Damian Mc Ginty
Puerto Banus, Marbella. - August 7, 2010

Hi Guys.
So for my holidays, Me and my mum and dad went to Marbella.
I had no idea what to expect there, never heard much about it, but now i have been there....i will be back several times! Smile
It all started early on a wednesday morning. I didn't need a wake up call to catch my flight, because we left the house at 1.30am, therefore i got Zero sleep Sad I have to admit though, when i got to Belfast airport, it seemed worthwhile already because i got a 4am Ulster Fry. And everybody in CT knows i love my breakfast fries. Can't beat them!! Wink

Keith Harkin

Hi everyone,
Sitting on the train here after having a nice show and good sushi in St.Louis, and on my way to Kansas I thought I’d write another blog for you guys!!!

Sharon Browne


Arrangements are not all in place but the plan is to film the Christmas Segment in Poughkeepsie in upstate NY on 17th September.
They are working out cameras etc before they can build tickets for assigned seating, will post here as soon as there is info on how to get them.

George Donaldson
Summer Update - July 28, 2010

As you know it’s been a bit of a sad year for my family and myself but we are beginning to live with the loosing of my Mum and Carries Dad. I don’t believe you can ever get over it but we’re “Learning to live with it” as I’m sure that’s the way any parent would want it.

Sharon Browne
Survey on Celtic Thunder - July 27, 2010


The Record Company Decca Label Group have contracted an independent company to carry out a survey about Celtic Thunder.

It is anonymous, we only get to see the report at the end but it will help to get feedback from Fans as to what they like, what they don't and what they would like to see coming in the future.

The link to the survey is on the home page here on the website and there should be links going up on other networking sites like Facebook, MySpace etc.

Your co-operation and opinions would be most appreciated.


Sharon Browne
Back in New York - July 26, 2010


I'm back in NY, back to work and am jet lagged this morning. Wide awake at 4am.

Lots of tour dates now on public sale, more coming in the next few days, the tour is getting closer.

It's likely we'll be filming the Christmas segment of the show to have video for promotional purposes in upstate NY on 17th September.
If so, there will be an audience. I'll keep you posted on details as I get them.

The first week at home was great, really enjoyed it. Ended up working and travelling for work in Europe the second week, always ends up that way.


Damian Mc Ginty
The past week... - July 21, 2010

Hey Guys!!
So i said i'd give use a weekly blog, and i will!!
The last week, has been great. I have done little to nothing, and i am just resting, but keeping fit...and spending alot of time with my mates,
The summer is really the only chance i ever get to spend alot of time with them, as when i am here during the year, they are all busy in school!
At the start of the week, a football competition called 'The Foyle Cup' began, it is a cup where teams from all over the northwest compete.

Sharon Browne


Tickets for the Eugene, OR show went on pre-sale today


Sharon Browne
Love being home - July 17, 2010


Have had a lovely week at home, still have until Monday, then off to London, then the Studios up north, then back to NY

Goes by so quickly!