I am traveling at the moment, so planes, trains and automobiles!

As the Celtic Thunder Cruise gets closer we are starting to send out more information on the shows and entertainment and what you can expect on board. There is going to be 2 different Celtic Thunder shows, "Mythology" and "A Best of" show, and everyone will have a chance to attend both. There is also a great dance show called Gaelic Rhythm. In addition to these shows all of the guys will be doing solo or duet shows, the Celtic Thunder Band will be playing, and we have lots of special guests. Deirdre Shannon formerly with Celtic Woman, Sandra - a psychic medium, Rebecca Harkin, a traditional Irish band called Goitse and our own choreographer Belinda will teach you Irish dances! There's loads more happening on board as well, with fun activities, chance to have a photo with the guys, excursions etc.

To make it easier to come along, we have just announced an easy payment plan, where you can book now, pay nothing at time of reservation and split your payments over 5 months. There is also a special Celtic Thunder Fan rate that you should ask for when booking. We've sent an email out with all of the details today, if you didn't receive it and would more information on this offer you can view here.

Don't forget you can also become a Team Leader and save money off of your cabin cost. Click here for more!



Morristown Pac

I was on line at 12 on the dot and it seems that there is not a seat available for the October 3 show at the Morristown PAC. WHats the deal?


Morristown MPAC online issues

I was in at 12 on the dot too. I was surprised at how many seats were unavailable given that this is not a PBS event. MAYO PAC might have something special for their PAC Starlight members? Just a guess.
But that site was definitely flukey for the first 5 minutes or so. I could select seats, then kept getting error messages. Eventually was able to get through for a couple of good seats.

MPAC tickets

Try calling the box office 973-539-8008 (leave a message if need be & they will call you back). Tell them you have the pre-sale code "dublin" and they will sell you tickets now for the 10/3 show.

Good Luck!


Sharona : After I logged out and logged back in a few minutes later 3 seats popped up. My wife was almost in tears when I told her there were no seats available! The Irish lassy is smiling again.
Thanks for the response.

Smiling Again

LOL! I can totally empathize with your wife - and with your frustration in trying to order tickets online. Been there, done that - can be so nerve wracking at times (especially during a pre-sale.) Glad to hear of your success.

Hope you all enjoy the show!


After a second try we got 3 tickets for the show at the Mayo Pac in Morristown. We wanted center orchestra seats but all of them seemed to be gone by 5 minutes after 12.We grabbed the first 3 seats in the side orchestra.

Either I am slow on the key board but could it be scalpers that have bigger better servers that just go out there and buy up what ever they can get their hands on. That was supposed to be controlled somehow.

Now the social director wants a couple of seats for the AC show.

We will enjoy the show. We caught them last year at AC and the Wellmont theater.


With all the talk of which songs people like and don't like it got me thinking. I bought two classic double albums (yes records!) when I was young; "Hot August Night" and "Good-Bye Yellow Brick Road". I certainly didn't LOVE all the songs on both of those, I doubt that anyone did. However,on Mythology I come really close - great job everyone!

Reply to Georgia and others

I along with others here think you should not have voiced your opinion here and then said
you love Celtic Thunder...You must really have some serious problems to say the things you
said. Evidently you don't like Neil and Ryan and the others are just ok but Keith is just
awesome. We all know he is so we won't argue about that. We all have our favorites and Keith
happens to be mine. The one thing I have not been able to come to terms with is your problem
with Ryan. He is amazing, such a voice, style and personality,even if someone else is your
favorite how could anyone not love Ryan.
I know that several of you came to Ryans defense because he was just in hospital. What I can't
figure out is why you had to defend him?I think he gave us the same performance he always gives
us. He is always right on as far as I can see, all of his performances were great. I have loved
him from the beginning. A beautiful person inside and out.
They all give us the best show we could get anywhere. Sharon gave us a group of guys that takes
backseat to no one and I thank her for them and for the shows they bring to us each fall. Can't
wait for this one, Mythology is amazing as are all the guys and Neil does not have a nasel
sound as far as I have noticed. He's pretty much "PERFECT". Annette

Georgia not Gloria.

