Just Like Jesse James (performed by Caroline Torti and Charley Bird)

You're struttin' into town like you're slingin' a gun
Just a small town dude with a big city attitude
Honey are ya lookin' for some trouble tonight
Well all right

You think you're so bad, drive the womenfolk wild
Shoot 'em all down with the flash of your pearly smile
Honey but you met your match tonight
Oh, that's right

You think you'll knock me off my feet 'til I'm flat on the floor
'Til my heart is cryin' Indian and I'm beggin for more
So come on baby
Come on baby, come on baby show me what that loaded gun is for

If you can give it I can take it
'Cause if this heart is gonna break it's gonna take a lot to break it
I know tonight
Somebody's gonna win the fight
So if you're so tough
Come on and prove it
You heart is down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it
Tonight you're gonna go down in flames
Just like Jesse James

You break the laws of love in the name of desire
Take ten steps back cause I'm ready baby
Aim and fire
Baby there's nowhere you gonna run tonight
Ooh that's right

Well you've had your way with love but it's the end of the day
Now a team of wild horses couldn't drag your heart away
So come on baby
Come on baby
Come on baby Come on


Tonight you're gonna go down in flames
Just like Jesse James

jesse james

I really love the Thats Entertainment DVD. However, when watching Jesse James, I have to fast forward because I cannot stand to look at it anymore because it is not really Caroline singing but Charley Bird. When first viewing this video, I thought wow! This girl is a vixen and can sing! And I loved it believing it was Caroline singing. Now I find out that it is really Charley Bird singing and the girl in the video was not really a foxy villain at all but a fake. This is very disturbing to me and so now when I watch the video, I have to fast forward through the Jesse James song because I can no longer watch it. I am still a fan of CT and hopefully will get to a concert in PA this fall.



The Sound of Music

I'd heard the buzz about adding Bird and women with the Jesse James performance before I purchased the CD. Listening I was unimpressed, I didn't really connect with the lyric. Watching the DVD however made all the difference for me. Caroline excelled as far as I'm concerned with her performance. Lip-syncing is a true art. Don't ask me to try.

The producer fulfilled her vision and gave credit when and where it was due. As a viewer, I don't feel I was cheated. Unlike the actions of some incidents and artists, recall Milli Vanilli of the 80s or the SNL performance of "ailing" Ashley Simpson. Whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not lip-syncing is a tool occasionally utilized in an industry, and for a public, that often covets perfection. As an artist, I'm not the total package and even if I were could I sustain it 100% of the time? To this day I'm amazed at how much lip-syncing was used in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Sound of Music - to this day its Christopher Plummer singing to me even though it's really not. Even though he worked really hard to sing on the film; he got so close but not close enough to satisfy the Producers and Director.

Having said this, all I really needed to hear to be completely won over by Caroline's Jesse James was Keith Harkin's delight in interview on the DVD to be paired with the "beautiful Caroline" - to finally get the girl.

I love the flow of It's Entertainment; the production was very well conceived.

I Love It!

I love this song and i love the way that it is done.
It does not bother me at all that they lip-sync this song.
Not because it is done all the time, but I think because they were up front with it.
I know a lot of you have seenthe movie White Christmas... well Judy (Vera Ellen) lip syncs
here also. They cast her for the part because she could dance, not sing.
I totally understand if Sharon wanted a certain voice and a certain girl who could (act)
this part. At first I did not like Charleys way of singing but it grew on me fairly lively.
I did realize that Caroline was not singing at first but I did not say any thing till my brother said
"she's just miming the song" then I agreed, But I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt.
But again I think it is awesome!


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It's fine by me

I didn't get this song at first listen. It didn't bother me at all that Caroline lip-syncs the lyrics, still doesn't. I'm glad the lyrics are presented here allowing me to connect with its meaning all the more. Questioning POV prompted me to explore who wrote it and why. I read Desmond Child and Diane Warren co-wrote it originally for Cher. They each have a huge rep as songwriters - awesome, impressive. I get the boy's in trouble - an inflated ego - and, he's met his match in a strong woman - he's gonna fall hard. (Recall Carly Simon's "You're so Vain.") It's not a bad song choice for Cher. To me that's all it is, though. I'm not going to be reading between the lines-read something into it. As far as I'm concerned Celtic Thunder can sing whatever they like, and these solo artists remember get to choose. The producer also has privileges. I enjoy variety. I would rather believe Celtic Thunder elevates material through their presentation, than the material in any way brings them down.

I totally love how Just Like Jesse James sets up Hard to Say I'm Sorry, a Keith Harkin gem. If that's all Sharon intended for it to do, fine by me.


That clarifies it somewhat, thank you both. I think of Celtic Thunder as a "class act" and to me, this act "ain't classy." If the show had a Western theme it would have made more sense and I probably wouldn't have reacted at all! I guess whether or not there was a Western theme isn't the point, but still, it jars! Like watching "Masterpiece Theatre" and having a commercial about flatulence medication interrupting it! I appreciate your feedback and hearing your viewpoints. Peace on.

lip syncing

I just paid good money for tickets to see the show in Clearwater Florida Nov. 23 2010 anytime lip syncing is done it is a big let down for the fans.(remember Milli Vanilli?)Anyone can sing in a studio they have proven it many times on T.V. here in the U.S. Live show means you should get live singing.Anyway I hope that I'm not disappointed in Nov. Kudos to Charley Bird for her outstanding version of Just Like Jesse James It is better than Cher's I cant wait for her album to hit the states.



