Hope to hear some wonderful stories from you TH's who have seen the concert......just a little something to tide us over until it's our turn Wink

Tour Diary Tuesdays

Safe travels to everyone while Down Under......our thoughts and prayers are with you all.....hoping the "Tour Diary Tuesdays" might continue??

2014 US Tour

Is Houston, Texas being left off the tour for this year? I realize that we may not have as many fans as some of the other states and cities, but we love all the CT family just as much. We also know what a devastating year this has been with the sudden passing of George. We would like the chance to express our condolences to the entire CT family. Please don't leave us out.
Thank you,
Anita Cadenhead



I believe the tour schedule

I believe the tour schedule is set for 2014 and is a shorter tour this year as compared to previous years. However, there is a more extensive tour being planned for Spring 2015, so hopefully CT will come closer to you then.

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The Atlanta show was epic!!

I went to the Atlanta show, and it was 8 different kinds of awesome. Unfortunately I can't remember every song. I really tried so I could come bak here and post, but there was no way I could as I was so busy enjoying it, and singing my head off. I do know that I absolutely freaked out when I heard Man of Constant Sorrow. Too bad country radio will never play that, lol. I was hoping they'd do Heartland since I've heard they incorporate older songs sometimes, but I knew this was the mythology tour and they probably wouldn't, so I wasn't necessarily expecting it. It's just that that's my song and the one that brought me to CT, and it would have made my life to see it live.

I do have a really cool story that absolutely made my year that I hope it's okay to share here. I'm an avid teddy bear collector, and my favorite bear is named Trocaire (except I spell it as Trochera in order to be more phonetic, and also because that's how I pictured it in my head before I read the lyrics.) I got a little white T-shirt for her to wear so they would be able to autograph her, but I was kinda afraid they'd think I was crazy for naming a bear after their song lyrics. I met a lady at the concert during intermission and told her the story, and she said the guys would be thrilled and honored. I got autographs from Ryan, George, Neil, and I believe Colm, although the only ones I got to talk to were Ryan and George. I derped out and thought Ryan was Keith because my eyesight is nonexistent, and I'm more used to their singing voices than their speaking voices. I handed him the bear and told him what her name was, and he started grinning and passing her around to the guys. They were like, "That's Trocaire." George actually hugged her, and when I told him what her name was, he said it with a big rolled r like trrrrrrrrocaire. He just completely made my day. From the way my friend described their expressions, they got a big kick out of that and so did I.


I'll be your Gallway girl.

Song Line Up

I know there haven't been too many shows so far in November since the cruise, but can anyone who's been provide some info about what songs they did? First off, is Keith in any of the ensemble numbers that he did not perform on the DVD? Are they performing:
Rocky Road to Dublin and Song for the Mira? Is the band doing Lonesome Boatman Into Reels? (Hope so, don't like Hoedown as much)
George - The Grand Affaire and Scarlet Ribbons? (Love "Life With You", but have seen that twice)
Ryan - House of the Rising sun and Hunter's Moon?
Keith - Now We Are Free and Tears of Hercules? or Rosa? Man of Constant Sorrow?
Emmett - Always There and Danny Boy?
Neil - Perfect and Carolina Rua? Maybe Past the Point of Rescue? (Wasn't done last year and would love to see it)
Colm - Which ones is he doing? Sounds of Silence with Keith?
Thank You!



I went to the Atlanta show

I went to the Atlanta show last night. Like the previous poster said, this was the longest CT show I have seen. Someone said 50 min followed by 20 min intermission and then 90 min.

As for the songs, I can't remember which ones we heard in which part of the show, but here's a list from memory:

Colm - The Edge of the Moon, Katie,
Emmett - Always There, Danny Boy, Spanish Lady
George - The Grand Affaire, Life With You, Scarlet Ribbons,
Keith - I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow, Now We Are Free, Rosa, Tears of Hercules,
Neil - Carolina Rua, Galileo, Perfect,
Ryan - Carrickfergus, Dearg Doom, House of the Rising Sun,
Ensamble/groups - The Boys Are Back in Town, Irelands Call, My Land, The Rocky Road to Dublin, She Moved Through the Fair, The Sound of Silence, Star of the County Down, Turning Away, Voices
Band - Lonesome Boatman and one very good song I didn't know.