Sorry I got your name wrong.

Opinion comment

My sincere apologies for any offense I have may have given.


Actually Georgia I found your review quite interesting.

We all have different points of view, and that is what
I like about this blog.


I take it you don't like Ryan. When they sing together I sometimes can't tell if it is Ryan's beautiful voice or Keith's. Maybe I am just not as astute a musician as you are.
PS: I like Ryan's trousers where they are.


maybe this will be when i get serious about diet, as there will be no time for food or sleep. hope mythology comes in mail before survey done. 6 1/2 months til cruise. so many things to do on cruise.
wish someone could help with geneology while there.

Things that would change fans minds....

Couple more suggestions from a previous fan last five years. There are some things that would help me not stop payment on tickets. First is moving away from contest via Toaster ap. You should keep in mind during promotion, your demographic of fans. And need and right to privacy. And helping promote without Twitter. I know my mum doesn't want a twitter either. During "it's entertainment" Your team delivered (via e mail) a survey that asked about set desighn, lighting, set list, use of stage per performer....everything!?! If you and the team want to know why some folks are not attending the new show....How about a "full" survey!? It worked great in the past.....just a thought. . . Katie Jo Seatte

Cruise and Mythology Poll

Hi Sharon
Thanks for the update about the cruise. My friends and I are really looking forward to it. We were wondering what show we would see and now to find out there will be two is all the sweeter. I'm also pleased that Rebecca will be performing-what an angelic voice she has. Her duet with Keith on the Book of Love cover is exceptional.
Now, about the ranking of the songs in Mythology. That was like asking which of your children you like better. What are daunting task! It would have been easier to group them by artist because quite frankly they are all magnificent, enjoyable, listenable, etc. Each artist has such a unique style that to compare them is an impossibility (but I did it anyway), like comparing apples to oranges. Of course when you put them all together you do get one rocking fruit salad!
Looking forward to more updates. Take care.


Hi Sharon,

I love all the songs on Mythology except one. I suppose it's because I'm an Aussie and its really not my thing ie I am a Man of Constant Sorrow. I love every song all the guys choose. I play all my CT DVDs all the time. I play Keith's cd and the new Mythology CDs in my car as well.. I really am a Thunderhead!

Anyway keep doing what you guys do best and keep your fans looking forward to what is to come in the future.

Can't make the cruise although I would love to go. I'll keep buying lottery tickets and perhaps I will join you if I win.

I did fill in the survey, although a very tough thing to do - the boys are great in each and every song they perform!

Love Colm, he looked so scared when he sang Sounds of Silence with Keith. Keith is a cheeky monkey with a fantastic voice and I have been following his movements across the US. I just wish that I could be at one of his concerts. Emmet sings like an Angel, love Ryan, love Neil and George too.

It really is fantastic to see how these boys have matured from the first show and become really confident in their own abilities as performers. The backing group are also so talented. A real credit to you and David advising them and pointing the CT family in the same direction.

Warmest Regards
Julie McCarthy - Gold Coast Qld Aust. PS I can't wait for 2014!


Sharon, It was so difficult to rank the songs from Mythology. They were all song superbly. I am glad that Ryan was showcasted on this program for last year at the performance in Seattle, he did not sing a solo until the second half. I agree that he portrays his characters so well. You can easily see that he loves acting. A couple of Ryan's songs needed more volume and amplification. He sounded as if he was in a different room.

The variety of songs, styles and voices make your production unique. Love it. I have listened to the two CD's and watched the DVD's many times in the last month and a half. I really enjoy the tour of Ireland the guys gave us.

I would be interested in whether the orchestra will be on tour. I hope not. They overpower some of the solos and also create a physical and mental barrier between the audience and the singers. I could also do without the dancers. I love the singing and the Celtic band. Keep up the good work. Lois

Orchestra and Dancers


I agree with you about the orchestra and the dancers. They are distracting. I found the same situation with IT's ENTERTAINMENT. I've seen their shows here in St. Louis and also in Kansas City, and the dancers were not with them. Just some of my rambling thoughts!



