Mythology tour - September 27, 2013

Hey guys, how are we!?

Hope you're all keeping well. Thought I'd pop on cause it's been a while. Hard to believe that we're now a month into our Mythology North American tour! It's flying by, today being our first day in the US. The Canadian leg of the tour was a huge success. Great turnout each night, and great volume from each crowd! The show really seems to be going down a treat which is great to see.

It's no secret that all of us guys have been really, really excited about Mythology for a long time now so it's great to finally have the chance to be on stage, in the suits, singing those songs that we love to sing. It took a while to get the harmonies/lyrics to each song to the same level we had them last year for the recording/DVD shoot, but we got there and the opening night in Abbotsford was an incredible feeling. There has been a huge buzz around the place since day 1 of the tour, and with the cruise only a few weeks away now I don't imagine that buzz will end any time soon!

So I thought I'd just stop by to say thanks a mill to our Canadian fans, it was great seeing a lot of you again and to be back in your beautiful country! You can rest assured that I'll be counting down the days until my next Vanilla Cappuccino in Timmies Wink

Great to be back in the States, went straight to American Eagle where it seems everything in the store would fit in nicely to my wardrobe!!

Also 90% of the way through my official website. It should be done completely in the next week or two and when it is, a certain highly anticipated app will be on it's way afterwards!

As always, love hearing from you so stay in touch Wink

Chat soon guys,



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Hey, how did your tour go. I

Hey, how did your tour go. I hope you had a good time. i would like to attend one and love to see you guys live could you tell me where i could get the concert tickets?

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I love you


I don't mean to monopolize your blog site, but I was hoping you could tell me where I can find the video of you singing The Black Velvet Band in Atlantic City with the CT band. I saw it once but I forgot to bookmark it. Hope you can tell me. Thanks

Your amazing eyes

I have never seen eyes as icy blue as yours ! I bet you got them from your mother. I don't want to embarrass you, but you are about the cutest thing they have ever added to Celtic Thunder. Glad they got you out of the chorus of Celtic Woman. You belong with the guys.

San Antonio Sound Check

Hey Colm! I can't tell you how much fun last night's show was! Word's can't describe the happiness overflowing the theatre! It has been so amazing to watch you grow in CT. To watch your stage presence strengthen and to hear your charming voice improve everytime I hear you is such a joy! I hope you and the guys keep coming back to San Antonio!

Stay cute, and stay strong!Wink

Big Hugs!!!


Hi I went to your concert in Calgary. It was my 13th birthday present Smile I went with 3 of my sisters and we all LOVED IT!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my first concert and I will never forget it!!! Tim Horton's is the best part of Canada Wink

You were wonderful in St Louis

Hi Colm, I was lucky enough to meet you at the Meet and Greet. I prayed you would be at it. You and Keith were great. Then we had front row seats, dead center, which was amazing, even though you looked up and out toward the middle or back all night, and never at the front rows. Mythology isn't my favorite CD, however it was still a fabulous concert. It's much more fun to be in the audience. I was thrilled you sang "Sound of Silence"! You guys really know how to put on a concert. It was my 4th one, but the girl that was with me went just for me. Due to an accident I was left with no one to go with, so I asked her. When we left she said of all the concerts she's been to, which are too numerous to count, you put on the best concert she's ever been to. That's a huge compliment for you guys, and well deserved. You are the best, and the only music I listen to. You're a great addition to CT, so please stay for a very long time.

Another Irish fan from Illinois

Not sure where this is being posted

I want to tell the lady that just had breast cancer surgery she's in my prayers


Dear Colm,

I was happy to have found this page as I was surfing info on the tour, I want to say that your voice is beautiful and you, Keith and emmitt's voices harmonize very well together and I get the chills when I listen to you sing. Also when CT thunder sings as well. I was hoping to be able to go to one of your shows when you were in my area, which is North Dakota. Unfortunately I had been sick for a while but doctor's took some time to find out what was wrong, I was finally diagnosed with breast cancer . I am currently in the hospital again due to an infection that had to be taken care of. I had to have a full bilateral mysectomy. I am only 44 years old but big history of it in my family. My husband has bought me the mythology cd and it has lifted my spirits. I always stop and just listen when I am having a bad or down day. The cd is fabulous!!! Your voice is amazing and you have been a great addition to CT. You will do great things and only happiness and good times lay ahead of you. Excuse the fact that their May be misspelled words as I am on pain meds and also typing this on my phone. October is breast cancer awareness month and not to sure if you have any upcoming shoes but it would be great to see you guys wear some pink( real men wear pink).

You're in my prayers

So sorry you had to miss seeing a concert. If you ever get a chance to see them, jump at it. They're the best I've ever seen. Not only are their voices, and their songs fantastic, but they're as entertaining with their joking around, just chatting, and everything they do. I just went to see them for the 4th time in St. Louis and didn't think I'd be crazy about Mythology. Boy was I fooled, the show was wonderful.