Song Line Up - Thank You

Thank you ShieldmaidenL! Can't wait for the show here in San Antonio tuesday night! So glad it's longer and they're doing more numbers. Thanks!



You're welcome!

You're welcome! Enjoy the show tomorrow! Smile

song line-up

I was at the Knoxville show a couple weeks ago and Charlotte 2 days ago. My memory is not perfect, but will try to answer your queries accurately!
Yes - Keith is in all whole group ensembles. (Some songs they do with only 3-4 of the guys)
Rocky Road to Dublin done both of my shows, with all 6.
Did not do Song for the Mira.
George did Grand Affaire at both. Scarlet Ribbons at Charlotte (maybe both?)Life with you at both.
Ryan did House of the Rising Sun at both, and Hunter's moon (?). (No thunder rolls)
Keith - did all 4 songs at both.
Emmett-both songs at both places.
Neil - Perfect and Carolina Rua at both places (No PPR)
Colm - did Katie, Edge of the Moon. They did Sounds of Silence both places.

Many more of course, and all were great! Keith and Colm's dialog before Sounds of Silence announcing the drawing prize is hilarious! There was a lot more dialog throughout at the Knoxville show than at Charlotte, but both were a lot of fun Smile This year's show is about 2 hours plus intermission time, longer than other years' shows that I have been to.

Thank you wdelong!

Thanks for all the detailed information! You see, we (about 6 or so ladies, sometimes husbands) have been attending shows in Dallas (Grand Prairie) and Houston for several years until they added San Antonio to the tour last year. The info you gave will help to manage our expectations. Hope they perform all of those on tuesday, the 19th. The Majestic Theater is beautiful, but will be a bummer if the stage does not accommodate the stone pillars with the graphics. Glad to see Keith is in the ensembles for the shows since he wasn't in most on the DVD. Glad to hear the show is longer - it must be to include all those songs. Thanks for taking the time to reply!



Durham, NC Show

I saw the show with my son's fiance (24 years old) and a friend, age 60, both of whom had never seen or knew anything about Celtic Thunder. We had a great time at the show and I thought their comments were interesting. My friend loved the ensemble numbers, and Keith's songs and banter. She thought he was really talented and the most versatile. She thought Ryan shouted too much when singing but she liked him a lot anyway and she loved George's song, Life With You. My son's fiance liked the show overall and her favorites were The Boys Are Back in Town and Now We Are Free.



Lincoln Nebraska Show

Thank You for a GREAT show ! I really enjoyed the show , the "Bantering" , and getting autographs afterward .... Neil asked my name and how to spell it.. " I want to get it right " , so sweet ! I did take a "squeeze " of Ryan's hand while going thru the line to get my CD signed ! It certainly was not planned , it just happened. I wanted to say something clever , but got a little tongue tied .... Silly me , I'm old enough to be his Mom!!! The show was excellent, and all involved did a wonderful job ! Nebraska Loves Celtic Thunder !!!! Come back Soon :Innocent Deanna Omaha, Nebraska

Show in Morristown, NJ

I was at the show in morristown NJ but I cold not stay for the meet & greet... can someone please tell me what Celtic Thunder guys did the meet and greet there?


It was Ryan and Emmet. If you go on the home page and click on the meet and greet link on the left side of the page you can view all the m&gs. Smile


Great review!! I was at Chicago too, and I agree that I think they knew the crowd was there to have fun! Great mix of songs from all of them, and the staging really enhanced the music. A fun evening all around. I'm glad you enjoyed the city, too. I have been downtown for a few events from NW Indiana, and you are right in that it feels very safe. They seem to really protect the more touristy area of downtown and keep any problems out of the center of the city, which is far from true in other areas around town from what I understand.

