Colm Keegan - June 18, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to introduce you all, to the degree possible before a show, TV show or DVD release to a lovely new Celtic Thunder Guy, Colm Keegan.

Colm attended the auditions I held in Dublin several weeks ago. It was our intention to introduce Colm slowly into Celtic Thunder as I have with new performers in the past. A guest appearance, a promo trip, a song on a CD etc.

However, poor Colm, at a moments notice, is getting thrown in at the deep end overnight!

Something my cast & crew would say I do quite a bit but this is extreme even for me. Colm was only confirmed as the final choice from the auditions 2 weeks ago and told how he'd be slowly introduced over the next year or so.

Now he's cutting short holidays, canceling his attendance at a friends wedding and frantically learning a load of material and rehearsing to be on the stage in Atlantic City in a week as a principle singer for our Celtic Thunder shows there. Along with learning another load of material for the upcoming recordings for our next show which we have to get a start on before the fall tour.

Colm is from Dublin, a genuinely lovely person and I think will fit into the CT family just fine.

I know you will all welcome Colm and be supportive of this big professional challenge he is taking on appearing next week on stage in Atlantic City.

There is a little information on Colm in our Artist section -
Here is a link to his FB page (set up in a hurry and very much in development stage! -
And a link to his Twitter so you can follow him there -



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I’d have to check with you

I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!


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HI kind of new CT fan just give the new lads a chance.

Hi, Cindy Mello here. Just wanted to say Good luck to the new guys of Celtic Thunder and I think it is very sad that old fans from the start are complaining like crazy. What really caught my eye is one person saying they used to come here and now they do not because of the posts they dislike. Just ignore the negative posts, some people do that on purpose to get a rise, or push buttons to irritate others. Focus on the positive and realize that if you turn your back on them that is one less fan. I love all the music they share and the fans I have seen just adore them, so do not go. I have not seen the negative posts but you are right they should screen what people do write, that way less negative comments will not get posted. Sooo..there ya go. Just stopped by to say I LOVE!! the items I just purchased from the Celtic Thunder Store....the handbag holder is so unique. Good luck on your tour Celtic Thunder. P.S I did see a post on FB that showed a new picture and though I have only started watching them and learning about them...(the whole enchilada, musicians and singers, dancers, promoters, yadayada..and one post said (it is sad I do not recognize anyone but Keith and george) which is really weird because the drummer and Neil, and the other multitalented musicians are on the old cd's up to the new. If they make beautiful music does it really matter that change has occurred? People move on and I think if you are a fan of CT you will remain so. No need to diss the old or new. Okay thanks again for the neet merchandise CT.

Hello Colm!

Sorry to be a little late on it but welcome to the group anyway! can't wait to see you perform this fall and hopefully ryan will be well enough to be back in the midst of it all. Best wishes 2 you and the whole CT gang and hope you have lot of fun on this journey! Cya in Oct!

Thanks, Colm,

for keeping us in the know as to your rehearsals for AC. Thunderheads love CT Tweets! Know you'll do wonderfully! And that you'll have great craic interacting with the other lads! Thanks for the video of your song. Looking forward to hearing about what songs you are given to sing. Sounds to me as if you would do beautifully many types of songs with your voice. Hope to see both you and dear Ryan in the fall, along with George, Emmet, Neil and Keith. Can never have too many Irish/Scot fellows!


hi sharon still nothing about the cruise in may of 2013 just want to know so i can start saving please let us know thank you

Trolls in the house/Welcome Colm!

I stopped coming here (except to read the blogs) quite a while ago when more and more snarky, nasty, crazy people started clogging up the site. I was part of the ORIGINAL bunch of fans and joined at the end of March (within days of the Detroit PBS 1st broadcast of the 1st show.) It was a blast to be able to joke with each other and even the lads themselves on occasion. Sharon was on quite a bit as was Phil and other members of the cast and crew. After a while though, the forum members started to wade through more whiny, me me me posts from newer less mature fanatics. Instead of enjoying the site, I was getting angry, edgy and just plain p/o'd. That was when I left my no longer 'happy' place.