Christmas CD

I am very much excited about the   CD! I ordered it as soon as it was possible. Your CDs are so beautiful because youall have such fantastic,well trained, pure sounding voices.The harmonization out of this world. I also, love that you have some Christian songs.Being a Christian that will mean a lot to me and I'll probably cry.But that's OK. !!Earlier this year I would so depressed I almost thought God didn't care about me. Ended up in the hospital. So yes,I'm excitedYYou guys don't realize what a big part of my life you are.You
are my depression therapy. Thank You! God Bless!

Christmas CD

I am very much excited about the   CD! I ordered it as soon as it was possible. Your CDs are so beautiful because youall have such fantastic,well trained, pure sounding voices.The harmonization out of this world. I also, love that you have some Christian songs.Being a Christian that will mean a lot to me and I'll probably cry.But that's OK. !!Earlier this year I would so depressed I almost thought God didn't care about me. Ended up in the hospital. So yes,I'm excitedYYou guys don't realize what a big part of my life you are.You
are my depression therapy. Thank You! God Bless!

Lyrics to "Edge of the Moon"

Loved your show at the Flynn Center in Burlington last night! Such a treat to see you again. Have loved Celtic Thunder from the beginning and so happy you all came to Vermont. All the songs are wonderful, but I am especially touched by your song, "The Edge of the Moon" which is so inexplicably moving. Can you explain the story behind the lyrics? Have a safe journey thru the USA. You are so special! - Marli Rock


Oh my goodness Colm,it was soooo wonderful seeing you perform once again in Halifax.That "Katie" just brings tears to my eyes and I'm not sure if it's because of the sad story told or if it is in fact YOU and how you deliver that tale....I think it is the latter.I'm glad that there was something at "Tims" that caught your eye as I am aware Starbucks seems to be so popular..Smile
I'm impressed with the new site so far and so you deserve a fine spot on the net so others can discover and enjoy what you do.
I'm always so sad to see the end of a show. No matter how many CD's or DVD's CT does,there is no comparison to seeing everyone onstage.....


Welcome back to the USA! I heard great things from my Canadian friend, and I'm very much looking forward to Mythology in the midwest. Hope we can keep the buzz going for you over the next few months! Thanks for all the pics, blogs and tweets here and on your own fantastic website - makes us feel a part of all of the fun and builds the anticipation to all of your adventures on and off stage!! Enjoy your travels across the US!

Safe travels! Jen


Hi Colm, We are from Australia and coming on the cruise!! It's so exciting. Unlike most of our fellow Aussies we won't have to wait until the middle of next year to see you live; that's worth the fares alone right? Of course the fact that that we'll also see the other guys, fantastic shows and get to cruise the Caribbean is just icing on the cake! We are really hoping to see your solo/Celtic Comet?? show/s as well. I'm not sure how this is all going to work out but it would be really disappointing if it wasn't possible. I guess everyone on the cruise feels the same way, though, so hopefully everyone who wants to attend will be able to.
Looking forward to hearing "Katie" and "Edge of the Moon" and all of the other great Mythology songs, see you soon!
PS I watched Celtic Woman's "Believe" on Australian TV a few weeks ago and realized at the end that I'd spent the whole time watching the background to see if I could spot you!

Colm's blog

Hello Mr. Keegan!Wink

It is remarkable that you’re already a month into the 2013 Mythology tour! It’s exciting to read fan’s reviews; they’ve been enthusiastically positive—as expected! I’m very much looking forward to the show in Charlotte and Atlanta. You, and all CT, are stirring up hearts and making lots of smiles along the way! Colm, you’re wonderfully talented and I love to watch you perform! That ready wit and dazzling smile of yours just heaps up the pleasure!Smile

I know you all work very hard to deliver amazing performances, so my extra-thanks for making time for amusing posts, photos and chats—such a hoot!

Welcome back to the US! We’re thrilled you’re here and enjoying life American-style. Smile It’s really good to know that you’re enjoying yourself as you bring a great show to eager audiences!

I love your new website and look forward to following your career there and through the various social media! Keep in touch!

Love ya, JB

Current Blog

Thanks for the blog, Colm. I love your excitement and look forward to meeting you on the cruise. Be safe!