The Chicago Show

I saw the Chicago show last night and had a great time. Mythology is not my favorite of the CD/DVD’s, but it does include some songs that I like a lot – my favorites being “She Moves through the Fair,” “Sounds of Silence,” and “Man of Constant Sorrow.” All three were in last night’s show, and they were wonderful. The other great highlight of last night’s show for me was the Ryan Kelly solos. As I was drifting in and out of sleep after the show I kept hearing Ryan’s voice in my head singing Carrickfergus -- the nicest kind of hangover. “House of the Rising Sun” is not a favorite song of mine, but Ryan did a great job with it, as he did with “Hunter’s Moon.”

“Voices” and “My Land” were included in the show, and I don’t especially like either song, but the audience as a whole seemed to love them. “Voices” opened the show and was followed by “Danny Boy,” which to me seemed awkward in terms of pacing – “Danny Boy” is a more contemplative song that brings down the energy and the mood of the show. It would have made more sense to me to put it later in the show, after momentum had been built up with a whole series of “bigger” numbers (instead of after just the one opening number). But again, the audience seemed happy with this.

A number of old CT favorites were included in the show as well, and I enjoyed those very much. So I think other fans who haven’t been 100% sold on Mythology might find the live show more to their liking than they expect. Also, as other fans have commented, the interaction between the guys was great fun to watch – what is the Irish word for shtick? They were corny but irresistible – and I think they knew they were performing for a crowd that loved everything they do. That brings me to the other star of the piece, Chicago. The Chicago audience was great, and the Chicago Theatre was magnificent. Ryan, Neil, Colm and George signed merchandise after the show, and they couldn’t have had a grander physical setting (high in a balcony, overlooking the splendor of the Chicago Theatre lobby). I thought the signing was very well organized – the line moved fast, in an orderly fashion, and really, it was more comfortable for me as a fan to have such clear limits. I hope it was easier on the guys.

I don’t know how other out-of-towners who attended last night’s show felt about Chicago, but my experience of the city was very positive. I took a four-hour bus ride to get there and spent a bundle to stay in a hotel one block from the theater, but it was time and money well spent. I had time before the show to walk around the city and visit the world-class Chicago Art Institute, and that alone would have been worth the trip. The downtown area felt vibrant and surprisingly safe (thank you, SLchicago, for your advice on this subject), and I encountered a lot of friendly and helpful people. I got a ride back home from one of my sisters, and she commented that even Chicago drivers were much more considerate that you would expect in a big city.

Lastly, but certainly not least, our big night out ended, amazingly, with a CT sighting shortly before midnight: we had stopped in a café/bar by our hotel to have dessert and coffee, and guess who walks in and sits down at the table right next to ours – none other than Ryan, Emmet, Colm, Laura, Seana, Dave, Kieran, and a few other members of the group. (I can’t be more exact because as soon as I caught sight of Ryan I was too dazed to take much else in -- it’s like staring at the sun.) We were gobsmacked, if that’s the word. We debated amongst ourselves: should we stay or should we go? We decided to go before one of us (i.e., me) could do something stupid.

Okay, sorry for the dissertation, but what can I say, it was quite a night Smile

Thanks for sharing

your experience. I love reading what others thought of the show, especially when I agree 100% Smile
The live Mythology is more enjoyable than the DVD for sure. But I felt exactly the same way about the show opening - I don't care for "Voices" - but there is a certain energy level and excitement that comes to a complete halt with Danny Boy. It's a jarring sequence. I'm not ready to be contemplative yet. I love Emmet's version, but Danny Boy would be more appropriate a little later in the show as you pointed out. It was interesting to read your real-life experience in Chicago. All we ever hear in the media are the negative things.


Saw "Mythology" last night in Cleveland. Once again the guys and the band were fantastic. I really liked the song selections---great mix of fast and slow. The joking around that they did was very funny. It added to the show. Getting autographs after in the lobby was a nice bonus. My friend had never seen them before and she loved it. Couldn't have asked for a better night. I just wish that I could see it again!

