More Seats put on in Melbourne! - February 3, 2013


I'm off to LA today but just got word from Nine Live that they have added another 80 seats to the Melbourne Show.

Gold Seats at Hisense Arena Melbourne on Saturday 9 February – now on sale

Have a great time at the Shows coming up!

I'm off to sort out the releases of MYTHOLOGY in USA/Canada and here.

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome and the great reception you give the cast on stage. It's a pleasure touring here.


Sydney Again - February 3, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Show went great tonight in Wollongong. Have to say a very enthusiastic crowd the whole show, thank you for that.

Back in Sydney tonight. A TV appearance with the guys tomorrow morning on "The Morning Show" Channel 7 & then they head off to Canberra without me & I'm off again, flying from Sydney to Los Angeles for meetings there on the upcoming Mythology releases.

Despite the insane weather I've experienced here this trip, I've thoroughly enjoyed being here in Australia & will look forward to my next visit here.

All back to normal here! - January 31, 2013


It's the intermission in the Show here in Tamworth tonight. We made it here uneventfully, which I am grateful for, and it should be plain sailing from now on. Sunshine all around for the rest of the tour in Australia!

Our thoughts are with those who suffered damage to their homes & property with the floods and fires in Australia this month.

Dangerous Weather in Australia - January 27, 2013


The weather in Queensland in Australia is at disaster level. The road trip through flooded roads from Maryborough here to the Gold Coast was not a comfortable night on the band buses. We were driving through water that was seeping in the bus door. The rains were so heavy, the carpets were all soaked right down the length of the bus and forced leaks in two of the windows. Along with the really strong winds rocking the buses. Bit scary I have to say.


First Australian Show is tonight, everyone buzzed up to do it. Constant rehearsing and sound checking today.

The weather is random all over the world in recent years but Australia is so vast the number of weather systems is mind-boggling. I know we've all seen the TV news footage of all of the bush fires Australia has suffered this month. Now, up here in Queensland very serious flooding is happening.

We had major rain here in Cairns last night 160 mm over night & the coast road from here to Townsville and on to Mackay is now closed.


Everyone else is in Cairns gearing up for the first CT show in Australia in 2013.

I'm in Sydney having meetings with the label and with the Tour Promoter to talk business and go over plans for the Mythology Release here (in April) and starting talks on the structure of next years tour here. They'd like Autumn in 2014 so we'll have to see how we could switch things up a bit if we were to try and manage that.

Sydney is quite cool tonight, think I might have bought some rain with me! Hear it's hot in Cairns, will find out when I get there tomorrow.

Hello - Australia 2013! - January 18, 2013

The Guys and some crew are now in Australia and gearing up for our tour. Unfortunately, the snow in the UK has just cancelled a batch of flights that the Band and the rest of the Crew are on because of airport closures due to the ice and snow there. We'll know more in 24 hours. I'm sure it will all work out and get sorted somehow.

The Guys have been doing promo and for those of you not in Australia here is a link to their appearance on The Today Show in Australia -

Hello from Africa - January 14, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Hope the New Year is treating you well.

In Africa visiting family today on route to Australia. Lovely weather here, hot. Looking forward to getting to Australia again, reckon it will be hotter again. Lots of bush fires there right now, hope they get some rain to cool it down a bit.

Got sent this link to vote for Celtic Thunder & Keith, closes in a few days so anyone who would like to vote should do it now -


Here we are at the start of this exciting new year. Hoping it's a great year personally and professionally for everyone!

Declan has just launched a lovely range of Celtic Jewellery, to treat yourself or to hint at for Valentine's gifts..

I'm heading into the city to meet up with a batch of Celtic Thunder people for drinks tonight, last weekend in Dublin before the mayhem of another CT year.

Regards to everyone


Happy New Year - December 31, 2012

Happy New Year to everyone.

I hope 2013 is everything you wish it to be