I don't get it

I don't get what this song and this act is doing in this show!!! I just got the It's entertainment DVD. The woman is lip-synching, so why does she need to be in the show at all? Why this song? The lyrics border on vulgar. The act looks like (sorry) a prostitute trying to entice a couple of johns, ie Keith and Damian. Their reactions to the singer are extremely cheesy. Then it looks like Keith actually had/has a relationship with this woman he's encouraging Damian to approach. It is inexplicable. Again, WHY is this thing even in this show. It is dreadful. It doesn't work. Please let it not be part of the tour show, please. This is the only act Celtic Thunder has done that I have had such a disagreeable reaction to. Everything else is really top notch and long may the thunder roll. . . without this act! I'm not a prude, just a discerning fan.

I appreciate where you're

I appreciate where you're coming from... thank you for sharing what you didn't like. Nothing in life would ever improve if no one said what they didn't like about something.

For myself, I saw the song a little differently... I envisioned the story as that Keith and Caroline had some sort of history and were probably already a "couple." And when Keith and Damian were there together, Keith wasn't so much pushing Damian TOWARD Caroline, as he was saying "Dude... I'm in the doghouse today. Do NOT leave me alone!"

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JoJo's I appreciate...

I agree with you JoJo. I thought it was a fun piece and I loved it. I thought Keith and Caroline had a great chemistry. But hey, not everybody sees things the same, that's what makes life interesting.

Have a great weekend.

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this one fits with the song after it. Keith OBVIOUSLY messed up and is feeling it now. He's trying to avoid confronting the girl he's upset and Damian is trying to get him to deal with the girl, Keith is also trying to make Damo stay so he doesn't have to deal with her alone.

The expressions between Keith and Care after Damo exits, I thought CLEARLY showed that of a man trying to apologize and a girl who's just not having it. Poor Keith.

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Since getting the responses I've had time to rewatch JJ. I get it. Don't know why I didn't in the first place, bad brain day?! I can now tolerate it but I'm just not in love with it and don't really enjoy it. I'm glad others get some fun out of it. Different strokes for different folks! I really love/appreciate all of their other acts/songs so much. Beautiful day in Colorado today. Good to be outdoors. Pleasant Sunday to all.

its a toss up

I have mixed feelings on this. I love the dress and would wear it in a heartbeat. I never noticed that she was barefoot, I'll have to watch again for that. At first, I did not like the song, but I think it has begun to grow on me and now I can't wait to get sheet music to sing it myself. I'm really not a fan of the fact that it is a lip-sync, that's just tacky. We heard why Caroline did not sing it in the show, but why did Charley not perform it in the first place? It's not like the dancing was that complicated from what I could tell. Lastly, the match does not make sense. It's not that I think that Keith is "Angelic" as others have said (not sure if that was here or the reviews on amazon), but rather his "character" for lack of a better term up to this point has been a rather laid back and would not bother with a high maintinance girl like this in the first place. I think a better combination would have been to pair Caroline with Ryan and have him either respond with Heartbreaker or mesh the two songs into a sort of impassioned argument ala taming of the shrew. Perhaps being able to see "Storm" may give some backstory that sheds some light on the interaction as it is.

Caroline with Keith

Caroline as Keith's love interest makes more sense in Storm, which has a more historical story to it. Caroline plays a gypsy girl who falls in love with a highwayman. As for Keith being laid back, you have a treat coming to you when Storm comes out.

perhaps it was the dark and

perhaps it was the dark and light look? Caroline is brunette and Keith is blonde, her height also fits well with Keith. It is a good question to ask Sharon though because these are just my thoughts as a fan really.



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Light and Dark

I ABSOLUTELOY love Keith and Caroline together. I thought they had great chemistry. I would love to see more of them together. I don't know if its the blonde/brunette look, but I do know that I love them together.

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I'll sum this up in a few

I'll sum this up in a few words I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing out loud


I enjoyed this song when I

I enjoyed this song when I saw it live in Toronto, but to be honest I wasnt' expecting to love it on the CD. However.... I find that this is one of the songs I hit repeat on the most!!! I absolutely love it!

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I also must say I've been

I also must say I've been listening to Keith's "I just have to say I'm Sorry" and I absolutely love it! It has grown on me, Woke up to his beautiful voice this morning! I am so looking forward to his own CD sometime.....soon I hope! Wish he would record "What's Her Name?" Smile

I agree with what

I agree with what Peacelovemusic says about this, Caroline has a real powerful voice, I've never heard of her before. I love watching Keith's reaction to her and his facial expressions! I thought he did great! And I like the "park" set up, hilarious when they (Damian & Keith)first walk on the set! Smile I can't wait to see this show on tour Smile

I can't wait to see this

I can't wait to see this again. This song absolutely cracked me up.


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This song was absolutely stunning! Caroline brings such fire and life into this song, it just blew me away. She has such a strong voice, and she really shines singing Just Like Jesse James. The gorgeous red dress with the black flowers doesn't hurt either, but it subtly adds to the attitude of the over all song. I also loved the interaction between Caroline and Keith on set. At this point I couldn't describe it in much detail, but can't wait to see/hear this song again!



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Actually, Sharron said it is

Actually, Sharron said it is not Caroline's voice singing the song but a girl named Charley Bird. I LOVE Caroline's stage presence though. I've only seen the preview to That's Entertainment, but I was really impressed with Caroline from the little I saw. I'm glad they had her lip-sing the song rather than have the original artist perform it. I think she brought character to the show that Charley could not have.

The Beginning Walk

I thought the stroll at the beginning of the song was a crack up.

The part when Damian and Keith were walking down the street and "daring " each other to take Caroline's bait. When they are pushing each other toward her, but Damian is smart enough to leave because he realizes she is out of his league.

I always love the funny stuff.