Atlantic City Show

The Mythology DVD isn't my favorite, but the live show was quite spectacular. The pacing between the slow and upbeat songs was much better than the DVD. I was glad that they left in a couple of the old favorites such as "Steal Away". Even songs that I don't really care for, like "House of the Rising Sun" seen performed live by Ryan, was jaw-dropping. Wow.
What I did not expect, and absolutely loved, was the humorous little bits and banter that they did. They were all very funny but Keith's storytelling in particular is hilarious. I really enjoy his sense of humor.
The man replacing Barry in this tour was excellent. Enjoyed his work too.
I could not see an empty seat, it looked sold-out and the crowd was very vocal and LOUD!
Another surprise was that the merchandise stand was practically empty. I wanted to buy the Christmas CD but there were no CD's at all. I was told they were "stuck in customs" and was directed to this website.

All in all it was a great night.
Thank you Celtic Thunder!

Keith's stories

Oh yes, I love Keith's stories! If he couldn't sing a note, I'd still pay to listen to him tell stories all night...or play guitar for that matter!

Review: Concord and Boston

I saw the Concord NH and Boston shows.

Changes in songs:

Out: Song for the Mira
Replaced by: Steal Away, with a wonderful new intro that you would have NO idea is leading into Steal Away.

Out: Working Man by George, replaced by Scarlet Ribbons

Out: Harvest Moon by Ryan, replaced by Streets of New York

In: 7 Drunken Nights with a hilarious comedy lead-in routine by the boys

Random highlights:
House of the Rising Sun. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ryan sing a song so passionately and push his voice so LOUDLY at the end of a song. The first time I heard this in Concord I was stunned. He has said on his chat how much he has loved this song and he really truly does put his guts into this.

VOICES: Deco: keep your eye on him: his drum work is fabulous.

Galileo: Keep your eye on the string section throughout this on; the arrangement is totally symphonic and beautiful: Kieran, Laura, Seana and Laura play as one.

Rosa: Keith shines in this song, not only is it because he wrote it, but because he is also feeling it and putting nuances into it as a ballad form. His body language is also totally natural and pure. **SPOILER ALERT** for the standing stones in the back, they have silouettes of the real Rosa opening the music box and listening to it, and then twirling like a ballerina. If it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes at the end with “I’ve never left you”, nothing will.

The band was able to sneak in a few tunes that were not on the DVD and the new piper Kieran Brady, is a joy (noticed that he played on the Voyage CD).

Random thoughts:
Both Concord and Boston this year had, in general, an older audience demographic; fewer 20-30 somethings and more 50-70 couples. Many more men than in the past. It seemed, from where I sat, that this meant for what might have seemed like less audience participation and more like a ‘viewed’ event to the guys. Was wondering if CT is seeing this elsewhere. Neither Boston nor Concord seemed sold out.
I thought perhaps the 20-30 somethings had been bled off onto the cruise and that’s where they had spent their $$.

I also wondered if there were so many tickets available because there are more ways to spend CT $$$. You slip a cruise in, you have most of the guys pushing their own CD’s, plus doing their own gigs. Does this eventually saturate a market? Especially one that is marketed basically by social media? Does a production company eventually shoot themselves in the foot by providing the fans too many options? On the other hand, the producer is incredibly gracious to be allowing the principal participants to spread their wings.

Spanish Lady was totally new to me and not on the DVD. Yet many of the audience knew it and were totally into it.

The staging is setup to be able to accommodate different sized stages. In Concord the stage was so small that there were no steps OR standing stones in the back. Just the hanging cross, which seemed a bit weird. In Boston the stones were added. I note in some of the rehearsal footage that they do have steps, so I guess it just depends on the theatre. *SPOILER ALERT** there is a funny bit that they do when they are all out on stage and talking to the audience, joking about no steps this year. That they made it a “Ryan-friendly-Stage” this year. And Ryan explain about his fall, etc. And then fakes that he can’t remember what city he’s in. And for Concord and Boston studio members yelled out “home of the Celtics” and they all laughed.

I was wondering if they would somehow work Boston Strong into the Boston Concert. Perhaps come out in BS tee-shirts and kilt skirts for Ireland’s Call. I thought it was a missed opportunity.