Hi Sharon, do you think you will ever organise a cruise for the Aussie fans? I would dearly love to cruise the seas around Australia with the boys. The US is so far away and a lttle expensive to get there, would love to do a cruise with an Aussie flavour.
Love Mythology, the boys are doing so well at the moment, just great. I missed the tour in Queensland due to the floods, flew from Townsville to Brisbane and still missed you but will surely catch you in 2014.

Thank You Sharon

Thank You Sharon for all the updates it is sounding really exciting and I, for one, can hardly wait to go on the Cruise. I did complete the Survery, I am sure it was a tad lopsided but I do love all the songs and even though some were at the bottom I did love those also. I do hope Ryan does Carrickfergus, a very special song for him as well as the other solos he has. They really show a contrast of Characters in his portrayal of a soft side to the Dark Destroyer (which we love so well). Neil, George, Emmet,Colm and of course Keith all are superb and I love all the music of Mythology. Every time I watch it a different song "grabs" me and I am singing it all day. I am so looking forward to the Fall Tour and thank you again for all you do and a big Congratulations to all of CT on the No 1 spot again on Billboard's World Charts!

A Big Chicago Fan,
Marilyn Grodski

Georgia Peach



Hi Sharon -

Thank you for sharing your creative efforts and yet allowing us to have input. I'm finishing up the survey, but wanted to let you know my personal preferences and why. I've only been to one concert in person, so my main point of reference are the DVDs and CD recordings. Since listening to them so much I have found there are some voices I like more than others. Mythology seems to be lopsided in the division of songs recorded, and as others have noted - not all the songs listed were on the Deluxe DVD collection. I like all these performers, but some are not easy to watch and some voices are not pleasant to my ear. My preference would be to give my comments privately as no one likes to read criticism in a public forum, however that option isn't offered.

Neil is an instrumental super-star and when he is playing that guitar on stage he is truly amazing. Putting guitars in the hands of Neil and Keith is genius. The soft and nasal quality of Neil's voice has really improved from the Christmas album, but still has those tendencies. When he's singing pieces that move along more quickly, its less noticeable and I'm liking 'Carolina Rua' and 'Perfect' a lot. And I love the fact that Nicole & Laura get to expand their performing time with their special little 'bits.' Both these talented gals are wonderful in the small ensembles, and beautifully present onstage. Emmet & Colm both have gorgeous velvety voices and pairing Colm with Keith was really good IMHO. Loved Emmet's Molly-O from the last album.

Not liking Ryan's solos very much. He chews his dipthongs so much that I skip over his songs because it hurts my ear. His two big numbers on the Mythology album is like so much hollaring and the tone is not very pleasant (to me). He also has a habit of making funny faces and pulling his lips over his teeth which is artificial and makes him look odd when singing. (Damian used to do that too) It may be my imagination, but on Mythology album he seems (to me) to be in the wrong place or on the wrong foot, maybe out of position and somehow projects 'unsure'. This album seems like its Ryan Kelly and the Celtic Thunder group. I did enjoy Friends in Low Places which I thought he did well. He seems like such a genuinely nice guy, I hope for the best for him but it just doesn't feel (to me)like he's in the right place yet.

I love George's contributions, but didn't enjoy Cat in the Cradle very much. It went on for-EVER. To my ear he is so much better suited to 'Grand Affaire' and 'Life With You', not to mention '500 Miles.' His stage presence and even his sturdy body type feels like a stabilizing influence to the group. Scarlet Ribbons is not my favorite version of this song as it seemed to be powered by a metronome and without as much emotion as I was hoping for.