Coming back the other day to read this announcement about Colm joining the group I made the mistake of reading comments. Good Lord, dolente11 and others seem to feel that these performers owe them unending allegiance for liking CT and joining the site.

Ryan, his CLOSE friends and family, and his CT family as well deserve to work through this latest scare in their own time. I too was anxious, frustrated and concerned about what happened to Ryan. I still am, but I have faith that Sharon will continue to give us the truth as she's able. I certainly hope Ryan isn't reading the acidic posts I've seen here just in the last few days. Showing support for him is one thing, but posting bitter, nasty s*** about the people he works with, his family etc. is not something I'd be proud of doing! I would be ashamed to have him read all that if I were you!

Staci, Trisha_B, etc. you all have said it better than I could. Anyone that doesn't like what the lads or Sharon have to say doesn't have to read it. If you don't like Keith's tweets, don't follow him; if you don't like his blog, unsubscribe; if you don't like anything he says, just bloody unfriend him! Geez...

Colm, welcome to the manic world of fandom! We aren't ALL as hateful and hurtful as it may fact, MOST of us are lots of fun! I wish you all the best in your CT experience; may you catch on quickly to everything for the show! Smile

Dust bunnies can be dangerous if disturbed.



Well said Smile How did you never get a wenches title?
Ah the good old days of the Gypsies, Wenches, amucks and various other assorted mischief (George said he still has the bumper sticker and gave it to Carrie.... appears there is yet evidence of one of our many misdeeds Laughing out loud )

Welcome Colm from the MSGs (Mountain States Girls) We're noisy and mischievous but n'er do harm Wink


Head wench of the MSGs
"Life is risk and there is joy in living not just with courage but with zest and mischief too" Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


Gesh people take a chill pill. Sharon does what she has to do. And as far as Ryan goes I respect the familys wishes. I pray for his full recovery and hope to see him on the fall tour. But if he is not able at that time I;m still going. And as for Keith he is a nice young man that needs his privacy also. Please let's get back that Thunderhead sprit!
\ Faye from NC

"The New Kid"

Welcome Colm!!! Make urself at home!!!

and SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I am disgusted!!!!!

Welcome Colm!!!

Welcome Colm to the crazy world of Celtic Thunder! All of us Thunderheads are looking forward to meeting you and we know that you are going to do a fantastic job with CT! Also, please let me apologize on behalf of us Thunderheads for all the negative remarks I've read on this blog. They do not in any way represent the vast majority of CT's fans!!! They have no place here or anywhere on this site either. We are fun-loving, open-hearted and totally devoted to everything Celtic Thunder and the lads. Please rest assured that you will love us as we already love you!

Trudy Miner

#1 Florida fan

It's a pleasure to 'meet'

It's a pleasure to 'meet' him, so to speak! Looking forward to seeing him and all the other guys on tour this year, I do always enjoy meeting the new talent, since there's so much to speak of. Very exciting news and while I'll be missing Ryan, life goes on and his health is the most important. Which is something we should all understand, given the circumstances. Play nice, ladies.

Without wanting to sound selfish, will there be ways of getting video/audio of Colm singing? I have no doubt in his talent and I'm so excited to get to hear what's in store for us...issue is, Colm is an uncommon name for me here and I keep hearing Colm Wilkinson's older voice coming out of him Tongue Therefore, I selfishly want lots of videos and audios to spoil myself with, haha.

Thanks Sharon, and welcome Colm!

Colm Video

You might want to give that a listen to, someone sent it to him via twitter and he confirmed that it was him singing, hope this helps.

Welcome Colm!

I just want to extend a very warm welcome to Colm the newest edition of the CT family!
I look forward to seeing you perform with all the other lads and can`t wait to see you all in November!

Cheers, Debbie


If my memory serves me correctly, you mentioned a month or so ago that you would not be posting on this site ever again. There should be a way for one of the moderators to block or remove your comments when they are so rude and inappropriate !! I think an apology is owed to Colm as this blog is to welcome him to Celtic Thunder and not a spot to air your mean feelings towards Keith!! Grow up!!




Welcome to Celtic Thunder Colm! Hopefully we will be seeing you in many concertts to come! My friends and I are attending in November! And apologies for some of the things people said. All of you guys in Celtic Thunder seem like absolutely lovely people with great personalities that match your fabulous voices! So a warm welcome to Colm! I know what it's like to suddenly have to jump into something so fingers crossed and best of luck to him! I am sure he can do it!

...and Welcome to NJ Colm!

In addition to CT I'd also like to welcome you to New Jersey. Since you'll be in Atlantic City for a couple of weeks or more you might get tired of the slot machines and the constant buzz surrounding the casinos. If you need a break and like a nice beach try Island Beach State Park. Nice beaches there. Much nicer than AC.
It's a State Park so they only let a fixed number of folks in when the park is considered "full".
Hope you have time to relax while you're here and enjoy your new adventure.
Here's some additional Park info.

Apologies to Colm

Colm --

On behalf of the vast majority of Celtic Thunder fans, I apologize for the rantings of one disgruntled individual who has been fouling this space, which was intended to introduce you to the World of CT.

We aren't like that -- really, we aren't. Someone just got upset and spewed a lot of venom all over the place. There's no excuse for bad manners, but I feel sure you are a professional who can rise above it -- Sharon would not have picked you if you were not a consummate gentleman, as are all members of CT.

Colm, I deeply regret the circumstances that thrust you into this role so suddenly, but I just as sincerely welcome you and am looking forward to seeing and hearing you perform very soon. Best wishes!



gladly...will be happy to move onnnnnnnnnnn

Just another comment re how ignorant some people are..Oh u r so wrong..George wrote about Ryan.."his good buddy" guess u misssed that....................

see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dodo

I am writing all this because it's about Ryan..oh sure post everything new..How do you think CT got so big??? because of Paul and Ryan and George..the main I want to be able to welcome Ryan sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon not somebody else. that's why..maybe it's selfish..maybe it's me not used to's me!


RE: Keith...............Would be nice if he mentioned Ryan..oh noooooooooooooooooooo//egomaniac..all about himself and Michael Longran? whatever...

All he ever posts are stupid things...see them on this website..guess it will take a while for him to grow up...For God's Sake...isn't he allowed to say his wishes for Ryan,..????

Just tired of looking at his stupid emails..they are really dumb..showing a pile of dishes that he washed..and all his bog to other people and the girls that are crazy for him...why doesn CT put all that on the side blogs?

We would rather hear something re Ryan....tooooooooooooooo bad if you don't like my comment..You put the blog on here..............Misss Sharon..Be aware that Ryan Kelly is very important to us. as was not nice to post all the Keith crap..who cares...

He will be off Ct before u know it too...oh sure....David Foster does not just call u out to CA for nothing......could care less too.

Good for Keith..he will have a career..but he needs to know where it came from..CELTIC THUNDER that's where. oh so tired of all this...why I bother dont' know.

Just feel so like Keith is so not grateful....


Dolente - I am sorry for the pain and hurt you are so obviouly feeling. Please have faith that those tending to and protecting Ryan (physicians, medical staff, family, friends and associates) are not only competent but are doing what they believe to be in his best interests. I wish you peace in body and soul.




tweets not posts........

You know the 'posts' you are reading are the guy's twitter feeds. It automatically collects and posts them on the site. Keith is the most prolific tweeter, probably because his generation created social media. Smile I would just not read them if they upset you and I am sure we will see Ryan's tweets as soon as he is healthy, we don't want to rush him because we love him so much and we want him to be in full health before he starts getting online. Smile

--Staci --
"You can always tell where the lamplighter went by the trail he/she left behind." Unknown
[=85][=#400080]Moderator for the Pub forum, Area forums, Photo forum and the Q&A forum.
Feel free to contact me w

Not Celtic Thunder Style....

Just wanted to say that Celtic Thunder Fans are known to be welcoming, kind and considerate of everyone's feelings and is what makes fans of Celtic Thunder so different. It is not the style of Celtic Thunder fans to "bash" other Celtic Thunder Fans, even if some choose to a negative approach of complaining rather than a positive approach and show support.

As for the content what any of the Celtic Thunder singers choose to post on their Facebook or Twitter? It is their own profiles which they post on, and is their choice of what they decide to post. They try their very best to interact with everyone - If you do not like what they post, then its very easy to click the "unlike" button, so their post will not interfere with your day.

As for things that may "change" in Celtic Thunder - Having the original (fab 5) was wonderful. However, it would be not only selfish but also ridiculous to assume that these wonderful singers would not grow their Solo Career and move onward and upward to new and exciting things. Some of the singers of Celtic Thunder have chosen to move on to their Solo Career and current and future members may also choose to do so. If everyone would continue to show their support for them would do more good than to keep harping on the fact they are no longer with Celtic Thunder -

Showing support is like having a friend - everyone has friends that you may not like each and everything they do, but you continue to be their friend and accept them as they are, or you move on and find more friends. I guess Dolente11 may love the "group" a little more than she lets on in her post? As I remember it, when things started to change over a year and half ago, she stated that she would no longer go to shows and purchase DVDs, and has stated this many times over and over again when she wants to complain - and here she still is, posting LOVELY comments on the Celtic Thunder Website and even stated she is going to see the guys in Atlantic City. Maybe she secretly knows what many already know, once you get the Celtic Thunder Bug, it's hard to get over it.

If you do not like the direction that Celtic Thunder is taking, then it's easier and requires less energy to just MOVE ON than to continue to post such LOVEY comments on websites such as this - Don't allow yourself to be pulled into their web of drama - use a more positive approach and include Dolente11 in your prayers or contribute to your favorite charity in her name - or better yet, just ignore comments such as Dolente11's and leave them to their own drama web - it can be such a lonely place by themselves!

I Concur

I just posted something similar not even knowing what was said in the posts, because that post caught my attention, well said TrishaB. A new CT fan.

Just curious

I'm just a bit curious. If Keith's tweets seem to bother you so much, why are you checking out his Twitter page? You must be because that's where you would see pictures of his clean shiny dishes. Personally, I find his tweets pretty entertaining for the most part; I'm going thru a rough patch in my life right now, and seeing some of the silly things he tweets about puts a smile on my face and sometimes makes me laugh out loud. He seems to have a quirky sense of humor and that's one of the things I love about him. There's so many serious things going on in the world, that sometimes it's good to be able to laugh about something really absurd. I'm glad that he manages to have some fun with everyday mundane situations. He's definitely someone I'd like to hang out with because he doesn't take himself too seriously. Maybe we all need to lighten up a bit. Just my opinion.
And as far as Ryan goes, I'm sure Keith is concerned about his friend, but he is under no obligation to share his personal feelings with the general public. I've noticed for a while that he tends not to comment on social media about things that may involve the other guys personal lives.


I swear . . . Keith can't win for losing. If he says nothing, he's "disinterested in his fans." If he says something then its scrutinized to the umpteenth degree. If he posts on Twitter and not on Facebook then people complain about that too. If he changes from either of those to posting on Instagram like he's been doing most recently until yet more people complain about that (go figure) then he's being "standoff-ish". If he changes his hair style it becomes a national controversy. The poor lad can't even live and walk about in LA without fans stalking him and trying to find out where he lives or posting cryptic messages about supposed PRIVATE conversations he may or may not have had with his friends by fans who had no business eavesdropping on them in the first place. If he doesn't come out to the buses and sign autographs and take pics with fans then he's "forgetting where his roots are" or who "buys the tickets to the shows which allow him to buy all his fancy toys." CUT THE GUY SOME SLACK!! The fact that he EVEN makes an attempt to connect with his fans speaks volumes about the kind of person he truly is . . . a sweet, caring and remarkably talented YOUNG lad!

Why does Keith EVEN have to mention Ryan . . . in fact, barely any of the lads have mentioned and I would venture to guess that it's out of respect for the privacy requested by the Kelly family and that gives me the utmost admiration for ALL of them for honoring it. I'm sure that ALL of them are just as concerned about Ryan's health and well-being as we are, but it doesn't mean they have to mention it on social networking sites every 5 minutes just to appease the fans who think they should.

I haven't had an opportunity to WELCOME COLM TO THE CELTIC THUNDER FAMILY as of yet, but please accept my best wishes for a long and successful career either with Celtic Thunder or wherever your musical talents may lead you. I'm not someone who accepts change easily, but I understand the need to bring a new performer into the mix at this moment in time. It doesn't mean that I don't and won't miss Ryan come time for the lads to walk out onto the stage in Atlantic City. I will DEFINITELY have a HUGE box of tissues close by for sure, but I will listen intently as Colm adds something new and different to the show and I try to figure out if it is something that is to my liking or just a change that I need learn to accept. I wasn't all that enthused when Emmet joined Celtic Thunder because I LOVED the ensemble of talent which already existed at the time which included Paul and Damian, but I have since come to adore Emmet while continuing to support Damian by watching Glee (even though the show isn't much to my liking) and cheering him on as he heads towards his new business venture back home in Derry with his good friend Oran. I openly supported Paul in his solo endeavors by attending one of his shows in Baltimore last Fall and I have already purchased tickets to see him again THIS Fall. I applauded him and Dominique on their engagement as well and wish them EVERY happiness that their lives together will surely bring them! If and when the time comes for Keith to leave the fold, I will welcome it with open arms as well because it means he's moving onto BIGGER and BETTER things which is what growing as a musician/performer is ALL about! Why would ANYONE want to stifle these lads by insisting that they stand stagnantly by so that NONE of us have to suffer their loss . . . it's just SELFISH?

I hesitated a LONG time before I decided to post this comment, but I love the interaction these guys continue to have with those of us who are fans and I would NEVER want to see it go away although we must face the fact that one day it probably will anyways. I thought I was gonna climb the walls during the 2 weeks following the news that Ryan was in the hospital from lack of that same interaction . . . for obvious reasons now . . . but at the moment it was a bit difficult; however, not once did I demand answers or comment from any of the lads or Sharon . . . it just didn't EVEN occur to me that I might even be entitled to do that as I really was not. I love the antics of the lads . . . ALL of them and right now I even miss Ryan's weather "reports" and sports banter!

Please . . . if you don't want to read these types of posts . . . just move on and let those of us who do continue to do so! THANK YOU and GOODNIGHT!

WELL SAID cm4lifemary

Thank you for sharing all of your well thought out thoughts. I'm in agreement with you all the way around the board as I know most of the faithful Celtic Thunder fans are as well. We have certainly been blessed to have this amazing group of 40 or so plus and Sharon and the other creators in our life. We know to cherish and embrace the treasures in our lives while they are here!! As Phil Colter said, "Long May The Thunder Roll!!"

Remove please

Mods can you remove this please as off-topic.
This is the place to welcome Colm


Head wench of the MSGs
"Life is risk and there is joy in living not just with courage but with zest and mischief too" Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


you signed ur nae "head wench"...well looks like u are right...the guy has been welcomed..what do you expect.

I don't even know how to

I don't even know how to respond...

Keith is a good guy. All the guys, Keith included, have shown the deepest of respect and care for Ryan by respecting his family's wishes and NOT posting all over the place. Pure kindness on their part, and they have my utmost admiration for their care. Even when people have unfairly accused them of indifference, they have remained true to the wishes of those closest to their friend and colleague. That's no small thing.

I'm sorry that you don't like Keith. He's a fantastic musician and a nice young man. But if you really dislike what he says that much, then just don't read it. And certainly, don't come around saying such mean things about him. He doesn't deserve that, and it's just plain mean.


Moderator Q&A, Damian McGinty, Sharon Browne

Have you joined your state's CT Street Team yet?

We should be glad with the technology to post..

Ya know that it is fantastic we can even learn so much about a person we like now. Years ago do you really thinks Diva singers and famous actors would even stop to talk to a fan??? This way you can interact with them, if you do not like someone then simply do not follow them. I wish they would quit talking bad about Keith he is awesome!!!! He is what drew me into CT, so I will like him wherever his career takes him. You can tell he is a very dedicated performer and works hard at his craft. I am just happy we can post and see what personality lies behind a performer other than what they look like. there is some Irish Temper thang going on with that dolente11 person.....EGADS!Chill OUT!