Keith had what sounded like a cold and soldiered on like a pro, but you could tell that his voice was getting a bit tired as the night wore on. I really appreciated his efforts.

It was David Munro’s last night on tour with them for a while. He joins up with them on the cruise and then is back on the road with the tour after the cruise.

BOTTOM LINE: This show gets better and better every year. I love that the guys are able to play more instruments and are now being able to banter a bit with the audience, yet it totally retains the high musical standards. The harmonies are so tight it is ridiculous. I also spent more time this show appreciating the band and watched what they were doing and playing (probably because I’ve watched the guys on the DVD so much). They are so talented and I think often overlooked. It would be great at the end of the concert for the guys to invite them up to the front line with them and have them all take a bow together, rather than just motioning to them at the back of the stage. They too have become familiar friends to the audience over the years. David Munro, please keep doing what you’re doing!

great review

I really enjoyed this particular review. And thanks to all who have shared their impressions of the show here. I hope more fans will post reviews.

Thank you! I enjoyed reading

Thank you! I enjoyed reading your review and your random thoughts Wink I like the idea of introducing the band at the end, you are so right about them being familiar friends. Thanks for taking the time to share, I can't get to a show this year so I really appreciate it!


Hunters Moon

I saw the show in hamilton on the 22nd and waited with baited breath for Ryan to sing Hunters moon and he didn't. Was the song line up different with each show. I see the list from another poster and i see a few songs not sung in hamilton.

Yes the line up can

Yes the line up can differ..they often adjust for time and a few other reasons - Sharon has said in the past that sometimes a song just doesn't work for what she has in mind so it may not make it through a full tour.



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Burlington VT Show

We had a great time seeing CT in Burlington, VT, last night at the Flynn Theater. Since it was CT's first show ever in the state of Vermont, the crowd was on the quiet side. It took a while for the audience to realize it was appropriate to cheer, but they obviously were enjoying the show.
They certainly have increased the on-stage banner, and that was good fun! Keith personally apologied for the group not making it to Vermont before, and Ryan promised they'd come back. Not sure if Sharon knows that yet Wink Highlights for me personally were Keith's Tears of Hercules, Ryan's House of the Rising Sun, and George's Life with You.
Good show - great fun - everyone seemed to enjoy it!


Oshawa and Toronto

Finally getting a chance to come in here and comment on our above mentioned concerts. Since we had awesome seats, 2nd row for Oshawa and front-row-center Smile for Toronto....well, you can only imagine how great of a time we all had. Both concerts were just so great.......and to make things even better, they changed up the songs a bit from one night to the other, so we got to experience even more. We missed Emmet singing "The Isle of Innisfree" and also George singing "Scarlet Ribbons" and also we would have loved to hear Ryan sing "The Thunder Rolls".......other than that, between the two nights, they did all of our favourites.

George got the crowd going and singing along with "Life with You", as he's so famous for doing. Colm had us melting in our seats with "Katie" and "The Edge of the Moon" Emmet did a fun version of "Spanish Lady" and had us just glued to him for "Always There" Keith's voice was unbelievable in every song he did...our favourite being "Tears of Hercules" and "Now we are Free", seeing that one live is just unbelievable. Neil never disappoints, he's just getting better and better, man can he hit those notes....loved his "Perfect" so much. And of course, I've saved the BEST for last...Smile Ryan was in top form as always...I love, love, love "Carrickfergus" and "House of the Rising Sun" All of the group songs were awesome.......all six of us were in agreement that the highlight of the night was Keith and Colm singing "The Sound of Silence".....absolutely unbelievable...

