Long Week Last Week - May 24, 2010

Well that was the longest week I've put in for a while!
Up all night Sunday trying to get the guys to Austin for the PBS conference, nightmare with the Ash Cloud. The AA flight they were due to go on didn't leave the USA on Sunday to bring them over Monday The Aer Lingus NY flight got cancelled, the Boston flight got cancelled, finally got them on the Chicago Flight at 5pm Monday evening. I flew from NY to Austin Monday, still working flight problems and to get George straight back on a plane from Chicago when he landed as his Mum took seriously ill. The others all got to Austin, TX after midnight having been over 24 hours travelling. Did the gig for PBS on Tuesday after a full day of meetings and seminars. Got to bed late Tuesday night and got up again 3 hours later Wednesday morning to fly back to NY, go home, unpack, repack, and back to JFK for a flight to Dublin. Got into Dublin at 6.40am, went home, unpacked, showered, repacked an overnight back and went out to the Helix for auditions from 10am. Got out of there after 9.30pm, drove to Belfast, checked into the Hotel, got a sandwich and went to bed. Back up Friday Morning and another full day of Auditions in Belfast. Drove home last night and slept! It was my Uncles 80th Birthday Saturday and I went to a party at his house, all the family (extended) were there. It's Jean Clancy's Dad and she was home for it too. It was lovely, was great to see everyone, wasn't sure I'd manage to stay awake too late but had a great time, drank too much in the Sun, weather is glorious in Dublin right now! Long, long week. Glad I'm home, have loads of emails and work to catch up on that I couldn't get to last week but I'll get to it! Sharon


Last week I was loving

Last week I was loving Ephraim, this week we’re seeing a few of his spots. Really? He let Martha stay up all night taking care of him when he was sick only to leave her in the morning to go to church when she was feeling ill. This is not the Ephraim I know. Well, actually, that’s not true — since we know so little about him.

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RE: Long Week

Wow! What a glamorous life you live!!!!

Question for Sharon please

Hi, I just became a huge fan of Celtic Thunder while on vacation with my former roommates. When I arrived home I was thrilled to learn that my best friend had become a fan of theirs two years ago after seeing them on a PBS broadcast. We have purchased tickets for the show in Reading, PA on October 10, 2010 and I was really excited until tonight when I saw that you are auditioning for "another" 'Celtic Thunder' group??? Does this mean that we will not get to see the originals that we are fans of - Paul, Keith, Damien, Ryan George and Neil - and will have to see a show that is filled with people we may or may not like? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

My condolences also to George and his family. Having lost most of my family, I certainly feel for what they are going through.

We have been told that the

We have been told that the group touring this fall WILL be the regular 6 lads. Smile Hope that helps.

I'll answer to Tangy.
unfortunately has no Irish in her *pout*

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Would like to see

I think the rendition of "Amazing Grace" on the CD is the best I've ever heard from anyone (even Celtic Women with the bagpipes which was pretty awesome too). I would love to see Celtic Thunder perform this in video.



Thanks so much for letting us know about the Donaldsons. My heart goes out to George and his family. People tend to forget that entertainers as well as the people behind the scene (like you) have not only their careers to manage but a family life as well. I see that the fans have poured out their feelings and support for George which is a wonderful thing to see.
As for you, I think since fans, me included are hungry for the latest news we all tend to forget how much work there is to do. Your description of what all has happened in the last week with Air travel, auditions, family functions, etc. we start to get a better picture of how hectic it all is.

I for one want to say a big thanks to you and the lads. I know you ALL do what you do because you love it, but there are many in the entertainment industry that DO NOT take the time or effort that YOU AND THE LADS do in letting us into your world. It is one of the many things that I love about all of you. We feel like we are a part of your successes and your losses.

Thank you so much, Dory


Wow... who ever said travel was glamorous?!? It's time to take off those shoes and put up your feet before getting back onto that crazy airline treadmill.

I'm so sorry to hear of George's mother's passing. It's a helpless feeling being far away from home when there is a family emergency. I pray for God to comfort the Donaldson family at this time of sorrow.

Wow that's a CRAZY schedule!

Wow that's a CRAZY schedule!
Glad you have got all that done and enjoyed the sun for a bit too....
...sooooo, how did the auditions go?

Concert @ RCMH New York was amazing, thanks!!!X Janneke.

Hello my Friend

So glad to hear all is well. It amazes me how truly organized you are. Your hard work has paid off in so many areas and I would like to say THANKS for all you do for the fans. God's blessings to George and his family. Take care my friend
Dar *(*

Thanks for all you do


Thank you for your dedication and for taking such good care of the guys!

Please get some rest!!! You never cease to amaze me with your energy!!

God bless,

Susan in Atlanta


So, how did auditions go? Did you find us 5 or 6 more Celtic hotties who will sing in our dreams?

hokey smoles

Wow Sharon! I think I need a nap. Laughing out loud >^..^<

Holy Cow

My Lord, I was exhausted just reading all u did . .LOL I just don't know how u do it, Sharon. U r Superwoman.


Wow! Thats a lot. I thought my trip was rushed!! I guess not after all that!! But it must pay off sometime soon. Wink

Forever & Always,

LOL Sharon. Yes, that sounds

LOL Sharon. Yes, that sounds like a very tiring week indeed, but probably also very rewarding. Sometimes, nonstop working can be a source of refueling in itself.

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Phew I am tired now, okay

Phew I am tired now, okay when it is the weekend? Glad you had a lovely time when you needed to.

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My head...is spinning just

My head...is spinning just from reading this Laughing out loud
Get some well deserved rest Sharon!