Keith Harkin comes from County Derry in Northern Ireland, where he started performing for the public at the tender age of four, wowing audiences with his beautiful voice and musical talent. Now at 27, Keith has played to audiences across Europe, Australia, the USA and Canada. He has performed many times at the Tavistock Festival in the UK, and at the Glasgowbury Festival in Northern Ireland and has composed and recorded songs for the BBC show “Dha Theanga”, an Irish language program on the BBC in which he played a lead role.

Keith is a guitar-playing singer-songwriter. He was one of the first artists to be signed to the Verve Records under the new leadership of Chairman David Foster, the Grammy® Award-winning producer who also served as Executive Producer on Keith’s debut solo CD. The self-titled album's twelve songs range between original compositions and classic covers illustrating Keith's gifts as both an interpreter and a writer. The song selections on the album truly reflect Harkin's musical passions—"I've learned that there's nothing worse than doing a song you don't love," he says. As a huge Van Morrison fan, Keith takes particular pride in his version of "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You," performed as a duet with Colbie Caillat.

Although his solo album is on release, Keith has continued to play an integral role as one of the lead soloists in Celtic Thunder, and toured with Australia with Celtic Thunder Mythology Tour and United States with Celtic Thunder Symphony Tour in 2014, as well as performing on the Celtic Thunder Cruise in the Caribbean in November 2014.

Keith’s career with Celtic Thunder began back in 2007 when, on returning back to Derry from a recording session in London, Keith heard that auditions for Celtic Thunder were underway and decided to chance calling in just as the auditions were wrapping up.  He auditioned and was immediately invited to attend the final auditions in Dublin where he was ultimately selected as one of the principals for the new Celtic Thundershow. The self-described “singer-songwriter-surfer” does not fit into any particular role in Celtic Thunder. As an avid surfer, though, he's not afraid of taking risks, and is able to enjoy the sense of artistic achievement he's already attained.


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