We had signs for all the guys and because of our great seats, they were able to read them and it was so much fun to get their reactions to them. I'm not going to lie, we missed seeing the guys at the buses as we've done in the past, but we took advantage of the autographs after the concerts. The first night, there was Ryan and Neil and the second, it was Ryan and Colm. Ryan.....two nights.....you didn't hear me complaining Smile

All in all, it was CT at it's best.....a show not to be missed. As so many of us have said, there certainly is a period of withdrawal after it's all over for another year, but as long as there's next year, we'll survive Smile

After the Show

Hi: This is a question for anyone who may have gone to the merch table after the show for an autograph. Is there someone there to keep things organized, and..........is there an opportunity for a quick picture......thanks

after the show

Yes the line up is organized and they try to move it quickly so there's no opportunity for you to have a picture WITH the guys. The guys may ask an occational question of you as they autograph your item. We were allowed to take photos of the guys from behind a barracade and you probably will take a picture of someone you don't know but that's better than none at all. I cropped my pictures when I got home. Enjoy the Show It's AWESOME!! Eydie (Abbotsford performance)

Ps Trying to stave off withdrawal-listening to Mythology-not really working. Nothing like the LIVE Show!


Thanks so much, Eydie, for your reply. We'll definitely have our camera with us and hope for the best. We have two back to back concerts.....tomorrow night in Oshawa and Saturday night in Toronto.......so looking forward to them.......and then, we too will be in withdrawal for awhile Smile

You're Welcome

Not many fans reporting on their experience of the Concerts. Hope you let us know what you thought of them. One of your concerts is tonight. You'll defnately enjoy-GUARANTEED! I'm now waiting for their final show in Seattle to attend. Once I get my tickets in hand my friend will have to peel me off the ceiling!. Can't wait!! Really hoping for a show in Abbotsford, Victoria &/or Seattle 2014 Keeping fingers crossed. ENJOY tonight Eileen

Sound Checks

Thanks for all the great reviews!

For anyone who has already been to a Sound Check - how was it? And how long was the Sound Check?


Sound check

Hi Carolyn! I haven't been to a sound check this year yet, but I went last year. If this year is the same set up it doesn't last all that long. The guys came out and sang about 3 songs, then we got to hear just the band do a few songs. The whole thing is probably 30 mins or a little less. But it is a great opportunity to take pictures. My Mom and I are going to the one in Durham NC. Even though she didn't see the guys for long she was absolutely thrilled being able to do it. I think everyone should go at least once to check it out.


Thanks for your reply,

Thanks for your reply, Christina! I was lucky to be able to attend the "Soundcheck Party" in Toronto and it was very similar to how you described. It was a fun and interesting experience and I am glad that I was able to go. I agree - it is a great opportunity!

Enjoy your soundcheck and concert in Durham, NC! Smile


The Band

For anyone who has seen the show......is anyone replacing Barry Kerr in the band, and if so, do you know who it is.........thanks in advance Smile

Yes... I believe his name is

Yes... I believe his name is Kieran Brady.

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Thanks Jojo..........Kieran Brady has big shoes to fill Smile

Review of Abbotsford show on Sept 7, 2013

Dropping my review in here too Smile Can't wait for the Spokane and Seattle shows!


Kim Piper


Kim Piper

Thanks for sharing,Kim

Thanks for sharing,Kim Smile

Dropping this in here for

Dropping this in here for safekeeping...

This is my review of the opening night in Abbotsford... Loved it! Smile


Moderator Q&A, Damian McGinty, Sharon Browne

Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?

Yaaayyy!! Thanks for sharing

Yaaayyy!! Thanks for sharing this, I really enjoy reading about the shows.


So sorry. I meant to type Summer in Dublin and somehow my brain typed Sound of Silence! Dearg Doom and Summer in Dublin were the two I'd hate to miss.



Victoria BC

The concert last night was a blast, I love the guys joking around with the audience. They were all in great voice. Even my husband was singing along to some of the oldies that he knew. The merchandise table was a lot better than in years previously. Being the first two on the tour is great, we usually get whats left in November at the end of the tour.

Again, I really enjoyed the show,and I was so close to the stage I kinda had a meet & greet during the show lol

Looking forward to the cruise now, ENJOY THE REST OF THE TOUR GUYS


Here’s my recap of the show! I think I got the song order roughly right for the first act, but for the second I didn’t have a hope of remembering the order (I was too busy enjoying the show!), so I think I have all the right songs, just not in the order they were sung ☺ If anyone else who was there remembers one that I missed, include it in the comments!

