Mythology Tour - November 16, 2013

Well the Cruise is over. The time has been passing so quickly, two weeks till the fall tour is over. I have to say that I’ve had a ball over the last couple of months. Mythology was a long time in the making but just seemed to tour so quickly. "Time flies when you’re having too much fun".

Greetings - July 31, 2013

Well greetings to all of you out there in "Celtic Thunder land". The Big Fall Tour is coming so fast. We all set out one month from today. It'll be great to be back with the Tour gang again. I'm so looking forward to being back on tour particularly the "Cruise"....... As most of you will have seen on our live stream interviews on the Internet. There will be a huge variety of fun packed things to do, from the main Celtic Thunder concerts to solo or duet with guest slots...... It's going to be amazing. A real chance to see what we were all doing in our earlier days.

Hello - July 14, 2013

Hello to all out there in Celtic Thunder land

It feels like yesterday that i finished recording my own solo CD and already we're back at it in the studio as a group recording………. er……. i mean rehearsing material for the "Fall Tour". (I don't want to let any cats out of the bag) I just can't wait to get back on the road again. By the time we're all back at it, we'll have had around Five months off at home to chill with the family. There's nothing better after spending almost eight months away. Fortunately having the best of both world i get the opportunity to have it both ways.

QnA - June 19, 2013

Hi all just a quick note to say if anyone has any questions that they'd like to leave here. I'll have a look before the Video stream today and bring some of the Questions onboard. They all fly so fast on the live one, tho i will be trying to catch them too. So feel free to leave a quick Q here. see you all tonight.


Catching Up - May 22, 2013

Well folks out there in Celtic Thunder land. I think that it's about time i came in and said hello again. Firstly i'd to say thanks for all the support you have all given to Celtic Thunder over the last 5/6 years. I was just talking on the phone to one of my friends that i used to work with and he reminded me that it was "SIX" years ago that i got picked for the show. Where has all the time gone? I see Sarah getting older so surely that means i am too…….. Scary thought, as long as i don't start feeling it, the sky is the limit.

A wee Update On Things - April 21, 2013

Greeting once again to everyone out there in Celtic Thunderland. I just got back from New York a couple of days ago, and i have to say that it's great to be home. We have all been very busy over the last 7/8 months. It's amazing to have a couple of months off now…….. Tho, with CT, you never know what will happen.

Hi to all Celtic Thunder fans, George here.

We thought that we would post a "Group Blog" today. Mainly because we just recently met up after the Public Television visits. Three have been on the West side, the other two on the East side. The first thing we all chatted about when we met in our hotel was the enthusiasm that we received for Mythology, throughout all the PBS stations.

Mythology - March 7, 2013

Greetings to Celtic Thunderland........ Atlanta Check, Boston Check…… Hartford, Bethlehem, Pittsburgh, Roanoke and Knoxville, all check. It was great to have Eastern Tennessee onboard for the first time. Still more to come. I have to say that everyone has been fantastic to myself and Neil since we got here for the big launch of "Mythology" Thank you all for the Amazing comments about the new show. It has been almost impossible to stay quiet about it……. No need for that now.

Down under. - January 31, 2013

Well how's life in Celtic Thunderland? Here we are in Australia for the second Major tour but it's only now that the wheel seem t be rolling at a decent pace. The tour started well with a promo trip to Sydney, myself and Ryan the first to arrive on what i now remember as a Marathon of phone interviews to LOADS of stations. All very worth it but a bit lost in the haze of how many there actually were. By the time the rest of the guys showed up we were in the midst of some extremely hot weather. Turns out we had the hottest day in Sydney since records began………..

Seasons Greetings - December 19, 2012

Well that's me well and truly home…….. I've done Laundry, Washed dishes, had to "Jump start" Carolyn's car, and fix the Dyson vacuum cleaner. I've been for a Curry and done one gig in Jinty's. Went to see Sarah playing fiddle at her class concert, put the Christmas tree up, with Sarah putting the star on the top……. always her job………. Each one a yard stick for my return……………. HELP, when do i get back on tour again?????? Just kidding. The Fall tour this year was just the best, long enough but not too long. It's been great to be back with Sarah and Carrie.