The real Personality Performer (with a capitl P) of this group is Keith. He has a stage presence that none of the others have. When he is onstage he is definitely the leader. I'm so glad he was used for Now We Are Free. His beautiful voice really shines on this selection and even with the nonsensical words makes this a beautiful piece of music artfully done. The tender rendition of Tears of Hercules is gorgeous. Again, his beautiful voice shines. Sound of Silence with Colm has such a beautiful blend I was hoping for another duet from the two of them. Don't care too much for the 'Kentucky sound' of Constant Sorrows with all the rough switching between vocal registers, but did like the format introducing some of the other performers and allowing them to shine. No one listening to this song would comment on Keith's beautiful voice as its buried under all the yee-haw sounds, but it is a fun piece. Now if he would just rid himself of the grimaces and faces he makes while he is singing the less than classical stuff, and use his beautiful voice more . . that would make this old lady happy. His gentle smile at the end of Hercules is so much more appealing.

The ensemble pieces are your treasure: The thought provoking 'Voices', the powerful pounding, driving beat of Turning Away, the flowing beauty of 'My Land', the wonderful accapella harmonies of She Moves Through the Fair, the fun of Rocky Road to Dublin and Star of the County Fair. I'm thinking the composer/arranger has done such a wonderful job of presenting these pieces . . and since they are all new pieces to me I don't have a clue how they came to be, but they are truly wonderful additions and I love them all.

Think it was a mistake to include Seven Drunken nights as there wasn't nearly as much acting shenanigans and stuff going on as had been in the live Voyage show - once they are 'out of the barn' you need to let 'em run with it or we (your audience) feel like we missed something or are somehow cheated. Also, the repeat of Hallelujah on the Voyage album was a mistake - the first version was so much more powerful.

The guys look great in their suits, but some of them wear their other pants under their belly (you know who you are - not you, Neil) Wink which causes them to bunch up at the ankles. Pull 'em up guys or get the girls to shorten them for you. Remember, I am only seeing the DVD's over and over and over so it seems like you never fix 'em.

May I say thank you, also, to whomever asked the guys to hold position on stage until the song was over. That's a nice and noticeable improvement, IMHO.

With all my rantings and ravings, I do love this group like family. I want the best for you one and all, and appreciate the willingness of the performers to post on facebook, twitter and the blog so that we (your devoted fans) can peek in your daily life and somehow feel we have a personal relationship. Your lives are all so much more interesting than ours, even when we face similar challenges.

Thanks for hearing our opinions. We love you too.

Georgia Spencer


Chews his dipthongs. Lmbo. Oh well, everyone's got their opinions I suppose.



I guess you are a much more astute musician than I but I think those "chewed diphthongs" are part of the song, and I like where Ryan wears his trowsers. Ryan and Keith have such similar voices to me that I sometimes need to listen closely to tell which one is singing in the ensembles. Sounds a little like you might not like Ryan and it affects your hearing.


Alrighty Georgia, I can't believe some of the things you've gone ranting about. First off, with Ryan, you have to keep in mind he did just get out of the hospital a couple of weeks before they made the DVD and CD. You ought to just keep that in mind when criticizing him. Second with Keith, who's sooo nice, is singing I'm a Man of Consent Sorrow, it's suppose to have a Kentucky sound to it. Watch O Brother Where Art Thou cause the Soggy Bottom Boys sing it and yes they to have a Kentucky sound. I think keeping some of the songs from some of their other tours is a good idea, like Seven Drunken Nights. Of course if you've ever seen them perform that song live, no matter how many times you watch it on Youtube or on a DVD it wont compare to seeing it being done live. I don't think watching them performing on a DVD is as good any more since I've seen them live. I think you would get the best excepirance possible by seeing them live. I to love them like family and I pray that they all stay safe. Sorry about any miss spelling.



i bet you get a lot of people telling you "wish they hadn't asked for your opinion." you are too nitpicky. not really constructive criticism. just wanted you to say something about choice of songs. that's all sharon really wanted. facial expressions are not something that needs a comment. maybe from now on, you need to play the video and just listen and not watch. if you wanted sharon to know all these comments, should have emailed her directly.


