Sharon Browne
Off travelling again - April 16, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Last day in New York for a bit. Weather here doesn't know what it's doing, warm and lovely Sunday and Monday, grey and raining all day yesterday, frosty this morning with clear skies. More like Irish Spring weather than NY weather!

Sharon Browne


Here are the photos I promised of the kids in their new grassed playground at the Red Hill squatter camp in South Africa. I hope you can see how happy and healthy the kids all look here. Thanks to the generosity of people like YOU. Stephen Mc Cabe took the photos for me and my Mum, Ursula Mc Cabe dictated the blog to my sister who emailed it to me. Mum hasn't a clue what a "blog" is, doesn't think the word sounds very attractive, she's not into computers or electronics in any form!

"Dear Sharon and the Celtic Thunder Cast, Crew and Fans,

Sharon Browne


The new HOME DVD is now available in the online store. It's a video with Visions of Ireland with Celtic Thunder Songs as the soundtrack.

It also has a bonus "Sing-a-long" feature, the backing tracks to your favourite CT songs with the lyrics onscreen so you can sing-a-long to them. We decided to do this after seeing how popular the CT karaoke was onboard the CT Cruise last year, lots of fun and laughs were had!

Here's a link to HOME in our DVD's in the online store -

Emmet Cahill
Australia Tour - April 3, 2014

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all well. Firstly I want to say a huge thanks to you all for the incredible outpouring of love and support that we have experienced over the last few weeks.

As you can imagine it has been an extremely upsetting time for everyone who knew George, his large circle of family and friends, people within CT and of course all of youths incredible fans who have had a huge part of their lives taken away so suddenly.

Those 2 days in Glasgow for the funeral were some of the most difficult I have ever had to experience and they will live long in the memory of everyone who attended.

It was amazing to see how many people made such an effort to come and pay their respects and I think he would have been both flattered and proud to know the impact he had on so many people’s lives.

Sharon Browne
A pleasant site visit - April 2, 2014


I am currently in the port of Miami, onboard the MSC Davina - the ship we are sailing on for the 2014 Celtic Thunder Cruise.

Mark, Jean, Rachel, Jenny & I are sailing with the ship for a few days to see it in action. There is another themed Cruise running on it this week so we get to check out the production, logistics, plan and schedule the dozens of events we are putting together for you, who will play where, and when, during the CT Cruise. Talk to the beverage people, food managers etc.

Declan Browne


Our recent trip to Scotland was so different from any trip the Celtic Thunder Family have ever taken before. Everyone was there, but the mood was understandably very somber. We were going to pay tribute to our friend, and say farewell. I would like to personally thank everyone in, and involved with, Celtic Thunder who stopped what they were doing and took a flight, a boat, a train or drove to Scotland to support George’s family and the Celtic Thunder family, and share in the celebration of his life.

Since the terrible news of Georges death, we have all shared our favourite memories and times spent with George. For me there are two show numbers that come to mind. The first was in the original Celtic Thunder The Show when Damian was singing “ a bird without wings “ George was standing behind him watching over him, and it was great to know that when they headed off on tour that there was a big strong father figure looking out for them.

Sharon Browne


As a small tribute, this edition of The Celtic Times, is dedicated to George -

The video bought a few tears again, very well done in putting it together Angie.


Sharon Browne


First a very big Thank you for your kind and loving donations to the Red Hill fund over the past 14 months, I am extremely grateful to you all and you have made a huge difference in the lives of the people living there.

Sharon Browne

Friday 21st March

We are all in Glasgow. Last night George was taken to the Church for the vigil.

Emmet sang "Amazing Grace" and despite our best intentions, the guys and I couldn't hold back the tears. We could hear George's voice singing his lines.
Watching his large and lovely family so devastated was wrenching.

This morning we will lay George to rest, such an impossibly difficult thing to do, it is all just heartbreaking.


Sharon Browne


We have set up a page In Memorandum - George Donaldson - 1st February 1968 - 12th March 2014

Within that we have set up an Educational Fund for George's daughter Sarah which is working now for anyone who would like to make a personal gesture to George's family.

Fans can post messages for George's family in that page also. For anyone wanting to send sympathy cards, please send them to: