Hello from the road - September 30, 2013

Hi All,

Sixteen shows into the 2013 Mythology tour concludes our Canadian leg and has been a wonderful start to our new project. Recording Mythology over a year ago now was one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable projects I've ever been a part of. Taking Mythology on the road and performing it to hundreds of thousands of people was the real test... From the first show in Abbotsford Canada I was on a complete high as a standing ovation at the end of the show filled the arena. It brought mixed emotions of pride, satisfaction, relief and being very happy to have got through the first show remembering all of the details!

Another Beautiful Day - July 13, 2013

Well guys, I hope Independence Day this year was a great one for you all. In conjunction with the 4th of July, we released our new single Patriotic song “My Land” and what makes this all the more special to us is that all the proceeds will go to the service men and women of the armed forces of the United States. Downloading our single is making a donation to these great people.

Mythology Is Here - March 4, 2013

Hi Everyone,

There could be worse ways of passing time than watching Anthony Hopkins playing Alfred Hitchcock as I am flying from Dublin to Atlanta for Celtic Thunder promotions. To be honest, promotion time was never my favorite part of it all but since filming Mythology I have never been more proud, excited and eager to show the world what I think is the best show CT has produced to date.

There's no place like home - January 7, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Returning home for the holidays and avoiding the demon jet lag was the main objective this time as I was pretty much landing on home soil the foot of Christmas Eve. Following a 78 show tour just two days before Christmas, I was not expecting the 15hr flight delay!!! Partner in crime RK and I were a sight for sore eyes in Washington airport, two lost souls some might say! This said, my heart goes out to anyone that gets stuck in any airport during holiday time. We were extremely lucky that the weather allowed us to make it home!

Hello From The Road - December 18, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Yet another Celtic Thunder Tour is a part of history and I can safely say that the fall tour of 2012 was the most fun of all; maybe because we are all growing with Celtic Thunder year by year. I suppose being on the road for such a large portion of the year, we have grown to know each very well. We know what makes each other tick; everyone’s sense of humor, common interests and most importantly how to get on each other’s last nerve. Everyone has often asked me about the comradely and laughs that are seen on stage, is this all choreographed? The simple answer is “no it’s not choreographed”. We do however choreograph our stage movements, but everything else is all natural and what happens on that particular night. It seems to keep things fresh and spontaneous. We are very blessed to be a part of a group of fun loving loonies.

Hello from Lincoln - October 26, 2012

We are over half way through our fall tour and it seems like a week ago we played our first show in St John's. As tour progresses it becomes more like home, a routine is formed, making the return home to Ireland more like a holiday!

PbJ One Year On - October 21, 2012

A year after the release of “Pale blue Jak – Faces” I look back on what has been the most manic year of my life.. no time to sit still.

As I have said before.. I feel a song is only born when it has been recorded and the same goes for an album. There is nothing like having that tangible first print of what will be there forever and be proud of it.

Lets Do It All Again Tonight - September 21, 2012

Eleven gigs into tour and all is going great thank God. So far we have played ten shows across Canada and one in The US. Each tour opens our eyes to how much Celtic Thunder is growing from the crowd response and volume of fans. I think I can speak for the guys in saying that we would never take what we do for granted, nothing lasts forever, but while we can sing to sell out venues, visit wonderful city's, meet amazing people, live life on the road loving what we do... we are blessed.

Time for a Catch-Up - June 22, 2012

Hi All,

It feels like the Fall Tour was only a couple of months ago when really the Fall Tour, Tranquility Cruise, Australian Tour, promo tour and Acoustic by Candlelight Tour have all been and gone since.

I have to say this year so far had been one of my happiest times. To be on the road spending so much time with my CT buddies, some people might think that it would take it's toll regarding living in each other's pockets... when in fact we are very close and have great craic.

Hi All,

April showers is right... it's lashing rain, another good day to work on some up and coming “Pale blue Jak” compositions... now is the time because come May 6th myself and Ryan will make our way to Dublin airport to fly to the Big Apple to start another of our acoustic tours. It has been an exciting time putting together our own travel plans, venues, hotels etc even though a bit stressful sometimes. Everybody has been so helpful posting up and emailing venue recommendations, thank you so much for that, it has helped no end...