Hello Everyone,

Just a quick hello with a few bits of news.

First, Emmet & Colm, whom you the fans have nicknamed "Celtic Comet" are doing another live Chat on Facebook, here are the details


Our promoter has decided to set up the Celtic Thunder Fan pre-sale for our tour in Tasmania & Australia next year this weekend as a surprise for mother's Day. As Mythology is only about to be released in New Zealand, the pre-sale for there will follow in a couple of weeks.

Just heard about these plans myself, sometimes communication gets lost dealing at distance with radical time zone differences.

Hi -

The 'Celtic Comet' Live Q & A Event has been posted on the Celtic Thunder Cruise Facebook

Event Details:
Colm and Emmet - Celtic Comet- so named by Fans, will be doing a LIVE Video Chat on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 7:00 PM ET (12:00 AM, May 1st Ireland Time)!!!!!! Be sure to click here http://bit.ly/13Hj4na to find out what time the LIVE Chat is in your area!

So start thinking about your questions!!


We have done a deal for the release of Celtic Thunder MYTHOLOGY in New Zealand for June this year - Yeah... And we will be including New Zealand & Tasmania on our tour with Australia for May / June 2014. Will get you details of venues and tickets as soon as I have them.

We have also completed a deal (finally I hear you say) for the Celtic Thunder Catalogue in Europe!!!


We've been so busy with Mythology Orders in Dublin that we didn't get to do the full annual stock take on 1st April.
Can't let it run on so we are closing the store (SHOP page up top) for just a few days to get the stock take done and keep all the accounts people happy!

I'll let you know when it's up again.

Hello! - April 20, 2013


Lots been going on. I've been travelling extensively. The guys are just gone home now from doing 2 days of a Satellite Media Tour doing TV interviews for the launch of the Fall 2013 Tour tickets going onsale.

We've had lots of feedback from you all on MYTHOLOGY, most of it positive which is great.

Hello Everyone,

Big news - Our Celtic Thunder Fall 2013 Tour goes on pre-sale to our fans this weekend. Go in and check the day / time your show goes on sale so you can be ready - http://www.celticthunder.ie/tour

I'm in Australia on business. Setting up the tour for May / June 2014 here. We're hoping to get this tour up on fan pre-sale within the next week!


I am traveling at the moment, so planes, trains and automobiles!

MYTHOLOGY Fan Survey - April 4, 2013


Lots of feedback from you all on MYTHOLOGY, most of it positive which is great.

However, we always want everyone's opinion, and everyone's opinion counts. I've asked the web guys to set up a survey so we can collate all the Fans opinions on Mythology to get a clear picture of what you like and what you don't.

There is a list of all 37 songs from MYTHOLOGY and it would be great if you can just go in, drag the songs into your order of preference, Favourite at the top, least favourite at the bottom.

Off to Australia again - April 3, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend, know I did, loved being home for it.

Back in NY again and off to Australia tomorrow to start on plans for our tour in Australia & New Zealand for Mythology for May/June 2014. Love Australia, hate the long flights there and back..

The Fan pre-sales will be starting on the 12th April so go into our Tour page that morning and click on your show to order your tickets. The password will be dublin as always.