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A HUGE Congratulations to all the winners of the Celtic Radio Saint Patrick's Day Giveaway!! The Leprechauns had payed Celtic Radio a visit, causing their server to go down but happy to announce their server is now back up with a NEW and improved system and will be able to handle all your requests as soon as all the content is transfered to the new system! Thank You to everyone that participated in the Saint Patrick's Day Givaway!
 Celtic Thunder "Heritage" DVD
  • Marion Chew (USA)
  • Megan Curry (Canada)
  • Sally Evans (Canada)
  • Danielle Klare (USA)
  • Karen Kwasniewski (USA)


Celtic Thunder "Heritage" CD
  • MelLissa Gatza (USA)
  • Melissa King (USA)
  • Brenda Little (USA)
  • Susan Moore (USA)
  • Darlene Napier-Upton (USA)
Celtic Thunder "Storm" CD
  • Rendi Ames (USA)
  • Grog MacNaughty
  • Andrea Selby (USA)
  • Sharon Thompson (Australia)





Celtic Thunder "Entertainment" CD

  • Clifford Alleman (USA)
  • Betty Dowswell (New Zealand)
  • Jackie Gehrke (USA)
  • Sharon Howell (USA)


Celtic Thunder "ACT 2" CD

  • Sarah Riddlebarger (USA)




Celtic Thunder "The Show" CD

  • Carolina Soares (USA)

 Celtic Thunder T-Shirt

  • Michelle Allen (USA)
  • Ellen Chambers (USA)
  • Shirley McMaster (USA)
  • Chenoa Miller (USA)

Celtic Radio Premium Upgrade

  • Shanan Bennett (USA)
  • Marilyn Eastwood (Canada)
  • Judith Ellis (USA)
  • Sherree Gaff (USA)
  • Nazanin Hebel (USA)
  • Sheri Smith (USA)
  • Kylee Warnock (USA)

Celtic Radio Premium Upgrade

  • Traci Calaman (USA)
  • Linda Crouch (USA)
  • Carol Manning (USA)
  • Tracy MccCord (USA)
  • Bonnie Purtill (USA)

Celtic Radio now offers all Celtic Thunder Albums for Online Streaming! Subscribers can request any song from any Celtic Thunder Album and have their favorite song added to their Celtic Radio Profile. Check out Celtic Raido Here.

So you can enjoy all the Celtic Thunder Albums Online, Celtic Radio now offers a 50% Discount for Profile Upgrades to all Celtic Thunder Fans. This is exclusive only to Celtic Thunder Fans and available HERE to upgrade your Celtic Radio Profile, once Celtic Radio gets all content transfered to their NEW Server. Discount Entry found just below the Paypal Button on the lower Left. Enter dublin as the Discount Code.


Now Available on CD and DVD
"Voyage" DVD Tracks
Atmos, Druids, Deus Meus
Isle of Hope/Isle of Tears
The Dutchman
Jigs & Reels
Lagan Love
Black is the Colour
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Maid of Culmore
Girls, Girls, Girls
Red Rose Cafe
Kindred Spirits
Clancy Bros Medley
Past the Point of Rescue
Ride On
All Day Long
Galway Girl
"Voyage" CD Tracks
Isle of Hope/Isle of Tears
Past The Point of Rescue
Scorn Not His Simplicity
Song for the Mira
Always A Woman
Friends in Low Places
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
All Day Long
Cat's in the Cradle
Maid of Culmore
All out of Love
This is the Moment
Galway Girl
Falling Slowly
7 Drunken Nights

Surpassing sales of one million units combined, the musical phenomenon that is Celtic Thunder have just been hailed as BILLBOARD's Top World Music Artist, along with Top World Music Imprint and Top World Album of 2011 for their most current disc, Heritage. Celtic Thunder rings in 2012 with a new CD and DVD concert special, VOYAGE just in time for St. Patrick's Day. VOYAGE the concert special will be broadcast across the U.S. on Public Television stations during the March 2012 pledge period, with an estimated one thousand airings beginning in late February (check local listings). Both the new CD and DVD available NOW!

VOYAGE continues to pay homage to the musical culture of Ireland, while exploring the musical journey each soloist has undertaken since the beginning of Celtic Thunder four years ago. Former members Damian McGinty and Paul Byrom have moved on - McGinty's star continues to rise after securing a reoccurring role on FOX's hit show GLEE (a result of winning last year's "The GLEE Project"), while Paul Byrom launches his own solo career as well. Keith Harkin is also working on a solo project while maintaining his integral role in Celtic Thunder. He is the first artist signed to the newly helmed David Foster Verve Music Group, and is readying his forthcoming solo debut wildly anticipated by "Thunder Heads" everywhere. The rest of the ensemble including Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, George Donaldson and Emmet Cahill welcome 13-year-old Daniel Furlong to the fold as a guest artist on this recording. The group performances highlight the diversity of Irish music and song; from the powerful rendition of "Dulaman" to the love song "Maid of Culmore," the collection also features a rousing performance of "Galway Girl" and beloved Irish party song "My Irish Molly-O."