Voices – Great start to the show! They sounded wonderful.
Isle of Innisfree – Wow, Emmet is one of the most emotional performers in the group! He is SO good at portraying the emotion of the song and actually brought me to tears in this one!
Now we are Free – One of Keith’s shining moments I think! He performs this so well, and his voice is perfect for it! Loved seeing the guys come out at the end to sing with him and lend their harmonies.
Carrickfergus – Great to see Ryan sing this one, I can tell he really enjoys it!
Carolina Rua – My favourite of Neil’s songs. The first one that got me moving in my seat and clapping along ☺
She Moved Thru the Fair – So hauntingly beautiful, and the harmonies with the four guys were so brilliant. Loved this one!
Working Man – George introduced this song as being a tribute to the late Rita MacNeil. So wonderful to have this Canadian tribute in the show! George did it justice as always!
Star of the County Down – So much fun! I love the guys performing this song and the interactions between them all!
Rosa – This has always been one of my favourite songs from Keith’s solo CD, and it brought me to tears last night! He introduced it by talking about his goddaughter Rosa and how he wrote the song for her. So sweet!
Song for the Mira – I’ve loved this song since they originally recorded it and I was happy to have it in the show! I wonder though if it will be performed only in the Canadian shows? Sharon did say that she was trying to incorporate more Canadian content for our part of the tour so she could switch it out for a different group number once the tour makes it to the US.
Katie – Colm introduced this song before he sang it. I love hearing them speak! ☺
Boys are Back in Town – So much fun, as expected! Ryan and Emmet were running and jumping all over the stage and having a blast! Great to have Keith and Neil on guitar with them, the four of them having fun together ☺
Grande Affaire – George did a great job with this one! He is so relaxed and natural on stage, makes him wonderful to watch!
My Land – I love this song, mostly because their voices are so beautiful in it, but also because when I hear the song I always think that it could just as easily be sung about BC as Ireland! Mountains, ocean, green valleys…that’s BC to me! ☺ This closed the first act. I was so sad to realize the show was half over already!

Rocky Road to Dublin – The boys came out with a bang to open the second act! I’ve always loved this song and I really enjoyed it.
Galileo – Never really liked this song, by any performer. Neil has a nice voice but I’ll never really enjoy this one.
House of the Rising Sun – Ryan in his element! He was so fantastic and gave it his all!
Sound of Silence – Keith and Colm took some time to interact with each other and the audience before singing this one. Their voices are so perfect together and I loved hearing this one live!
Tears of Hercules – Another favourite from Keith’s CD. He has become a fantastic performer over the years.
Perfect – Neil with another song that I unfortunately don’t care for! Too bad because I really do like Neil’s voice! I’m looking forward to his CD with Ryan in a few weeks, and hopefully an ABC show in December ☺
Edge of the Moon – Colm is so sweet and it shows in these songs he performs! I love this song.
I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow – Another one that had us clapping along and moving in our seats! Keith and the band have so much fun with this song!
Life with You – I love seeing George have SO much fun on stage! The audience really gets into this song and it’s a great time for everyone ☺
Spanish Lady – Emmet again with so much emotion and acting ability! Great song ☺
Hunter’s Moon – I’m running out of ways to say how fabulous these guys are! Ryan is one of my favourites for sure, and he’s such an amazing performer. This original song suits him so well.
Always There – Beautiful song by Emmet, joined by the others at the end. I love the strength in his voice.
Turning Away – I love group numbers, and this one was a great choice to ‘close’ the show!
Lonesome Boatman into Reels – It’s so great to have the band showcased for a song that’s just for them. They had a great time ☺
Ireland’s Call – I think everyone will be VERY pleased that they still end the show with this one! It wouldn’t be the same without it. We were on our feet clapping and singing along and the guys all looked so happy to be performing it at the end of a VERY successful first show! And the kilts are always a nice touch Wink