All of the above

I think that people sometimes forget that we do NOT own these guys!! For heaven sake, they all have a life to live, and *GASP* there are things we don't know about them! We should be grateful that they share what they do with us! Not every group is like this. We are very lucky. They don't HAVE to tell us anything! Or meet us, or anything else.

I also miss the "old" days in the PUB. I realize things change, but back in 2008-2009, those were the fun close knit days.

I look forward to seeing what Colm brings to the mixture. Of course I miss Ryan. I hope he is well enough for the fall tour, but if not.. I will still be there to be 12 again for a couple hours! Smile

Like several have said... if ya don't like what you are reading from someone, QUIT READING IT!!! very simple!

I've already welcomed Colm... but... welcome again! Buckle your seat belt! Smile

Jeanne WA state Smile

Always be yourself, because the people who mind don't matter,
and the people who matter don't mind.


Thanks Jo Jo..apparently a fan leaves for a minute... and all madness follows. I would post further. But that's it for public at least lol. Thanks for what u do. Katie Jo fan

Dolente, I hesitate to even

Dolente, I hesitate to even respond, but why do you even come and read about Keith if you don't want to hear about him? Sharon is sharing what Ryan's family has allowed her to share. All of CT was asked not to comment until then. Keith is respecting that. He will post something when he is ready. He is not the only one who has yet to post. Give him a break!


some people forget how it is to be in someone's shoes... I am a parent and trust me, if something happens to my daughter, sharing all over the net would be the last thing on my mind... people, just get a grip!!!

AGAIN, Welcome Colm!!! Hope you have a blast here on NJ and we look forward to see you next year (hopefully) in Oregon!!!

Ryan, get better luv, and take your time... We miss you a lot, but we want you to mend... We are patient, and we won't go anywhere!!!

don't read about keith

He's on the website..every day...talking about himself..that's why.

What else is he supposed to

What else is he supposed to talk about? I'm 55 and social media this way is new to me but even I know that tweets and posts are little snippets of someones life just to keep in touch ! IT is about yourself, what YOU like , who YOU follow, what funny thing YOU have seen on the net that YOU want to share with others! What you have to say often either doesn't make sense or is just mean but I think perhaps it is really that you don't really understand tweets and posts! Why do you think they limit the number of words. It's SUPPOSED TO BE BRIEF LITTLE SNIPPETS OF YOUR DAILY LIFE THAT'S ALL!! BLOGS are where you get to say more! Blogs are where you can write the letter or the story about your day or interact with others who share your interests or at least are interested in what you have to say.

I don't know why you bother

I don't know why you bother either since you never have anything nice to say.

that's right

because what i say is true!



Here's a thought, dolente.

Here's a thought, dolente. How about if you just don't click on Keith's posts? That way you don't have to see them or read them, and those who enjoy his posts can continue to do so. And then people who are looking for comments about Colm won't have to see your unhappy comments.


Welcome to Celtic Thunder! I am excited to see you in the fall performing with the guys. I hope you feel welcome by all of us fans and by everyone around you, enjoy!

Colm and the guys

Again welcom Colm,
Can't wait to see you this fall, I'm sure you are going to be great Sharon only gives us the best. Ireland certainly has her talanted hunky men. You will fit right in with the guys. See if Sharon can put up a video of you singing - just to give us a tease, and so we can start to love and adore you.
I would like to comment on what someone wrote yesterday - about when Ryan comes back that 6 guys would be to much. The reason I feel that Daniel did not fit in was - even though he was a very talanted boy with the most beautiful voice. When on stage by himself he was awesome but, when on stage with the men he seemed to shrink and get swallowed up in the mist of the guys. He did not have the stage presence that Damian had. This is nothing negitive about Daniel it was just how it seemed. Where Damian and the guys started out together they melded together and each commanded the stage on their own and together. So when Ryan does recover I hope that Colm will stay with the group. 1 Scott and 5 Irish are not too many. I'm nearing 60 and you young men still make me feel like a school girl. Oh to be young again!