I am surprized by the reaction to Geogia's critic of Methology. This is America. People have a right to express their opinions, and preferences. I have to admit, I do not see or hear most of the things she mentions, nor do I understand some of it. But maybe her understanding of music is greater than mine or maybe she has better eyes and ears than I do Having said this , I do agree that Keith is the star of the show, and I do have trouble hearing Neil sometimes. I don't know if that is Neil, me or the loud orchestra. I also agreed that Seven Drunken Nights, seemed out of place even though it is a real Irish pub song.
I can understand the feeling of wanting to defend these lads because I share it. They are all so much better than the usual performances we see and hear today. Thank you, Sharon for creating this wonderful group including the band.

Whooooooa Georgia!!!

If this is how you express you love someone like family, then tonight I know I shall give thanks we're not related. Are you vying for a position as a judge on American Idol perhaps change your name to Simone?

YIKES Georgia

Georgia, your superior attitude is mind boggling. I am wondering what your credentials are that make you think you are worthy to do such a critique. Your harsh words about Ryan are most uncalled for. I don't see or hear any of the things that you criticize in him. Even if his performance was poor...and it certainly wasn't....do you realize he was only just out of hospital, after being in a coma for several weeks. Nobody knew if he would even pull through. I think his fine performance in Mythology is a celebration that he is back. While you have a right to your opinion, to post it with such smugness on a public website is uncalled for. Didn't your mother ever tell you that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?

Your personal preferences

Since they are personal...keep them that way. Give ALL the lads a break because they work very hard to satify us, their fans. I posted the What??? cause I wanted to reply to you with it. Meaning what the heck are you thinking to consider yourself an expert. Really!!


I've never before added anything to this website, but I must say I thought Ryan and his songs were for me the highlight of the show. I love all the guys equally,and all their songs on this DVD are terrific. It's a wonderful show, and I can't wait to see it live.


Think I'll let this settle in for a bit................I'm not a professional singer, dancer, or player of anything so I don't feel I have the right to critique in detail. I only know I love to see and hear them all any chance I get.

I'm sitting here right now with my mouth wide open at Georgia's comments. I'm just dumbfounded.
Everyone has a right to their opinion but WOW, I surely don't see what she see's with Ryan. I think he is wonderful, kind and cares very much about his fans. From the first time I saw Heartbreaker, he blew me away with his talent. But then, I'm partial to the entire group so not much else I can say.

Same here !

I think exactly the same thing as lovinthethunder ! All the guys are very good and the songs are chosen well. CT would not be the same without anyone of them... Especially Ryan which is my favorite ! Mythology is the best show CT gave us yet. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I though I would say that not everybody agrees with Georgia.

Kim ;o) xxx


Goodness me, Georgia. Cut Ryan some slack. When this show was taped, he had just recovered from a very serious illness and had been recently discharged from hospital. It was a miracle that he was singing and walking and bouncing around the stage. To me he looks great and sounds great!


CT Cruise

Thanks for keeping us updated on all the planned activities with the cruise, Sharon. I have two questions I haven't seen discussed elsewhere on the forum (but I could have missed them). Plus, I want to get it straight from the producer's mouth so there is no confusion on the fans' part:

1. The cruise site takes you to a "win a free cabin for this cruise" screen that we can complete and submit. When will the drawing for the free cabin be held?

2. Are the lads bringing along any family (other than Rebecca Harkin) / sweethearts / significant others on the cruise?

Would appreciate you letting us know. Thanks in advance and travel safe on your planes, trains and automobiles!


That sounds absolutely amazing! Lucky folks who are going!!!!


Everything sounds amazing!!!!! I hope I could be there but that's impossible. I'm from Argentina and my love to Celtic Thunder started on december last year. I follow the guys on facebook, on twitter and CT gives me the chance to have lot of friends around the world. Hope one day CT music come to my country!!!! I'm spreading their music and sharing every news with my friends!!!!!! They are absolutely amazing!!!! (Sorry if I have some mistakes while I'm writing)

Sounds great. So wish I

Sounds great. So wish I could come along this time. Maybe another time. I am doing a couple of CT Shows and lots of work to my home so the Cruise this time round can't be squeezed in. Sad I know a grand time will be had by ALL for sure. Smile