Overall, the show was fantastic. I loved the songs and the flow of the show. Their voices were all in top shape (a perk of the first show maybe!? Smile ) and they had great energy! I really wanted to hear Ryan sing ‘Streets of New York’ because he’s a great storyteller when he sings, but it wasn’t included. Oh well, I have the CD to keep me happy at least!
It was great to have the first show of the tour here, because last year they came to Abbotsford on November 27 and the merchandise had been been completely picked over. Very limited selection and only really large sizes of the two shirts left. This year we got to choose from everything! I got a Canadian tour shirt (and I’m really hoping there will be World Tour ones available still in Seattle…but after last year I’m not holding my breath!), and then went back at intermission to get a couple more things. They left a merchandise brochure on each seat so once I had time to look through that I decided on a couple other things I wanted! One major point of interest in the brochure and program that I heard a few people mention was a CD shown among the previously released ones…it’s a blue and white case with white horses running on it. I took a closer look and saw that the title of it is “Christmas Voices”! So I’m expecting an announcement about that sometime soon I hope! ☺

Can't wait to hear what other people think of the shows they go to!

THANK YOU so much!!!!!

Just wanted to say Thank You Chrys so much for posting this information!!!
I am even more excited about this show now!!! Like I could be more excited than I was before but I am!!! LOL
OMG!!! I don't know if I will be able to sleep up to the date of my show!!! Ha Ha
My show is Sept. 25th in Cape Breton!!! Rita Macneil's home!!!!

I know I will have to pull my tissues out when George speaks about the song being a tribute to our Rita Sad

I will cry through the entire song but it will mean soooooo much to us here in Cape Breton and all of Canada Smile

Thanks again!!! My daughters and I are super excited!!!!

Kind Regards
Karen Green & daughters Smile


You are spot on Chyrs. I managed to get the songs written down in the order sung (had a hard time cyphering my scratches from writing in the dark though) but I'm not going to try and correct your order. You have the set list with all the right songs. It was a Fantastic performance!! I don't have much of a voice left. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to act like a young person again. The more you yell, scream, cheer, sing (or try to) they encourage it from the audience. I tried to write a commentary after getting back to the Hotel room but after 3 times of writing it and after pushing "send" having the wi-fi crash I gave up.

My friend and I went to the M&G. It was expensive for the 20 minutes of Q&A with Colm and Emmet. I did manage to ask 3 questions and actually got answers. We were able to take pictures while they chatted with us and in the end got our picture taken with them both. I got my 2014 calender signed to "ME" LOVE "THEM" (March for Emmet and August for Colm). I also got my program signed by them as they met the fans at the Merchandise table after the show. It was an experience I was pleased to be able to go to but I don't know if I'd do it again. The refreshments weren't necessary either. Not many of the fans took advantage of that treat. I think for Seattle we'll do another Sound Check. We did one last year and for the same price as the M&G. there you get to take pictures of all the guys not just two. No Q&A there though.

Was disappointed that we were unable to meet the LADS outside the bus as has been done in the past but I can understand where Sharon is coming from. At least we know that this is going to be a standard practise from now on and not just the ruling while in Abbotsford. The Twitter from Keith about wacking his head on the bus was a surprise but now Ryan had some Craic to throw back instead of being teased about falling down stairs. IT WAS A FUN NIGHT!

Right now I'm listening to the CD trying to perk myself up after last evening's hype. It is disappointing to know it's over this go around but I do have Seattle to look forward to. 'Til then I wish them all SAFE TRAVELS for the rest of their tour and THANK THEM ALL from the bottom of my heart for another MEMORABLE EVENING!!! Eydie, Sechelt, BC

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Thanks so much for sharing!!


Thank you so much. I was thrilled to see this. There are some omissions that disturbed me personally, such as Dearg Doom, Sound of Silence, but overall I love all of the songs. I am happy you had a wonderful time!



Sounds of Silence

Debby -- If you look at the song list from the second part of the show, you'll see Sounds of Silence is there. I like that one too, so I'm very glad it was included (along with my other favorites, She Moved through the Fair, and Man of Constant Sorrow).


A very complete rundown of the show, I really appreciate it, Chrys.