a chance. Let him shine where CT shines best: on tour. If he isn't up to snuff, I am sure Sharon will handle the situation just fine. The "original five" are, for better or worse, no more.

I say all of this not to be disrespectful or anything, but to perhaps give you some different perspective. Smile


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No I completely agree with

No I completely agree with you. I love George, Paul, Ryan, Keith and Damian, not Celtic Thunder the show. I love the songs on Heritage and their voices are amazing, but I dunno...as great as this CD is, it just doesn't sit well with me. Nothing can top Celtic Thunder (the cd) and Act II.


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I completely agree with all you guys! Heritage is such a great record. I especially love The Galway Girl! It's just sooooo fun! Just like CelticStars said, there's not a song on here that I don't want to listen to over and over. I heard TGG on Echoes of Erin Monday night and I immediately downloaded it on iTunes! I've been listening to it since! My 6 year old asked if I knew any other bands! Just wanna say again... What a great album. I recommend it to everyone, fan or not.

Heritage is excellent.

I completely agree! They just keep getting better and better! I'll miss Paul terribly in the shows, but Emmett has a lovely voice. (and we can look for Paul's solo work when it comes out!) One of the things I love best about CT is that it has all of the solo artists performing so well AND they sound amazing together. Heritage is outstanding! Can't pick a favorite as there are too many Love, love, love it! Wonderful job everyone! Can't wait for the tour!!

Heritage CD

Just got the CD off of iTunes yesterday (wasn't patient enough to wait for Amazon to ship it). Wow! Love every single track on this album. I'm a huge Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy fan so to hear Keith do "The Dutchman" was wonderful! I also really liked the revved up version of "Whiskey In The Jar" that Keith and Neil did.

Seriously, there is not a single song on this album that I haven't hit repeat on several times over. This has certainly become a favorite!


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Wow is this ever fantastic! Going to have to get extra copies! They are going to get listened to lots and lots! Loved Damian's new version of Buachaill O'n Eirne. Place in the Choir is just great! Love that song and they look like they were having a load of fun doing it. Love all the duets! The best DVD and CD tied with the original CT DVD & cd! Love all their music but this is just fantastic!

Please if possible...... could the show be refilmed with Emmet on tour this year! Regardless, looking forward to seeing these 6 awesome guys George, Damian, Keith, Ryan, Neil & Emmet and everyone in the band for years to come! Thank you Celtic Thunder! Roll ON!!!



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So I didn't even remember that Heritage came out yesterday until yesterday morning I got a tweet update from Emmet, and then spent the rest of the day counting the hours until I could get to Barnes and Noble! I called and asked if they had copies, but all were reserved...until the VERY nice woman found 1 last copy!!! I can't believe how incredible this CD is, here's my favourite parts:

1. Emmet
2. Damian's Gaelic Buachaill O'n Eirne
3. Emmet
4. Whiskey In The Jar
5. EMMET!!!!!

Wink I am so glad to have been able to hear these songs in person! I'm really looking forward to Celtic Thunder's awesome future...Pob hwyl!


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Love Heritage

I was only able to get the CD (DVD on order) and am listening to it right now. I am enjoying Damian singing Buachaill on Eime in Irish only, although I love his earlier version with part Irish/part English. These guys are so talented. I love them individually and as a group. I hope to see them live this year.


Hehe :)

I pre-ordered Heritage off I-Tunes, and listened to it on my I-pod on the way to school this morning Smile I have to say, Buchiall On Eirne(spelling?) is one of my top picks! I have always loved the way Damian sing it in the first show, but the full Gaelic just completes it! It is followed by Black Is The Color. That song has such a catchy tune, I had it stuck in my head the entire day! Home From The Sea is a close third after that! I love how all of the guy's voices mesh in it.
And then there is A Place In The Choir. This song absolutly killed me Tongue I LOVED it! I was listening and laughing through all the parts, until it got to Damo's part, where my jaw literally hit the floor. It was amazing! I can't wait for the DVD to come from Chapters! I think this is the best material yet guys, fantastic job!!!


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After watching the Heritage DVD, something caught my attention. When Damian's part in "Ireland's Call" comes up, he hits a note that sounds suspiciously high and identical to how he sounded way back on that song in The Show. (With a nod of approval from Paul following, lol.) Now I know with previous DVDs (sans Take Me Home), studio recordings were synced up with the live performance to make the best quality product, which is cool with me. But this was kind of a bummer. The way Damian sounded during this song on It's Entertainment more closely matched his new vocal range, right? I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but this sticks out like a sore thumb and I would rather have heard the Damian of today than the Damian of 2007-2008. We all know his voice is lower now, especially once you hear that CRAZY low tone he uses in his verse of "A Place In The Choir." Laughing out loud


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I agree about Ireland's call

I agree about Ireland's call and here is my take on it. This entire song was lip-synched. I always felt that the DVDs shows are mostly lip-synched with few exceptions as I'm sure other CT fans have discovered. This version of Ireland's call is the version off the first CD; anyone could tell. As someone who has listened to these songs over and over it's pretty obvious what happened with this song. I don't believe Damian, whose voice is so deep now, could have hit that high note when on "It's Entertainment his verse was changed to reflect his new lower voice. My daughter and I laughed out loud and said "Come on!" - we knew it was the original version of Ireland's Call as soon as George starting singing it. I have seen Celtic Thunder 3 times in Pittsburgh and I still don't know if they were singing live although it really doesn't matter since we love Celtic Thunder. If that's true, it certainly saves a lot of stress on their vocal cords by not singing every night. The DVD/CD are awesome and are my favorites to date.

Damians Part in Irelands Call

It seems to me that Damian and Paul just have this fun thing between them when this song is done. If you watch IE you see Damian on purpose point down and hit the low while looking at Paul and laughing so the approval of Paul in Heritage when he hit the high instead seems just to feed off this "thing" they have going. Maybe just a little craic going on, almost a private joke between them that if you watch through out the years of CT we get to see. At least that is my take on it. Watch both versions and I think you will get it. Or maybe I'm just seeing something that's not there, but I like to think it is just because of the fun they all seem to have with each other.



Sorry, but you are incorrect re Damo's voice. Saw the taping and heard and saw him sing LIVE. Damo can hit a few ranges-Place in the Choir for example-his voice was completely bass. That's why it is so funny when the guys drop in fake amazement on how low Damo can sing. Please just enjoy the cd/dvd, which, in my opinion is the best of the best. The fun the lads had taping it and performing it during the tour was great. Saw the show 6 times and as it went along, the lads were so full of fun.


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