Congratulations to the following who have each won a pair of tickets
to see Celtic Thunder perform in the Allphones Area on February 16th 2012
  • John Green
  • Bryan Vella
  • Ruth Jones
  • Robert Sinclair
  • Julie Scott
  • Brianna Meaney
  • Susan Porter
  • Joanne Lewis
  • John McNeilly
  • Julie Hodges
  • Wendy Peterson
  • Suzanne Dickerson
  • Deidre Swan
  • Rebecca Garbut
  • Jo Heazlewood
And to the runners-up, who will each receive a copy of
Celtic Thunders latest release in Australia - "Heritage"
  • Mark Goffett
  • David Husband
  • Christine Crossingham
  • Lorraine Sedger
  • Naomi Canlas
  • Valmai Spriggs
Be sure to tell us how the concert went on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 
Tickets are still available for Celtic Thunder's Australian tour. You can purchase them now through our friends at


Contest for Allphones Arena, Sydney Australia

Would you like to win tickets to see Celtic Thunder at the Allphones Arena, Sydney on February 16th? We have 15 pairs of tickets to give away to our lucky winners as well as runner-up prizes of DVDs and CDs! Winners will be chosen and contacted on 13th Februrary.

Celtic Thunder tickets competition 2012 – Terms and Conditions

  • All entrants and winners must be residents of Australia and be aged 18 or over on 1 January 2012.
  • Prizes will be drawn at random from the total entries at the date of closure. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • The prizes consist of 15 pairs of tickets to see Celtic Thunder in Sydney (1 double pass per prize-winner). Runner-up prizes consist of 6 DVDs and 6 CDs (1 DVD and 1 CD per runner-up).
  • The winning prizes consist of tickets only and no associated costs relating to travel, accommodation or otherwise are part of the prize.
  • The draw closes on the February 13th with the draw taking place on the 13th. The winner will then be notified by Tourism Ireland.
  • By entering this draw, you agree to participate in any promotional activities connected with the prize draw, should you be a winner.

Click Here to Enter the Show Ticket Giveaway


Australia "Welcome Wagon" - February 8, 2012

Celtic Thunder Arrives at the Gold Coast

Celtic Thunder will arrive at the Gold Coast on Thursday, February 9, 2012 @ 3:30 PM on Virgin Airlines Flight DJ527 from Sydney, Australia.

If your in the area, bring all your family and friends to welcome Celtic Thunder as they are about to begin their First Tour in Australia! Press Media may be present to take photos with the lads along with possible Television Media, so bring your biggest smile and get ready for some FUN!



With only 2 days to go until Celtic Thunder kick of their National Tour on the Gold Coast in Australia...

Celtic Thunder – Heritage on DVD

Has gone Platinum!
A HUGE congratulations and thanks to all the Celtic Thunder Fans in Australia for making this possible!

Australia picks up Celtic Thunder "Heritage"

Hailed as Billboards Top World Album for 2011, Celtic Thunder "Heritage" can now be purchased Locally in Australia. The Australia Region currently carries "The Show" on CD & DVD, "ACT II" CD, "It's Entertainment" on CD & DVD and "Celtic Thunder Christmas" on CD & DVD. Celtic Thunder "Heritage" on CD & DVD now joins the Music Catalog of Celtic Thunder releases in Australia, and as of recent Celtic Thunder "Heritage" has gone PLATINUM!
To celebrate this event, Fans in Australia can receive a FREE Download of "Wiskey in a Jar!" Be sure to tell all your Family, Friends and Co Workers to help get the word out about Celtic Thunder in Australia.
(Australia Residents Only)
A break from the busy schedule of the show Celtic Thunder
means anything but rest for star Keith Harkin.

THERE are a multitude of things you could imagine a singer from the band Celtic Thunder doing on their downtime.

Brushing up on their Irish dancing, chasing leprechauns at the end of the rainbow, getting some lessons on the uilleann pipes perhaps.

But the blond- haired, blue-eyed heart-throb of Celtic Thunder, Keith Harkin, is probably more likely to be found catching some waves and working on his tan than anything even remotely Celtic.

After a brief promo tour in Australia last year, Harkin took the opportunity of a few weeks downtime to hit the beach at Byron Bay and instead of impressing people with his voice he was impressing them by cutting up the waves at the popular surfing destination.

Not that he gets a lot of time to perfect his technique.

When Celtic Thunder takes a break, Harkin won't be found kicking back on the sofa watching an Eastenders omnibus in his hometown of Derry in Northern Ireland.

If he even manages to make it back to Derry it is through some kind of small miracle.

Outside of his Celtic Thunder commitments, Harkin pretty much never stops making music.

Speaking to The Courier-Mail before Christmas he revealed his plans for filling his time during the two-month break the rest of the band will enjoy.

"After the last show I am heading over to LA," he says. "I'm going to be working with David Foster and recording my solo album."

He just casually drops David Foster into the conversation as if he is someone everyone hangs out with for a few weeks.

The very same David Foster who discovered the likes of Michael Buble and Josh Groban and produced for people like Celine Dion, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

The David Foster with 16 Grammys on his shelf.

Like most Northern Irish he just takes it all in his stride and gets on with business mostly staying grounded despite working with some of the best people in the world.

That includes his co-stars in the global phenomenon Celtic Thunder.

Since the band formed in 2007, drawing on the talents of a collection of male vocalists from all over Ireland they have celebrated a string of multi-platinum records and sell-out tours all over the world. Despite riding on the wave of interest in all things Celtic, Harkin says he never expected the group to become the huge deal it has.

"Even when we recorded the first album I had no idea how big it would get," he says.

"When it kicked off it was surreal and then we got our first number one on the billboard charts in the States."

The group seems to have found the formula for keeping audiences happy.

"We sing songs for everyone really, there is something for everyone in the show and there aren't many bands who do that," he says.

"We get people in the audience from the age of four to 104 and there is a song for all of them in there."


Click Here for FULL Details of the Celtic Thunder Australia Tour