So excited that in less than 34 days I will be on the Celtic Thunder Cruise and then a month later seeing CT again in Seattle. It's amazing how busy your schedules are and you all still take time to post a blog. You all are true gentlemen. Love your website and ready to download the Celtic Comet App as soon as I hear its ready. Enjoy yourself and see you soon on the high seas!!!!!

hugs from Sydney, CAPE BRETON

hugs from Sydney, CAPE BRETON as well Colm. The Show was FANTASTIC and great reviews still coming in. The interview you did with Mr. Bill MacNeil from Coastal Radio was GREAT as well. Safe travels and hoping to take in the Christmas Show somewhere in North America next year. (Did you have a "spot" of Rita Mac Neils tea AND Oatcakes we left you lads. Rita MacNeil, as you may or may not be a where is a "treasure" to the people here on Cape Breton Island and we miss her alot. I think she was smiling down on you lads and us all as you guys sang "It's A Working Man" and Out On The Mira. The Sound stage check was wonderful and meeting George and Keith just as grand. Take Care. Smile

Colm, Thanks for the blog,


Thanks for the blog, always great to hear from you.

Welcome back to the US. Will see you Nov 13 in Roanoke


CK Mythology tour blog

Hi Colm,

It's really been great hearing from you while you guys were in Canada. You're right, Canada were really good to you guys. I'm really glad the tour was so successful. Now you are in the USA and we absolutely love you!!!!! I have been waiting forever for you to cross the borders. I am so glad you're here and can't wait to see you at my concert in Seattle on Dec. 2nd, and it's only 2+ months away.
Remember you can get Timmies here too and of course Starbucks plus Nandos. We have it all for you here.

I look forward to the website being all done and totally functioning. It's already incredible, Colm.

Have a super incredible rest of the tour through the USA, have fun and safe travels. I'll see you in Seattle!!!!

Love you guys in CT!!!


Thank You

You mean your Irish "Soon" might be sooner? LOL So LOVED opening night in Abbotsford. The Show was worth waiting for. I'm just sorry the tour is over for Canada this year. Safe travels through USA and have a fantastic cruise. We'll see you again in Seattle. Thank You EVERYONE for your Blogs and continuing to keep you Fans in the loop.We love to hear from you All! Eydie Sechelt, BC

Thank you!!

I absolutely loved the concert, you guys did an amazing job! Your hard work certainly paid off, and I can assure you that it will only get better moving forward .. the best is yet to come ♥

Thank you for bringing us such joy! We cant wait to see you again, until then take great care of yourself and rest assured knowing you have fans all over the globe that appreciate and value such amazing talent!

Canadian Tour

Thanks for the blog Colm!
It was so amazing to see you and all the lads at the show in Estevan! You are all so talented and incredible!! It was a great night!
I'm glad the Canadian part of the tour went well. I'm sure Timmy's will miss you Wink
We look forward to having you all back again next year!!

Back In The USA!

I know you're busy these days so your taking the time to sit down and put your thoughts on a blog is much appreciated! I've been hearing positive reviews of the "Mythology" tour as it moved across Canada and I'm sure the reception in the States will be just as wonderful. Five more weeks until the cruise and my first opportunity to see CT perform in person! Looking forward to that! Your official website is looking good...congrats on that! Glad to hear the much-awaited app will be released shortly! And then there's the CT Christmas CD coming out...lots going on in Thunderland! Stay well and enjoy your tour of the USA! DK

Glad you enjoyed your time in

Glad you enjoyed your time in Canada!
Saw the show in Edmonton and it was perfect!
Looking forward to the next tour.

From Saskatchewan

Loved seeing and hearing you all in Estevan, Saskatchewan. I think your harmonies/lyrics in each song were above the level of your recordings and DVD. Wow! Your voices are just getting stronger and touch the very soul of all your fans. Amazing! Thank you for allowing us to experience the Thunder!


and... as always, love hearing from you too!!!! Enjoy the tour and thanks for the blog, It's always nice to read it!!!!

Good To Hear From You!

Aww, Colm K. Short and sweet, but lovely as always!

You and your American Eagle! You realize you CAN buy that outside the states, right?! LOL! Wink Can never have enough clothes though, really, though I reckon your suitcase might like to argue otherwise? Hehe.

Thanks for the wonderful blog. It's great to hear you're keeping well. LOVE the website, which is clearly no secret at this point, bwahaha. Smile I can't wait to see what else you've got in store. x

AH, THE APP. 'Bout time!!! Haha!!! Still waiting as patiently as ever. I know it'll be well worth it. Save some spending money for the cruise, and don't blow it all in American Eagle! I'll see you in Miami. Smile

Til then, darlin! *HUGS*

-Sammie <3 xo

Looking forward to it!

Can't wait to see your website once it's totally done - as you can tell, we all love it already! Glad you're having so much fun on the tour. Just think, you'll get to do mythology all over again next year as your experience Australia for the first time, I know I speak for my fellow Aussie thunderheads when I say we realllyyyyyy can't wait for you to get here!

Highly anticipated app is correct - you lads sure know how to keep us on our toes! Can't wait to see it when it's released.